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Since 2001 Way With Words has established a loyal and growing client base globally. Our brand speaks to the core qualities of what we stand for and aspire to be:

“Approachable” – ensuring you receive personal service.

“Trusted” – building your trust in what we do.

“Responsive” – creating solutions just for you.

These three qualities form the basis of a new vision allowing Way With Words to become the go-to company for audio to text solutions globally.

“Our clients demand attention to detail”

Way With Words is a registered company in the United Kingdom (Company number 439 2892), Australia (ABN: 35 185 325 914) and South Africa (Company number 2001/015436/07). We also have points of presence in the USA (New York), Canada (Ottawa), Singapore (City), Europe (Zurich) and Scotland (Elgin).

We provide a range of audio to text services, including audio transcription, video transcription and closed captioning as well as custom solutions such as Speech Collection and Machine Transcription Polishing. Our clients range from individual users to government, business, multinational institutions, educational organizations and more.

Way With Words Services:

Audio Transcription

99%+ Accurate Audio Transcripts.

We transcribe a wide range of audio recordings across many industries. Upload your audio, select from various format options and extras and we’ll produce highly accurate transcripts.

Video Transcription

99%+ Accurate Video Transcripts.

We transcribe a wide range of videos for multiple clients across different industries. Upload your video, select from various format options and extras and we’ll produce highly accurate video transcripts.


Perfectly Synchronised Video Captions.

We provide a 99%+ accurate closed captioning service for a variety of clients. We caption most video files and synchronize them with your video.

Machine Transcription Polishing

99%+ Accurate [Corrected] Machine Transcripts.

We polish machine transcripts for clients across a number of different technologies for various AI and machine learning purposes.

Speech Collection

Bespoke Speech Recordings With Matching Transcripts.

We provide speech capture and transcription of any domains and scenarios for machine learning purposes. Our service is used for the production of bespoke voice and text datasets for domains and scenarios.

Way With Words Website:


Why Choose Speak Ai Over Way With Words

Speak Ai is more than just a transcription company.

With competitive pricing, we offer immense valuable functionality beyond Way With Words. 

Speak Ai Automated Transcription

Speak give you the ability to easily convert speech to text in 10 languages. With high-quality audio and video, Speak can immediately deliver a time-stamped transcript with up to 98% accuracy.

Language identification

Speak automatically detects languages and is capable of accurately analyzing multi-lingual audio and video.

Speaker identification

Speak labels and timestamps speakers so you can easily understand who spoke when.


With Speak, you can easily export your audio and video files into three popular subtitle formats: WebVTT, TTML, or SRT.

Automatic Punctuation

Speak automatically punctuates transcriptions like commas, question marks, and periods using our machine learning models.

Translation (Coming Soon)

Immediately translate the transcription and insights into more than 7 languages.

Embed Transcript Player

Once your transcription and insights are returned, you can immediately embed or create custom interactive media players to share both publicly and privately.

Searchable Media

Because we transcribe and analyze media for you, you can search directly through the media. No more scrolling through audio and video thumbnails.

Personalized Vocabulary

Increase the accuracy of your transcription by adding custom vocabulary. You’ll have to make a manual request now but we’ll be adding lists for you on the front-end soon in premium plans so you can easily add words you use!

Transcript Editor

Once your transcription and insights are returned, you can edit both directly within the platform. Clean up any inaccuracies and export in a wide range of formats!

Integrations & APIs

We are adding a comprehensive range of integrations and APIs for you to access our powerful speech-to-text in multiple ways. Find us in Zapier to connect with thousands of applications and request access to our APIs!

Team Management

Collaborate and share media, transcripts, and insights with your team! Manage different roles. Improve team productivity and output

Human Transcription

Speak Ai also gives you the ability to clean up the automated transcription so that you can get as close to 100% accuracy as (pun-intended) humanly possible. 

All of this takes price in an efficient, intuitive, and cost-effective way through the web application or APIs. Easily order your human transcription and receive it back in the embeddable player so that you continue to have full control over your transcription and insights.

Data Analysis

Beyond everything listed above, Speak Ai enables you to do analyze media much better through our automated extraction of insights.

You can automatically extract the default categories from media using Speak Ai which includes: keywords, people, brands, locations, works of art, cardinals, dates, events, geopolitical locations, languages, laws, money, nationality, ordinals, percentages, products, quantities, and time.

You can also create your own custom categories and insights. We’ve seen customers create categories like fundraising, sales, commercial intent, brand awareness, action items, needs, wants, emotions and more. 

Step 1: Create an account on Speak

You can easily create a free account on Speak by using the sign-up link here

The free plan is kind. If you are looking for the ability to add team members, process more media, access advanced functions, and supercharge your information-processing abilities, you can view our pricing plans here and upgrade easily within the application.

If you are a growing organization with unique needs or large libraries of content, we encourage you to connect with us for a personalized plan that sets you up for success.

Step 2: Create or import your content

This can also be audio and video. Speak has the powerful ability to turn audio and video into text through automated transcription. We will then run an automatic analysis of the media to extract entities and other valuable information from your media. 

Upload Your Media File (Quick Video Tutorial)

Step 3 (Optional): Add your own custom categories and insights

You can choose your own custom categories and insights. Once created, these insights will be automatically extracted from your media files. 

Step 4: Find & Review Your First Media File

Here is a quick video tutorial. 

We’re here if you have any questions, ideas, or just want to connect! 

Thank you so much for checking this out.

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