The Best Competitor Analysis Tools

Every business, small or big, has one thing in common. They all must deal with competition. In the past few years, the marketing field has developed a lot, with an increase in channels and tools. As a result, the competition is fiercer than ever. To make sure your business attracts the audience, it is important to do a competitor analysis. Fortunately, there are various tools to help you with your competition research. In this article, the best competitor analysis tools will be discussed.

The Importance of Competitor Analysis

Before we get into the competitor analysis tools, it is good to know the importance of doing a competitor analysis. By researching and identifying your competitors’ marketing strategies, you can compare them to your own and see your business’s marketing strengths and weaknesses. It helps you understand the industry’s trends, and this will allow your business to grow since you keep up to date with the wants and needs of the audience.

Competitor analysis comes with a lot of different benefits. As said above, it identifies your strengths and weaknesses. It enables you to see in what ways your competitors are more successful than you, for example in the marketing branch, and it will teach you new ways of marketing. Moreover, it shows you in what way your product is different from the others, and how it is unique in its industry.

The Top 5 Best Competitor Analysis Tools

Now that we have discussed the importance of competitor analysis, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Doing a competitor analysis sometimes seems a bit difficult. Luckily, there are some tools available that help you with the process and make it as easy, and accurate, as possible for you. In this section, we will discuss the top 5 best competitor analysis tools.

1. Speak Ai: The Best Competitor Analysis Tool Overall

Speak Ai is overall the platform that offers the most reliable and best tools to help you with your competitor analysis. The platform offers different tools, such as the Text Analysis Tool which helps you find important phrases and keywords to better understand the topic’s trends. There is also an option to sit with the team and analyze Amazon Reviews or Twitter Sentiment.

Speak Ai is easy to use, and you do not know how to code. If you cannot find something or you don’t know how to move on with your analysis, there is always a team ready to help.


  • Various tools that analyze your data within minutes
  • You do not need to know how to code; it is easy to use
  • This Ai builds extensive data repositories
  • Can import data sets from other platforms
  • The analysis is automatic and instant


  • The free trial is 14 days and gives you only 30 minutes of free transcription

2. SEMrush: Competitive Research Kit

A second platform that offers competitor analysis tools is SEMrush. The company offers different packages for businesses to improve their marketing strategies. One of them is the Market Research kit, which consists of competitor analysis tools. With SEMrush you can analyze the traffic of any website, figure out competitors’ strategies, and they offer a keyword analysis.

Furthermore, SEMrush has huge databases, but the traffic analytics data isn’t always accurate and limited to Google.


  • SEMrush has the largest keyword database of all its competitors
  • A lot of competitor analysis features to do extensive research


  • SEmrush only analyses data from Google. Other search machines are not included in the server.
  • The traffic analytics data is not always accurate, meaning you have to double-check everything.

3. Similarweb: Analyse your Competitive Landscape

Similarweb offers what its subtitle says: an analysis of your competitive landscape. Just like its competitors, Similarweb offers different packages for optimizing the marketing of your website. For example, the Digital Marketing package offers a competitive analysis and SEO checks.

Also, Digital Research is interesting for competitive analysis since it offers audience and industry research. However, it is less suitable for smaller businesses.



  • Similarweb offers a free version that works as well for simple competitive analyses
  • It offers different packages so you can choose the tools that suit your business the most


  • There are a lot of options you can only use when you pay more. Therefore, the costs of Similarweb are not very clear.
  • Similarweb’s analysis is not suited for smaller businesses.


4. Qualtrics: Brand Experience

Another platform that helps you with competitor analysis, is Qualtrics. This platform offers different services but stands out for its brand analysis. The platform is a space where all necessary information about your brand is gathered. Think about review analysis, but also the number of clicks on your website.

However, the pricing of this platform is not listed on its website, and as you might already assume, it is a very expensive platform to use. Also, the use of the tools is not as easy as on other platforms, and there is a lot of training required.


  • Qualtrics offers brand analysis, which makes it unique
  • It offers multiple tools in one place and keeps you up to date with notifications


  • The pricing is not listed, but it costs thousands of dollars a year
  • This platform is very difficult to use, and training is required

5. Repustate: Sentiment Analysis Software

Repustate is a platform that cannot miss from this list. It specializes in advanced sentiment analysis and semantic search technology. The platform integrates with a lot of social media apps, including TikTok and YouTube. It analyses the tone, voice or text and creates insights into how your customers experience your and your competitors’ products.

Furthermore, it also analyses the work ambience and the internal processes. In this way, you will find out in what areas improvement is necessary.


  • There is a free trial so you can find out if this tool really suits your business
  • The API can identify 23 different languages, making it of use worldwide
  • Repustate determines the tone and sentiment behind customers’ words


  • For competitor analysis, it offers not much insight into what to change. This you have to do yourself
  • Repustate’s packages start at a relatively high price. Therefore, it is not accessible to all businesses.


Competitor analysis is important for every business, regardless the size. In this way, you will learn your own strengths and weaknesses and you can start finding ways to stand out from your competitors. Fortunately, there are some tools that can help you with this analysis. For example, they can help you find important keywords. Overall, Speak Ai is the best platform for competitor analysis tools.

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