This week, we released a significant update that gives you even more power in the Speak Ai platform. Here’s a brief look with the help of some GIFs below

Updated Dashboard

Discover insights across all your audio and video assets. You can now simply filter by date, media type, and keywords, topics, brands, locations and people. Identify interesting patterns and data across time, media types and more! All you have to do is visit your personalized Speak dashboard.

Instant Navigation

Find insight in your dashboard and click on it to show a popup with the media assets that contain those insights. Click on the title of the media to navigate to the exact moment in the recording 🤯. We hope you love seamless information retrieval as much as we do.

Tag Your Audio & Video Files

You can now add up to 10 tags to your audio and videos files. This adds a lot of potential for organization but also for upcoming features to improve data visualization, filtering, and generating insights about yourself and your media.

Export Your Text Notes

Easily create or import text files and then export to Word Doc, PDF, TXT and HTML with insights. There will be more text insights coming soon 🙏.

Re-Analyze Sentiment

If you have made changes to your audio and video, you can now select edit and reanalyze sentiment for a more accurate analysis! 

Search Media By Insights & Tags

This update enables you to search by insights and tags in the search bar of your audio and video lists. For example, visit your Speak Media Sample Library and type “topic:technology”. You will retrieve all media assets with the topic technology. This capability works for tags, people, locations, keywords, topics, brands and labels!

We hope you enjoy and value these updates. We’re here for you anytime. We would love to hear any feedback, ideas or requests from you. There is lots more on the way 😊

We could not do this without you. You lift us up and give us the confidence to be ourselves so that we can dream, build and bring something beautiful to this world together. Thank you.

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