Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 | Part 8

Interested in Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 | Part 8? Check out the video and automated transcript from the Speak Ai team for Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 | Part 8!

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Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 | Part 8 YouTube Video

Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 | Part 8 YouTube Video Description

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Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 | Part 8 Automated Transcript By Speak

Hello.Oh, well, if that is ugly,

how’s it going guys? My name is Tavaris. And while it doesn’t look like it, this thing next to me is a flooded 2015 mclaren P one. And today we’re gonna make it look like a car again. And that is easier said than done because I bought this $2 million destroyed hypercar site unseen and then took it apart with no formal training or help from the dealership. We peeled off the carbon fiber body, removed the $500,000 engine and started on the path to making a bespoke world, beating hyper car. The likes of which had never been seen. It’s going to be called the P one. But in order to do that, I needed to get inspired by some other world leading custom P one S. So I flew to the UK with my friends to attend one of the biggest car shows in the world, the Goodwood Festival of Speed. So this is what I came here to see. This is the P One GT by Leant Limited. And what they did was not only take a P one and put a GTR body kit on it, but they made their own long tail, they made their own wing. So, Leste with their P one LM, which was a variant of this car actually set the record for the Goodwood Hill climb.

Take a look at that

run has been prepared within an inch of its life as he’s bucking and rowing and he’s dancing all over the road and he’s quickest by 2.5 seconds at Malcombe. Now, the race is

on. Is he going to do a sub 50? He’ll be the first one to do it. He’s 3.2 seconds up on skinner in this outrageous mclaren Hyper Car. It’s gonna happen, isn’t it? It’s gonna be some 50. It’s gotta be 40

6, 77.

There’s a lot going on here. But, uh, you think we can make this, we can make anything, we can make anything. That’s, that’s right. But this is like another level altogether. Not only did they put the GTR kit but then they like extended it and they probably, well, I mean, this is an active arrow thing going on there. You thought that was a table? Yeah, it’s a picnic table. Yeah. Just put all your mcdonald’s on there. Your fish and chips. That’s right. Yeah, it’s chips. It’s, it’s chips, not fries. Um, I really do like the green but I feel like this is missing some exposed carbon fiber. What do you think? Dude? Look at this

in here? That’s actually pretty cool. He’s got a little GT,

that’s adorable. It’s like a little, little GT badge. Ok. Now we got, we got to do something like that. We have to do that. Look at the size of this wing. Now we are doing something different because we want to go for maximum aerodynamic efficiency to go as fast as possible. This is more down force but those tailpipes are supposed to be up there, but then they relocated them down there. And what do you think about having more poop shoots? It looks

cool like it looks cool. Do you like it? I don’t

know. I think I actually like the single tail pipe of the P one. I really like the flowing lines. It looks better. It matches the back of the car. I am now inspired. Let’s go back to my car. So now is the fun part because it’s Christmas morning. Not really, but for me, it is because back here is my new P one body. Now, in the last episode, you saw the guys at Exotic Car Gear unveil this body, but they actually drove throughout the night to bring it here and now we’re gonna unwrap it and we’re gonna see how it fits on the car. Uh I mean, that’s, it sounds easier than it is because we’ve never actually done this before. I’ve never actually done this before, but I’m, I’m super excited, Jack. I think we’re a little off there. Ok. That’s better. It weighs nothing. It’s like you’re so strong, Jack. I heard your back pop. Now, I know what you guys are thinking. What am I going to do with all of the stock body panels that I take off of this car? Well, I am a big fan of wall art meaning I put cool car stuff on the wall to display. But thankfully, today’s sponsor display is a way that you can get cool wall art for yourself without having to spend $500,000 on a flooded hypercar.

So displays are unique magnetic metal posters that you can mount on your wall in just 20 seconds with no power tools. And you can have all your passions printed on metal from movies, gaming, comics, nature, music, history, automotive and more dis plates are manufactured in Europe and they reach you within 4 to 5 days. The magnetic mounting system is unique and super easy to set up. All you have to do is peel off the backing, put it where you want on your wall and it’s that simple. Now. Dis plate is the best alternative to standard paper impressions or canvas printing. And it’s even cheaper if you use my discount code to var, you can go to display dot com slash Tava and my discount code will be automatically applied. And if you buy three or more displays, you get an even bigger discount. That’s display dot com slash the var I go check it out right now. Ok. The car is on the lift, it’s actually sitting a little bit further forward because we’re going to put the front clamshell on. I’m super excited because this is the first time this P one is getting any new body work and it’s actually the first time that this P ONE is getting any work on it that isn’t taking away from its nasty, dilapidated state.

So we’re actually adding to the car and we’re making it better. And would you take a look at this? And the only reason why this is here is because this man is here. This is David from a exotic car gear. And if you don’t know him, he was in my last video because we went to his shop in Philadelphia and he showed me this entire P one body, this entire P one now IVO body and look at that. This is all exposed carbon. You have the herring bone weave, but we went over that in the last video right now. We are putting this on the car and big thanks to David and his, well, everybody that came along with him and also Jack, how you doing, Jack? We are going to be putting this on because David made the trip out here. He drove all the way from Philly in a trailer just to give me this nice, nice body. That was really nice of you man. Safe keeping on the way down. Yeah, I mean, you can’t really entrust something like this to a, you know, like UPS or fedex or literally anybody else is this going to fit? It should fit, it should just drop right on there. Oh, don’t say that. Don’t say that they drop right on. There’s definitely not going to be a drop right on thing. But it could be, let’s find out right now. Step one complete and look how good it looks. Honestly, it’s, it’s fitting a lot better than I thought. And the easy part is that this is all one piece.

So we don’t have to align any pieces in the middle, but it’s also kind of a double edged sword because now we have to align this, this, this, this and every other piece underneath. You can see that we don’t have any tub structure here because that is all brand new and we’re going to have to maybe cut into the old structure and then bomb this and we’re going to do a bunch of custom stuff and that’s going to be maybe a little bit later. But I want to see what this looks like with the bumper and splitter and all the arrow. Let’s do it right now. Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t think you understand the significance of what we have just done underneath this P one GTR front clamshell is the stock P one splitter and bumper and it fits up fantastically. Now we’re going to have to do some finagling. We’re going to have to do some custom work. But I think this fits the profile of the car much better, especially if we’re going to be doing high speed. But also this makes the car look completely unique. Every single P one in the world will look different from this one. And that’s exactly what I wanted. Now, this is different than the body kit that we got. Jack. What do you think?

I like it. I like a lot. I’m, I’m super excited the fact that this is gonna be a very unique piece to the car that no one else will have and it’s very subtle. I like those subtle like custom OEM plus

kind of looks. Another plus about this is that we get to reuse these sensors so we don’t have to cut into the body kit or anything. There is going to have to be some work done on this. It is a little bit damaged. So we’re going to have to figure out how to fix all this, but that is a small price to pay to have a car that looks this good. So right now we’re going to take this all off. We’re going to drill some holes, we’re going to put some bolts in and then we’re going to see how this all fits with the headlights and oh I got to put the hood on too. We’re going to put the hood on the hood has to come up, this front end is going to come together and I’m going to lose my mind. So I hope you guys are proud of yourselves. You definitely, uh, it’s a very, very long, hard day’s work, but look at it, this thing, this thing looks fantastic. Now, obviously, this is not going to be the color scheme of the car. We’re not going to leave it yellow looking like, uh, I don’t know, like a basketball player would, would have a car like this, right? Certain basketball players, basketball players would have the Lakers colors. It does have Lakers colors. We’re not leaving it like this.

Uh But I do love that. This is now the only P one gr kit in the world that I’ve seen that has fully exposed carbon and I’m really proud that it’s on my car. We will expose that we will expose that and that’s going to mean that Jack and I have a lot of sanding to do Jack’s excited. That is his excited face. I am really glad that the experiment that we did today paid off because now this is exactly what I wanted in the front end of this car. Let me explain. So when I set out to do this custom body kit, it was supposed to be like a mish mash of the P one GTR and a road car, I always thought that the P one GTR, the front end at least was a little too race car for me. Had a big protruding front splitter. It was a little too aggressive, but this, now that we have the road car, front end, it’s nice and muted in terms of lines, the proportions are very good. It doesn’t have any exposed screws, no race car nonsense there. But we do have the GTR, uh, little arrow things. What do you call these? I call them, what was that calls them? Air guides, they direct air around certain pressure points of the vehicle, air guides. So I have bigger air guides.

Uh and it just makes the car that much more aggressive, which is exactly what I want. Now, the back is gonna be a totally different monster because the back is 60 millimeters lighter, which is about two inches. I have no words on how good this looks. And I want you guys to let me know what you think about this front end. Now, I do have to thank all of you guys. Um, they came out Jack Jack specifically because he, uh, he supervised.

I do that. Yeah, I’m gonna go get a

snack and while Jack was getting snacks, these guys were very hard at work. Now, any time you need any sort of carbon fiber work, whether it’s custom or whether it’s OEM go to exotic car gear. Uh What’s your website? Exotic gear dot com. It, exotic car gear dot com. Wonderful. So you’ve been a busy boy, look at this. So this is a carbon piece and this is the foam with the step right here that coincides with that little step right there. And uh let’s see how it fits. Have you ever done this before?

Wow, it just goes right in there. Look at

that. That is wonderful, dude. It is gonna

need a little massaging rubbing here. A little rubbing here.

I mean, we all do from time to time. You know, how are you thinking of gluing this back on the car? We’re gonna trim

it down a size, make sure it really fits. I mean, right now this is just pre limb from the shop, so I’ll trim it up and then I’m going to make it nice and square. So there’s no zig zag. Nobody will see the zigzag. Everything will be nice and straight. Um Then we’re going to recess this carbon a little bit to match whatever I cut out there. And then hopefully, I think we’re gonna have to try it with that. We’re gonna have to dry, fit it. We’ll put some double sided sticky tape and then we’ll get a, we’ll get a vacuum pump in here and then pretty much what we’re gonna do is add a bunch of epoxy. We got to fix this first, get this all, get this all back together. That’s gotta get fixed

first. I’m going to blame mclaren for that. It was just like that from the factory. So it’s fine. We’re going to basically

glue the piece up in here and then vacuum bag it and then that should suck it right down. I’m hoping that I’m hoping that it’s, that we can get a vacuum on it and it doesn’t just suck here from the other side. Um, that’s, we’re gonna have to test that.

I’m gonna, I’m gonna go ahead and be optimistic here. I’m gonna say that everything is gonna go according to plan. I wish 100% 100% 100% awesome. Yeah, we’ll give

it a shot. Let’s do it. It’s Christmas morning, it’s Christmas morning. It’s time to unwrap our presents. What did you get? Well, I’m hoping it’s something good. I really am a bang

at least.


Look at that. It almost looks like I belong there. That looks so good dude. Nice work. Joey. Holy crap, man. From this angle. You really don’t see it. Even the lines line up really well either. That’s freaking good dude.

Yeah. It’s got a little bit of a hump in it just because of getting it. Exactly right upside down. It’s like

that’s pretty damn good dude. That looks really good.

So take a look at this guys, Joey has removed the vacuum bag and look at this carbon work. Now you can still see the seam because we have to do some sanding and uh clearing, but this looks fantastic. I don’t know if you can see this in the light but right here, there you go. Focus, see the weave right here. It’s straight up and down exactly the way it is right here and it sounds exactly the same. See Joey tells me that that is how you check whether the carbon is good or not. And that sounds like good carbon, doesn’t it? It’s perfect. Yeah, it’s perfect carbon. This is

amazing though. Like Joey does some amazing work. This looks really, really good. I

think so. Yeah. Yeah. If, uh, if we take a look over here, I mean, he went all the way from the front to all the way in the back. And I this also, I mean, there was some uh damage in the internal structure. Like there’s, there was some uh, foam in there that he recreated. He got the exact foam, he got the same weave and then from the other side, he used some syringes, right. Yeah.

So he had, this was all separated like this actually came loose and was a away from the foam. So Joey actually drilled holes from the top and then used syringe is to pull resin down into the foam and on the top, on the edge and he got everything reattached because before this sounded very hollow now it’s nice and solid sounding. It’s very like thud kind of, you know, sound to it. But, yeah,

and it was, uh, it was wavy and now it’s flat and uh, I can’t wait to get this uh sanded so you can barely tell that anything happened. But right now, uh I have to do something with the thing that used to live right here. The engine and we are back at Cannonball Garage here in Chicago and we’re back with Ivan and the engine. The P one engine is here, it made its trek and we are super excited. Ivan is already getting ready to do some work on this because we found some differences in the regular mclaren engines. This is a little bit different. Hopefully not too different that we can’t build it, but it’s looking really super dirty. We’re going to get it on the engine stand and start taking it apart because I want to know what the cylinders look like. I want to know if there’s any differences in the cylinder head. And this is the face of a man that is very happy.

You found your beach.

Yep. Take a look in there. We’ll see pretty clean valves because the car only had 300 miles on it and then it had 500 very rough yards. So we cleaned, cleaned this engine quite a bit and look how much sand is still left in it. I mean, I don’t know what you could do to get all this off other than putting this in a hot tank or just pressure washing this. It’s insane how much is still in there. Look at that.

Somebody dropped their mangroves.

Oh no, there’s a bunch right here. Oh, no, that went into the cylinder.

We’re sand, blasting them clean.

How impressive is this?

This impressive is going to be getting this thing back together and running? That’s what’s gonna be impressive.

I feel like we could do that. I feel like that’s no big deal. I

feel like it’s a huge, I don’t know where you’re coming from. You.

I thought you were optimistic. What happened? That optimism,

the optimism is on the 6 75. So, this one? Ok,

this is, you’re a realist for the P one. Ok. I get it. I get

it. Ok.

One cylinder head. First time I’ve had one off. I don’t know about you. First time I’ve had one off.

What does it look like inside? Uh,

it’s probably not going to look very good.

So. Oh, well. Yep, that is ugly.

So, that doesn’t look very good. Here’s what does look good. The fact that I could go like this and look, it’s brand new. Look at that. Oh, wow. Look at it. Take the years of grime off. I’m gonna break clean a little bit here.


Well, the carbon’s coming right off and a one and a two and a,

take the

studs out. Look at that. Wow. So I would say don’t touch that with your hands. Oh, what is that? So, I’m glad I didn’t start the engine. I think it’s a mixture of Marvel mystery oil and sand and also lots of other things. Look at that. Who congealed and solidified into this nasty mess. Let me clean this up and then we’ll see if we can turn this because I don’t see why I wouldn’t be able to turn. It’s 300 miles, $302 million. This car was

300 miles. What a bargain. What

a bargain, a bargain. We found some real bad stuff. It corroded through the liner material. These are aluminum cylinder liners but they’re coated and something that is quite hard and yeah, it just went straight through. So this engine is gonna need cylinder liners. Oh, that’s not good.

I thought this was

300 miles.

300. What happened mclaren? I, you know what, I’m going to take it to a dealer. I would, they’re gonna, they’re gonna know what to do.

Complain. Yeah. Complain.

Yeah. Where’s my warranty? Now? I know you didn’t think that I would let you go without seeing the inside of this engine. Just open it up, like pop it like a, like a clam, oh, one side and then there it goes 1 2 3 ft. I mean, you know, that’s actually not terrible for being under water. We have some corrosion on the crank, but it’s also, I mean, honestly, it looks like it could just, I’m gonna, I’m gonna make a executive decision here and say this crank is probably ok, but the thing is we’re not going to use this crank. We’re not using these rods or pistons or cylinder liners. So literally nothing in here is going to get reused. So I don’t care what the condition of this is in, but it’s still nice to see. Actually, this is caked on quite a bit. Do you think that this affects the balancing?

It’s fine, equal rust all around.

But a question I want to solve is what rods does this have And what rods does it look like to you? These are the

pencil rods.

This has pencil rods has pencil

rods in it. It sure looks like


This might have the weak rods. This is an engine that has made more power than any mclaren up to that point and this has the small rods in it. That’s not good. So this is where I start getting a little bit angry because this is a mclaren P one, this engine for all intents and purposes is like half a million dollars. And then they put these rods in which are really quite thin and these are supposed to make 727 horsepower on the motor and they’re also made for quite a bit of abuse. And yeah, so those are the rods from like a 720. Yes. Ok. So you can see that there is a pretty substantial size difference there and even in this state, these are quite weak. I mean, they like to bend a little bit and see that one. I mean, do my eyes this evening. Maybe this one is a little bent. I, I can’t tell

it’s, we can pull them off and find out for sure. But

if this has bent rods at 300 miles,

it would be surprising. But it wouldn’t be surprising. Honestly. I mean, who would put these in a twin turbo V

eight? Here’s an issue that I have and these are the bearings for the crank. These are the main bearings and you can see that there are, well, there’s some corrosion. This is from the salt water. What’s not from the salt water is this, can you see that right there, this little score mark that you can feel with your fingernail and that is not from me rotating the engine. This is from running and that means that in 300 miles, it damaged one of the bearings.

It’s probably a little dirty. We’ve seen evidence in the filters on these motors. When they first run, you pull a filter out, cut it open, take a look, a lot of debris in there. So I don’t know if they’re not getting all the swarf out or

what’s happening. I mean this is, there’s not a ton of scoring here, but here you can see there are some score marks, but this is definitely the worst of it. This is scored as well right here. That’s crazy,

man. So that’s, this is the oil feed line too. So from the other side, that’s where the oil gets fed into it. So anything that would come through, that oil would end up being dragged right through the babbitt layer on that.

So I guess it’s really good that we’re doing this. But even if I bought this car for $2 million this would have been a concern later on in life. Take a look at that scoring line straight down the middle. That’s not good. Ok, good thing. We’re building it better


Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 | Part 8 was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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