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RDC-TV | ALIENS & INJURY GODS YouTube Video Description

0:15 What if aliens landed in the hood?
4:41 Why are black people so scared of the word corny?
6:17 How the UPS drivers acting after their pay raise
8:49 Injury Gods

Mark – @SupremeDreams_1
Aff – @Affiong
Leland – @23_Is_Leland
Dylan – @DylanPatel4_
Desmond – @l0v3andPeac3
Benjamin – @Ive_Ben_Jammin
John – @PlayThatJohn

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RDC-TV | ALIENS & INJURY GODS Automated Transcript By Speak

Oh, he told her, he told her I do that, do that to him. Like I said, overlook it. He’s not documenting me, bro. This shit, the fuck up. This mean everything to me, everything to me. God, everything to me.

If you believe we have crashed craft stated earlier, do we have the bodies of the pilots who piloted this craft? Were they, I guess human or non human biologics,

non human and that the humans have caught wind of our arrival. We’ve lost the element of no ***. You what’s up? What? ***? What, what’s up? What’s up? Yeah. Yeah. ***. I, I, are you sure this is the right planet? That’s what it said on the star, but it does look quite different. This is earth. I feel like we’re in danger here. No need to worry about that. We are the dangerous ones here, but I will say these are not the humans that I heard about in the briefing. So I say we take the right decision and vaporize the plan and, and leave as soon as possible. Let’s do it. Wait, hold on. What is that? Oh shit, y’all aliens. Oh Let me exterminate him. Wait, hold on, hold on. This is a human. Let me handle this. I studied for this greetings human. How does it feel to be the first in class of your kind to interact with aliens? Are there any last words before I probe and vaporize you? I don’t know what that shit mean, but you got that shit on. I’m saying your clothes like I ain’t know aliens really did it like that with some of y’all, not all y’all but you got the all whites on. Well, I mean I did that in the deal before my arrival. Hey, good choice. Fuck alien one. What are you doing?

He’s getting his on your, what the fuck you humans are more crafty than I expected. Consider this planet vapor. I wouldn’t even even like that, bro. Like it’s always the ones that can’t dress that behave, man. You know what you, you might be on to something. Both of y’all always have something to say about me. I’m saying what the fuck are you talking about? Alien one? I’m just saying both of you be on that shit and I just feel like that’s a week. Oh they be hating. Hey, man, I promise you somebody hit on me. I slapped the fuck out there, man. Oh man, he ain’t gonna slap me but I can, he can, he can. That’s what I’m saying. I’m talking crazy too. Do that, do that to him. Do that to him. To him. Hey, hey, 20 minutes, I’ve read about this before. He’s using a human tactic. He’s pitting us against each other using clever words. It’s called instigating. God damn it. I fell for it again. You were right. A too. Do you see a threat to everybody vote for until we can leave? That you would never ask? Oh shit, man. It’s up for me, bro. Alright, man. Thank you God for this life because I already know that alien two gonna do. Alien one say yeah. Alien two stop falling and kill him. Yeah, hurry up Alien two and do it. Why did you say it like that? Hurry man. Just hurry and do your job. Alien two. Alien dose? Damn, I fell for it again. He’s good at his job.

I’m sorry, why did he say it? Like what’s going on? No, I think he meant it. I didn’t mean it. Don’t fuck this damn, fuck the mission. No, I ain’t gonna lie. Who are you showing up for? Alien one? Me both of that earth since he said y’all can drop. I do I say that. Who screwed by the way? Hold on. Wait a minute. I didn’t know this was a fashion so I only wore these shoes because I thought there was gonna be human blood on them. I thought I thought don’t even matter, right? Just take me the fuck home. I’m done with this planet. Alright man. I be easy, man. Wait till we get on that shit. Oh What was he just talking? Let’s go. Don’t listen to me, don’t listen to him. He said that like your daddy, bro. For real, I’m both of their dad. Damn, I just saved her. They don’t even know that shit. Shit. Damn. Look at that baby. This is actually the first plan that will bring in a trillion dollars for a black business. We already have multiple millionaires and a few billionaires on board including Jay Z. So you don’t have to worry about that $500,000 of that dinner. That fuck that shit. Jay Z. Let’s, let’s let’s wrap *** got it on me and with this drop right here, cancer is cured. We just saved so many, so many loss, but this was the first batch right here. We have to be very careful with it cannot be replicated. We’re gonna take this to the lab and try to recreate corny, bro for real shit. Fuck shit. I’m not caring no shit.

You know you have that cure. No, make that fucking cure, man. This just like to live with cancer for real on me. I said is save a life is a bitch. It’s not documenting me, bro. Turn this shit the fuck off. What do you doing that? For real? That corny ass shit. So talk when I did change it and shit, hey, it’s probably lost up right here. How you doing, sir? Who are you you piss in. What’s wrong with your arm? Oh shit. What? No. Really? What was it? Why are you dressed like this? Like what ad a chain is that card? Oh, this little shit, man. Are you wearing card? No, I’m not wearing no card. This is shit you heard of but chill out. Where is the truck at? My truck? Your ups truck? Oh man, I let that little shit and got me a limbo real quick, fresh out the lot. I drove it straight over here. I almost forgot your boxes for silly me. You bought a limbo off the lot, bro. How much is UPSP on? You? Ain’t heard the news, breaking news, shocking news. What news? They just start playing UPS, man? A little bit over a buck 50. You know what I’m saying? So I’ve just been doing my thing. Hold on my phone. I think what? That is? Not my phone. That’s, that’s $10,000 bro. What the fuck? What’s going on, man? Chill out. I know that’s not your first time. I tripping. But uh I think I got somewhere to be though, man. So shit, I’m gonna holler at you. Hey, can you do me a favor though?

Can you drop these boxes off at your neighbor’s house? I can give you the addresses if you want. No, bro, I’m not gonna, that’s against the law. I can’t do that. Not against the law. You what’s up? You? I got you bro, just drop them off, bro. I got shit to do for people to be. Hey, by the way, you don’t gotta throw money at me, bro. Hey, you got, you got bitches in hand, bitches. Yeah, you got bitches in here. No. Do you got a bit? What? No, I, I don’t so nobody here just me and that shit. You tripping, bro. Why are you parking my grass though? I pay for it like you want me to pay for that patch dog? That shit like fucking $5 or some shit. I don’t know how much grass cost ***. I ain’t no grass man, *** but I’m gonna holler at you. All right, I got somewhere to be deliver them for me, man. I can’t lose this job. This mean everything to me, everything to me, everything to me, everything to be in this bitch. Drop the shit. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yes. Oh oh lebron hurt, bro. No, please. Lebron don’t get hurt, bro. Chill hell, man, please. Oh shit. What’s that? A 10 week injury? No. Let him come back the same quarter with a slight headache. A plot twist. I love it. Ok? I told him about landing like that. Damn, he’s old. He’ll never play again. Ah God damn it. Oh he’s out for fun. What? He’s fine.

Sit him on the bench for five minutes. He busted his head on the floor. He’s definitely out for at least 100 weeks. It happens. To the best of us. Concussion at 03 bruised ribs or what? It never happened to me. It happened to me and I’m right here. I’m just fine, overlook it. What are you saying? Is that what you have a favorite? Gods do not bear favorites. You will be casting out of heaven. Gods bear favorites when a certain player shoot 75% from the three. So like I said, overlook it, you will be cast out of the heavens. I will not overlook anything. He will not be playing. Not against my. Oh You also bear favorites. I was not gonna say my anything. That was a word that he’s gonna cast the fuck out of your team. You’ve lost your mind. Get out of my face. Oh I see. They’re no favorite. I see. You didn’t do this with, don’t you say it? If you say it, I’m over. That fool did not do this with Derrick Rose. You are afraid of what he could be. Prepare yourself for that. So your true colors finally show. I knew it all along. You are no God, you’re but a mere *** put your hand and prepare for a battle. There will be no battle. We have been infiltrated by a ***. I’m done no more injuries for her. Oh Yeah, you don’t have that authority. He better not leave him open and see what happens. What’s up y’all R DC world here.

Now, I know what y’all thinking, what the fuck was that? Listen, that was R DC TV. Episode one, it’s a work in progress. But what we’re trying to do is put like 4 to 6 skits into each episode of R DC TV. And then release them like one by one on social media. We’re just trying to like package our skits in a better type of way. You feel me? We’re tired of dropping one minute content. We wanna put no, just a longer, longer form content. Everybody win. Y’all win, we win. You know what I’m saying? I feel like it’s a, it’s a good balance, but y’all let us know what y’all felt about the RC TV. And y’all rank the skits one through four, which ones y’all like the best because that will help us out and we’re thinking about doing this biweekly. So please leave some uh feedback and some real feedback, man, because y’all ***, you know, *** in the comments will be saying some bullshit. But let us know how much y’all like the skits and how y’all like the format and everything like that. Right? Also make sure that you guys, you know, share this with your friends and you know, keep supporting us while we figuring out what we trying to do on this mother fucking journey, right?

Y’all, y’all make sure to watch the Twitch the gaming channel and go subscribe to our website R DC Universe because Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. That was all your questions. No, it’s, they’re gonna be getting everything, you know, early. Um We’re still working on it, putting a lot of work into it so they definitely gonna get some, some crazy stuff. This episode was just, we had to put this out today because it took us a little bit longer than we thought to finish it. But y’all let us know how y’all feel about it. We love y’all keep supporting our sea world. We are.

RDC-TV | ALIENS & INJURY GODS was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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