Best Zapier Integrations

The Best Zapier Integrations

Zapier is a web-based service that connects all your web applications together without coding. It has hundreds of integrations to choose from and allows you to automate almost anything with its easy-to-use interface. Marketers today are using Zapier integrations more than ever because of its variety of applications and the ability to develop new features constantly. Combining marketing tools with a powerful interface like Zapier requires a keen eye on how you can optimize your workflow.

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect your favorite apps, including Gmail, Slack, Google Sheets, and more. You can also use it to create automation that allows you to email when someone posts on your Facebook page or automatically schedule tweets from your blog.

Zapier has a huge library of integrations. So, it’s easy to find one that suits your needs. But sometimes, it cannot be easy to figure out which ones are worth using. Here is a list of our favorite Zapier integrations for 2022, so you can start automating your business processes!

What Do Zaps Mean?

Zaps are the name given to Zapier’s workflow automation sequences. Think of them as little processes. You can easily modify and generate them in a few short minutes. You won’t need to know any code to construct the Zaps currently there for you to use.

What Do Zaps Mean

Each zap has its own set of circumstances that initiate it and its own set of responses. Zapier will execute the specified actions whenever a trigger event happens.

An action may consist of a sequence of related automated procedures, each performing a predetermined job. All of these processes operate automatically without your intervention.

Here’s an example: you get an email on Gmail, and you want to store the attached file in Dropbox. To automate this procedure, you can use Zapier to link a ‘New email in Gmail’ trigger to an action in Dropbox.

Once this Zapier integration is set up, any new emails you receive will have their attachments posted to Dropbox immediately. One possible next step is to have Zapier notify your preferred project management app, such as Slack, whenever a new Dropbox file is generated.

Why Use Zapier To Boost Business Growth?

There are many reasons why you should use Zapier for your business, but the main ones are:

  • Save time by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Increase sales by converting visitors into customers.
  • Increase productivity by ensuring important information is passed from one app to another.
  • Fill out forms in one app with information from another app.
  • Communicate easily with customers and follow up with leads.
  • Increase revenue by using data to identify new customers or leads and nurture them through the sales funnel with automated email sequences and webinar invitations every step of the way.
  • Reduce errors in your daily operations by ensuring that all data is up-to-date across all your tools and services.

8 Best Zapier Integrations For Business Owners

If you’re a business owner, you know the importance of automation in your business. The more you can automate, the fewer headaches and errors you’ll have, which means more time to spend on what matters.

Zapier is a tool that allows you to do just that. It lets you connect all of your favorite apps like Gmail, Slack, Typeform, Speak Ai, WhatsApp, WooCommerce, Smartsheet, Airtable, MailChimp, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter so they can exchange data automatically.

8 Best Zapier Integrations For Business Owners

To put it simply, all that is required of you is to:

  • Select an app and a trigger
  • Determine the work to be performed
  • Start implementing your new workflows

Here are 8 of our favorite Zapier integrations examples that will help save time and money:

1. Get Automated Voice Response With Speak Ai Using Zapier Integrations

Zapier’s integration with Speak Ai allows you to automate your business tasks without coding knowledge. Speak ai integrates with Zapier to let you build an automated voice response system for your business. You can use it to send notifications about important events or messages or create reminders for yourself.

It’s an excellent way to make announcements directly from your calendars and reminders in Google Calendar or Todoist without having to open another app or website whenever you need to send an announcement or message.

Zapier also allows you to connect your YouTube account to Speak Ai to analyze and transcribe new YouTube videos. This allows you to easily review new content and ensure it’s optimized for SEO purposes.

2. Get Sales Notifications From Google Sheets In Slack

If you use Google Sheets to track sales leads or customer data, this integration will let you see those updates in Slack as they happen. You can choose which columns in your sheet have a notification trigger. Then get an email or Slack alert any time one of those columns changes value.

3. Add New Leads From Salesforce CRM To Your Trello Board As Cards

If you use Salesforce and Trello, this is a great way to add new leads to your pipeline automatically. You can also set up a Zap to create cards for your leads in Trello when they convert into opportunities. This way, you can track the status of every potential sale without having to log into multiple systems or manually create tasks for yourself.

4. Get New Leads From Twitter Into The Pipedrive Contacts List

This integration will allow you to automatically add new leads to the Pipedrive contact list every time they tweet at you. The app will also automatically add followers who follow you on Twitter. And if someone follows you but doesn’t tweet at you then Zapier will add them to a “followers” list in your Pipedrive account. So, it’s easy for you to reach out later and convert them into customers.

5. Export Data From Airtable Into Google Sheets

Airtable is a great tool for creating databases that contain information about your customers, leads, or employees. You can create tables with different fields to track any data you want — from contact details like name and email address to more complex information like purchases, subscriptions, and social media activity.

Export Data From Airtable Into Google Sheets

Zapier lets you connect Airtable to other apps so that every time new data is added or updated in Airtable, it will automatically update in another app, too — such as Evernote or Google Sheets — where it can be used for analysis or reporting purposes.

6. Send Leads From Salesforce Into Facebook Ads Campaigns Automatically

This Zapier integration will take any new lead created in Salesforce and automatically add them as a custom audience in Facebook Ads Manager — so you can start targeting them with ads immediately. This integration ensures you always get leads from people interested in your product or service.

7. Create An Email List In MailChimp From Web Form Submissions

When someone fills out a contact form on your website, Zapier will add their details to your MailChimp account as subscribers — without you having to lift a finger! This is especially useful if you want to build up an email list of potential customers without manually entering their details into an app every time they visit the site (which can be extremely time-consuming).

8. Automate WooCommerce Store For Analyzing Sales Data

WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce platform for WordPress websites. It’s relatively easy to set up and integrates with dozens of payment gateways and shipping services.

With Zapier, you can connect your WooCommerce store to other apps using webhooks. This means that Zapier will send that information over to another app when someone places an order in your store so it can trigger an action (like sending an email).

For example, you could use this integration to automatically add orders from WooCommerce into Google Sheets or Salesforce CRM, so you always have sales data at your fingertips.

Find The Right Integration For Your Business

If you’re looking to add automation to your marketing efforts then Zapier is a great way to get started. With the right integrations, you can automate your marketing and make it easier.

Right Integration For Your Business

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, you need tech to keep up with it. Speak Ai is one of the best Zapier integrations on the market today, and it’s here to help you streamline your processes, open up new revenue opportunities, and continue doing what you love.

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