Open Thoughts With DaBaby @funnymarco4307

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Open Thoughts With DaBaby @funnymarco4307 YouTube Video

Open Thoughts With DaBaby @funnymarco4307 YouTube Video Description

Open Thoughts Here…

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Open Thoughts With DaBaby @funnymarco4307 Automated Transcript By Speak



I’m waiting in the evening. I need to do

it. So what do you do y’all? It’s me and it’s him. What’s your name here? Marco? What’s your, is it? I’m Jonathan. So you dropping the baby?

No, I, you know that’s just my name. That’s my name Jonathan

too. Are you

ever gonna drop the baby? 30 31 price should drop it.

Do you have a drop?

So like who

are you? Who

are you? I’m Jonathan. Like I told you man. So

what’s next for you?

OK. I got a lot. I got a lot coming man. Um You got a new project cause you got a microphone on me. So I don’t gotta talk too loud for you but I got a new project coming up, new music videos, new videos. I directed a lot of other uh other stuff. I rather not spill the beans on. You might go tell it.

I record, you’ll

be the one telling it. No,

you, you might go tell it. I tell you, I tell you the wrong thing. You might go on subject.

***. You are a good

father. Thank you for having me. I needed that you might go take this off before you do that one too. I got, I got this Steve Harper. You take shit back too. The tag was on it. You said you do it too. I leave

my tags on. I forget my tags is on because I,

there you go. Do you teach your kids ABC?

They already know what they do on the baby. And these are my ABC S A ass. Big ass but B

but what do they learn from you?

No, why

not? Now? They probably learned the original song, the cadence or whatever.

But you know the original


A as of course, brother, let me see it. No. Speaking of teaching your kids the ABC si put the leg up. Speaking of, do you teach your kids your ABC S, my daughter actually got a song where she teach like academics to kids numbers, how to count ABC S. She got full blown music videos too. I ain’t put it out yet though. So I kind of don’t know if I wanna do that or not. So

would her name be the daughter? Do you think you’d be putting that shit on? I

got it on the day. Most


You explain the drip.

I don’t know what this shit called. I just, I saw it and I liked it.

Hm. Do you like your fit too? Do you like change, change? Do you like change like in life? Do you feel like stuff should change or do you feel like stuff should stay the same? I, I love so why do you rap the same way with all the beats is what you

was that?


Ok. Let’s turn this up. What do you think? What do you think Craig could have been done differently to beat up? I

think he should have shot

him. Remember the pops took the gun though?

So your daddy take

your gun. No, he already took it. Pops took the gun from him. So

that was

and you got, so when you wake up, you know what you’re supposed to

do? He’s not God. So what else can we do though? This is, what else could we do? Like we gonna take that out. What’s the next thing? You and his shoes? How are you gonna handle it?

My daddy wouldn’t have

take the gun. Pops is

your daddy. So we can’t change the

ass up then Craig mama was about to shoot him for real for real. He said stop see my mama different. She would have fired his ass up. So when he like put him in the Chokehold and then beat him on his chest like he call you to put the code.

Uh Yeah, I did. You know what I did when I got up mm called the police. I pay my taxes. Uh What’s the difference between 48 hours and two days?

The way you word it?


was the first big bag you

got 2019. The first thing I did, I went to the studio and made sure that I did.

Yeah. Yeah. Most

money you spent in a day

I relate to when they telling me my business.

Like, is it

me? I’m a ***, like a house, ***.

I’ll be outside.

Not a modern day house, ***, like the ones from back in the day. What

made you stop smoking

cigarettes? I ain’t never smoked a cigarette a day in my life, man. Never. Why you even, what made you say

that? What made you stop?

All right. Best pick up lines I got right here. Tell me which one you like, I’m the baby. Fuck with your boy. Number 12. Let’s get in my fast car. Three. Where are you going with all that at?

Did you finish the last one? No,

three, three. Where are you going with all that ass four? It’s hot girl season. What’s up? Which one is you, man? If you had to pick one, if it was me, I think I go when I’m the baby. Fuck with your boy. I can see you saying

that out of all them, that one might be. No, I wouldn’t say that. I wouldn’t say that one of them that’s riding my fast car. That’s probably the least lame

option. What you got Lamborghini? It’s pretty fast.

My nephew be saying that shit, the exact same way my nephew, you know the bad ass kids just come sit beside you just stare at you like you just did he, he like he’d be like you got a Lamborghini and I was like OK nephew like it’s


You let them hop in it.

Yeah, for sure. All the time.

Which one do not belong in this? A OK. Which, which word do not belong in this? A sadness b fondness see happiness or the right.

Why are you? Why are you reading this shit? Like your

go down. Yeah. We’re gonna take a break. We waiting on him.

Oh You like that? And they make them read in front of the class. A sadness be



spin it

around. I’m right here. I’m laughing right at my pain. You’re laughing at my pain. All right. So let’s go to the sugar lyrics. It says I go, I go where I want, I’m good. I go

where I want good, good play. If you want do it most

definitely. Then why you always fight? Hm. Why did you always get into a fight?

I was telling you why you, why

you don’t want to say that I go anywhere I want, I’m good. Yeah.

That part I heard was the last part


Store. Huh? Louis Store can call what do you feel like? People don’t know that you want them to know that you can say right here. That’s me waiting.

Um Can I just drop the remix to shake

something with sexy

red. We know that or something else that’s worldwide and I appreciate that. I think nobody ever miss when you drop anything. I think that’s, I’ll do that for you.

A very nice,

what did you draw that for me? For that? I want to say this. It’s pretty good. You drew it.


What’s that?

What’s that logo on the

man who? The man we got, we got the grandma and you know, we gonna have to come with the, the mama, right?

It look like that bitch got bars

rich as fuck

too. It like

be rapping.

Yeah. And let me be rapping. Fact,

let’s go back to the original of the baby.

Caught a fire man.

How did you come up with this song?

So my boy, he, we have been locked in for a couple of weeks and going through beats in the studio. I heard him like load it up, you know, I think you would like it loaded up

one take, one shot, one take. Yeah, like when you recorded it like went in there and just freestyle it or you? Yeah, for

sure, for sure. Definitely. Right. I punch

you in. It’s like it’s

not a surprise to me because all your songs are just like they number one. Appreciate that. Yeah. Don’t give your flyers. Appreciate it. And I told people you and 50 cent the closest thing to

Tupac. That’s dope.


appreciate that. And I see

you got a good relationship. Yes, my doubt. I would say

you’re a good guy but

you’re choosing not to

you the good baby because you, I’m a good baby. Yeah. Right. Just, yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. You want my


people. We got the movie. No, he was sitting right here. Mhm. Oh, yeah. Right here. Movie lines, movie lines. So you can look over the lines. These are my lines. DM your lines and let’s get into

it. Who, who wrote this? Who?

Me? Because I know you’re a good actor and all the videos you do, you act so we can do it. Let me know when you’re ready. Go ahead. Thank you. What’s happening


aunt? No, this ain’t aunt who, this

is this little big brother.

What the hell calling my

house? Phone, call my house for a man. Sorry. Huh? That’s your part.

No, it’s not, bro. The

hell is you calling my house for a man? It’s me, me and you take your time

like what’s like the setting? You know when you got a script?

Ok, so what’s going on? So I’m at home and you calling me? So I’m at home so I’m chilling and you, you in your car, you calling me like I get that part. Yeah. So it’s an anger. It’s like me and you not like it’s like who the fuck you like this? Is this a problem in the air? What city we in? Alabama?

Look here man, the street lights on and our boys still ain’t come home yet. I guess I’m gonna have to get out here and go find him. Hell, you

talking about my brother? Ain’t your business no more


hell, yeah, he ain’t to me for two G’s either. And I’m about to make that *** hit the cupid shuffle too.

Hey, stay away from my little brother. We don’t dance over here. Partner.

Boy, stop,

You got that

right. I’m saying,


don’t think, I don’t think this is a script. I’m gotten interested in fucking around with

you all. I do that with

it just was never mind. You would send me the rest of it and I’m like to see what’s up but that’s,

that’s me. I’m writing it. They ain’t fucking with it. So I kill my vibe. I just feel like it

don’t hurt your toes to wearing socks with the flip flop.

Sometimes I’ll just be thinking like, damn, we thinking what you say sometimes I’ll be thinking like damn we thinking, yeah. What’s something that you feel like? You just think about

Krispy Kreme doughnuts when the hot

sun? Speaking of

that, where have you worked at

as a kid? Like I love

crispy cream doughnuts. Make me think about where I worked at. The only job I ever had in my life. You look like your name could be that’s fucked up. Like the type of *** that would be like the *** that the moon shine and had you hung upside down, drowning you in the water because you ain’t bring back the money. Like a slick a con artist is the word I’m looking for. My only job though. My bad is uh

what made you change on them? Change on

them now? I just quit like why you leaving? I look for a,

you left. You know the cutie is a good girl. No.

So you look for your job to say that for a grown woman that put you on a cut is

not a woman. QQ

P I heard

that before. Never did it. I bought one before and then I tried to get it off. I just made my money back. What I saying? What I gave

them you lost. So

I let people scale it for



I thought that was gonna be honest. What you learn not to buy another one being a drug dealer. It took a, it was a lot of instructions because I thought a go for 80 s. Go for 75. Yeah. Five. Go for fifties. Five fish. Yeah. A lot of people want from me.

How long you been doing cocaine? No, I

never really done that.

You just like you do cocaine

but it’s clean.

No, you clean it a bitch. It’s fresh but it’s like the way you swag it. You know what I’m saying?

Do you wear your seatbelt when you drive?

Yeah, I tried to get to take your kids. You don’t,

uh Yeah, you gotta watch what you say. Damn seat belt. People come for us for sure. Yeah, I wear my seat belt.

Oh, you good.

I miss my grandma.

This stuff that I

left good.

They’re the only ones that really fuck with us like, you know. No. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I’m tripping.

Yeah. Yeah.

No. Yeah. They don’t apply to me. No, me either. But they, they play a big part. They like Shaq to Kobe. Yeah. Who bobbing out and shit. Who just bobbing now? Me and you just bobbing out and shit. Thank thank you. Mhm Yeah. Hears Yeah. Mhm You’re, you’re a real one though. Bye. I shouldn’t have said that. Yeah. Wifi they tripping car insurance went up because I had a new car. I was like damn maybe I shouldn’t got that new car but you my friend. So we talk because you my boy, we’ll talk about that and talk about what like just getting me to like help me out and shit. Take some debt off your boy. You, you ready? You ready end it? Oh

no, I’m on your time.

Are you ready to start the interview? Tell me more questions you wanna uh you think I can ask?

We play a high. Are you standing at the back like that? I was just looking at your eyes. It was like like thief

like what’s that for? Have you ever stole before?

You before I steal it from you.

But every finesse could be not a bad finesse. It could be a good finesse fine. So good fines. So if I got a V for free and I come to you and be like I got this TV for 300 but I give it to you for 200 then you take the TV for 200. I fine. You because I got the V for free. You did.

Yes, I did. You

did. You made a profit?

But I still fine. You, because you think I got

about with the consumer thing. That’s a finesse

though. No fines

is like putting like rabbit food inside of a vacuum and then showing a *** a little small amount. She be like, that’s what’s in there right there, bro. Yeah, that’s a lot of *** like you like. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Yeah,

that’s what’s in there

and then when I do take my money out and like, cool. Then I

gave you the, the rabbit food and I’d be like a matter of fact, I need to take that too, but I do it. I need something to smoke and I’d have been like, look, you got, you got something to roll in that and I’d have been like, you wanna pop it open and check it and you would have been like, no, it’s gonna stink too much. Exactly. I don’t wanna get pulled over. Let me get that back. To you and then I just put up with your money.

That’s the mess. That’s why they call me the baby. I’m like, damn that baby got

me. No, they ain’t call me the baby. Then

how you wanna end it? How you wanna end it? Like, yo, it’s your boy Marco. I’m here with

baby on the Marco Show. No,

we gotta get more energy. Ok?

One more feat off you.

All right. Yo, it’s your boy my bad. It’s your boy Marco. I’m here with my other boy, baby. Are we signing out with baby? The one and only baby you take your girl and call her. No, that was corny. I know I’m just trying to figure out how we could end it.

Fuck with it like a fuck with that vibe. It’s like a,

it’s like it’s like, yeah, it’s like it like you did your part did my part. It’s like I see you when I

see you say tell me like burn out.

No, no, I’m saying that’s like the vibe. It’s like a transaction.

So what type of,

what type of vibe are you looking for? I feel

like we did it like I’ll just be thinking about shit.

Oh Whatever you’re going through, bro and get, you know what I’m saying? When

people just be asking for shit, don’t you? I hate when

people just be asking

for shit like all the time. Yeah. Yeah. Are

you trying to set up set up the play

now, you might as well not even fix my mouth. That’s

that all this shit I’m talking about. My uncle’s a dude come in the house like fuck, flip his pockets inside up, open up his wallet, throw it across the floor.


I’m sitting there eating a bowl of cereal. I ain’t got nothing.

I ain’t got nothing.

Nothing shit. Him. $20. He dip out. Sometimes he buy some weed from it with my own money. They would buy the weed

from with that story you guys you just told me I’m as sad music to it. Huh? The story you just told me I’m as sad music on that. That’s cool. Alright y’all I feel like this is it. Uh it’s the best interview that he’s ever had right here with me. Yeah, we are I guess we gotta hit the red button. You gotta stop the the recording. You sick as you. No, I was around some smoke. It was around smoke. Yeah, hookah, hookah. A lot of girls I was fitting in with them. It was like you, you like I only fuck with that smoke and I was like shit I do I did all that and went out to eat, took care of the bill and all that shit and then she was like hold on let me run outside real quick. She got in the car. I’m like, where are you going? So I’ll be right back. I’m like yeah she gonna be back there like you goofy but you want to see us together she like she yeah she gonna come back right. Tiffany I shouldn’t have did that. Alright y’all we gonna hit y’all back

my ci pink my booty

food stamps. Have you ever bought some before?

An incarcerated individual at Saint Louis County jail? Booty I’m I’m in the middle of an interview I’m gonna call you right back. Ok I will

you have, what are your cheating skills? One through 10. Uh I’m, I’m elite. Can you give a woman out there? Good ways to cheat on

this. This is my, this is the other one about to have a partner at Saint Louis County jail. I’m with

your real name is, uh,

so they can look up if I had eviction before or something.

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