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We talked about hiring a digital marketing specialist,‘s recent $50 million raise, turning conversations into knowledge, and our Indie Hackers feature!

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The Speak Ai team is doing routine virtual get-togethers that anyone can join! We share updates, have lively discussions, answer questions, and figure out how to solve exciting and complex problems together.

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Tyler Bryden – 0:00:00
Take Care now. It’s office hours, though, so we did it recording screwed it up so we started again. I’ll reset I will not. We will not start again. No matter what happens no matter what Lauren and I are here alone.

Today was just mentioning that we had a we have a push to production right now. I got hairy 10. Battle started out in a good mood today and we’re excited for the office hours and by the end of it. They said dollars. We got we got to keep working on this so Lauren ioffer.

No value there beside so like that, maybe that’s wrong. And so when I are soldiering through an, keeping this habit of office hours, which this is office hours were determined with six opening up there we go. Which is that’s exciting. That’s two hands. And again, trying to keep this consistent.

So if even if Lauren if you told me that you had something to do. I would still be here. So 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time every Friday the idea of Warren you said last week before in the previous recording like this is a really good time for reflection. We’re not usually so thick into the thick of it, but lots of amazing changes coming into the app and sometimes stuff like this happens, so I’ll ask you one more time. Anything right at the top that you want to talk about anything you’re thinking about.

3 – 0:01:18
Uh, sure is a couple of things I want to talk about. Daughter has some big news and we also just recently put out a job posting for a marketing specialist. We’ve had a lot of great people come in and are looking forward to chatting with some interesting people here,

2 – 0:01:34
so you’re talking to auto first.

Tyler Bryden – 0:01:38
Daughter, I’m gonna share this right. I’m gonna share that guy. Come on daughter you got this so.

2 – 0:01:44
Yes, I get it. So this is this is interesting so order is a company that I mean,

Tyler Bryden – 0:01:49
a lot of people because they do transcription. They just say hey what do you think about honor or you know how are you different than other? What what is it the same thing? And I remember when I first started building. Speak the first vision and concept of it was. It was pre pandemic and people were getting together in person so I was at innovation works the coworking space that I was at, and I kept having meetings like all day, every day and at the end of the day I was like man, I don’t remember anything and also I stop.

Sheriff’s capital preempt payable on this. I I was just like finding two that I was having meetings and then I was either writing really good notes and having bad conversations or I was having good conversations and writing really bad notes. So I wanted to build an application that would allow me to simply record which I mean lots of apps for recording. But there was not a lot for actually transcribing that recording and then actually making that useful. So I’m trying to think when that was.

That would be like 2017. And so I started working on speak. It started really forcefully in 2018 at the start and I remember the day I’m not exactly exact date when order came out. And I thought it was all over. I was like why am I doing this like it was so beautiful it was so precise it was the closest thing to the vision that I had at the time. So a very sort of like wow, I don’t. You know I’ve invested all this money time.

I had no business that was growing before that and really went on the software route with this beautiful vision. And then to see this company. Have you know a similar or shared vision but move much quicker and deploy it live was very frightening so I don’t know if you have any thoughts about that or just from your own awareness of. Honor what your perspective is, or just in general the market you’re saying and sort of transcription and meeting notes and productivity.

3 – 0:03:42
I’ve found out to be a pretty good inspiration. Really showed us like the path we were heading towards anyways,

Tyler Bryden – 0:03:48
but also seems like. You know we can’t just do what others do course, yeah.

3 – 0:03:54
Innovate, we have to take what is available. And try and find out how that could really add value to certain people like auditor seems to be a very. Generic in a way, not in a bad way, more so in a way that it cares to a lot of a lot of people. But as far as what we’re going forward more honing in on, you know, you get transcript, then what happens after that? Yeah, exactly. What do? What can you do to really bring more value and optimize your own specific workflow in a way so we’ve been doing?

Yeah, I think it’s been very helpful for. For marketers especially yeah and and also health care practitioners, they’ve been had been Joyce over what we’ve been given them. So it’s just. There’s a lot of opportunity, so I have opportunity to. To be different and exciting.

Thank you and I I,

Tyler Bryden – 0:04:50
I think the you know. The interesting part is that I think there’s a couple of core differentiators that that that I see here, one of them being the multi multimedia. So audio, video and text right now The thing is they can now change things too. So right now they’re focused on audio only and they strip out the video. But I was sharing an article $50 million bunch of ex Googlers, the guy who actually Sam Liang, the founder of the company I believe created. Pin on the Google map basically, but that was his like claim to fame and I remember the first time like this job and I remember looking at his LinkedIn at one time.

I’m like Oh my God, this guy has like 25 patents Nicole so you know those things are very sometimes intimidating but I think you sort of hold on something too. Which is this. I don’t know if there’s a food creative flair that’s I think that we bring to things that also really trying to go not just looking at OK, great. I want to take a look at a single recording or single meeting. What about all the meetings that you’ve ever done meetings with that same person?

Meetings not with that same person? What are these other things that you can learn? And I find that this doesn’t like companies who want to do transcription speech to text. There’s been human transcribers forever, but there it continues to generate so much information and data that sometimes it’s still hard to derive value from it. So great that you have a transcription, but that’s transcription could be 10,000 words.

So like what do you actually do with with that after, and I think that’s what we’re trying to. Really figure out and how can we build the power and democratized way for organizations like you’ve talked about to say hey, I’m looking for this or whether that’s in an individual file or I’m looking for trends overtime and really helping them hone in on that and do some really powerful stuff when analysis perspective. And then Lastly just the one that you touched on is like the the marketing part which is very very fascinating. I think what we’ve got you know, done from the embed perspective with the insights and the transcript actually embedded and then people. When they interact with that, helping get analytics back to the user who’s actually created the embed, as well as giving a lot more options for customization, branding what insights you actually want to display in that embeddable player and everything so.

Like we’re going to continue to do a lot of innovative things, and it’s interesting as you move into a space, you start to see like, oh, there’s that company doing really cool stuff and there’s that company doing that stuff. And sometimes that’s scary. But at other times it’s like we had that matrix of what everyone’s doing. And then you start to see or speak really shines. And then like that, that is actually sort of a beautiful thing.

’cause you realize this is such a massive market. This is so much to do with audio and media and transcription, but there’s a lot more to be left to do and really make use of this information.

3 – 0:07:39
It seems like there’s a lot of unexplored territory. It’s going to be. That’s just going to be constantly expanding as technologies expanding and improving and. People have different needs, like there’s probably a lot more. Like overtime as like technology advances, there’s a lot of like needs and wants that just disappear and the other ones take their place. And yeah, see like what how?

Tyler Bryden – 0:08:05
It just changes all of really all of daily life so much media being generated every day like this being recorded right now. Everyone is recording. It was different before the pandemic. People weren’t as. I I wanted willing or wanting to to record like meetings in person like you didn’t have that many people who just set a phone on the table and be like I’m recording this. I’m going to transcribe it.

I’m going to analyze it. I’m going to use it to either make you know, gather action items and insights out of it, or just to like, listen back and improve myself. And now all the sudden everything is being recorded and even Vachal said my, you know, Battle said last week we watched the office hours back he’s like I want to communicate better. You know like that it’s like that. Instant replay that we’re so used to in sports.

It becomes such a powerful asset now that things are recorded, so I think we’re going to continue to see that and see this like self optimization as people view themselves back or hear themselves back. And that’s been a very consistent thing. I don’t know, like, for example, comedians do like record their sets and then watch back, and because they’re so precisely listening to moments that were bad or good, or where the laughter came from. So it’s interesting that there are or sales people. There are subsets of people who have been doing this for a long time, but now it’s starting to.

To move across the entire world and kind of different people who are actually doing this. No matter what role are in for sure,

3 – 0:09:30
that’s gonna be constantly. Like new forms of communication that you’re going to have to go back and you know, real valuate yourself like it makes sense for like comedians, their entire job is communication makes sense for like therapists especially. It’s all about communication, but what other? What other things are people going to be trying to improve on even just like? It’s not so much it has to do with like your job. Maybe just like casual conversation.

This is like maybe I want to be a more funny person. I want to be a better conversationalist. I want to get my point across better. So one was I doing well, was doing poorly and at that point then it becomes like how do I improve like I know what I don’t like but like how do I get into the

Tyler Bryden – 0:10:19
zone of this is how you how I want to talk feels it feels good to communicate well like one of the. One of my theories, I think it’s a theory, is like that when people can’t communicate, it’s a very painful thing like it’s if you can’t. If there’s something happening emotionally inside of you, or you know you’re working on something and you can’t articulate it and people don’t understand, that’s a very debilitating experience, and that was one of the original passions for me around speak and then also some of the problems that I had when I was trying to talk to people about what this thing was. And I would just look and they would just have these like glassy eyed looks on their face and I was like man, this really hurts. I just don’t like that was that was a painful that was a painful experience and I don’t weather and now of course, that’s a context of I’m trying to build something and share. But there are people who are having PTSD or trauma or pain or suffering in their life and they are unable to communicate it properly and just one thing.

A lot of this is very fascinating. Was watch this video on Reddit and it was basically this mom who was not not responding to her child and so their child was making like. It’s starting to get really, really upset because the mom wasn’t responding and this was already it. So I have to check the validity of this, but they said that. That basically babies babies when they start to communicate, that’s when they get upset.

So a lot of parents have done sign language, so they teach their teach their child sign language because they can’t yet speak and so they can’t communicate. But when you teach your child sign language that they can actually communicate more. So like you know this means food and they can actually say that instead of just crying and not being able to articulate with words.

3 – 0:12:05
That’s interesting, I wonder why it’s easier. Maybe it’s just. Mike analyzes just throwing it out. There may be local cards or like your tongue and like your mouth muscles haven’t developed to the point that yeah, talk properly, but that is probably some pseudoscience bullshit.

Tyler Bryden – 0:12:23
Well, now I think you’re it’s something about those, like a very normal time where human human babies start developing language and speaking. But before that there is a gap in what they’re trying to communicate to their parents, and so that’s, uh, it was really interesting thing again. Reddit comments and check everything if you guys are listening to this and thinking more entire know we’re talking about it so much. Yeah, I just thought that was fascinating. I think just a loop back.

You know to this you know the part. I guess we’ll just trying to finish this conversation off, but somehow we started automated about babies communicating with sign language. What comes around the other part is fascinating is like the past that you take to grow a company an. So auto one of the reasons why they had so much success. First of all, they spent several years building their own speech recognition system.

So from what I’ve seen, it is much more accurate than most I’ve ever seen, and they’ve built a very intuitive way where if you make an edit, it trains the system and it gets smarter and they’ve also got incredible speaker identification, which is a gap in a lot of speech to text systems that we see was really interesting, and this was something that we sort of saw had a challenge with. Warren was like. People were like you can’t go. You can’t market to consumers and businesses at the same time, and that was something that we heard sort of over and over again. And one of the interesting things is how how successful orders been with that.

So they actually have you know iPhone and Android apps that people started using and then those, and then someone would say this is so impactful in my life. But then they would go to accompany their company and say I’m using this other people on the team start using this. Or can we buy a team account? ’cause then I told someone else and they want to use it. So it’s spread very organically through companies like that was.

Always like one of the things that we wanted to figure out here at speakers. How can we make something so valuable to an individual that they can’t help but share it with the people that they’re working with? Or even just friends and family? And we’re getting towards that path? I think there’s a lot of work still left to do, but that’s something that I’ve always thought.

And then the other path that ordered it beautifully was build a relationship with Zoom and became the default transcription company resume, which is very powerful, and that’s how they grew. And did you know, transcribed over like a billion minutes? Of audio or whatever that number is, and that becomes this training data set. This playground for them to then improve their entire system so there’s a couple of things that are very fascinating from. You know, as I’ve watched and you know, they’ve executed very very professionally, just in terms of like Simon Louder VPR product.

I remember a time if you were one on Twitter and you typed in transcribe every single tweet that had anything to do it, there was a comment by Simon. Saying, hey, we checked out are like it was it was it was crazy stop so I I think they’re going to continue to see competition. Microsoft has a ton of technology. Google, Amazon and they all want voice data like no one doesn’t want audio and video recordings to analyze and improve accuracy and and so I’m very interested to see how this plays out. But it also speaks to this very interesting way that companies grow.

So we’ve gone at least to date and we had a couple offers for investment. Even from some of the same firms that have actually invested in order, which is interesting. Well can’t say names, but that’s that’s very fascinating, but they took it on that investment and they’ve grown rapidly. I think they’re gonna team maybe 40 now. I remember when they first started at 12 and then they just took an injection of $50 million in capital.

So as a company whose like going much more of like a organic sort of like sustainable, like, not that they’re not sustainable ’cause they’re actually getting paid to do a lot of things, but like. It’s sort of scary and interesting, and to see like where do companies end up one that’s taking this massive venture capital growth trajectory and then one of us who’s still a smaller team that’s growing sort of organically and consistently. But is it taking on these big injections of capital to spur development during marketing or things like that? So I’m not sure if you have any thoughts around that. Yet it also makes me wonder,

3 – 0:16:35
like how much like a percentage they gave away for that too? Because $50 million. I’d imagine that they want quite a bit of saying the company and who were these people and how much you know are they going to be taking hold the reins from them? I don’t know. It’s curious to see. Where they go from this?

’cause if there are also like these same people are also coming to us and who knows what other transcription companies they’re going to? That’s maybe they’re trying to get some sort of monopoly, and then why were they trying to accomplish with this? They’re just trying to make money, or they have some. Some evil.

Tyler Bryden – 0:17:15
What they’re trying to do, they said they’re trying to triple their team size and then aggressively hire an acquirer. So that’s that’s fascinating, and I think you’re right, like there’s this, I think, with the system that they built it so scaleable that there is this focus on Ken. Auto transcription touch. Every corner of the world so they get a big deal in Japan to build really custom speech recognition for Japan because Japanese language was not really spent like there’s bias in the speech recognition systems that are built because they’re built by English speakers or Mandarin speakers or different speakers. We’re building these systems and they’re not custom tailored for certain languages, so there’s a big gap there.

Interestingly enough, we’ve had a lot we’ve had actually several inquiries about people who said the auto did not fill their fulfill their needs. And came to us because they were looking more for this analysis perspective. So I’m interested in if honor sticks to transcription only or if they do start to do a lot more around the analysis piece that we care so much about and have already derived so much value for. So that’s a story that will continue to follow. Hopefully. Hopefully they don’t just fall apart and.

3 – 0:18:26
I have a whole bunch of money they just go wild and make some bad decisions.

Tyler Bryden – 0:18:30
That’s it’s. It’s the you know. The part is where you know when you go through that investment route, then significant returns are expected, right? So there now that they’ve taken on one of our mentor said you start on this treadmill and then if you get on that venture capital when you basically get on a treadmill and you don’t stop running until it’s done. IP OED or you die basically, and they don’t even want you to be in the middle. They want you to be a Sprint at 9 on the treadmill and like you go until you everyone gets crazy liquidation event during an IPO or you burnout and the treadmill breaks. Everyone falls off so they don’t want someone to just drop down to a four or five speed and just jog on a marathon like literally that’s called like zombie companies and they don’t want these companies.

That means they’re not going to get a liquidation event. And it’s just going to be a growing company that grow sustainably, very fascinating. The interplay of venture capital investment and what they expect in return and actually their desire to not even see a company become a sustainable like story that doesn’t have a liquidation event. So that’s always fascinating. I have one more note here, which is like do you want the thing that I always hear is like do you want to have a big piece of a small pie or a small piece of a big pie?

Well, it depends on what the flavor of the pious. Oh damn that’s true. Wow, I hate mincemeat pie so. It’s close by. I don’t know why anyone likes it, but in my mind I.

I thought of pumpkin and I love talking so I’m trying to think so. That was one story. Let me see what else that we had a couple of things. Let’s go to more fun. Topic, let’s see that it was actually fun topic that’s interesting to talk about.

Let’s talk quickly. Learn that we’re doing some hiring right now. This is new, so I’m going to share the screen as safely again. Here we go. There we go.

Digital marketing specialist. So tried to lay this out and really, this comes because we have a couple of new implementations starting and some new contracts that are actually very exciting. That were, I mean, very happy as an organization. And really, what we’re trying to figure out is, can we find it? A digital marketer who can fit on our team would be a good fit.

So we sent this ridiculously long form out. But this has been very helpful for us to figure out, like what? You know what? Who is going to be a good fit? And I was actually very surprised.

I thought we might have. 50 applicants, but we’re getting close at Bunch more coming that day up to 200 so. To be honest, we did not have the best system to organize this. We’re getting better, but yeah, I don’t know if you have any thoughts on the hiring process on what you’re thinking about this. And yeah, just doing the whole thing in general.

3 – 0:21:26
Yeah, we’re learning it would be nice eventually have a human resource manager and they they can do it.

Tyler Bryden – 0:21:33

2 – 0:21:35
We have plenty on our plate,

3 – 0:21:36
but it was still. It was fun to do and.

Tyler Bryden – 0:21:39
See what went wrong in a way.

3 – 0:21:42
Not a lot when rock really is just no, we have a lot of lot of people to yeah through here, so we have to. Just think about it. Take our time and. I know is there anything that you’re for? All the people who may be interested in this job?

Is there anything that you are specifically saying like? If you fit this criteria like I know you put like your whole the ad up there and multiple ads through like LinkedIn indeed. But is there anybody who’s maybe going to come to an interview?

Tyler Bryden – 0:22:14
Or do you think what’s some advice to them, yeah? Yeah, and actually I just firstly, it’s like I don’t actually think we did a pretty good job with the job description and like if it’s nice to see that people actually applied and they all thought the company was going to things like that, so that’s great. The things that I was looking for that I think are really important in a specifically this role or as a marketer, is like one of the things that really stuck out to me was if you already had a website so you’re not a web designer web developer, so it’s not like this crazy expected thing, but in my mind, if you are. Kill marketer you sort of have this desire to create or share or and so some of the candidates really separate themselves. By having that website and just, you know, posting articles on it, posting things that they write things as if they are interested in, and so that’s that’s one of the things that I recommend, not just for this, but in general.

If you are a marketer, figure out how to build a small landing page, Squarespace or whatever it is, and use that if you can get that looks legit and. And that’s a big differentiator for a lot of people. I think. For myself, it’s a lot of it. I love looking at LinkedIn profiles.

So people sometimes don’t spend time optimizing that, but it becomes a very important thing and it’s very quick look like maybe it’s not the best process, but I don’t actually want to go necessarily even to look into the resume until I’ve actually took another quick look at LinkedIn to see how they tooken care of that, and then if I’m if there, seems to be really good indicators there, then I can go look deeper into the resume and then actually some of the other things that they pray to other things. I know you’re asking specifically about the interview, but we gave this one thing was like what do you? What interests you about speak I and then I also asked, is there anything else you’d like us to know and we left those like open text areas and some people put like amazing responses to both of those. Some people pretty not great responses to vote, though. Some people didn’t really even answer those kinds of blank, just left it blank. So those are really good opportunities to differentiate yourself from other candidates and for myself.

It’s like, I, I. You know you can get a lot of if you get a text area and you’re a good writer. That’s such an area that you can flex that you’re a good writer. So spend even a minute and maybe you know people aren’t looking at us. Is that the be all end all there applying for other jobs and stuff? But I think that’s a nice opportunity to take advantage of just to get specifically to the interview part.

This is interesting because there’s qualities that. So one of the things I sort of going back and forth online is like there’s like different kinds of marketers, and one of them are. Some of them are very data driven. Like you know, I love analytics and and all that but like and but we have you myself, Tim, that’s all. We’re all pretty good with data and analytics.

So if I really need to dig down and do analysis on analytics, then we have a pretty strong team for that already. And everything set up quite nicely. But what we need is sort of right now is someone who can actually create content and push and actually make make things so we don’t need more reports. We have enough reports, we need someone who can write well who can communicate well, who can create social media content, who can handle complex topics like? How is multimodal analysis affect the accuracy of sentiment like you know like that there is that those are complex topics.

So if you don’t know that default which most people probably don’t, then you’re going to have to do some research and a lot of thinking to be able to generate something that is well informed that educates consumers and it also. Satisfies more technically knowledgeable people to show that we actually know what we’re talking about in writing about as well?

3 – 0:26:14
For sure. Yeah, it just seems like that seems to be the main requirement or the main job description for all of our jobs at speaker. All constantly researching, reading constantly, learning and developing in some way. So a lot of freedom there is also. Um? You’re kind of. I would say drifting, but you’re kind of like an ocean of knowledge an you don’t really.

Tyler Bryden – 0:26:41
I have a map you’re kind of out there exploring. Yes, yeah, there needs to be some comfortability with, like a set of work with that. What that ocean like that you’ve experienced that I’ve experienced, all of us have where it’s like, wow, this is a massive thing that we could be doing any just have to navigate through and really, I mean it comes down to also prioritizing things. It’s like I could do more research and create and look at all these things. You know? How do I decide which one is which and just had one other note I think is.

One thing I saw a lot of creators, specifically more creators who are marketers, as they weren’t very good at. They’re very good at creating, but they weren’t very good at tying things back to metrics. So it’s like you wrote an amazing article, but you never you don’t understand how many people visited that page or you don’t know how many people read that article and then looked at another page. Or, you know, actually made a phone call or submit a contact form or something like that. So if you can as a creator, more of a creative marketer, learn how to measure and then report on those things you have a lot more.

So the power in your skill set, so just something a lot more like proof of exactly able to quantify this was successful,

3 – 0:27:52
and this was not as opposed to like a lot of marketing I’m sure is qualitative, like it looks pretty, but that’s also a bit subjective in a way.

Tyler Bryden – 0:28:02
But that analysis just helps you prove your case that I am a successful marketer. I saw the frustration when I was working with companies, specially at the start of 65 who were spending all this money on social media and they were like we don’t know if it works or not. Like a like a like an Instagram post does not necessarily mean you’re growing a business so you know there’s the surface level metrics like yeah and then there’s like you know what actually happened here and did anything valuable come out of it that hopefully in the end will drive some sort of business growth. And I I hate distilling it down to that. But like it’s also just like. What people care about, like if you’re a business, that’s what you have. You have to do and even.

Even from what I’m saying like helping nonprofits, nonprofits care about this a lot. ’cause they’re they’re driving on donations and support for their events. And so all of it comes down to. Activities coming in here. All that comes down to.

Can you show that something has worked or something has not worked? Timothy wanted to join today, so he’s come in Timothy. Hello, your life. Yeah, I am how you feel about it.

4 – 0:29:16
Manager has been now been looking through differences between single and double quotes, which definitely wakes you up. How are you? Joining at the end of the salt,

Tyler Bryden – 0:29:28
but I’m sure they’re happy to have you had a lot of fun. So then, did you have anything that you want to say? We were just talking about? We’ve got this digital marketing role that’s out and we’re talking about, you know what sort of what? Is it device that we could give to someone who’s doing an interview? And then what is the difference between sort of a data analytics driven marketer versus a creator, and how they should work on merging those two skill sets to become even more effective?

4 – 0:29:53
Well, this is your context. Of course this is your area of expertise and I said I would just say that the more data you have and connections to just see how. What are the interactions that are being completed from the user side to the application or any. Any part of your product from AD to website to the app?

2 – 0:30:19
So what did you conclude on concluded with this ever really you came in?

Tyler Bryden – 0:30:23
What sort of writing, right? Basically, we’re just trying to figure out what is the role that we need right now, and it’s almost sad sometimes because you can see all these wonderful candidates and wonderful people. But you need this person to fit this thing and you only have so much budget and so much capacity. So that’s that’s it. One other thing that you just said Tim, two that we didn’t really land on is like if you have stats from things before, put those in so there’s a couple of people who have applied and they’ve said I work for this company and I drove an 8% increase in organic search engine rankings and increased conversion rate 3.4% on homepage to newsletter signup. Like that’s authority just by saying that, and the fact that you actually track that through really shows.

That you care about the work that you’re doing, and I was just saying to Lauren like we’re really trying to focus on someone who can actually create content because we still have enough data analyzers on our team. We don’t need anymore reports. But if you just create and you can’t measure it, then there’s a gap and we need to make sure that if you have a sea of opportunities for content, you can create that you’re choosing the right things and making sure it’s successful for the for the business.

4 – 0:31:36
You know, one very, very interesting part of the content creation is that how our product Speak AI application actually streamlines that, or at least attempts to. In a way of of of building the pipelines using Zapier integrations and and WordPress post post integrations. All this is. A part of this, and I believe that all the even this of these office hours is in as much as our internal meetings. All of them can be analyzed and compiled into something interesting that could go into blog posts that could go that could.

Compose a. An interesting point of of. You know? A store Justin would come up with hundreds of hypothesis about a meeting and would say silly things, but then prove or disprove them, but sort of what’s going on in one company. In what city is not going on in the other company and just go analyze all of our meetings and see with real data. There are many opportunities for such a content creator to actually look into outside of speak what we’re doing with our clients, but also instead of speak what we’re doing inside of our team and.

Tyler Bryden – 0:32:44
Nuts and it’s one of the things that I’m thinking about a lot right now. It’s just people. Also, people look like people are different kinds of learners, right? Visual learners, auditory reading, like different ways of learning. And if you can give media and formats that allows different types of learners to engage with it in the way that they truly want, it becomes a much more valuable asset. So that’s yeah, I think that’s one of the things I’m trying to figure out is like how can we turn a conversation into knowledge?

How can we turn media into knowledge and actually even tailor that to the kind of person who is engaging that and helping them learn and understand it in the best way? So that’s a big one.

4 – 0:33:23
Knowledge mean that the part where you’re looking to inclusivity of different types of just people, really. People are different and as humans were were definitely a very compassionate, at least for sure where convention that to speak with and we want to emphasize with others with our potential customers. And make sure that. Make sure that were is is you’ve just said the the information is out there. There’s tone of it, but the way that you interface it the way that you presented the way that you just give back sort of.

You take it in, we import all the media, but then you were trying to produce the knowledge out of it. And in most important part is also most important part. Besides the production of analytics and analytics and insights and everything that we do statistically or using artificial intelligence or all of these instances that they were accumulate are supposed to be delivered to and the way that we deliver it is such as, you know, some people do prefer listening to audio books instead of reading them. Some people would prefer listening to just one Chapter 6. ’cause if they’re insufficiency of of OK, no, I don’t want to go down there.

Attention deficit deficit. We were all very different and there is a spectrum to everything and. Making sure that we’re inclusive in the way that we present the information is is something that I’m I’m truly actually interested. Let me to see an idea. So how about we make the speak using uh, how, how about we remake speaker?

Yeah, so that it it it all the assets and interactions are.

Tyler Bryden – 0:35:08
Converted it into conversation. Matter. Elaborate.

2 – 0:35:15
Literally a conversation chatbot simplified completely.

4 – 0:35:19
Interesting to make it so good that all the insights and all the visualizations or directions that we have now are important. Into not just a yes or no, but rather half visual? Yeah,

Tyler Bryden – 0:35:33
do you see it as an individual and interaction with an individual piece of media or knowledge or you think inquiring into the entire application? All of it. Yeah, it will be towards that word. I mean, we can’t say that program, but it sounds like we’re going to get approved and we’re going to move forward. This Alexa and Google Assistant integration, which is really going to build the core components of that, and we can even put it into a much more computerized version of a chat bot as well, too. So I think that’s very exciting and.

At the start of this, you missed out on this event, but we were talking quite a bit, actually more and I were talking about order and then this massive investment they have. But there’s just some things that we’re approaching in that manner that are very unique, and I think if we can execute properly on that, I really glad that you guys enjoy this part about like the knowledge pieces like. That is a core part of what we’re trying to do in accomplish an very excited to do that through, like interfaces that you’re talking about him and then also voice interaction. I’m actually just excited about the embed player, which I hope that was alive and OK, and I hope it is like, you know, I want to listen to that. I want to listen to the audio and then read the transcript, but then while I’m listening now, I’ve switched into the insights panel and I want to do a visualization of a chart to see what you know what keywords were mentioned most and it’s just like seamless interaction to how you.

Interact with data the way you want. I just find that very exciting and I personally find at different times of the day depending on my mental like cognitive load or what I did that day. I want to interact with media in different ways. So say I looked at data all during the day for our work or a client or something at the end of the day, I just want to sit back and watch a video or just listen to audio and we’re really presenting all those formats to people to do it, not just as different kinds of learners, but the move that you’re in or even how much your mind is going through that day.

4 – 0:37:26
Very interesting partners. Also the customization he just mentioned. The IF we do land the OK,

Tyler Bryden – 0:37:32
maybe I’m not should be sister just say no. We’re going forward anyway, so this might be a wonderful grant that is going to help us push the innovation quicker,

4 – 0:37:43
right? So innovation using and we would develop the integrations for Alexa, Amazon, Alexa and Google actions. Google Actions platform today look flow which is a more which is more developer. Tuned platform for Flora Flora. It’s very interesting they actually updated their the infrastructure of Google actions which work directly with Assistant. With hey Google thing and they have the dialogflow which enables you to build your own interface such as.

Hey, speak because it’s totally different like there you either integrate with an existing ecosystem such as hey Google to phone without any app running on it. That’s what Google actions are, or you’re developing your own app using dialogflow and cooking up in. You know when you talk with your app instead, but the actions will have just been. Thinking about it the way that you could produce the sound well in the developer is the first iteration is to have the textual output. Second iteration to bring the visuals in, meaning the text plus linked yes or now becomes in a nice visualization chart and there is instructions to the insights and took all of this is sort of this second iteration where it becomes.

Visually interactive third iteration is to have this voice over, and the interesting part without is that you can synthesize that you can synthesize it with a text to speech, and sometimes it sounds silly, but it’s it’s good. We have good models that that the transfer sequences of text into speech, but fourth iteration is to hire an voice actor and to actually narrate it more or less, not the numbers. But but the the prompt an in all of this in all the all the predefined phrases are to be narrated, and you you sort of a creative director of a movie of an interactive movie with your sort of your developing persona. You’re developing a scenario. You’re writing out lines.

All this is a.

Tyler Bryden – 0:40:02
Just stunning. Just to add on it like the thing that I’m interested, so there’s this idea of like these voice actors and actresses. But like there’s so much now voice synthesis going on. I’ll just use the example. There’s a company called the scripts that then bought an AI research firm called Lyre Bird, an lyre bird allowed you if you recorded, I believe up to 10 minutes, 10 minutes. If you were tenants of audio, they make you say all the phonemes and everything, and now they’ve got your basically vocal print identified, and they can make you generate, say, anything that you want.

With extreme accuracy. So I thought of two things there. You’re talking about all the scenarios you could never reach that scale through voice actor. You would kill them, their voice, their throat disrupted, but through voice synthesis like that you can accomplish it seamlessly. And then I also think about Gee, I always get it wrong.

GPT 3 also generating for example scenarios or writing combined with voice synthesis. The amount of information that is going to be generated in not too long that we will have almost no idea if it came from a real person or not. I just had one last thing to this this. There’s a Tom Cruise deep fake that’s floating around. Tip talk right now that is pretty stunning.

I just watched a couple clips to this morning and Oh my God man like it’s it’s so we’re moving into a space like The thing is, we’re hoping to do is actually create value and hopefully spur creativity. With this technology in a positive way. Let’s focus on that stuff, you know that’s that’s that’s that’s where we’re focused on that, but you can see what’s what’s possible here with this kind of tech.

3 – 0:41:45
He has no what have you ever like play around?

Tyler Bryden – 0:41:48
Do you fix it? All you ever tried out the technology for that? No I just watched you. I’m guessing you have is why you’re asking this?

2 – 0:41:58
How you do? Do you actually even know how to make a deep fake?

Tyler Bryden – 0:42:03
This app democratized websites for it, like there’s like it’s a deep or something like it’s not. It’s not this crazy complex development code anymore. It’s like people have slapped on a UI on it and you can do it with a couple commands from a front end of an Internet.

4 – 0:42:20
More or less technically, it goes and hope the Gan networks are built general adversarial networks which essentially try to sort of it’s. It’s a. It’s a game we metaphysis. Fuck it, let’s have a right. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to explain this, so we have a a, an artist and the forger, the one who tries to forge the painting, for example of Mona Lisa. And so the artist. The original is reality.

10 minutes of your audio, for example. Or. 10 hours of movies with with clips with. Tom Cruise note the forger is so the gun is inside of them. Inside of this machine. Instead of this model there is reinforcement learning loop inside of it.

So it’s built upon a, so it’s it’s a. It’s built upon the reinforcement learning upon which bowl still driving cars, for example maybe or robotics. And, you know self, balancing, Robertson etc. But so. It tries to get better at at painting the same picture. Over and over again, my iterations and as soon as it becomes almost indistinguishable, we can. We can finally synthesize something something better with and data which was on, meaning that you give it the data which exists and you’re just comparing it second to second.

How does it look like? How he does his face look in this particular frame and you just paint it better next time. But then you give it a totally fresh line, or you sort of. It’s very, very interesting part where they applied to be utilized. Um?

ER Kit Apple stream work. They have a a model just specifically to recognize the counters of your eyes and brows and and nose in your mouth. How it moves so that you have a. Now that we have the aligner scanners on on iPhone 12 Pro and iPad to get it perfectly, you have the 3D mask of your face in like 3D clip of your face and they apply this deepfake to sort of. I would see that there is a large improvement in the quality of it as soon as we combine those two technologies where we see the exact contours of the face and how you can apply something like a Tom Cruise mask or start making even. Better deepfakes with with this tech.

Tyler Bryden – 0:45:06
Yeah, that’s great. Yeah, thank you for sharing that. And I mean that’s a very complex topic topic to try to explain to Lauren and I. Just one last thing about that was read this thing. I forget I don’t know the guys name, but basically it’s a learning modality which is basically can you articulate complex topics to a person in a kid in 6th grade? And if you’ve accomplished that then you have a true comprehension of the actual concept or technology or or process. So I think you know even the great job there actually explaining that.

4 – 0:45:40
It makes sense. You gotta boil it down to the. Is the fundamental truth. It’s not there yet. Still developing it all and speaking is just on the other convergence of Protector run, convergence of voice and the knowledge. Just understanding production of those insights. It’s beautiful.

Um, experience just being in here.

Tyler Bryden – 0:46:05
Being on the edge in the horizon of technology being developed. Tim, I’m sad. I’m sorry about this thing that you could come to this meeting the other day. That, like you know, I can’t disclose too much about it, but like that’s what it felt like. We felt like we were like pioneers, you know, it felt like we are. Trying to land on Mars, but in our in our own way.

You know, so it. I could even see like that’s all. After the conversation came downstairs and he was just mind blown like so. That was a really exciting moment. I’m I will bring you into these out.

Will have more interactions like that but it just it does. If I had this feeling in my heart that it’s like wow, we’re really pushing some boundaries here and trying to figure out some things that are uncharted. These are with, you know. Very important people doing exciting things, so it’s wonderful wonderful moment and to see how much the work that we’ve done that for years people. So I said like, why are you doing this or this doesn’t make any sense or like it all came together in in an hour, so it was very exciting, very exciting woman. Not to me to make you jealous.

Damn sorry it was. I just wanted to share it. It’s beautiful. It was just it’s it is that that’s what’s happening with some of the people that we’re working with right now, and the way that they’re applying this technology is going to be used in ways that can truly change peoples lives, and it feels very exciting to be a part of that.

4 – 0:47:33
At least part of being just being a customer or speak to and we do very much. Appreciate all the feedback that our customers give us because we’re growing with you. If you’re listening to this and utilizing our app and and if you haven’t given us feedback, do it because the the. Your opinion is something that makes us grow and and we care.

Tyler Bryden – 0:48:00
We actually really care, and I know that we really do, and I know how much will we hear from someone. Actually, take that deeply into consideration and trying to figure out what we can do. Tim, you came in a little bit late to this conversation more than I have been going here for good hour, so I think we do want to try to wrap this up. I had three things unfortunately that we’re not going to go too in depth, but just his share quickly and get this. You know, this is, I hope I’ve done this right.

Lauren nervous already had a false start on on our way to start over only a couple minutes in. This is interesting, but I don’t know if you’ve seen this at all. 10 by Google. First, I think this is in Canada. Yeah, so Google for startup accelerators so they pick 10 companies to go in here.

We were actually just under eligibility and they get out five full-time employees. But some very interesting companies in there and just, you know, some some for anyone. I’ll drop this in the link after underneath the video and some some fascinating stuff. And obviously if Googles you know they’re not investing in this companies, but they’re doing a lot of technical due diligence and work and support and see some see some good. People that we know, some friends and some very interesting platforms.

One of them that I really love is Toronto based company. Badly so they’re using speech analysis to give parents insights on their child’s speech development. Just such a beautiful use case for some of the technology that were, you know, that we’re also passionate about on working on, and it’s great to see like this is some of the more most focused biggest leaders in this space, and we were actually part of the Amazon Alexa accelerator mentioned in this. Which was very interesting and will well, we’ll see how this continues to emerge. And then Lastly on this side.

This was just great. I still not exactly sure how I feel about the mess that that the name of this the title that’s OK, but indie hackers is an amazing website that you know that we’ve been big fans of fans of I remember that’s all first listed this on this and this was a point where. I didn’t know how that’s all felt about transparency of company of our company where I was like. I sort of just want to share everything and I don’t know how you feel. That’s all. And then he went forward one day and just put this indie hackers which is basically document your growth in public and you find a supportive community around that. And what was amazing was we just sort of listed on the site but they saw all the updates and everything that they were doing and they actually reached out and published an article for us.

So really. It’s great read. I’ll share this in. It’s it’s. It’s fascinating and it was, you know they interviewed me, but we’ve got to talk about the team, talk about the road map.

Also got some wonderful links back to our site and a little bit more about our story and everything, and even some of the tech and everything. So pretty, pretty exciting moment for us. And this is a big big company. Connected with Stripe and to just get this feature was really awesome. So I try to make sure to shut out all our friends that we could and then yeah hope, hope. Hope some good stuff comes from it so it just got shared.

Not not very long ago so I’m pretty pretty excited about that. So those are just a couple of things that I want to wrap up on so much more. We’ve got some in app recording coming soon. We’ve got a Google Chrome extension coming. There’s a lot of lot of crazy exciting stuff coming.

As long as that’s OK. I hope he has learned anything that you wanted to get off your get off your chest or say before we wrap this office up and tell her I’m glad you joined IIII. You know. Come in anytime when I were happy we’re having a great conversation but it felt sad to not have you in battle here so I’m really happy you came in and pop in and say hi.

4 – 0:51:54
No, thanks for having me. And we’ve been quite deep this this couple couple last weeks. We’ve been quite deep into. Bringing together transcription services, which we do help are our best on the market. Took us a bit effort missing vessel too.

Tyler Bryden – 0:52:12
We need him back in the back. Yeah, Laura. Anything that’s too bad about that horrible car accident.

2 – 0:52:18
A car dear vassal. Don’t say that don’t put that Juju,

Tyler Bryden – 0:52:22
I would choose to say I was just to say you know what happens to speak I if that’s what gets hit by a bus and he thinks that auto

2 – 0:52:30
stop saying. I’ll never take another bus as long as I live.

Tyler Bryden – 0:52:35
So no, we that’s all still alive and pumping. But I can tell that look when he’s like zoned in and he just wants to fix. Figure something out and when someone’s in that zone and that goes for you guys to anytime you feel that way, just let us know because it’s like we all we all know that we’ve got the best intentions at heart we’re just trying to get things done the right way so. OK guys are good yeah.

2 – 0:52:59
Yeah, this is a tough yeah,

Tyler Bryden – 0:53:01
but we got that default starter the way Lauren and we did it. We did it so this was a get it right this time. #6 office hours #6. Thank you for everyone who watch is the user joins. This has been a ton of fun and I don’t know like I just say one last thing. But like Tim and Lauren like you guys but I think is so fascinating, is more maybe a little bit more easier.

Sometimes it’s like sort of introverted, you know sort of non public person and then button then 10. And in his own way as well too. But we rally here in these conversations, and it feels like we’re just having person normal conversations that we get to have. And I’m really appreciative that you guys have like gone beyond that and just sit and enjoy these conversations. It really means a lot to me and I’m excited to see the growth that we’ve all had together.

No problem. It’s been a lot of fun looking forward to more. OK guys, I’ll see you soon. Have a good afternoon. Have a good weekend everyone would like to take care.

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