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Quarter 3 Update

A summary for you:

What Does Speak Ai Do Again?

There is much to learn from how we communicate with ourselves and others.

Our mission at Speak Ai is to harness this information to help individuals and teams improve communication, awareness, well-being and productivity.

To achieve that, we develop novel technology and techniques to capture, extract and share insights from conversations, media, webpages, journals, notes, research, and more.

Exciting Things:

1. We received our first term sheet and multiple investment offers!

2. Signups continue to grow with 308 people on the Speak app at the end of Q3 (117% increase)

3. We launched our organization plans and APIs and landed our first customers

4. We started our first-ever NRC IRAP funded project to help us continue to innovate

5. Our technology is rapidly improving with powerful new additions to intelligent search, instant navigation, and data analysis

What's Next:

1. A customizable, embeddable audio and video recorder so you can capture media from almost anywhere and anyone!

2. iPhone and Android apps to get the power of Speak directly on your phone

3. Bulk import Evernote notes with original metadata for personal and professional breakthroughs

4. A Google Chrome Extension that automatically captures and analyzes content you are creating and interested in

5. Valuable personalized summaries and reports, compelling new text analytics and better ways to visualize and interact with your data

If You'd Like To Contribute:

1. Join our new Slack Community!

2. Introduce us to great potential customers and investors

3. Check out our Public Product Roadmap and Indie Hackers profile

4. Sign up for Speak and share your feedback - we value it a lot.

It would be a joy to reconnect anytime you see it as worthwhile. 

Have a wonderful end to the enlightening year 2020 has been ❤🤗

All the best,

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