There are currently two ways you can access video recording from the homepage.

First select the “Record” button and fill out the title and description, a pop up will appear at the top of your web browser requesting access to first your webcam and then your microphone. For specifically video recording, click the small “x” in the corner of the pop up requesting webcam access.

Once you have allowed access to those you will see a player underneath the “Choose Format” options.

Simply hit record on the player and start talking, the duration of the recording will appear below the player. The recording can be stopped and started at any time.

The cost of the video will appear below the duration of the recording.

What Differs Between Audio & Video?

In video, we extract faces that are seen. We also label what is happening in the video visually and extract keywords and brands from text displayed. The player includes video. In audio, Speak does not extract faces or create labels. The video player is removed for just an audio player. 



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