Reacting to the PERFECT Mario Odyssey speedrun…

Interested in Reacting to the PERFECT Mario Odyssey speedrun...? Check out the video and automated transcript from the Speak Ai team for Reacting to the PERFECT Mario Odyssey speedrun...!

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Reacting to the PERFECT Mario Odyssey speedrun… YouTube Video

Reacting to the PERFECT Mario Odyssey speedrun… YouTube Video Description

Today, I set out to get humbled by watching the world record speedrun for Super Mario Odyssey.
Thank you to the Pokémon Company International for sponsoring today’s video!
Download Pokémon UNITE today for free:

#SuperMarioOdyssey #Alpharad #speedrun

HUGE shoutout to @Tyron18 for being so good at Mario
➤ Former WR in the video:
➤ Tyron’s NEWEST World Record:

➤ Jackson:

➤ me (not so fast)

Reacting to the PERFECT Mario Odyssey speedrun… Automated Transcript By Speak

A while back. I dedicated all of my blood, sweat and tears to Super Mario Odyssey. Only to be ranked 1429th in the world, which is good. I, so I wanted to see what it looked like at the top and found this near perfect run from Tyrone 18.Who between the time of me recording this video and posting it, he has already beaten his own world record four different times. So let’s see how he did it that tight. I thought, OK. Yeah. Wait, first off, we’re like five seconds into the run and I’m really impressed like getting this triple jump is whatever. But doing it like, oh, just, oh God, he’s so fast and then he does like the cat coral because it reaches further. No, I didn’t. Oh, it’s so cool. Oh, that’s a fast frog path. I didn’t realize frog paths to be so optimized. Yeah. And he’s reading chat. That’s the craziest part. He’s just casually reading chat. All right. Spin pound and then you get your oh cat pound. Oh I thought you OK. Fast and triple damn. He is already, I think above my time. Like 25 seconds faster in the first two minutes. He has saved 25 seconds over my time. He’s not even convinced this is the run yet. Now, he’s going to skip through three cut scenes. I think I can just skip through that cut some faster. I’m just putting it out there. I’ve definitely seen better there. So, you know, I like it. It’s not all that’s cracked up to be. So this is Ds S Dino Skip, Skip.

So you triple jump right here before the chain. Trump destroys it. And holy shit, you see this, you see this tiny little son of a bitch right here and it’s like I love watching this, but it discourages me because I’m like, damn, I am not hitting this shit any time soon. He goes for chess clip here, right? Which I think this only saves like one or two seconds. But God, it’s so cool. Look at that. Look at that. We talked about how he has like the negative countdown at the start of the run. Look, he’s not going up, he’s throwing the seat in here. He’s going to the shot because in this like seven second window of him entering the shop, getting the moon and leaving the timer activates your fruition right here and now he’s in daylight savings time, it just hit. So now the moon’s there. Look, you go up here. I think this one’s absolutely insane. Like you delay the bird here. So you can triple jump there and like I get how you hit it but the fact that you stall and then you dive here, wait, do you stand on the bird? Do you land on the? No, that’s, no, that’s no, no, that’s not how it works. Back foot. It’s so smooth. Everything. It’s all so smooth. Ok. Now we can see DRM Skip. We’re probably gonna see it. Ok? That’s so sick. Oh That’s so fast. Oh My God. That set up is so good.

Holy shit. So this is the craziest part about like high level Dr Skip is you open that moon up, you get the bullet bill and then you just take the same bullet bill again. Uh But I’m pretty sure in this route you don’t go to like the dune anymore or like the oas oh my God. What is that like? How do you not bunk there? How close are you? If I’m right there? I bonk every day of the week. I bonk. You just dive over here. You grab there, grab the wall clip in the wall and then you get the Sphinx moon and the Quicksand moon by clipping out of bounds. Oh My God. Not even at 10 minutes yet, which means I have just enough time to say that this video was sponsored by the Pokemon Company International, which is a genuine dream come true to say that. So today let’s talk about Pokemon Unite since this game that I genuinely love and have even played on the channel is currently celebrating its second anniversary and players like you can join in on the festivities for an opportunity to get the legendary Pokemon Mutu for free.

Join my Awesome Unite Squad and battle with me. I grinded Mutu’s Crystal Cape Town to unlock its night license. And trust me, this character’s power is definitely legendary. I can say that much. Me two can even mega evolve into the absurdly strong mega mu two y and blast their opponents with its relentless psychic attacks. I even made the ultimate Unite Squad alpha. Ok. That’s taken Alpha two. OK. Um Team alpha ad led by me Alpha rad. Look, I do the best I can, ok? Once you’re ready to hit the battlefield, join the squad, add me and find some teammates. Oh and check out the link in my description and download today for free and take part in all the other cool events and giveaways playing for Pokemon United’s second anniversary. And again, how cool is it that I get to say that this video was happily sponsored by the Pokemon Company International. Anyway, back to Mario. What’s with the die? Is the dig required or does it just like less teleportation times there? I know it’s just like a few frame difference but oh my God, it’s just competing at a point at a level where those like few frames matter. Oh That’s so crazy. If you’re just in this corner.

Can you throw Kay through that corner and then just cap, bounces and clip because I know you can do that and then you hit the checkpoint, you go down and then there’s a chest down here, bro. Oh, you only need one. I’m hiding it with my webcam but he only needs one more. Mo, oh, there’s just a moon right there. I, I’ve since forgotten. Oh I hit those. I’m just saying I hit those. I hit those every day of the week. So, yeah, you know what? Maybe I can get world record actually. Uh Is this just like the, the normal route? Oh, did you stretch your boys? But do we hit stretchy boards now? I guess like this route is entirely different when you have a nut clip in. Why is he, why does he stretch faster than me? Ok. So here’s the other uh clip that I was talking about earlier. And uh, yeah, the run is entirely different now. So he starts spinning and then just, just spin pounds right there. But like mid oh my God, I just think it’s, I’m just impressed. I’m just always going to be impressed by o speed running. I did learn this from CJ where you start jumping left as soon as you grab the moon just because it saves like just a little bit of time.

Oh, wait, I always jump out early and then I always end up losing time by sliding down a wall right here and I can just do that. That’s easier. I know he doesn’t take the piranha plant route. Oh, butter, dude. It’s just like butter. This one sub area is so sick because it’s so hard. Like this is something I need to learn. Oh, boy, this is a Bowser fight. I don’t feel like there’s a lot that he can do to speed it up. That would like, oh sorry, I sneezed and I missed him actually impressing me. I always love this fast hat because I feel so smart when I damage boost. Even though it’s like this one isn’t hard compared to the others. I think the third one is the freest. I just think the strap is funny. Just damage boosting is always going to be a silly strap for me. Ok? Here’s the difference of me. Like why I could never speed, run this game no matter how confident I would ever get. I would not roll over and know I’m going to bounce over it. I don’t care how confident I could ever be. I’m never going to be that confident. Never going to be that confident either. Maybe I think. No, no, I thought about it. No, no, I’m not. I think this is the most impressive part of the run. Like I know there are harder tricks. Yes. But like this is just a shit it run like you cannot second guess yourself here.

You line it up and then you just triple jump right here and then you dive on just this tiny little corner of this. This is interesting. This is like, I feel stupid for not thinking about this. I always jump to the right here, but like I sometimes I mess the jump up because I hug the wall and then I can’t cap bounce. Yeah. No, that makes sense. And then you long jump so you can set up the triple jump. Get down here long jump, grab the moon. I know enough about Odyssey. I saw that. I was like, huh, I was kind of like, I’ll let him cook. Maybe that’s a new threat and then I hear him say what the fuck. And then I was like, OK, OK, trust my instincts no matter how good you are at this game. I feel like this always has to be terrifying because like, I know he’s confident here, but look at this, he lands on the rail. It’s not a hard jump, but it’s just so scary. First off, we throw the cap, grab the moon, shake the control like it owes us money. And then we just work. I know you could just roll into the bike. I always jumped that loses like half a second or something. I always ground pound, jumped, dove and bunked. And I was like, what am I missing? It’s, it’s literally just the, the back flip that I need to be doing. Got it.

Uh So now you just go into like the, the alleyway, right? Uh oh, is he still on a timer though? I, I say that as if he’s not about to just hit it. Honestly, it wasn’t even close. Wow. Wow. I do know about this route one. This is just fast. God, that’s so fast. I’m always bad at hitting this moon. Uh So you grab this, you cap, throw behind you or you use Capo and then you get to do this. It’s the same skip from earlier but it’s just with a different moon. It’s just so cool. OK. Cap swirl there. Um Missed one. Be honest, I knew that one spiny was planned but OK, so this was a miss but it actually I feel like that’s a smaller hand from the camera. Oh my God, it’s so good. We are built differently. You and I oh my God, these Goba have more speed than I ever gave them credit for. It’s on me. It’s on me. Yeah. Go, yeah. Going back to that last room. You’re telling me that even your mistakes are optimal, bro. I cannot relate. Oh Those lines. Oh, I get scared. I pussy out there every single time. Oh, that’s a new one. Oh, that’s a new one for me. Oh, I’ve never seen this one before. Oh This is crazy. Oh My God. That’s fast. That saves so much time in an already fast kingdom I think. Seaside kingdom is my favorite kingdom to run. I think it’s by far the sickest. I mean, ok, it’s probably not the sickest, but it’s like the best party trick. You know what I mean? Oh my God.

I just realized, dude, he is at 35 minutes. I’m still in Metro Kingdom, by the way. Like I am still fighting for my life against me. Oh, he does like the, has to do the triple jump salt thing, right? Yeah. Uh Nope can’t be me. Fuck that. Uh uh uh uh No. Yeah. Have fun, buddy. No, not me too scared. That’s Nope. Uh-huh, I love this jump. I’m glad it’s relevant because for the longest time I did it just because it was height. It, it was like not even faster but I still thought it was height. Oh my God. That is a confident ass jump there. You just get that triple jump throw actually no Mario has a Tom brady arm. Holy shit. No, he makes that no matter what I was like, oh that’s a close jump but it’s really not, dude. I, I underestimate the quarterback arm of Super Mario. There is one thing that I am aware of in these runs and it baffles me. Tell me if you see it, the what? You know what I mean? Of course those blocks are always there but they’re supposed to be like ground below them. I think that one’s crazy. Gross. Yeah. Yeah, you know what real shame that this is world record after stuff like that. I feel like in every runner’s heart of heart there’s always something that they messed up once they never messed up again.

But he was so uncharacteristic every time they get here they will always fear that it might happen again. Everyone has their own personal sleep paralysis. Demon of Odyssey. And I think that’s beautiful. Oh, that’s so, so smart. Oh, Just send the lack. He do his dirty work. 00 It’s so smooth. It’s butter. What does he do? Oh my. Ok. So right here you’re supposed to get into the little bird, right? And you’re supposed to hit the bomb into it. He stands here baits the bird to hit the bomb and then you see Kay right here and then he shakes it and then Kay grabs the moon. You see way in the background. Kay catches the last moon shard and he’s already in. Oh my God. That is so many little optimizations that anyone could just miss. You could so easily. Miss how cool that was. And the missing. No. Am I looking at, wait, wait, you can fake the moon landing with this clip. Hold up. Yeah, most people won’t believe this is real. Every copy of Odyssey is personalized. Hold up. Ok. So you get that read center there. Whoa, whoa. Oh Yeah. There’s like a whole timing window here that I I am not aware of. He is already off to fight to again. Oh wait, he got the, let’s look at the pixels that he triple jumped off real quick, right? Oh Buddy, buddy. Come on, bro. Jesus Christ, the triple jump. He is walking on water.

My dudes, I mean I can watch all the mec fights I want but I know like bird, this is R and G for me some days I hit it most days. I don’t, I always approach it with the same spirit of maybe uh you ever see someone solve a Rubik’s Cube in like three seconds and it makes you feel bad and a little incompetent. That’s a Yeah, this is the Rubik’s Cube of Mario Odyssey for me. Damn moon takes you six minutes. Huh? That’s crazy. Six minutes from here and you’re over and then move skip is easy. Um I’m pretty sure he does the advanced one though. No. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my God, dude, dude. Not a, not a day in my life. You see me going for that kid? Maybe I’m playing. Maybe I should just submit this run. Maybe they won’t tell. I go from 1400 place to tied with first. Yeah. No, I think I’ll blend right in. It’s still worth doing like fast hats on these though, right? Because like it doesn’t sound that hard. It’s just nerve wracking. I think the second one is the hardest one. Like even in Cloud Kingdom. I think the second fast hat is the hardest one. Yeah. You see that skip crazy. I learned that you can just double jump here like you can triple jump. But if you’re just like, oh, fireball smooth. How many times have I said? Smooth. It’s smooth butter crack. I know this threat. I didn’t know people were pulling it out and runs.

How are you on a world record pace? And you start pulling this out? Oh my God. Let’s just watch what happens. Oh my God dude do never in my life. Will you catch me going for this stuff on not just PB pace but world record pace out of your goddamn mind, bro. OK. At this point, like, you know, I’m all for like not counting your chickens before they hatch, especially with my experience with this. But like you can hear him, we’re getting a little giddy here as long as you don’t hold up right here. This should be a world record. You also remember how I was commenting on the fact he was talking to chat. This dude has been silent for 30 minutes. Like for good reason too. We all stopped talking to Chad. Eventually my man was speaking and chanted table. I was really hoping that watching that would inspire me to speed. Run Odyssey more, but I don’t think it did that.

Reacting to the PERFECT Mario Odyssey speedrun… was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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