Spending $963,023,953 To Become STRONGEST Roblox God

Interested in Spending $963,023,953 To Become STRONGEST Roblox God? Check out the video and automated transcript from the Speak Ai team for Spending $963,023,953 To Become STRONGEST Roblox God!

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Spending $963,023,953 To Become STRONGEST Roblox God YouTube Video

Spending $963,023,953 To Become STRONGEST Roblox God YouTube Video Description

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Spending $963,023,953 To Become STRONGEST Roblox God in Goofy Gods

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Spending $963,023,953 To Become STRONGEST Roblox God Automated Transcript By Speak

Some gamers today, we’re going to spend a bit of Roblox to become the strongest God in Roblox.

Kill the God or height and she

killed a God. Obviously God. Pick her. Me the bunny girl, bro. Look at me. I’m ready. What is bunny girl gonna do, bro? What’s he gonna do? Huh? One kill only. Oh my God. Come on. Survivor. Eliminate the God.

How do we fight that? I have a slingshot. That’s it. What are we supposed to do with this? I am on top of the tower dough. I am unkillable up

here. Oh, I see you. I see you. I’m doing a crazy amount of damage. We gonna buy things in the shop. I’m gonna buy 9000 coins. I’m gambling right now. Oh, wait, wait, I’m gambling here. I’m gambling here. Who let a man gamble in peace? I’m like right beneath her. Hey, hey, let me get right beneath. Oh, have my HP. Ok. What do you want to be stomped on by her? What is she? I mean she was a guy. She was about to die. Oh, we just killed a guy easy. Wow. Get good. Oh, we all have a point right now since none of us died. Oh, there are weapons here. Ok. That’s what I want. Oh, wait, these will go way better. Ok. Here we go. Buy this a croissant. Nope, this, nope. What is that? Oh, I got a crossbow. I kind of want a croissant though. I have a croissant equipped. You have the croissant as well. Wait, how did you guys get so many coins? I bought coins. The more damage you do? Oh, so the fact that I did nothing, I got like no money. Of course. Right. Then I’ll just buy 90,000 coins. If you guys got croissants, then I have to do the revolver. No, the pencil gun. Oh, gambling. Is that God power? Is that what I think it is? Does it give you God? What did I get? Oh, I got meteor shower. Ok, cool. Well, I got a golden one as well. What is? Oh, I didn’t even know what I got. What did I get?

Oh, a black hole on this small, what else did I get? I got just the straight up missile and I’ll take a pencil spikes. Ok. Oh, and then your percentage of becoming a goddess on the bottom left? You can up it. A 20 robot who this guy seems weak. What is this? Only five kills? Look at his power. He’s got no wins though. Wait, he only has five kills. He’s a loser. I got a pencil gun. You done? I got a get in here that way.

Strategy. Swim up, swim.

How do I swim up? Wait, I am on the top. Oh, ok. I’m, I’m

already meteor. That’s more like it. Is it toy

train? Wait, what do you mean to


Just put a whole train through the whole city. He’s targeting me. He’s targeting me. No. Petzel gun. Go a whole pencil right in his eye. That should be double points. No, not another train. Where’s it going? Spice? Look, you need to get up here. What are you doing down there? How are you always up there? I think you’re up there because you’re a little scared. You scared? That’s gonna kill me. Two women, bro. He’s two women. Oh,

he doesn’t even know where like six people are up here. He’s shooting at it. Rubber ducky. I fell off

both. Putting a rubber duck.

I slipped and died just on that way. Ducky.

It’s a rubber ducky.

He’s coming for me. He’s coming for

me. I’m going up here, I’m going on the crate but check out this new house. This is some nice real estate. No, not this again.


why am I drowning? I’m looking up. He’s so low. Are you guys both on top of the house? I’m still on top of it. He’s so

low. Guys. Keep killing him,

dude. You’re like one little kid then you’re done.

I am on one sliver of health. He’s dead. Let’s go.

We all got a point. Ok. What did I just buy? I think I bought a paintball gun. I need to buy a little more coin. We just buy, I don’t know, a million. I want a duck with a gun. I want one of you guys to be the God so bad. No,

zero kills zero wins. I’m already

up here. Everyone up the building. Oh my God. There’s 21 damage now, dude, I’m holding a duck that’s holding a gun. Who’s up here? I

mean, what the hell happened happened? The, the

giant Duke from the, you guys are killing this God. I’m getting pictures of the feet right now. How do you guys are always up there? You guys spawn there? I was sitting for

something worth the money.

It’s 11 0909 and 11. Interesting because someone’s getting abducted right now. That’s ok. 00, she’s

at my building right now. I, I actually did

she walk up to your building?

What? Wait, she died just a second. Oh my God.

Oh my God. Everyone got a point. Except for AAA. It’s gonna be

me guys. It’s gonna be me crushed,

bro. He’s got, what is that power with that mouth? Zero kills by the way. 010 hours. Who is this guy?

Come here. Come

on. Oh no. Wait, he’s gonna target us. He’s gonna target us. I’m running, I’m running, bro. I’m not showing

myself where are you guys at? Oh, I’m dying pretty quickly. I have bombs that way. I see it. My,

I have a family. I have kids. Oh my God,

I’m going to the building. You idiot. I can’t get anybody. It’s so hard. I’m just in the, on my

OK. I got a hiding spot. I, I killed you. You’re a monster? Oh my God. Oh my yo, I gotta do some damage in now. You literally ate several people.

Kick, yep. Another one too easy.

I don’t even see him, bro. I’ve been on the, I’ve been running this whole time. Oh my. You just that person, dude. Why you just

ate the food? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I’m going to the building. Is that gonna help you? Is that gonna help you? Yeah, it is. It’s real estate. I went out the back door, bro. Hey, I just planted that tree. The tree is stupid. I keep it

up. I’m trying, I kick half the buildings

sneezing right now, bro’s got allergies. I killed one person. Yeah, I’m to your building blas bombs everywhere.

No. So you got it.

Oh my God. So, and get a point. Yeah. Real professionals.

So we’re tied right now.

You only get a point as a God. If you kill everyone, I’m just slowly buying levels here. Seven bazillion dollars. If you fight me right now, seven bazillion dollars. That’s a, that we gave you away. Oh, I don’t know if this is good or not. What is all that? Is it a black hole? I don’t even know what half this is, bro. What’s up? How’s it going? What does this do? I’m not gonna do this in that school. Is this a school zone? I hope so.

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. I am dead. I just wiped out an entire school. Stop running after me. Stop running

after you mean these missiles. I hope you don’t mind. These, the black hole is still going. It’s OK. I’ll just run a train into your house. How about this? No, you won’t. You can’t do that. My house is

on the ground.

I’m feeling a little bit angry guys. What is this?

What dudes like throwing me like chairs and stuff at me?

Aren’t you feeling a little chilly right now? Where are you, dude? I’m so can’t, I can’t actually see. Oh I see you. I see you, dude. I see you. I make revenge. You know what? I feel a little bad for you right now. You know why? Why is that? You lollipop, bro. I am. So let’s run you guys over. Let’s run you. As long as I get you two guys

so hot.

Oh You’re gonna die, you’re

gonna die. You’re freezing. I’m not. No, I’m not, I’m still alive.

Not if I do Petal Spike. He’s still chasing me. Wait, you’re not

dead. No. Where

are you? You don’t know where I am either, do you? I don’t know

where he is. Bowling ball. He’s keep getting hit me. So what’s up that way? I can still get you. I can still get you.

So that means Nad way and gets a point. Ok? You got to be me guys. Oh my God. I don’t

know what to do. Now, that first one was just a practice run. All of you guys are gonna die. Now, I am

gonna go in this building. If you don’t mind, I’m gonna go in this building. If you don’t mind, you eliminated air. How is that even possible? I’ve got

two more. Wait a second. Who are in those buildings?


Don’t worry. This building is bulletproof and you can’t reach it. What about

bomb proof? It’s everything proof. It was 3D printed in California

in the air. So ho how many bumps do you have so many bumps? I’m just bumping bumps. No, no. Come here. Don’t do it a bit hungry. You can’t catch me. What? Come here and that way. Come here. I know how much you like Bob? You know so much, don’t you? What did you want? How am I supposed to help you? I just have a croissant bed. You tasted so good. Mm Ice cream is very good. Wait, I see. Where is in the bomb? Actually, I’ve been a little bit hungry. How many do I have left? I see. What? Come here, I’m hungry. Well, I gotta get this guy last, oh, he’s so low. Oh, there you go. That guy, last fellow right here

looking pretty friendly if you ask me. But you actually killed everyone. You got a point. You killed us. I need to buy a better gun than hamburger gun, paper. Airplane. I feel bad the next time it’s me. I leveled up a little bit. I’m a level 37 now to something. Light a shot. I like the guy next to you more. I’m right on top of a guy. Went up right next to him. This guy kind of guy instantly. I got a paper airplane. I’m finding Blazer. I need to find the best tower. You get the bees around

it. You got this whole out. Are

you guys? I don’t know. Where are you? I went to the top of the tower. So funny. Ignore these paper airplane shots. Ok. Hey, what’s up? Wait, you see me? I see you. You see me? Oh, look. Oh my God. My paper April the 27th. He’s trying to freeze me up here. Yeah, he’s not angry.

What’s she gonna do? You should like, I am. I know who you are. You, how did you do that? I’m in a

building. Wait, where’s you’re alive? Yeah. Oh, where are you?

Hey, I’m good. I’m

good. Oh, yeah, I see him. I’m ready. Can you get down from there? No, I’m good. I like the hype. What are you doing to the building, bro? What are you trying to do? I’m getting rid of it. You’re taking your sweet all the time, aren’t? You gotta make sure I’m good. I’m good. I walk. Not my first building catastrophe’s recorded. Wait, wait, wait, wait, we can talk about this. Me and you can go on this now. We could have gone to the carousel to get him.

You don’t know where I am. You don’t know where I am. See you next, aiming what I wanna hit you on that and um

you wait, did you kill all of us? So then you got a point. I need a better gun then. Are you getting so much XP uh Just, you know, good player. You not me, not me. I would not do that. I would definitely not, I would definitely not do anything. You know what I’m already on my way. You oh my God, dude. I got four new legendary. What is that? I got a whole new kid. This is the whole sun in my hands. I’m not going to even do that. I feel bad. I’m just standing here, bro. I’m just taking it. Yeah, go ahead. Yeah. Oh Wow. You guys are really doing something. Let me just put a whole


A super do. Oh I can only do one legendary. Oh I thought I could spam it. Damn. OK. Anyway, me show, show you guys want to play the floors. Lava. Let’s enjoy this. No problem for us. Yeah, no problem. Are you on top of the house? Yeah, let’s make it rain then. It’s a coin. Thank you. You’re welcome. I know, I’m such a nice guy. We have more building as I can. Let’s go bowling that way. Oh, my God. Let’s go bowling. I trained the 1st 18 years for this one moment. Stop,


Let’s go bowling.


I just, oh, this is funny. You should probably get up. I don’t have the capabilities of that. I worked hard to get up here. All right. What does this do? Oh, that’s interesting. That’s interesting.

Why could it go up so high? It’s a

tsunami. Now, let’s go bowling. Hey,


let’s go bowling. Oh, that, so if you’re running out of hell?

Oh, no. Oh, no, no. Oh, no, no.

Well, dude, that way is winning by a lot. It’s going to be me. Oh, you

called it? The real God

is in town. He has an air

strike. Where are you guys? Oh, my God. I am incredibly slow. I’m learning the mechanics. Ok. Look at this guy earthquake and now we got over there, we got to do a little. You’re right. Come here. No, you’re gonna die that

way. No, I’m not. Ok. Good luck. Oh, what is that?

What is that? You’re gonna die?

You’re gonna die. Someone over here is gonna

die. Strike.

Come here. No, please,


No, no, no. Can you fall off the

map? It’s gonna hide in that building over there. No, no, no, no, I’m the best. Oh, no, you,

so that means only Nad. We got a point. All right. Every single

power and you only use one legend. I

can only use one. So I think I’m going to use the sun. Seems pretty boring. So I’m going to start with this one. This one seems funny. Dragon Attack. Let’s see this. But I wonder if this works though. Oh, hey, yo,

you guys to

look above you by the way? Oh my God. Wait, wait, that dr that’s all you’re doing. You still do that? Oh, he breathing down so much? Oh, I hope you guys enjoy that school. I really do. I really do hope you guys enjoy that. You know, I really hope you guys enjoy me using every single power in the game right now. Full level fire. I’m just using a little bit guys. I know you love this effect. I know you love this now. It was good thunderbolt. How about weather lately? How do you, do you like the weather? What do you

mean? The weather’s pretty good over here?

I kind of feel like super bad right now. Let me just put an entire highway into his building. Where are you? Let me look, I got my radar beep, beep. I found you here. I am. Let’s go bowling.

I don’t want to bowl. No, no, I am dead. Wait. So let’s get the

point then. Yeah. Oh my God, I got a point. Let’s see who won. Nad Way won. Also, if you guys want to test out insane events like this, make sure to join the Discord server link down below. Thank you guys for watching. Bye bye.

Spending $963,023,953 To Become STRONGEST Roblox God was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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