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THE IMPOSSIBLE SKYBASE! YouTube Video Description

Today I will be building a Skybase… in Zero-Build!
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THE IMPOSSIBLE SKYBASE! Automated Transcript By Speak

We all know what a Fortnite sky base is. You farm up a bunch of mats you build out from the edge of zone and then you sit on top of everyone. Now, my six years of playing Fortnite, I’ve made a few sky bases.I’ve even made ones people couldn’t physically shoot down. That was a personal favorite of mine. But today we’re going to try and build one of the most ambitious sky bases ever made a sky base made in zero build. Now, I know what you’re thinking, Lachlan, it’s in the name you can’t build. How would you make a sky base when you can’t build? Well, let me cook. We all know X build has porter bunkers and they’re these little one by one things that you can put down to instantly build for you. Now, here’s where it gets interesting because for I added a mechanic this season that allows you to duplicate porter bunkers. Let me show you in order to build our sky base, we’re gonna need to hire one of these N PC. Now, S NBC has a special ability where they will drop whatever you’re holding. So if I’m holding a shockwave grenade, it’ll drop more shock wave grenades. And yes, if you’re holding porter bunkers, she’ll drop them too every 20 seconds. It’s also worth noting.

If you’re gonna do the strategy, you have to make sure that you’re only holding one at a time because otherwise she won’t drop more and sometimes she will drop them in a wall. So be careful. Wait, why do you drop fireflies? Huh? But why did you drop fireflies? So now the goal is simple. Find a bunker. Have the N PC duplicate it and collect enough to build a sky base. You are amazing. Keep this up. Also love how it struggles to climb up builds. That’s don’t worry you’ll get there eventually. It’s in the title. This is going to be impossible. So if you guys can please support me using Code Lockie in the fort item shop, that would be appreciated because we’re gonna try really hard. Ok. All we need for now. Uh we could use one more actually, one more. Come on. It’s annoying. Cos you gotta sit there and beg it for it. Like come on, please give me a portal bunker. I really want this. I need this actually, please, please. Thank you. Alright. So now we got a full inventory of four stacks which is only 16 builds. And if you guys have ever built a sky base, sky bases are never built with 16 builds like they just never have been, they probably never will be like, it just doesn’t work like that. We’re gonna stop the sky base build here. Look at this just perfection. I build the best sky bases that have ever been built except we need to start going this way. I hate how like bog, that’s just not how it was looking. Alright, bro.

I swear to God building these things is like so much harder than a normal sky base, especially when you gotta go sideways. Yo, come up here. Oh, he’s shooting my sk base. He better not be a bot is actually throwing my bot actually threw this whole this whole operation. You dumb, dumb stupid bot. That is what you are. Yeah, you killed my bot. Nice. Congratulations. You’re just so good at this game. I’m still going ahead with the sky Base, whether you like it or not except they may die. Ah And that’s when I realized I wasn’t gonna be able to do this alone. That’s when I had to assemble the sky base. Avengers. I have built many invincible sky bases with these individuals, but today we will build the most frail of them all in zero build. Alrighty Sky base. Avengers. Are you ready to build a sky base in a game where you can’t build? I’m ready my goats, my goats operation Sky Base in zero build. Go, go, go, go. Now that the sky base.

Avengers were assembled and dropping. We plan to split

into three teams you see, there is more than one A PC that can duplicate items and we’re all targeting different ones so that we can accomplish our goal of the zero build. Sky Base bastard. It’s just like the thing is like I knew like there was only one squad in the world that can get it done, done, done, done, done. I didn’t say which squad it was. This could not be the squad. You know, a squad on me, boys. Look, you have one job, Mitch and it’s to get bonkers. All of our wait, this guy’s got a crown bitch. I hey, hey, do you remember that time? I asked for everyone to get a crown because I don’t think that’s what I asked like I’m just double checking it by like maybe like a crowd. Yeah. No, no, we don’t really care about a crown. We really care about a bonker. I might die just about bunker over all my word. See that’s what I wanna hear from my teammate, Mitch. I wanna hear. Oh you know. Yeah I got that guys I got a crown. Alright, bitch. Find a bunker. I’m I’m trying my

munitions. Yes. The stock pile

shall begin. I got bushes. Mm It’s not quite bunkers, is it? And in order to make things easier, Mitch actually ended up hiring the scout N PC so that we could see where the next zone was. How many chests does it take to get a bunker? Cos at the moment it’s way too damn much bunker check. Who’s got bunkers? Mitch. Do you have bunkers? No, I got bunkers. Ok. You got bunkers. Alright, sweet. I I

have bunkers. Yeah. Yeah,

me too. You can make it work with us. II I couldn’t get the N PC. It just doesn’t spaw. So I’m gonna back up and get the frenzy. Fields. One instead.

Oh my guys, we’re actually farming right now. How much do we have? 48, 12, 16,

18. Ah, I, I have depression. Whoa. That doesn’t sound like bunkers and I got 11. What are you meant to do with one? Protect us, protect us with it. I can’t find the N PC dog. He’s gone on walkabouts. Yeah. The Frenzy farm one’s gone too. This N PC is here though, but I just can’t find it. Dude’s playing hard and go see, I’ll come and help you. You blind person? I, I’m blind. I, I just bought zone. No. New middle is here. Do you guys gotta move soon? Hey, yo,

it’s the boys, boys hanging out of the gas station. Hey, hey

brother. Come on,

yo, yo, yo,

let me get

amongst this.

Here we go. Let’s do it. Give me some bunkers. Why is she making firefly jaws? That’s not what we asked for. And we got like six dudes just hanging out in a shopping mall. Did you just assume my gender? It’s actually messed up. Listen, here. We got bunkers. Let’s go. Alright this is gonna be the part. Yeah everybody like see how much you can hold. Everybody try and get as many bunkers as we can. I

think everyone carries four bunkers and one weapon.

Ok. I don’t have max bunkers yet want spaw one more spaw one more spawn for me. No

spaw me a bunker

please. One more bunker one more time I want I wanna sell it Go. I

did you see that?

Did you?

Alright. Everybody follow me. Let’s go,

go, go, go, go. What? You just did? Lucky was a what you were singing and me and were just like what?

We’ve duplicated a lot of port for its now. We just need to find the perfect place to build our sky base. Perhaps a natural structure that’s quite tall

and then

wait, wait,

wait for a mountain, play for a mountain, play for a mountain. Wait for wait, that’s actually right.

Oh I got sniped.

Mitch. Can you? Oh here Vin do Vin Vin. Where are you at? Take one of these? Thank you. We’ve got the God rotating. Wait, it’s really, it’s really icy up there. I’m just saying this could be it guys.

This could be the first ever

zero build sky base. Come on I believe

all icy boys.

Alright. Build towards

it. Oh my words far.

Ok, we can do this. Alright, I’m going, I’m using mine. Ok? Yeah,

I’ll let you go.

Yes. Uh I’m coming in, you’re in, you’re up next. Why is

it time to get up? You got this be

over. It’s you and me doing this. Ok. Yeah

I’m I’m waiting for you to go and then I can take

over. No no I think we’re good, bro,

bro. Imagine looking up at steel and

seeing this. Alright then drop your, drop your, drop your grenades, drop your grenades this wait can I try one

though? I wanna try one. Alright, here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Wait wait let me try, let me try let me try.

Oh my God

then you’re done. You’re

done, you’re done. You’ve lost your big quick. Go pick up, go pick them up, pick them up, pick them up. Oh man

then you’re fired. We need to be quick, we need to be quick. We need to be quick.

Yeah we almost to keep going. Are we gonna be out at Max high? Yeah I think we can build side on like flats. Will we make it to zone? Yeah we will if we believe what a view,

what is


Oh wait that was actually good.

Alright. Do it again. Wait what how did

you do that? I don’t know

where the N PC. Oh we’ve reached Max, we’ve

reached Max. Oh no boys.

Ok we’ve reached max build height. This is epic. Just one problem. How do we build sideways? I don’t have

no. Why would you? Oh my word. Oh, I did. He go. So, no, no. Let’s continue the sky.

I’m continuing the sky base one step at a time.

Boys, that’s actually

gonna work. How do we build flats? You know how to build flats?

My guy doesn’t even know how he won.

My, my M PC spawned. Did you ever spawn? Yes. Tick

box number one. The NP CS actually spawned. Let’s

go. Poggers. We’ve got this, I’m making a sky base in zero build. Look, these guys. Oh, they spawn bunkers and then now we do a meme strad. We do a few meme strad here. Yeah. Yeah, if you hold out like a quarter of for. Yeah, see it just, it spawns three at a time too. So that was like six. So like we could get lucky on zones. You know what we could do? Let’s just build a four wide one. Like everybody just builds their own lane up and we just go as long as we can probably could. Let’s let’s start it. Let’s start it now too. So what we do is just you hit it on the corner. That’s all you do. Wait, let me practice. Yeah, I went to get a show as well. There we go. Yeah, we’re speaking another lane. Alright, let’s start going guys get another lane going. Yeah, it’s your lane. Let’s go, guys build your sky base. Let’s go, go, go, go, go, let’s go build your sky. Wait, I had a shock here, there’s a guy in this hut, there’s a guy in this hut actually kill him.

It’s so much easier to do it off someone else.

It’s just shock waves. They’re flying in. All

the foundations are

building up

guys. Why is it all on?

Oh my.

He started the fire again. Why is it all

on fire? Let’s race against time.

I think we just go three wide, three wide.

Oh, my word. What is going on? I got your lane, bro. We need someone to bring up the rest of the port of it’s

too, I’m bringing,

I’m fort five. Wait more money on a

fire. I’m gonna

pop up and get more. Yeah, Sam. Same. Sam did this. This you shooting at us? We’ve got zone, we’ve got zone, go, go, go guys. They’re, they’re breaking the, they’re breaking the bottom. We need to reinforce. Don’t


please. No, we got buns but we need to, we need to start shooting them so they don’t. Yeah. Yeah. Shooting them guys. I’m reinforcing the bottom. No,

I’m reinforcing the bottom. The bottom’s reinforced.

16 90. We left one left, one left, one, wait, wait, wait, focus life. Then the tree, the tree, the tree. Oh my. Well, we’re taking heavy damage. They got cyber side. Canons boys. Can someone bring up the rest of the port of thoughts? But we got zone boys. Yeah. Someone bring the rest of the, of I got, I got, I got I got some. Oh no no no they’re tired, they’re tired. Knock me off. No.

Yeah lucky

I got I got I got BBBB right here. Yeah put him. Yeah drop, drop

drop get the rest, get the rest, get the rest then I’ve done it for you. I gotta I gotta kill left behind. We wait on this sky base man. Thank you. Oh my God I’m

trying to like thank you thank you. Thank you. Alright.

Keep the sky base going I got the bottom.

I’m thinking you all

watch the tires guys. Yeah be careful of the tires. Yeah. Oh I missed it.

Ok, I’ve I’ve

I’ve got five on me. We’ve got some Fn CS Raiders that are like gaming hard about this.

We need to think about this. I’ve got the I got

the car behind us, they’re behind us and this guy the other way boys I need help down here. Oh my how how still are

you still up this these these Raiders are good quick. We need to keep building the sky base. Do we start

reverse sky basing?

They’re on our

sky base. He’s dead, he’s dead. Don’t don’t kill everybody, don’t kill everybody. Yeah, don’t kill final. Where’s the rest of

the port of bitch? Are we

out or we got more? Alright, ready follow me we gotta build from that build from that throwing it.

Go, go, go, go go

I got one more. Last one, last one. Last

one. Can we go left? I don’t think we can. Oh, no.

Oh, I’m gonna, I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die when there’s two. No. Oh, God, we win.

These, got one down. How many is left? Oh, boys. We can do this.

It’s on you. 00. What do you need money real quicker? Oh, no, he’s in there, isn’t there? Oh, no, that’s karma. I don’t know how weak he

is. I’m getting

high guys. Oh, he’s in the building. He’s in

there. I’m trying to break

his, his barricades. Oh, he’s not, I’ll make a run for it. Wait up. I’m gonna go for the trick shot. Got lucky. Wait, I got more poker. Lucky. Oh, he’s not the, he’s not the Skype. Oh, no, no, no,

no. Oh, no, he’s not taken him. Oh,

no. Oh, no. I literally only have a, it’s literally down to the one

we want. You should no

escape him. Oh, no, no,



I tried

to go for the trick

shot till

we got so

far, bro.

Damn. Any weapon in my inventory. And I don’t lose that any weapon.

THE IMPOSSIBLE SKYBASE! was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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