We Rigged a Fortnite Tournament…

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We Rigged a Fortnite Tournament… YouTube Video

We Rigged a Fortnite Tournament… YouTube Video Description

Today PWR came together to help get @Vindooly his first ever Win!
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We Rigged a Fortnite Tournament… Automated Transcript By Speak

I want you guys to meet Vin Dooley for 2.5 years. Vin Dooley has been a content creator for power and even though Vin is an amazing person, he’s never won a solar power video. So today with the help of the Power Discord, we’re gonna get this done.Welcome to operation win. But first we’re gonna need a plan. I need to gather 60 to 70 people in Discord. So everyone’s here. Now I need every going to cooperate with us today. We’re all gonna do just like, oh who’s the best player in power? And we’re just gonna play a normal solo, ok? Doesn’t stop there. We want Vin Dole to win. So I need everybody here to throw. If they see Vin’s skin in the game, all the talent know about the plan for today’s video. Now that all the players in the lobby have been briefed, the rules are simple. If you see Vin Dole’s skin, which is the fire renegade raider, you must not eliminate him. You either run away, shoot his builds or throw and die to him without being too obvious. That’s key here. You can power make operation Winn Doley a success. Can we get Vin a win? Which by the way, can you guys please do me all a favor and subscribe to Vin Dooley’s channel right now because he is an absolute legend. Vin.

We love you. Alright. I’m just making sure I’m actually deafened because ladies and gentlemen, we have a spicy video today. We’re setting up Vin for a free win here. Ladies and gentlemen. All right.

All right. All right. Let’s go kill


Power rigged a tournament,

you know, it’s all fun if he figures it out. But if he does it and then finds out after, 00, I’m just cringing. I need

to think this one through. I

wanna, I wanna diet of him. Let him boost his confidence by

killing me early. Alright guys. So the person in power with the most eliminations will win this. What do we win? I wasn’t listening but I think we get bragging

rights, you know, just playing a light game of Fortnite. Nothing too spicy. You know what if I mean? What if I sky me? What if I just sky me?

We need heels as well. I landed out as a stupid po A. Is that even a po A? It’s just a house. Never mind

that this disc can’t come together for operation Vin do, then we can’t do anything

if we set this whole game up just for B to win and he still dies. That’s just crazy. I think That’s Larky. I’m gonna let Larky sort of do his thing, you know. Do you guys

ever just look at bamboo and wonder what it tastes like? Come to think of it. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten bamboo before.


It’s OK. I’ll let you go, man. I’ll let you go.

What’s up Alex up, dude? Do you wanna help me get some metal? Oh, you’re not gonna come over here and kill me, are you? That would be really bad. We’ll just get some metal. Yo. Thanks, dude. Thanks, dude. Hey, bro. Hey, appreciate it, bro. Alex helping the boys out.

Oh, sorry Jaden,

I wanna get him, Alex.

I’ll kill this guy. Wait, it’s

power. Wait, wait, we don’t. If it’s Vendo,

Alex. Wow. What a kill from the

goat? Ok, Alex just bragging. I’m gonna let him do his thing. I’m gonna be out. Alright. Where’s everyone

at a cuff scene? Seemed to find anyone.

I can’t believe it. Screw you. Lucky. Screw you. It was Aussie. It was


I can hear. Oh no, Mitch died. Mitch is meant

to die even I froze

my figures. What? Moving? But I could hit the key pipes. Oh, that’s so embarrassing.

Are you serious? And dad? No way. That was scary.

I get that. Oh I forgot. You can’t build a vaults, bro.

Oh Wait,

someone shout at me. Let’s go at first a limb. I

swear. If Vili dies in this lobby, I’m gonna laugh. So hard if we set up this whole thing for Vanilli to win and he doesn’t win. I’m actually gonna die. That’d be too funny. Well, that was Vin,

does that sink been so aggressive? Alright. We should probably avoid him. Ah I don’t want to be fighting a prey right now. Ba ba

ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba. Alright.

Oh wait that’s Vin Ouch.

I didn’t even see him there.

I didn’t even pay attention if that killed him. Oh, that could have been bad for the video. No, I’m scared my bad my bad Vin do. Ok.

This car it is. Oh it snows Minnie by Minn. Oh my God. Oh

wanna see if someone finds me like this.

What is over sky basing? Is he a clown? Why is he just sky bait every single video? Wait, I’m

scared shooting at someone unless I know is that litter? I don’t wanna shoot it. Be in my house and going this stupid yo. Is that litter?


come on, get another car, sir. Get another car. Please help me out, get another car and see if you can free me. Come on you you’ve seen me come on please save me. Come on, get another car. Ok. He’s going, he’s going, he’s gonna get another car. No, come on, dude, come on. I’m wedged here weirdo. What a weirdo. What a weird guy, Dave. You’re no fun. What the

0 80. No, I’m not eating them at all.

The kid is definitely just not as bad.

Hm. I suppose should be dead. Oh, my God. Wow. I actually just folded so badly. Holy, it’s fine. Whatever I wanna watch Vin. Anyway, I’m gonna find him.

Let’s go. Are you gotta kill? Let’s go in, let’s go. Let’s go in. Let’s go, Bill.

We still getting kills.

Get those eliminations. So I

needed that. Thank

you. Oh my God. It’s a,

you can probably see the Fn CS pick Ax. This is a player who won Fn CS this chapter, but you gotta remember Alex is a goat.


Oh my goodness. Oh I just got another kill. Let’s go. Come on. Oh, here we go. Elite



he will.

This in did that so well

guys, we are fring right now. Let’s

go. It’s got a crowd. Well, I kinda just wanna watch. I kinda just wanna watch Ben, dude. No, this person

looks aggressive. No.


he’s going crazy,



my goodness. No way. This is happening right now. Am I really winning my

fights? Lins going crazy in the feed?

I, I guess so. How do we deliver it to him? That it was fake

and that I am you, you deliver it. I don’t want to deliver that news.

Now at this point, everything is going good. That is until Radius told me this

when Alex said when was muted? Is this the video we’re letting Vin win, you know,

he kind of mumbled it. I don’t think he noticed. So

did, but Vin didn’t pick up on anything. Right? Like he didn’t even reply.

Right. Five eliminations.

The bases are pro, you know. Oh, no, I’m in shock. I’m, I’m out, I’m already out, dude. Dave. What are you doing, Dave?

Come on, dude. I swear to God if Alex actually kills him, like he’s actually kicked,

bro, bro. I

swear to God. Someone told him the skin, right? Someone told him the

skin. Yeah, he’s running away, he’s running away. He’s running away. What do you go?

No, I’m just gonna go zone. That’s what I want him to think.

You know, I wanna avoid Alex because I don’t wanna die. Oh no. He trying to shoot me out. He’s trying to shoot me out. No, I don’t wanna

fight the

full damage and storm. I’m genuinely scared.

Wait, how’s Betty doing, bro? How’s Betty doing? He’s, he just had Alex,

bro. It is



Oh, we killed another elite. Wait,

what wasn’t

too? Yeah.

Why does the weather look at me? What is Luda doing, bro?

Is that actually Alex? So in faith that’s been, he smokes, bro. That’s Vin. I need to let him kill me, but I don’t wanna make

it obvious.

Yes. Oh no, I’m going this way. I’m going this way.

Oh my

God. Throw around the

opposite direction.

Yeah. He’s

like, where did you go? I six the limbs,

guys. Where is he? Where do you go? Is he sneak? I want him to sneak up on me. I wonder, I wonder a vin

store. I need

a bush right now. I don’t feel safe out here.

Hey, bro, what the hell, what’s wrong with you? I’ll be chill. I’ll be chill. I’ll be chill. Let me go get this girl. What the hell I help him out. I shouldn’t have helped Jinx.

Ok. We’re in a bad position right in the middle of two people. Oh no.

Oh my God. What the hell. That was a dink. I could have just killed him a million percent. It’s like I’m feeling nice today

guys. We’re making it to Z so 13 players remaining. Who? Yeah, I’m good, man. I’m good, man. I’m good. I don’t wanna

wait this worthy.

Yeah, it is. No way he’s

going for it. Probably worthy would never do that. An actual game pro is WKU

I’m good. I’m good. Maybe we shouldn’t.

Vin’s made end games before but he’s never made it with a bunch of kills. Like maybe he’s got good momentum. I’m scared it’s gonna go to hell game and he’s gonna lose because it’s a heel game. 12


can I swim in invisibility? Yes.

Yeah, it was a great idea. But is it mean you’re

giving him a hope to just shatter it

after? Hopefully he’ll figure it out before he wins.

HP I’m out

of here, boy.

Wait, Vin’s got the, yeah, he does actually. Oh, don’t tell myself, don’t, don’t do this. Yeah, I’m

scared. No, if he dies invisible though. No. Him what skin he is like they shoot,

let go. Ben double bobbing off. He’s falling off.

He’s crazy. He just got

power people, I think.

No, no, no,

no, there’s still a crumb.

No power back. I gotta kill you. No, I, I

don’t know how to deliver this. I don’t know how to deliver this guys. I don’t know how to deliver. Oh my God. What have you done? I’m happy. It’s all I’m saying is I’m happy. That’s not me. I’m happy. This isn’t me saying the news.

I’m so scared. Wait, we, we got, we got, we got storm, we got a storm. You know how I was

shooting every single person

on the map, by the way

in Scotland. Oh my God. Nah, I

ain’t having it. Where

is he? Is he in? I go over here and he kills me.

Oh my God. We killed a bro. Oh, well, that’s believable. Yeah. Yeah, because maybe he didn’t know he was behind the thing and he had no mats. No. What?

I’ll take the high ground from here, sir. Oh, I’ve been, I didn’t stop getting pissed on by Luda and these vids, man.

Do, do we, do we congratulate him or do we just say it straight off

it split up? Oh my

God. It’s not Right. I need, I need it done.

Oh my God, I won. I won. What? No. Oh my God. Oh my God. No way. What? Fuck you home? Wait, did you try pick him?

There’s no way. Now, at this point in the video, I realized what we were doing was kind of mean. Vin’s such a nice guy. I wanted, I, I just wanted to see him win. So after everybody hyped him up, I had to break the unfortunate. No, Vin. Um Thank you. Wait, who had most kills though? Oh, no. Yeah. Wait, who had most kills?

I had 11. I think you had 11.


11 kills. You are fring

the whole game. Ok. Um Vin, do I do have some news to break this work together to maybe, maybe fix a game?


we really wanted to see you win. So we all worked together and we got your win.

Thanks guys.

Let’s go,

bro. This is this, this was operation win. Did you at all? Think that like any of them were like too obvious or anything?

II, I don’t know. I just, I thought I was pro,

I felt kind of bad but like I hope that

you’re OK.

No, I’m happy I won. I won a win. Is a win, win, win. I’m dying inside right now. I’m falling apart. I,

I just want you to know. I love you, man. I love you too.

Thanks for making me feel pro for one game guys.

We Rigged a Fortnite Tournament… was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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