Office Hours 08 – Tim’s Birthday, OKRs, Google Chrome Extension & The Team Grows

Tim Tyler Vatsal Lorne Speak Ai Office Hours 04

In This Discussion:

It was a special Speak Ai Office Hours today!
It was our unimaginably brilliant team member Tim’s birthday.
We gave him the floor at the start and he spoke beautifully.
We celebrated with him and shared stories of our first connections with each other, fond memories, and the honour it is to work with him.
We also discussed:
– Our Upcoming Google Chrome Extension!
– Improving The App Design
– Preparing for Objective Key Results (OKRs) Review & New Q2 OKRs
– Setting Up Our Exciting New Marketer Hire For Success
– Thoughts On Expanding The Team & The Future Of Speak Ai
It was another unforgettable moment together as a team.
We’re so glad to be able to capture them and share it with you.

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The Speak Ai team is doing routine virtual get-togethers that anyone can join! We share updates, have lively discussions, answer questions, and figure out how to solve exciting and complex problems together.

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1 – 0:00:00
Alright, well I keep doing it every time but office hours.

2 – 0:00:05
Eight yeah, so very exciting. We have to stop, you know, start off the top here, right? First of all just say what is office hours every week. 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time we get together here gathering right now on Zoom, the team gets together, loves to talk about what’s happened this week. General conversations of what we’re building with speak, but more than that just technology, love, artificial intelligence, life. All the good stuff that we really care about as a team.

And you know really, our relationship transcends beyond just the work we’re doing here at speak, so I enjoy these very much. I look forward to them. Beautiful day, I’m sitting in Toronto. We got a bunch of Toronto people. We got London person. It’s nice everywhere, so I’m happy and there’s another glorious event that’s happening right now, which is Tim’s birthday Tim.

So Tim is going to talk for a full hour.

1 – 0:00:56
We’re all going to go on mute and turn off our screens. And Tim. But Tim. Anything right at the start?

2 – 0:01:05
How do you feel? How do you feel?

3 – 0:01:07
You know it’s weird. I’m 21. It’s 2021 and it’s it’s something that I shouldn’t have said. No I shouldn’t have said that but but really I’m I’m appreciative of this time in and of this team and being in here ’cause ’cause. You know you’re you have. You have times when you’re thinking about the presence and you’re thinking about where you are right now and you’re really sharing this time in this moment with the people around you who live with you who love you, who you work with an. And all of us actually are.

I hope experiencing same same joy, same. Um? Just lavishness of this experience of having of having everybody around, and it’s it’s. It’s a beautiful. And cruel moment at the same time, because sometimes life is not is not good to us.

Sometimes it’s not fair and it wasn’t ever fair. Sometimes it isn’t as welcoming in the morning or in the evening, and it’s might beat you out of your own game and and and. Crush against the rocks, but at the same time, this is the beauty of it, the raw. Um? The just the.

There are a lot of this landscape you’re looking at both ends of extremes on both both ends of the spectrum, and then I can only say that I’m thankful to be here, Tyler. Personally, I’ve I guess I. Um? More than. A more than think that you’re a visionary here, and you’ve put together your vision through just force of will in the in the 1st place, but through intelligence of through social intelligence that that you’ve been perhaps endowed with. That, although that might be a criticism, if you’re a professional, which I do believe you are so great skill.

Thank you for a gathering. All this all of us together and vassal. I can’t. Appreciate more of your kind heart in terms of constructive criticism, because sometimes it gets too, but I totally get it. I mean, where are engineers?

And it’s. It’s something to laugh at and something to embrace? ’cause that’s that’s our profession to actually evaluate each other and sort of. Um? Be a bit aggressive about your work.

Be aggressive in shipment in meeting deadlines in. In following the guidelines and style guides, it’s all part of it an you have shown me much of of you’ve shown me a totally different world and thanks to speak I it’s been a wonderful time for practice and for just pouring out that creativity which otherwise stalls inside an Lauren. I can’t thank you more ’cause that’s I’m here because of you man, you’ve gathered us all together and kept it all going into. Without any hesitation, you might probably be the core of this company who’s running it OK, OK, this is too much, but but really thank you, Ann. I’ve enjoyed all the time we had together, although it was only one evening.

Uh. Pop Lauren it’s amazing. Still still sticks to my head, I would I would. You’re quite in in. If aspired me on any on many things in on, especially in the writing part, I mean the book he wrote and you just intentions that you have in your mind is what defines the personal habits. Define the person William James said that in 1850, something but the intentions to and.

These intentions are good intentions is what is what. At least outlines the person’s destiny, if not fulfill did an. I wish I could. You could spend more time with you man. To any of who’s listening here who is listening to this through these office hours I.

I. Where thanks to you all of you. We have feedback and we have the. Well, technically a market niche, but the we have the. Your attention to us that makes us us that makes us growth that makes us realize how much we’ve screwed up and on something. And all of the organizations that we work with.

All of these are old people, all of you and Anne Anne. I hope that we are sharing our journey with you as much as as much as we can, and if we are not then let us know how, because that’s. What we’re doing here is, is is aimed at self discovery in the 1st place. It’s all from well thanks to Tyler, it was a it’s a good vision, it’s it’s about this. Self realization and optimization. And all of this.

Part where you’re in the central. The. The lens an. Working with you is a pleasure and listening to your feedback is something that. It’s never been more valuable than now.

And. Overall. I can’t, I can’t say more. Bless you all in creating the future and we’re doing the right thing by following the passion by being gritty. An in front of fear in front of frustration and overwhelmed that sometimes creeps up on us. Hum. It’s a good thing that we’ve were persistent enough and that we’ve.

Um? Found that creativity and honed on it and brought it to our craft. Whatever profession we’re in. Um?

2 – 0:07:46
Yeah. Thank you, that was beautiful and well spoken. Thank you. I’m glad I’m I’m I. I’m very excited for anyone who just listen to that to actually listen to that and see, you know, the genius of. Of them, so it’s this makes me emotional. Yeah, it’s it’s been a pleasure working with you man and I remember first meeting you know how quickly we we we connected and I remember even after that event I walked we’re walking on the street Tim and I were having this wonderful conversation and all the sudden Tim looks at me says I gotta go this way and just walked away. I don’t know if I’m ever going to see him again. And here he is, sitting here today.

Tim, you mentioned your age, maybe an air, but you’re you’re you’re still young. Still a young man and I wish that I had half the intelligence and drive in curiosity. And you know, willingness to work on herself at that that you have at your age. So I’ve said this to you before. But the trajectory that you’re on with the effort that you put in the creativity that you have an just the sheer willingness to take feedback, whether it’s from battle or for me.

You know, I remember one day telling you. You know Tim, you talk too much and you’re selfish with the way that you’re talking sometimes. And I thought that might be this crippling thing that would be, you know, not a good thing and you showed up, you know, a week later and two weeks later and you had worked on it and just the way that you just communicated right now is a beautiful thing. So I’m very honored to be on this journey with you. And so much to have a team that all all loves you, that we all love each other here.

And the fact that we could just share that moment together was beautiful. I know it’s not in person like we hoped but still love love resonates through through the digital air through web as well too and will have lots of opportunity to spend time in person as well. Thank you for these words. That was a wonderful. It makes me emotional and I remember the first woman Timothy be mad at DMZ Antara.

4 – 0:09:51
So excited. I just want to take a back a step about how we met and Anne Tyler Tyler talk about you and it was probably the afternoon on Thursday if I’m correct and he was on the third floor dance like sitting in there probably is like he messaged me is like hey can we? I think we scheduled at one and he was like sort of in the in the middle of something is like. Oh I, I cannot make it 1. It’s like OK, let’s schedule tomorrow and because I had a meeting after I think 123 and I don’t know if you remember is like if it’s like no I will wait up to three or four so he made up dude like next two hours to just you know talk about the project and what we can do together. Right, if you remember, those moments are there on near there.

3 – 0:10:40
It was quite fun. If I remember correctly, we first met in the in the DMZ zone.

1 – 0:10:47
Six florist remember, so it was a general one and I slipped into it under a if a probably should have said that either but. Yeah, I’ve been sitting there for.

3 – 0:11:03
So I’ve been tailgating for several days to just get the meeting with those guys. They were so busy, Ann. Finally, limit bats and the only thing we talked about was a little bit conceptually.

1 – 0:11:15
Machine learning just blasted on him 15 minutes. That’s yeah, and we’ve we’ve.

3 – 0:11:20
We’ve caught up very well and makes me what what they were doing because the technology is itself isn’t itself quite. It’s it’s a. The tech is beautiful, of course, but the application of it in the business term and the way that that that you were aiming it, I didn’t even know that we were doing so much in terms of all different directions that we took. But the directions that I have heard back then just inspired something instead of just. So yeah, this is how I want to help people.

4 – 0:11:50
Yeah, and and I think so after that. After that day we we started working together. It’s like the beauty of team fee is like he he he takes everything is like whatever that is is that good? But I was like is that feedback is that he learns an improvement. You can see within a week is coming back Cortana. I think you just said is like right?

It’s takes a feedback and you can see that’s that’s a beauty of Timofey and it’s an honor to work with him and I think I’m lucky to have him. In my team in the engineering side, so I hope I wish that he is not in the in the marketing team dollar, so that’s that’s a beauty and that’s so much fun to work with him. We we also have like a great level of arguments, and that’s that is required to be harnessed to get that level of comp to resolve the complexity and engineering problem, and come with the, you know, the innovations out of it. So that’s that’s what I really enjoy, man, Timothy. I would just want to say that continue that.

Don’t be like I cannot do that. I cannot do this. Just continue with your arguments. Continue with what you are doing. And yeah, just keep keep.

Who are in the innovations in the technology? I don’t have many more what I wish I can I can I can use my own native language to wish with the big words. But yeah, very soon. But yeah again. Take it.

Engineer and I remember those moments at the DMZ where we would be setting up a meeting with Tim and maybe Tim.

1 – 0:13:32
Do you need to get into the building and I’d look over. He was already asked already is already in the office. I’m like how did you get in here?

2 – 0:13:41
And so Tim found his way to where I need to be and he continues to do that every single day so that I remember, you know even even the I don’t remember what you put in in the name. Tim maybe you do but we I gave you a letter of employment. Can you put your name? I don’t know what it was,

1 – 0:13:58
some Lord or something that was not your real name basically. And so Tim has always been this wonderful character who has played a little bit of a chaos role but also executed beautifully and also brought yes this creativity in

2 – 0:14:12
this like persistence to make things better. And again, sometimes that’s cause tension. Sometimes that’s caused conflict. But in the end it’s had a exponential impact on the growth of our product on the growth of our team and company as a whole and also just personally. As well, Terra. I learned so much from town.

I’m excited that we have another nutritionalist joining our team. Excited to see you know how healthy our team is going to be, and I look forward to the next time you come over and look into our drawers and say no. Lord, I know you’re sometimes quiet anything you have to say anything.

2 – 0:14:54
Yet from your experience of Tim, I know you haven’t known him as long. Haven’t had as many in person encounters, but I know there’s been a nice connection there as well. Yeah, I’ve been loving every moment I’ve had with him.

5 – 0:15:06
He’s always very thoughtful, very emotional. These are very. In tune with a lot of things going on in life.

3 – 0:15:15
I just I’m excited. Access, except taxes, taxes, OK, well, you’ll learn eventually. I don’t think anybody really cares enough to be involved with taxes too much,

5 – 0:15:27
but they have to be anyways. But yeah, I’m just excited to see like where Tim goes in life to see where he develops. Like you still 21’s pretty young. But I still like ridiculously smart. I was just remembering like back when I was 21. I was. I was lossed.

I was dumb. I was making terrible decisions and was really not well put together. I’m just really amazed by how smart Tim is at his own age and I’m excited to see what he what he builds. He’s got quite the vision, especially like I love. We can get more into like VR, except seems to be what Tim’s most passionate about.

Nimoy is excited to see you. Peoples, passions. ’cause when you’re passionate about something that’s when you put in your best work ’cause you actually care and Tim cares a lot, he cares little all the team here it seems. I feel he’s a very verbose. Almost two to an extreme.

I feel like Tim you are use extremely colorful long words an I get losten dazed and confused and but it’s good. I think it’s just a matter of sharpening that and I think it would be quite the poet growing forward.

2 – 0:16:39
So yeah. Stop alarm. Papa Lauren Tim. Any anything else on your side?

3 – 0:16:52
Where are we going to? So we’ve been deploying the latest changes for transcription here. I know it’s not an agenda, but Rick getting closer. Gives me hope hearing that we’re getting closer, yeah, but. As soon as that thank you all for these kind words,

1 – 0:17:13
I wish I will return them. Already did that was a beautiful part.

2 – 0:17:18
You gave it to start. I just wanted to share this. This is something that I wanted to give to you this weekend, but it’s not going to happen and you might recognize this from some of my own recent talks, but and I was worried about you might not like it or not, but I got you the starry light projected. Yeah, so you know specific situation specific contexts? Is there wonderful experiences and I hope that you do enjoy. There’s a lot of manipulation that you can do manually and I hope one day will hack into these bad boys.

And do some stuff automatically as well too, but I hope you enjoy I.

1 – 0:17:52
I think you will know, but manipulation part. So yes, we technically can manipulate that and as soon as actually thank you for hardware,

3 – 0:18:00
I really do expect that speaker grows into actually providing us with all hardware that we need, VR inclusively. To a developer point, but projector part, it’s also the mental manipulation of the images that you might have. That’s really something was quite excited to try this out. Last time I took psychedelics the clouds were amazing and crocodile looking like but the projector is a promising tech here now where I actually do have an an Raspberry Pi here so an IR sensor as well as the emitter. Gotta look into this and at least in their own time in their own.

Dense. We want to. So what we want is to. Modulate the. Well, I’m not really sure what how projector works exactly. What are the functions but modulate its functionality in In Sync with our present mode?

As far as I understand, that’s something that not only are many companies that we’re working with, especially in psychedelic research. As far as I understand, are actually looking forward to. Implementing in their own in their own use cases, but that’s that’s really something I mean. Present mode is supposed to open up your creativity, and the more of that output we produce, the more we show what you’re doing with your just one word. Even changing the color something as simplistic as that is already an execution of a command that you gave, or at least some understanding of meaning that we’ve.

Managed to to simulate. I hope you really do learn how to understand speech. I mean in in near future there in the near future, this is actually a very serious question. Where are we going to have an AI which understands everything that we say? Very serious question in 100 years from now we might not.

Ever develop AGI artificial general intelligence? Meaning the thing knows how to. Program itself, how to learn anything from human speech, any language to. How to cook a dinner and it’s how to cook so.

3 – 0:20:29
Speaking at least aiming at understanding the speech in the very narrow sense. So This is why we’re utilizing narrow AI systems in our in our back end. But in this present mode is something that that it’s this is the window for development of a more general intelligence that will hook up and make your speech executive

1 – 0:20:49
and make it. You should have said that Tyler birthday. Get one. OK ticket alright. The present mode is something that.

3 – 0:21:04
That is supposed to just.

1 – 0:21:07

2 – 0:21:12
Transpose, retrieve an and expose the creativity at the same time for our users and it’s it’s.

3 – 0:21:20
You know creating creating node is is being created for a moment. Talking to the camera is being creative. It doesn’t matter what you’re thinking about this, it is when you’re creating something that didn’t exist before, so. Yeah, so it’s a thank you.

2 – 0:21:38
Thank you. Projector is amazing. Just my my only hope is that we don’t try to hook into it and we light something on fire and if it happens I do have the Amazon receipt.

1 – 0:21:48
I don’t know if they’ll take it back and will keep ordering them.

1 – 0:21:55
But I I share the passion with you Tim and to me there’s this opportunity of you know,

2 – 0:22:00
people love creating things, and sometimes there’s a technical gap in creating things. And if we can help solve that technical barrier and allow people to create completely original self generated content in real time, that helps them understand themselves like there’s so much beautiful potential here. And you know when I see it, both of you talked about psychedelic research, mental health care, how you feel, group experiences, event experiences. But then also just individually as someone who wants to learn about themselves. Or maybe someone who just wants to create something doesn’t necessarily have the technical capacity and wants to do that in a way that’s unique real time and feels like you’re truly interacting with computers. And building this human computer interaction that we haven’t really seen form that many of us aim for.

Love technology and see the positive sides of it. So we are excited to be on that journey journey with yeah. Natural. Anything?

3 – 0:22:55
Yeah, so title give you the something for the entertainment.

4 – 0:23:01
You probably know that I started for the March month. That’s like 3 challenges. The 1000 pushups, 1000 minutes of yoga and a four block. So this month the focus is on the on the health and the mental Wellness. So basically at the present for you is going to be a sort of a bar to hit you.

3 – 0:23:26
So that you can sit back and give it to Laura. Yeah, exactly that. You don’t miss your pushups,

4 – 0:23:35
so so that’s a bar for a lot of you.

1 – 0:23:38
Before you have enough to break something. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, easily.

2 – 0:23:44
Your bones easily can hand everything anything. For Laura, for pull up San for HIPAA compliance. In one product.

3 – 0:23:58
Cool. What’s this thing about? Is it here hold the curtains?

2 – 0:24:06
Yeah, basically so I hope it fits.

4 – 0:24:08
It is also like you know you can. You can stretch from the bar, but I hope that fits between your door or somewhere. I think you have a couple of places where you can just fit this bar for basically it’s a pull apart so with the pushups you also can focus on

3 – 0:24:27
the full lips for your mental health. I had to go to a. We have a school around here in the park by the Observatory Park and there is a small playground and it’s closed because of kovid, but in winter and last year last year full used to come there an look at the kids. It’s like. It am coming going to school and I’m I’m not. I’m not on those. Pull up bar just a lot of bars so you can pull up and do all sorts of exercising.

Those those playgrounds and it’s. Now you can do at home and there is one condition,

2 – 0:25:13
but there is one condition that Timothy. 1001 thousand pull-ups no no no.

4 – 0:25:21
In a way, more than 100 crazy. What’s in the pound? So it’s basically the maximum weight it can hold is like the 100 KG,

2 – 0:25:33
so I’m going to get the same promise.

1 – 0:25:37
I think we’ll be OK.

4 – 0:25:40
Just kidding buddy. No, I just have to comment on I. I think we all need to take a moment to battles. Been doing pushups for 11 days here and look at his arms. Look at his chest right now today it’s it’s coming to fruition. So I I I’m I were. It’s a good thing that just thinking about health and Wellness, he’s keeping the whole team healthy.

And yeah, it’s a great gift for Tim there. I’ll Mail at your Tim your gift Tim. I bought it and I was like I’m not going to be in tomorrow. Cancel it and then I was like oh wait a minute I can send it like Amazon you can just put in like your address and then we’ll go from

2 – 0:26:20
there. So yeah, let’s send you something.

1 – 0:26:24
I’m not gonna tell you. That’s that’s exciting Lauren. I still do believe that you coming over Taylor versus place to have a.

2 – 0:26:36
Just a weekend, I hope not this weekend schedule get together OK. Look forward also kind of want to make sure that you’re all safe as far as covid go so I can get a big old hug.

2 – 0:26:52
Right, we want we we care about safety here and we all exactly want to get together. Everyone safe everyone give hugs, all feel happy and excited. So it’s we rescheduled and we look forward to a weekend here. I know that this is actually something this is actually wow.

1 – 0:27:07
We might have a transition here to a topic that’s actually on the agenda item. Which is it’s the end of quarter one 2021 and what this group we’re going to get together for his birthday but also start to look at what are we

2 – 0:27:20
doing in quarter 2? And this a big part of this is the system that we used, which is OK, ours which. Has been, you know, we talked about this before a bit, but it was passed down through Intel to Google to Amazon to Netflix. Two companies dependent on what you think of. Their contribution to the world have been widely successful and have actually contributed OK ours to a big part of that success. And so we started doing okr’s.

I think that’s all in 2019, actually, when we first, you know, pretty early, but we I would say we were not very good at implementing them, and it’s not necessarily an easy thing to do, and I remember our first ones being very covered in red of all the ambitious goals that we set and all the ambitious goals that we did not hit and that you know. That drive of a company in early stage and just also ambitious young people being like we can do so much and we can do so much, but we always think you can do more than you think. Sometimes in terms of especially if you dilute the focus and try to do too much at once. And so as we’ve gone down the path down the journey. One of the things that we’ve discovered is let’s narrow the amount of things that we’re doing, keep it focused, and we’ve seen the success of our okr’s increase exponentially, which is a wonderful thing.

I don’t know if there’s anything you guys have to add, add there, but yeah. And also like, think about like what we’re doing before we even set out and do.

5 – 0:28:46
And like have a really good reason that like add that to the okr. Really evaluate like where we need to be at the end of three months and not just say I want to do this.

2 – 0:28:54
I want to do that and then I’ll ask him why do I want to do this or what I want to do that. One of our great lessons in end of Q3 I think was review your financials before you do your OK ours as well too. So you know part of being a business is making sure that you are sustainable, profitable business an you can set out goals and if you if your whole team doesn’t have awareness or perspective on for example what you are, especially at an early stage growth company or any size company then all of a sudden your goals can be set up misaligned with that sustainability or with that profitability. And that was a lesson that we learn. Being very optimistic about some okr set up and then doing a financial review where we said OK, well I think we might have to adjust some of these with a bigger focus on things that are directly aligned with business growth instead of some of maybe the more innovative things that we wanted to do. Which in the end has actually made us a Better Business and is actually allowed us to innovate more because we actually listen to customer demands and customer needs.

But that was just one big lesson and so Lauren I guess what I’m saying is let’s do a financial review before we.

1 – 0:30:01
The corner too, OK, that’s fiscal year end,

2 – 0:30:04
so we can take the whole year into account. There we go. Yeah, and also we are thankful to like you know,

4 – 0:30:13
Andrew, who initially took this the Okr concept to Intel right in the 80s and the overall idea what we implemented in from 2019 to what we will do for quarter. To basically write what we learn. Basically what I personally learn is like before we were talking about, we were deciding the engineering goals is like we want to implement this, this and that. You know in terms of the features and then we were deciding the business goals is like OK we want to reach to the X customer blah blah blah. But I think so we switched that mindset.

I would say in the last quarter and previous quarter to decide the business goal first by having the understanding of the financial business financials. You know Lance and then deciding the business and then deciding the engineering goals that that I think. So. The SIFT is very helpful even in this quarter, and we see that growth in terms of the features, the solutions we provide, an how much innovations we can do by having the you know that mindset that OK we fulfill our business goals. Now we can do for next three sprints, whatever in terms of innovations we can do so I think that opens up a lot of space. At least on the engineering side.

3 – 0:31:29
You’re totally right. The outcome based road map that we’ve came to work with instead of the output based road map is a game changer because we’ve started thinking about our users in a totally different manner, even if even in terms of, well, OK, So what are the KPI’s key performance indicators that we want to establish and achieve here the achieve the. What are our goals based on that and? Product design came around to be. Um? To be something measurable, now we’ve.

Started to understand how our product, actually performers and the very ground to manner and. Looking at. Yeah, we’ve now had a slightly different lens to our product to develop from product design, lens and and. We’ve just recently had.

2 – 0:32:33
Is that OK? I switch and move on to the next topic here. Go ahead, I might. I might transition back. We’ll see where this goes. Couple of points but yeah, yeah, and we’ve just had the are going to have the application design review with yes.

3 – 0:32:52
Would you like to make sense?

2 – 0:32:55
Yeah, I’m still going to look back one thing, but besides that math yeah, continue more or less. The application design is we’re going to uncover unveil for ourselves in maybe a couple of hours from now is a very exciting opportunity to just

3 – 0:33:14
improve our product. And everything that we’ve the vassal had worked for two years already. Improve it till till it’s actually it’s it’s. Tuned in for humans. To use and it’s it’s, it’s. It’s a beautiful milestone to achieve for any tech tech company, just that their technology product is actually. Can be a is not only viable in business technically feasible,

2 – 0:33:42
but also usable. That’s important part. Yeah, I’ll just add the part that I you know, the person I there was a year maybe maybe even a year and a half where there was a gap where we were building OK or is in some ways out of our own imagination or dreams or what we actually wanted to accomplish. And instead we’re now building it out of what people are asking us and that feels like this beautiful thing and it’s amazing to also be asked things that align with what that vision was from the beginning. And so there’s I don’t know there’s that part makes me emotional as well too is. In a West intensity with drive sometimes you know going a little bit on a swerve and getting off the road. We’re we’re still in line with what this vision of the company was.

Now more people are seeing it and they come and ask, how can we make it even better and we just respond and we make it better for them. We make it more valuable and I just look forward to building out these OK ours in quarter two knowing that there are aligned with the customers that we already have and the customers who continue to site and a new signups that we get every day. New people who sent us a message and ask us hey can it do this or kind of do this like what a wonderful thing to be building with people instead of on our own and hoping. That it connects and resonates. Yeah, the OK Ours aren’t our stuff.

4 – 0:34:59
It’s the customers, OK ours. I won’t be agree more because like that reason is even from the day one when we when we created the base of this PKI, the fundamental never changed. To be honest, for me is like even the OK ask. Maybe like one or two work as probably you know off the track. But then they always aligned and circle go by end of the quarter or by end of the two quarters. That’s what I see in terms of the better.

It’s like for example we talk about the present mode right? That was I believe so that was quarter 2. The weekend project and now you can see right that pattern coming back to the track that OK why it is important and why it was important at that time too. And a couple of other things is like what we learned. I remember that day in the when we did the quarter for the end of the year review and I was comparing three quarter to quarter three quarter 4 Excel sheets and I was comparing the pattern.

So if you remember the quarter two, we’d never assigned a person who is responsible for that. The task in the quarter three, we assign a person, but we didn’t assign the importance of that task is like, oh, this. This is the Tyler’s response. But this is Lawrence transforming. This is teams responsibility, but we didn’t assign the score that the complexity of the task, the importance of the task in which we implemented in quarter four, and we see the different results.

So like improvements, step by steps that I think so that changed a lot in terms of what we are doing now. The complexity and importance really has to do with more.

5 – 0:36:37
So like timing like complexity that is going to take longer importance,

4 – 0:36:41
we have to do that right away. And one thing I must be also started assigning the starting date and the end date of each task in the quarter. If you see and check is like, Oh yes, we just want to achieve this. But where and how we usually use the project management tool, but we don’t have. We didn’t have in the okr’s where you can visualize right there and hope in the future once we have the more bigger team like 10 people would love to implement with the whole project management system with the project manager who’s responsibility just to maintain their task.

3 – 0:37:14
I think So what do you think about this? So we’ve started planning actually every and each feature every niche, almost as you said, task to atomically scheduling it. And it’s it’s. It’s proved to be least in my side of blown through several deadlines here, but not not. Not necessarily, because it was impossible to make, but because the feature is just so large and it had grown into something that came up. Product and and uh. Do we have a leeway?

How do we account for that?

2 – 0:37:51
I mean, sometimes it just takes up three months instead of two weeks. Yeah, that’s there’s when OK. Ours were first being implemented. It was this idea that they’re they’re meant to be modified on the go, and priorities are going to change and we have a very. Sort of unique offering where we all the sudden get a request that can take a lot of capacity for our business to fulfill or all that you know, a huge opportunity that emerges that makes a lot of sense for this us to prioritize certain things over others that were prioritized in the past. And so we although we build these, you know, somewhat rigid structures with OK ours.

They’re actually very flexible and malleable and actually love the moments where we’re challenged to like question our own assumptions about what we put in those OK hours because of new information that we have. We will never be the company that. Well, say you know new input, new information that’s valuable and worthwhile, and ignore it because we were trying to do something else like that. That’s just not how I ever want to see this this operate. We respond we, we build value for people in the best way we can.

And if that means that we change on the fly, that means we change on the fly and the beauty has been sometimes backs when I’ve experienced it like we’ve seen a Trello card that was created a travel card that was created in May 2018. By myself personally in my personal board that didn’t come back into play until August 2020, and then that became live right? So even though it feels like maybe some things get reprioritized or getting lost over a couple of years, there is this subconscious drive and and direction that’s always bringing us back, which is tide to that beautiful vision, and I think right now I’m thinking of the in app recorder that’s now part of speak. I’m thinking of. I should.

There’s things that I can’t say yet that are that are coming things that have been coming to fruition for years. But took but needed to have other foundations set up, whether technically or even as a business foundation, before they were actually achievable, and that’s been a beautiful part of the journey is to see things drop off and see them come back and still all come back together in the end. And I know a lot more things are going to come come together as we move forward. Yeah, and that’s perfectly fine too,

4 – 0:40:04
at least on, for example, that the business requirements change at our stage. If you are talking about, like you know, thousands of employees and and that’s a mid size of company, that’s a different story. But at our scale, their requirements and the requirements from our customers change rapidly. I would say an to balance that even on the business side. That’s a one story, but also on the technical side.

And having that maturity, that’s a big base. And like, yeah, that’s perfectly fine if you missed the deadlines, but if you missed. All the deadlines from all the tasks. That’s horrible, but missing the couple of tasks. Which is, you know, the value and you know what it’s going to be happen after that.

1 – 0:40:43
That’s incredible, so that is that’s the beauty what we have. Well, we went out right.

2 – 0:40:50
We need to be a customer LED company, but there is the drive and all of us. I know I can see it is innovation LED technology, LED product landing. Sometimes that gets the best of us. We got a little too excited.

1 – 0:41:01
Nothing becomes realisable. Assignment converts into the feature and the solutions overnight,

4 – 0:41:09
right? Because we have those things in our subconscious mind, I would love to take in a moment here to give an example for an example, a setting on the workplace was always from the day one. If you remember at innovation was the first meeting was apart of that. You know architecture is like selling outside where as soon as you record on the speed right? But that came after one and half year. I would say over the weekend on Saturday in eight hours.

That was the whole feature was developed from scratch to the production releasing date of us because it was always sitting in the subconscious mind and you know that this is the moment to give that ability for users to share publicly,

2 – 0:41:49
right? So? Yeah, those are. Those are some of the most beautiful moments that I’ve seen you have. That’s all Tim Lauren in your own way through accounting mechanisms than myself to where there’s nothing you can do. It’s already built in your head. You know exactly what to do. It and it’s literally just put in your fingers down on the keyboard and bringing it to life like that.

There’s not. That is, those are some of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever had in my life and that I’ve shared with fat. So like even living together. And you know, having a discussion that then triggers something and then look over the next day. And it’s like sitting there.

And that’s just like kinda.

1 – 0:42:22
Look at this or you know, even the pricing discussions that we had that all the sudden triggered enough in my mind to then build out the landing page in the new pricing page within 4

2 – 0:42:31
hours, which has increased our signup rate monumentally and have gotten wait, you know, like these are the amazing mechanisms that we’re building as a team and why I just see us just getting stronger and stronger and why I enjoy working with you all so much ’cause we all inspire each other in different ways that fires these triggers that make us push forward and do the tasks that we actually

1 – 0:42:50
want to do. Oh, we got romantic today guys I love it. I love it. We have 10 minutes 11 minutes left. If we keep this on track of a call at 1:15 so I sort of need to actually what do you guys want to talk about for last 10 minutes.

2 – 0:43:04
Tim it’s your birthday. So I think like you, you have a first priority on on topic here for the last 10. I wouldn’t say the let’s the part where.

3 – 0:43:19
Everything that we’re doing was once planted in our minds. That’s beautiful idea, and I think Napoleon Hill brought it into more or less some first of the one of the first authors in English, English spoken authors on this topic, and I believe that expanding the team that we’re doing now is something that. That’ll only pick up the pace. For us all. And Niall is coming is going to be marketing specialist for us. Would you pick up from here,

1 – 0:43:50
send you? I love when you bring up the topic and that’s all.

2 – 0:43:54
Do you have anything to say? OK, what you got something that’ll go ahead, go ahead. OK so I just wanted to take this moment on Monday.

4 – 0:44:09
So one of that great feature, I think, so that’s what we are officially launching for the beta version, so that’s probably come soon on the websites and and how you can connect us for that feature. So that is basically we’re launching a feature on Timothy’s birthday Google Chrome extension for this PKI. So that’s the official date of now. We’re we’re putting the official launch date of each feature moving forward so. That’s that’s basically going in the history of speaking I when we see probably next five years that that that was the date when we talk about the OK, I thought that was the date about we launched the Chrome extension so Tyler can talk more about the Google Chrome extension.

The feature, but just add a little bit here. So what you can do with the version one right now is like you can send us a message or you can. We will have a page coming soon on the website where you can just subscribe for that and we will invite you for the beta testing which where. The speaking text notes are completely free right now, so you can use that feature either if you if you read something on any websites and you can just crawl right click and import that speak nodes, it is going to be regional pre analyzed for you. The whole text nodes even if you go to the speak and open up your notes is already analyzed, ready to go and you can download the word PDF or or you can also share on the WordPress.

So that’s a one part and the second beauty with the words and one. Is you can also fetch the entire page. Let’s say you are on the Wikipedia. You found something interesting, so you can just click on the extension,

3 – 0:45:52
click on fetch an entire page and it will be saved on this PKI notes and already analyzed. So something that came together, something that came together with our intern. Anne wasn’t in Egypt. Or was this big job.

4 – 0:46:07
His name is diverse and they were handled the whole Chrome extension. You know the engineering side,

3 – 0:46:14
so it’s wonderful to have have been on boarded and work with him quite closely. Although it’s a small project where we’re very much open to expanding our team as far as I understand and. It’s always the part of success, and now that we’re expanding the team full time for our marketing Department, that’s little relief. Tyler from from it and give some more dream space,

2 – 0:46:41
which is exactly what I need. All add a couple of things here. First of all, diverse did wonderful job building it, but also for a big role that he had to take on presenting it. You know, doing demos fearlessly in front of actual Tim and I you know who are pretty stickler in terms of this needs to work right. And you know this doesn’t look good and I told him that the varsha few if you ever listen to this next time he’s going to put a black turtleneck on and do this, you know jeans, white sneakers, Steve Jobs kind of present. Presentation for us. So he did an incredible job and that’s it.

You know we are expanding the team. We had two roles. One of them we have made a job offer that has been accepted. We have an amazing marketer coming to join the team. And it’s going to expand the capacity, and it’s going to give us the power to do something like what battles doing with this Google Chrome extension and our whole team is done to give us a lot more power when we actually release things like this.

Sometimes we’ve had. Things that we’ve built in a system that are incredible, but we haven’t necessarily had the capacity to follow up in market it in a way that we’ve actually wanted to, and with an extra mind extra. Two hands I think he has to ants the there’s a lot more power in us to amplify what we’re doing. Articulated document it and make sure people understand why we’ve done it and why it is so powerful. And that’s a really exciting piece of this journey is to start to expand our team to have the capacity to get to support to expand the team, and also have a company.

That people want to join, which is also a big part of this as well too, and one of the things I loved was hearing that one of the reasons why he was so excited to join was because you actually watch these office hours and you know, that’s that’s a beautiful thing. And sometimes I think, you know, we just started creating these out of nowhere every Friday, but I’ve actually seen if you look on the YouTube videos, they’re they’re starting to increase in views. And actually, in how much people are watching them and not only are we getting people who are, you know, and I know you saw that comment in the speech community. Some people who are actually following the application in our app users. We have people who are seeing this and becoming, you know, inbound leads and actually wanted to sign up for the app and use it in a different way.

And now we’re seeing people who want to join the team and are watching these videos and seeing how much we care about what we do see how much, how passionate we are about this and that. There is something more than just the dry for ultimate business success. And you know revenue over everything. This is about personal growth and trying to make a positive impact in the world and so. I enjoy these. Moments with you guys so much I feel like everyone gets better everyone I get I get like just walk away feeling more inspired and I’m thankful that you know you all take the time to join.

Join me join me on this it’s it’s. It’s a wonderful experience and we will continue to expand the team. We will continue to grow. We know we’ve got we’re doing something right here and we’re doing something that’s valuable. And then it’s not going to go away and we’ve really tried to do our best to tap into these fundamental human things that matter and that can make differences in people’s lives and organisations lives and.

It’s just not going to change anytime soon, so. On it guys on it. This was a ton of fun. Anything else, guys? Anything else that is very true.

4 – 0:50:03
Just want to add here last point is like when we when we end like you you know do with a kind heart was like positive energy is like you know open hard it’s it’s always come back because when you give a positive vibes in the in the world if you give out it’s always going to come back. So it’s it’s the earth is round it’s always going to come back at some point and will see in the future.

1 – 0:50:29
Great Dark is rap. No. It’s actually not perfectly round, it’s like more. Just checking up there is like you guys, how are you feeling in your back or just like you know just checking up? Driving. It is just that, so you set me up with the group home extension,

2 – 0:50:57
but I did something that I have not done in the past which is. Our version one is beautiful already. You know where I want to go and where I want to talk about what this is going to be, but let’s get this data out. Let’s get people using this. Let’s get the feedback and let’s make this more and more valuable based off what people are asking us to do and how they want to use it. Porn that my back of the imagination?

What’s what’s what’s possible and focusing on, you know, is that says one thing at a time. Sometimes there’s a swear word in there depending on who he’s talking to and like what the weeks been like. But one thing and one thing at a time. Born anything that you have to say before we wrap this up. I know it’s not enough time.

5 – 0:51:35
I want to talk about spend on it,

2 – 0:51:37
but I don’t know. Probably not enough time to get into her. OK, will never project presented the next week. I guess yes, yeah yeah yeah for next office alright then yeah yeah next office I will cover what’s coming on the machine learning pipeline.

1 – 0:51:52
It’s like the two, 2, two couple of things running in parallel right now on the bands on the customer and a little bit little bit test of our own imagination.

4 – 0:52:01
I would add. So yeah, that that’s coming the most 11/5 plan and what’s coming on the machine learning side. Try to color in the next office over night.

2 – 0:52:13
Not not a fan of the amount of fan of puffery, but it’s pretty mind blowing.

1 – 0:52:18
What’s going? I’m not a fan of buffering. I contradicted myself. Alright, so I am a fan of coffee,

2 – 0:52:26
but I’m not. I’m trying to eliminate from my vocabulary, but when I look at the foundation that’s built what that’s was talking about with this machine learning pipeline, some of the stuff we talked about with present mode, it’s absolutely marvelous. It is it. Is it really is? I can’t wait for the world to see it. I can’t wait for us to get to interact with it, wait for our wonderful new hire to help amplify it.

Things are things are on a very positive trend. Timothy, it’s your birthday. Any last words?

3 – 0:53:05
From any people who would. That’s. Unsupported Attribution OK the.

2 – 0:53:16
Anybody who watches that is is taking part of this, even if you just. Allowing this information to sink into your brain.

3 – 0:53:25
This is already taking part of this and reach out to us because all are welcome. I’m sure that not only that you want to help us or we want to help you first, really, the without you we wouldn’t exist. We wouldn’t wouldn’t even operate so. If there is any idea curiosity of yours that might correlate or be parallel to ours. That will be the time and the right place, probably LinkedIn or YouTube. Wherever you’re watching this speak community, reach out to us. OK. Same with the last words that so it looks like you have something to say for us.

2 – 0:54:06
Now I’m looking at your face. No, I just want to be happy by dating again, yeah. Then again, not in person here today, but this was still beautiful hour to spend with you. So glad to get to listen to hear poetic words as Lauren said, I’ve always enjoyed listening and now you taking a pause and I’m saying what is what word is going to come right now and it’s a word that I’ve never heard or it fits perfectly. And it’s it’s a it’s a beautiful thing. So yeah, thank you again for this wonderful hour and what you said here today.

This was a ton of fun. This was office hours 8. Look in German, you gotta 3 not 3/3. Right from most after two hands and then what and then with someone else is going to hold up their other hand.

2 – 0:54:54
So we’re going to have to coordinate this all together and will soon be. I will be at 40 and then we’re all going to be 5.

1 – 0:55:03
It’s eight, everybody can just show up too. I gotta figure out how to hire more porn gold two fingers up. Office hours 8 by everyone.

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