The 2023 MLB Season Has Gotten Out Of Control

Interested in The 2023 MLB Season Has Gotten Out Of Control? Check out the video and automated transcript from the Speak Ai team for The 2023 MLB Season Has Gotten Out Of Control!

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The 2023 MLB Season Has Gotten Out Of Control YouTube Video

The 2023 MLB Season Has Gotten Out Of Control YouTube Video Description

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The 2023 MLB Season Has Gotten Out Of Control Automated Transcript By Speak

Mob has entered the dog days and everything that can go wrong has we have players going after other players, players going after teammates, we have two rivals going after each other and for a division title managers going after umpires, while one of his pitchers apparently is going after him.

We have a player who is arguably having the greatest season of all time going after a playoff spot and failing the two highest paid players apparently don’t like each other and are going other places. Some of the richest teams have failed causing thousands of angry fans while one of the league’s poorest teams has shocked the world. But because of a recent incident, even their fans are angry while the angriest fans of them all are so mad. They are currently waging a war on their own franchise and doing everything they can to make their owner’s life a nightmare. The s are the worst team baseball. But according to many that is exactly what their ownership wants. They have the lowest batting average in the league, have the lowest slugging percentage, have the least amount of hits have scored the least runs while also giving up the most runs walk the most batters according to the metrics have the worst defense and on pace to finish the season with a negative 391 run differential.

That would be the worst of all time by over 40 runs in April A’s ownership announced their plan was to move the team to Vegas. And ever since A’s fans have done everything they can to stop them in the parking lot before a game, they organize an event allowing anyone to throw tomatoes at pictures of the owner, a coffee shop in Lake Tahoe where the owner’s family owns a home has officially banned him even putting up a sign in the store that says John Fisher, the A’s let kids run the bases after a game, the kids started chanting, sell the team.

They put signs roasting ownership in the outfield. MLB didn’t like this negative attention and cropped these signs out during highlights of a home run ace fans called them out and embarrassed him so much. MLB was forced to apologize. And most famously, they organized a reverse protest night the day before less than 5000 people came to the game. On the day of the protest, over 27,000 people showed up. They did a fan organized giveaway, distributing thousands of free T shirts to the thousands of fans who gathered in the parking lot before the game. They chance to sell the team throughout the game. And then in the fifth, they went dead silent for an entire batter after the at bat, they went back to screaming, at least one fan ran onto the field after the game. They threw trash on the field. But the A’s played amazing and ended up upsetting the Rays who had the best record in baseball at the time time. However, the very next day, the A’s announced a bill passed that got public funding for a stadium in Vegas. Since that punch in the face. A fans have gone even harder. They’ve taken the protest on the road chanting, sell the team at the All Star game.

Chanted it in Colorado, chanted it in Los Angeles organized a joint protest in San Francisco and chanted it there and even organized another reverse protest in Oakland days before the protest, the A’s raised the price of tickets for this game receiving major backlash but say this was just their automated system that raised prices due to the higher demand.

Either way, 37,000 people came to the game the most for a game in Oakland all year. And once again, they chanted, they were chanting that same exact thing in Cincinnati just a year ago. But then De La changed everything. Since 2020 nearly all of the Reds players were either traded or left in free agency. In 2022 they lost 100 games. Fans were showing up to games with bags on their heads in April of this season, they set a franchise record low in attendance when only 7500 fans showed up to a game on June 6th. They had a 3.4% chance to make the playoffs. That was the day Ellie De La Cruz got called up. The crowd looked like this. He immediately hit a double and the Reds upset the Dodgers on a walk off by another rookie Matt mclean. The next day, De La Cruz hit his first homer and a triple where he ran to third faster than any other major leaguer has this year later in the game, another rookie will Benson hit a walk off to shock the Dodgers again. After calling up De La Cruz, the Reds went on a 14 and two tear going into a series against the Braves two months since setting a franchise record low in attendance.

They set a franchise record high in attendance by selling 126,000 tickets over a three game series in that series. Ellie De La Cruz hit for the cycle in only his 15th career game leading an insane comeback against the Braves extending their winning streak to 12. De La Cruz continued to make history two weeks later, he stole second, then stole third, then stole home and did it in two pitches that hasn’t happened in over 50 years. He made more headlines when he came to the plate with this. This is illegal. The nationals made a big deal about it and pointed it out to the umpires who made Ellie take the bat knob off. This knob usually has a sensor in it to track swing data, which is technology that is illegal to use in games. But de La Cruz likes the feel of the with it on. So he’s been taking the sensor out and just using the casing with nothing in it on his bat knob since the technology is removed, this actually is legal. The umpires were informed during the game. So the next time it came to the plate, he had it on, he hit an absolute bomb, started pointing to the bat knob to rub it in the Nationals face and got Ellie chance as he rounded the bases in an away stadium going into the season. The Reds had a 1.6 7% chance to make the playoffs right now. They’re only a half game back of a playoff spot safe to say Reds fans are no longer pissed at ownership.

However, the first place Orioles fans are in July, their broadcaster said something live on the air that got him indefinitely suspended. This has caused protests at the stadium and backlash from across

the league, but you embarrassed the guy for no reason. And most importantly, you embarrassed yourself. What you did is disgraceful to the business disgraceful. The incident

occurred during a game versus the race. The Orioles were trying to gain sole possession of first place after the all star break for the first time in over seven years. They’ve surprised everyone this year because of guys like Cedric Mullins who last week robbed a home run to save the game, then hit a home run to win the game an inning later, their young catcher Adley Ruman, who hit a ton of bombs in the home run derby, batting lefty, then started batting righty and hit more bombs the best closer in the league.

Felix Bautista who’s striking out 47.8 of the batters he’s faced as well as the splash. So where fans get sprayed with water every time. There’s a big moment, the sprinkler which is done at second every time they hit a double as well as the Don Bong in the dugout for any Orioles player who hits a home run right now. Liking the Orioles is exciting, but they’ve been terrible for years, which is why their broadcaster, Kevin Brown said

it’s been a minute. The Orioles split a two game with the Rays in June. They had lost their last 15 series here at Tropicana

Field. According to reports, Orioles ownership thought that pointing out the Orioles past struggles was enough to suspend him indefinitely. More information started coming out that claimed that Orioles ownership had banned announcers from talking about Adam Jones Manny Machado Buck Showalter and Moore just because they weren’t on the team anymore. They weren’t allowed to mention how Dean Kramer and Bruce Zimmerman got on the team just because the Orioles had to trade Manny Machado and Kevin Gosman to get them. This became a national story and embarrassment for the Orioles who announced Kevin Brown would return to the booth which did not stop Orioles fans from protesting with signs and chanting free Kevin Brown throughout the game. The Orioles started the season with a 1.3% chance to win the division as of today, they’re still winning the division and as upset as their fans got, it’s nothing compared to the Yankees they’re in last and their season has been a nightmare that keeps getting worse. It started with multiple strange cheating fiascos beginning with Domingo Herman who was caught with a sticky substance, but for some reason, wasn’t ejected fast forward a month and Aaron Judge was seen on the broadcast peeking out of the corner of his eye.

This caused widespread speculation of sign stealing the Blue Jays believe the Yankees first base coach was stepping way out of the coach’s box to get a view of the pitcher’s grip, saw what pitch he was going to throw, then communicated the pitch type to the batter who peeked out of the corner of their eye.

So the next day when the Blue Jays noticed the Yankees third base coach was out of the coaching box. They called him out. The Yankees started screaming back and the Blue Jays manager called somebody a fat boy, the umpire made the third base coach go back into the box. But the very next inning, the Yankees started yelling at the Blue Jays because their coach was out of the box. The umpires had to settle it and made sure all the coaches stayed in the box. Ironically enough in this very same game, Domingo Arman got caught with a sticky substance again and got ejected. A few days later, another Yankees pitcher was caught with a sticky substance on his hands. But even with all this Hoola, the Yankees were playing great until this happened. Fernando Tatis junior bumped into Anthony Rizzo. He awkwardly shoved Tati in response and was shaken up but Rizzo seemed ok and continued to play for two months when the Yankees found out he had been playing with a concussion this entire time, Rizzo was passing concussion tests but says he felt dizzy, hungover and forgetful.

He went from being one of the league’s best hitters to literally being the worst due to a concussion. He had no idea he had over that two month span. The Yankees went from a playoff team to a last place team. Aaron Judge got injured. John Carlos Stanton got injured. Their big time free agent signing, Carlos Rodon was injured until July came back pitch bad, got heckled by his own fans and blew a kiss at them less than a month later, he got injured again, probably the best moment of the season. Happened in Oakland when Domingo Arman, who had an, er, a over five through the 24th perfect game in Major League history. Less than a month later, he’s essentially off the team after, according to reports, he had allegedly showed up to the clubhouse, intoxicated, fought with his teammates, fought with the manager flipped a couch, smashed a TV, was taken to a sauna to sweat the alcohol out, then was taken into the team nap room and watched by security until he left afterwards, he was placed on the restricted list, voluntarily checked into rehab and will clean up pitch again for the rest of the year.

And all of this negativity may have contributed to this amazing meltdown by Aaron Boone. After according to umpires scorecard, this umpire missed 17 strike calls. Aaron Boone lost it saying Laz, what the fuck are you doing? He was ejected, then went even crazier telling the umpire you stink over and over again. The umpire responded by saying you stink. Then Aaron Boone went to the plate got on his knee to draw a line in the dirt, got up and mocked the ump by making a hilarious strike three call after coming back and talking even more trash. The umpire told him to go and he finally did as of now, the Yankees making the playoffs is a long shot. However, the other team in New York is even worse. The Mets entered the season with the highest payroll in MLB history five times more than the first place Baltimore Orioles. They had the two highest pay players of all time on the same team, Joseph Verlander and Max Scherzer got paid more than four teams, entire rosters. Each of them is making more than the entire Tampa Bay Rays pitching staff combined in total. The Mets spent over $100 million just on pitching according to war. They have the second worst pitching staff in the league.

They entered the season with a 77% chance to make the playoffs today. They have a 0.8 percent chance. Scherzer and Verlander, however, are in the middle of a playoff race that has already led to one fight. The Mets shocked many in August by trading their two highest paid pitchers for prospects shortly after an anonymous Mets player supposedly told the New York Post that Verlander had a quote diva attitude that caused Scherzer and others to have problems with him. However true, that is today, they’re literally rivals. Scherzer was sent to Texas. They finished last three out of the last five years, but even with Jacob deGrom getting injured, they had the lowest er, a among starters while also scoring the second most runs in the league, they’ve held first place the entire season. Verlander was sent to Houston who were massive favorites going into the year. They’ve lost Jose Altuve and Jordan Alvarez for a huge part of the season. Lost two of their best starters for the season. But going into this game in July, they had a chance to finally get into. First things got Testy when Andrew Heaney almost hit Jordan Alvarez in the head two innings later, the Astros nailed Marcus Simian with a pitch which he believed was retaliation.

Simien would later get his revenge and save the division lead when he hit this two run bomb to go up 6 to 3. He stared down the pitcher and talk trash to the catcher as he was touching home, the Rangers continued to pour it on. And after this grand went up 13 to 3, Marcus Simian scored again and had more words for the Astros starting an altercation that caused the benches too clear. As of now, the Rangers who have been amazing are still holding a tight lead on the Astros who are amazing and with the new accusations of Scherzer and Verlander who apparently don’t like each other mixed with these two teams who we know don’t like each other. This race could get very interesting kind of like in this game in Cleveland, which ended with a player getting knocked out cold during one of the worst stretches for a team you’ll ever see two weeks leading up to this, they traded their best pitcher traded their best reliever traded their second best hitter, their most disappointing player, Lance Lynn also got traded since leaving.

He’s absolutely dominated for a different team. They also traded Kenyon Middleton who immediately after trashed the White Sox saying the team is a mess, claiming a pitcher would literally sleep in the bullpen players skipped practice and nobody ever got in trouble when Middleton returned to play the White Sox, the team didn’t even show his name on the scoreboard.

This seemed like revenge for his comment. But the White Sox say this was just a glitch in the system during the span. They also had the notorious Anderson Ramirez face off which started the game before on this play where Tim Anderson made a tag that knocked the runners head off the base. After review, he was called out. The Guardians thought this was a dirty play by Anderson. Jose Ramirez says Anderson has made dirty tags like this in the past and apparently also wasn’t happy with Anderson for talking trash to his teammate, Gabriel Arias in the fourth. He hit a double and thought his tag was too hard again, stood up, stuck a finger in his face, he dropped his glove to square off and Jose Ramirez proceeded to Peterson Ramirez has essentially become a Cleveland folk hero for this, Tim Anderson not so much. The Guardian’s minor league team did a Jose Ramirez appreciation night or anyone with the name Tim got in for free, but they had to sit down on the lawn. Anderson got suspended six games while Ramirez only got two because he instigated it and to make matters even worse. A few days later, another report claim Anderson also got into a fight with teammate Yasmani Grandal, who according to the story wanted to leave for the all star break a day early, Tim Anderson allegedly responded by saying that if he wants to leave, I’ll pay for his flight.

Then Grandal confronted Anderson and slapped him in the face with these recent events and trades. The white Sox are on the brink of a rebuild despite only a few years ago being considered one of the most talented teams in baseball. The Angels also have that problem. In fact, they’ve had two of the most talented players of all time for six years and haven’t made the playoffs once going into this season. They knew if they don’t win this year. Otani is almost without a doubt leaving in free agency knowing they had to either make the playoffs or lose everything they went for it. Oi started the season. That’s arguably the most dominant pitcher in the league posting an, er, a under two while allowing a league low one and two batting average in April by the end of May, he had already hit 15 home runs. The Angels were hovering around 500 but in June, he emerged as hands down the best hitter in the game. He led the league in homers RBIs on base percentage. WRC plus percentage and war while also pitching 30 innings with a 3.26 a he won player of the month. In what MLB dot com said may be the single greatest month in MLB history. Towards the end of June, the Angels climbed their way into a playoff spot but in July, things started to go south first, their shortstop got hurt. Then Joe Shea got hurt, desperate to win.

Now, the Angels almost immediate traded for two infielders. Things got worse on July 3rd, Mike Trout went down the very next day. Anthony Rendon was injured in the middle of a stretch where the Angels went one and 10 taking their playoff odds from 46% to 8.5% in only 11 games. Rumors of a trade started

swirling. You got to move him, you can’t let him win for nothing

knowing that Otani is almost certainly gone after this year, trading him for prospects, seemed like a logical thing to do

by not trading Otani right now. This could be a 7 to 8 year

problem. The entire baseball world debated the Angels got hot but their playoff odds were still only 15% when they shocked everyone. Not only did they announce they were keeping Otani, they also traded for all star Lucas Giolito the very next day, Otani pitched a complete game shutout in the first game of a double header, then hit two bombs in the second game. And what mob dot com said may be the single greatest one day performance in MLB history, right. After they added two more solid hitters in CJ, Chrome and Randall Ritchi going into the trade deadline with momentum and the baseball world behind them. They immediately lost 11 out of 14 games. Mike Trout and Rendon have still yet to return and the Angels playoff odds have sunk 2.5% with Otani on his way to winning another unanimous MVP. The biggest question in MLB now becomes, what team is Otani going to next?

The 2023 MLB Season Has Gotten Out Of Control was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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