Office Hours 03 – With Financial Advisor Joe “Budget Boss” Francis On Content & Growing His Business

Tim Tyler Vatsal Lorne Speak Ai Office Hours 04

In This Discussion:

Awesome Speak Ai Office Hours session with Financial Advisor Joseph James Francis known as the “Budget Boss” on content and growing his business.

In a super-competitive business, Joe has grown his website to reach thousands of people each month, built his social media following to over 25,000 and expanded his business for his best year yet in 2020.

We talk about how prolific content creation has helped spur that growth and ways to make valuable content production efficient and effective.

Thank you so much for joining Joe! A ton of amazing insights here.

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The Speak Ai team is doing routine virtual get-togethers that anyone can join! We share updates, have lively discussions, answer questions, and figure out how to solve exciting and complex problems together.

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Tyler Bryden – 0:00:00
Here. OK, we’re recording. This is speak office hours three. We made it and we made it so far. If you’re joining in for the first time, this has been something that we wanted to do for a long time, but this is sort of struggled to make happen. And then during the start of this year was like, OK, Let’s do it. Friday 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Let’s all hop on a call and just talk about what’s going on. Talk about the work that we’re doing, how we’re seeing adoption of speak, how we can help the users that we actually have, and really, also, you know, we’re all very passionate about this stuff, so it’s also. You know, sometimes broad discussions of technology advancements, or how can we solve some of these complex problems and really just an ability to have really transparent, exciting discussions about what’s going on in technology and also looking through the lens of speak. We might have a special guest today we saw him try to come in and then disappear. We don’t know if he got scared right away and he saw things like I, you know why I don’t actually want to do this, so he might hop in at any moment and is a longtime friend of the team here and some very interesting things about how.

You know he wants to know you speak to grow his business. I guess it won’t get too much. I’ll let him get into that, but the idea if he does join in is. Let’s ask it. You know, let’s hear how he’s doing here, how he’s grown, ’cause he’s grown significantly over several years.

Let’s ask him some questions about you know what’s working, what’s not working, and then really see what is the lens that speak, can help, and then what’s outside of the lens? Because my guess is there’s a lot of people who are sort of having the same questions around what we’re doing, so I think it’s a really nice exploratory way to understand more and also understand the needs of an awesome person like this special guest will not name ’cause he might not come. That’s it for me. I hope that was a good enough introduction vessel. Anything else? Yes, perfect awesome.

OK, so while Joe is, you know damn it. I said his name Oh my God after oh does. Wow, well I ruin the surprise. Sorry guys, I got excited. I we have a couple of minutes before if he does join.

So I’d be wondering if you guys have here he comes so I don’t even have to do this. Let’s see if he comes in here right? He’s gonna be put on the spot immediately so will. Well, just see how he’s got. He’s been doing live streams and recording for awhile now, so he should be pretty savvy with the tap areas Joe.

Can you hear me guys? We can hear you John. I know it wasn’t the tech side of it.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:02:29
I actually got a phone call that second so I like it was emergency 11. I’ve been waiting on so I’m like I’m not going to go on and then.

Tyler Bryden – 0:02:37
You know, be a yeah customers first, so that’s what I like. So you’re coming in right to recording. We were like, OK Joe sauce and then he didn’t want to come in and he just like he was just done immediately. So pleasure here? Yeah, that’s exactly it.

I was when I knew a comment like that would come. Trying to think of how we can structure this Joe, we’ve known each other for quite awhile. My I’m not setting any ground rules, but off this first of all you’re allowed to swear if you want swearing is OK politics. We will leave out ’cause I know we want to catch up on that, but that’s not part of this discussion today. What I would love to do, we’re grabbing the Gallery view so we can see everyone at all times.

I would love to just hear like a little update from you, obviously just as a friend, but just for anyone who’s watching this in, like wondering who you are. What is budget boss? Who is Joseph Francis and like? What has happened over these last few years? As you’ve actually started your practice?

OK, now that you all put you on the spot but he just can’t swear and I can’t talk about politics. OK, no, I’m not. Obviously I don’t know you can swear you can’t talk about politics.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:03:45
I’m not going to swear or talk about politics, but you know, I’m glad you know me well enough to say those things. No, like it’s with budget box. Yeah, we’re coming up on March 9th. Yeah, I believe it’s March H Mart. March 8th will be four years so you know you remember.

Year old propel days back at the University and getting started? And yeah, so it’s been a long time now. It kind of just flew by. But um, what? It’s sort of going on now is that the business my personal business is expanding.

So what I want. What I’ve been doing with budget boss is just basically building it as my business builds. Now the problem with the. The business that I have is that the business that I have the advisory practice in budget boss are almost like 2 separate entities, right? So the goal would budget boss was always to Legion, right? So Liegen bring in clients from one as into my practice as an advisor, but. Which in it’s worked all my biggest clients have come from budget boss one way or another and even if it was not directly, they message through there. That’s how they saw me.

And then you know. So the growth of it overtime has sort of coincide with the growth of the business itself and the goal overtime would be to meld the two so it’s almost one sort of entity that. That’s how my clients communicate with me and the big issue with it for me is always been like the actual company that I work with. There’s compliance issues, and there’s all sorts of stuff, so I can’t really use their branding and whatnot, and I never really wanted to to begin with because it’s tacky and whatnot, but at the same time to my goal is always to establish myself with the company, and then when I blend the two, it wouldn’t be as sort of a much of a dramatic shock to the company to do so because you know,

Tyler Bryden – 0:05:53
if you’re successful, they kind of leave you alone so. And So what, you know, there’s two things that I’m, you know. I’m really fascinated and is like one of them is like, what do you believe are your biggest like levers for the growth of your business? And then I just love to hear about the specially the start like prolific content creation that you’ve actually went through that you know not to give away too much. But I do have access to some of your analytics and stuff, and it’s pretty extraordinary to see you know some of the traffic. This generated some of the terms that you’re ranking for and then also just on Facebook and stuff.

So we hear that like 2 mechanisms. What’s the big levers for growth and then also you know talk about that. Like prolific content creation that you’ve actually gone through.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:06:36
Well yeah, I remember you know and you remember. Obviously Tyler when I first started and you know, I I spent probably like 5 months trying to create content to put into the site and it was just constant like and I thought I I thought I wrote like 10 books. And then you made the site and I looked at him like that’s it. What else is there right? So then I’m thinking I’m like OK? Well, at that time it was like I don’t.

Have enough content like you know if content creations, it’s difficult. It’s very difficult, time consuming so you know when I first started and you remember this Tyler I made a pledge to myself that would write a blog post every weekday for a year. So at this point it’s across about 420 or so. Last year it slowed down a bit because I got I just got super busy with work, but I decided I’m like OK, I’m going to do at least one and these are long blog posts that I’m writing now. Like two 2003 thousand word block close right?

So there’s pretty in depth content. When I first started, I was doing one a day. Three years ago, four years ago. It was, you know, 500 words, which is fine, but it went down to three a day in the second year, and then one a week in the third year and then it trailed off by the end of last year a little bit and now picking it up again. So doing one week and the actual engagement.

That’s the most for the most part. That engagement that I’m getting a lot from his Instagram and Facebook. But I get it comes from everywhere. It really like I have people reach out to me on Twitter. I have people reach out to me just straight on the website.

I mean you help me create the the sign up for the worksheet that I created Tyler and you you help me implement that. I mean over 500 people have download that worksheet which is pretty cool. Yeah, email is over about like close to 1500 now and I haven’t really started email. Um? You know, it’s almost like a.

Tyler Bryden – 0:08:40
A failure like a fear of launching because you know that unsubscribe button is like. That we see that yeah. Oh yeah, like every time you get like so I sent out at Christmas so Merry Christmas blah blah blah and then unsubscribe.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:08:55
I’m like oh God. So there’s there’s a well rounded approach to my engagement. I do Mail campaigns right so I have like 800 households that I send letters to, and those get a lot of engagement, like suggesting they emails funny people. If you get a letter, you’re reading it. You get an email, you know, and that’s sort of the how the world’s kind of changed. But there’s all sorts of ways that I’m getting engagement.

Obviously the two big ones are instant Facebook, but. What I find is that I could play the instant game, you know, get in the space of. Sort of money, influencers and how they operate and then follow me follow you like engagement. All that and I know how to do it like I know what to do. But it’s very time consuming.

Yeah with it as well I find is that it’s false engagement. So these people aren’t going to be my clients, so why am I pursuing them as a yeah? You know it’s there. I budget Bob in Boise. ID is not going to be a client of mine.

Yeah, liking his posts and all that, that’s great, but you know what I mean. It’s kind of a thing where to play that game. It just it drives up numbers and it looks pretty right. But you don’t get real hardcore engagement. So the goal with the social media was always to build a web around the people that know me.

And then what I’m finding now multiple years later is that the consistency of it is drilling in the head that OK? When I do need to do something? This is why I’m going to, you know, people will follow me for three years or reaching out to become clients now, right? Yeah, that’s a cool thing.

Tyler Bryden – 0:10:44
I could ask many questions, but that’s all Tim Lauren. Do you have any questions for? Yeah, sure Joseph nice to see you just that.

Vatsal Shah – 0:10:51
That’s very interesting. Is like what you said to beginning with his like you know the content creation is stuff and like you took a places like oh I want to write one article a day for one year. Is that correct? Yes Sir. Yeah and then it’s like you wrote around you started with 500 words and you end up with like writing 2000 words, a naughty girl that’s that’s amazing. It’s like the question I want to ask around that is like.

What is the drive? What change is like? How do you decide what you want to write about an article? Do you decide like previous Manor, like as soon as you wake up is like oh I want to write about this? So like, how do you plan?

What is that drive? Which converted from 500 words to the 2000 words particles so?

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:11:34
So yeah, if anyone Tyler knows I’m a talker, right? So I was not allowed to say so for me the big what I found is that when I was first writing that 500 or smaller articles because of the volume. Of those five, like one a day, five days a week. It’s hard to. It’s hard to come up like so if you have a theme like personal finance, whatever, and we’re talking about saving money, I can write 5 smaller articles about saving money, or I can write one prolific article about saving money, and I found that that was more useful, right? Because I can jump into and I’ve got a pretty good system on how I create blog posts, and so I find that I can actually save more an it.

Let’s say you chop your article into 10 points. I feel that within those 10 points, there’s going to be something that sticks with you know that sold or Tyler or Tim, or learn, and in that situation I can actually encompass more things. But then one of them or two of them will be relatable to people as opposed to write an article mass produce an like multiple, which wasn’t a bad idea, but I just find this is a better idea and then someone will just see headline. You can craft the content a little bit better that way I feel because you can. Sort of click bait. The you know the title and the picture and and then with one article you can pick up on current events that.

That’s sort of how I pick it as well, like. Things are happening like every minute, the world changing right now so you can sort of jump on that real quick and get people into it,

Vatsal Shah – 0:13:16
right? So that’s very interesting. I just want to add some statistics here is like Joseph Tyler. It’s like what one long-term blog post can convert. This is like this is like the trending statistics. Says is like you can convert to the file LinkedIn post from one article that can be one indie hacker post or one video. If you go down onto the social media that can be converted to the fight weights or 1/2 IT thread.

Or maybe you can post the same article on the let’s say three Facebook group or three LinkedIn group. You might can convert 1 video clip to the three video clips and you can say or three video clips to that converted to the audio clips so that one Article, One 2000 word, can reach out to the hundreds and hundreds of people by just that strategy. So that’s very interesting for sure.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:14:03
The big thing about it is going the other like and this is where you know I’ve. I’ve been fascinated by speak for the longest time, it’s just you know, I just I wish we could invent six more hours in the day.

Tyler Bryden – 0:14:14
You’re on that right, Tyler, working on it, buddy. Yeah,

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:14:18
so we invent six more hours in the day. You know, ’cause you know I’m a one man operation right? Which is difficult, and even my assistant because of covid. She wasn’t brought back on with the company, right? So I’m in the mix looking for another one. But as the business is expanding, you know I’m getting my phone just blows up.

I can’t keep up right? So adding that side of it in an I know the way Tyler thinks is time is the biggest resource that we have. So eliminating tedious tasks write an like you mentioned and this is where speak so innovative and awesome is that you know I can sit here and talk for 20 minutes and then write a 2000 word article while I’m doing it right. So that’s where it’s really fascinating to me and I do believe there is a place for written work. I believe it’s. As time goes on, it still stays relevant, but then I can you mentioned or I mentioned and you reiterated.

That’s all that oh the five posted week. Well, I can do. One longform blog post but then? Five longform blog posts that using speech technology and then. It takes me, say an hour week total for those five posts, whereas the blog post to write it and create the content for it and the pictures and whatnot takes like 3 hours,

Tyler Bryden – 0:15:40
right? And even from that perspective, like I think you’ve talked about that sort of fear of like the Mail list in the email. But like you know, for you know I’d be interested to know how much you actually go. Do you know, I know, that was sort of playing that role in the past, but like, look into analytics or look into the search terms that are coming through and seeing what pages are not only ranking best, but for example, what pages are people spending the most time on? Because that can help you say you know what this piece of content seems to be really valuable. Let’s drop this into the Email newsletter ’cause I know that it already delivers value for.

Readers kind of thing, so something there. My only you know, my only caveat, my caveat there, but I’d be interested to know is since we started you know you had this idea of who your customer was. You know four years ago. And congratulations by the way, like you know that the failure rates of businesses. Financial like you’ve done an incredible job to actually be this successful so far.

So I you know, I just pure work ethic and hard work, but also good smart work as well too. So I just wanted to say congratulations on that but. You know what? Who are your customers that you see today? You know, obviously you’ve got people that you’re helping support, but I’d love to hear that and like, how did you know what the difference is from what you when you started to now and then?

Also, like what are those things that actually obviously you’re delivering value to them, but in the end, what comes to help you also grow your business as well too?

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:17:02
Well yeah, that’s a lot. No where yeah so my my sort of client is my goal with budget. Boss was always to create because there’s. It sounds everyone like everyone in this is Accredo mine. Everyone should have some talked about their money, whether they’re madly in debt or a millionaire or anywhere in between. But the big issue with it is that again, time is of the essence, right? So if I’m going to be spending, you know it’s sort of like a job you would do when you first started Tyler, you would probably spend, you know, three days on a job that would pay you X and now you’re like, well, you know I can’t do that anymore.

I don’t have, and it doesn’t mean that that. Person is not valuable or just adds value, just it’s just the time that goes into the work that you do. So as time has gone on. What I always wanted budget boss to become an and hopefully it it’s there are getting close to. There is a spot for the people who are low dollar value in terms of revenue to me to have the resource where they can go there and see things that will help them correct their own financial situations and then when they’re ready to convert, convert right. And that’s where the biggest issue becomes is that you can.

When I first started I would often get bogged down. Um, spending days on a client that you know they needed help and rightfully so. But also I make no money off of right and that to me. Is difficult, it’s it’s a difficult thing and it’s a different like you get to a level in your business where. You you just can’t spend that time you can, and So what the client base is morphed into is highly converting.

You know people people are reaching out to me with direct. For lack of better purchases like I need insurance, let’s do it. I need to. I need you to manage my money. Let’s do it, and at first it was a lot of circling around to get to OK Tyler by the insurance or Tyler.

Invest some money. Now it’s like OK, I have this. You do this right and that’s what I wanted the ball with. It was always to get to a point where people just called me in hand me things. And if you’re doing things the right way, you don’t have to worry about.

I mean, I don’t worry about the job that I do. I always know that I’m doing the best for the client. So in that situation. You know I have a process in terms of that and the client. The nothing’s changed drastically. The bigger thing is changes that the you know the commas or the zeros behind the numbers right?

And that will only increase overtime as I start to. The more people you meet, the more people you meet with higher networks and stuff like that so. Yeah, so in that yeah, it’s just kind of a the ideal client. I mean ideally I would love to have 100 millionaires investing their money with me, right? But you don’t. I don’t know 100 millionaires right?

So you know, I know like maybe a couple of potential ones I’m looking at right now. That’s why I got it. That’s why I’m hovering around in the background all the time. You guys, in case you know you get bought or something, right? You gotta you gotta meet people and the big purpose were budget bosses.

Just eyes. It’s just an an that’s something that can you. You’ve met Matt, Santa Tyler. It’s just it’s just Legion and Legion and follow up. It’s a Legion follow-up Legion.

Tyler Bryden – 0:20:39
Follow up and. Yes. Keep everyone in the funnel and that’s it. Part that I you know you touched on a little bit earlier, but it’s like the creation of content overtime just builds up trust. It shows that you’re like dedicated. You know there’s so many articles that you know that you’ve written, and even the headline has just stuck with me and like I don’t know, do you mind if I just read like just about two or three things that your ranking in the top 10 for that are awesome here? I don’t know this by the way,

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:21:10
like you see you, you ask the question just a second ago.

Tyler Bryden – 0:21:13
I don’t know if you’re checking these things honestly. No, I’m looking at them right now. Yeah, I’m not love to know. So in the top 10 right now. Deadbeat boyfriend so I know I’ll never forget reading that article. ’cause it was like, how do you know if you have a deadbeat boyfriend and it talked about the finance, you know finances enough. And first of all it’s hard hitting.

But there are people who are searching for that. You know what I mean? Like there’s some very amazing things like here’s another one. What the rich don’t want you to know? Like there’s some amazing things again.

The boy, the boyfriend one is GAIL GAIL van Oxlade. So that’s you know, you know, sort of. You know people are going into.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:21:55
Thousands and thousands of her, and then they’ll come up with my article.

Tyler Bryden – 0:21:59
Life is too expensive, you know, like these are long tail valuable searches that because you’ve put the work in the content, you’re ranking for an showing up in the top 10 and driving, you know, incredible search traffic. And I think now the next step and we’ve talked about this and now this is a little bit outside of scope, is how can you take that search and actually turn it into, you know, business for you, or at least give the value in return to educate people. And just as a note that that worksheet download, I remember doing that project with you and I didn’t realize that that’s. Lot 500 downloads. That’s that’s amazing.

Like so it’s working. It’s now just seeing OK, what’s working and how can you make that even more streamlined? That’s amazing man. It’s weird though Tyler because like I when I first started is like,

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:22:41
OK, you know, tax free savings accounts. What are they? And it’s like I remember when we had we weren’t using Google Analytics and what you had a WordPress embed where I could see like and I’m like 3 people like is like probably being you and one other right? And I’m like who’s reading this? No ones reading this. And now when the problem with the content is that there’s so many people in this space that are writing.

Unprovocative content and the issue with it is like there’s gotta be obviously some value to your. Not like OK, why your boyfriend is a deadbeat. It’s not going to like you can’t go off in like some tangent, right? But you gotta like, there’s gotta be some financial value. It’s always gotta tie into that.

But people read that. No ones going on Google to read. You know, very rarely tax free saving account stuff and that kind of thing and but if they read that and then they know you do that, then they’ll speak with you right? And again, just the eyes side of it is what? You know, actually in it’s funny, I thought of you right away when so we had a wealth manager where I work and he I was.

I spoke with him like well I want some higher net worth clients like because I’m putting in a lot of work and you know if they are they have more wealth than I make more money but then they are more satisfied and everyones happy he’s like. So he started to divvy up my week like what do you do every week? So he knows about budget boss. Mind you, is not with the company anymore, so that will say a lot, but he knows about budget boss, so he’s like OK. So how much?

How much time a week do you spend on that? And I’m like well. Probably have like 25 to 30 hours a week and he’s like well, how much do you spend on working within our company like? What do you? I’m like probably about, you know, 3035 hours a week is like it’s not possible like.

Like you don’t work 60 hours a week, I’m like, yeah, I do like it yeah right well and he’s like well why OK? So why are you putting in? Like in at that time, this was two years ago and the the follows in the the the visits to the site and there the conversions were much less right. And he said, well, maybe you should shift some of that, like how much dollar revenue are you generating from budget boss versus your work with the company? I’m like, well, not too much or budget boss a lot more with the company.

It’s like, well, you should probably shift that. In shift that time effort into that into the company work and I’m like well no. No, because like the the com pounding effect with it, there’s a breaking point and I always knew what like it would come. And I believe it’s starting to happen is that there’s a threshold where you hit a saturation point where. The level of eyes just envelops it just goes much further and it takes the time in the time and the time. You never know when that will be.

Could be one article could be one post. It could be one thing and you never know which piece of content that is or which. Whatever that becomes meme worthy or whatever, you never know and I’m not gonna sacrifice the effort. I’m putting into this to ship to something that may or may not make me money overtime, but something that I know will. And that conversation I had with him.

I thought of you immediately and I’m like, no, I’m not no, I’m not. And then he asked me this question too. He’s like so if you had to make a choice and you had to choose budget boss or working with the company, what would you choose? And I don’t even think he like put a period on that census night. I’m like budget.

He didn’t. Even the words didn’t even fully get out. It’s not like budget. What he’s talking about, like what? I’m like, yeah.

Yeah, that can be forever. This may not so ultimate thing about it for me was just getting to the point where the saturation level I believe is hitting that threshold. Where I mean even the likes and followers on Facebook over the past two months has been 10,000 whereas it took Me 2 three years to get to 10,000 right? So it’s like it just hits levels right and the reach outs and all that stuff. So you never you never know when that.

Part will be, and that’s where um and it’s sort of like what what, what you guys do like. You’ll hit a level where you’ll get your first 100 people and I feel like take forever and then all the sudden. Bing bang boom like you you get from 500 to 25,000 and X time right? Like and it’s the same amount of time.

Tyler Bryden – 0:27:07
And yeah it’s weird day but even not even and I’ll stop and then I’ll let Tim that’s allowing anyone jump in here but just think it’s also that just that content sort of web that you’ve created. It’s like who is Joe. I found I stumbled across him or budget boss. What is he done? It’s like 3 years worth of like you could get lost for hours and it’s not and it’s very powerful.

You put a lot of effort into the content and it’s like. Just that trust level. It’s like this guy knows what he’s talking about. Anyone who can spit out 2000 words this many time over well written, structured about financial. I’m going to trust him with my investments.

I’m going to trust him with insurance. He obviously knows you fired up about insurance. I’m going to use him for insurances. I person you know like that, so I think that’s the part that again has those compounding effects. And I think now just looking and taking a revisit with a couple adjustments and stuff.

Those compounding effects will even accelerate at more,

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:28:01
so it’s sort of the level on networks like OK, Now it’s like. What next,

Tyler Bryden – 0:28:05
right? So I’ll I’ll shut up for a second. That’s 110, but there’s just a couple of things that I’m thinking about quickly. Is like you’ve put out the written content. That stuff is ranking. You’ve also done started to do live streams. One of the stacks that was really interesting that started speak, and we even were working on it.

Was those like live streams and video content? And how could you re purpose it? And what I was finding was taking a video, uploading that video to YouTube, transcribing it, putting the transcript on the page, and then pushing that page to an RSS feed so it would go to a podcast. Was one of the most powerful stacks for marketing and like quick search engine rankings that I’ve ever seen and so I think there’s something there that you know we’re trying to get like that efficiency that you’ve always talked about. It is like your you want to just talk and create or write and create and the rest of the stuff actually happens.

So that was something. Yes, exactly what I’m doing. That’s not true. I just hearing your development the way your thought. Processes overtime is amazing, so I don’t believe that’s actually true.

But you know, that’s just one thing that I wanted to add. And then there’s just two. Now what I’m seeing here, just as a quick thing is like optimization of like terms of site seeks, seed and experience. But now it’s like can you start to even build more? You know links and credibility and domain authority back to your site so you you’ve already got the content.

So now it’s just, you know, amplifying that even more so I’ll shut up. For second is one thing I’m going to show you at the end of this, but that’s all Tim, any questions or even though I’m sorry I know your financial guideline, you might actually have real questions for Joel showed up for 2nd. As more occurs about like the log that you brought up, the live streams, is it mostly just like financial planning that you’re still talking about or you get more into more like a free flowing conversation at all?

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:29:52
Well, yeah, it’s it’s mostly what I’ll do is. I’ll release the written word and then use sort of live streams or video to bring people to see the written word, or to sum it up and say instead of reading it, they can hear me picking out the best points. Um, ’cause I mean video is obviously where it’s at, right? So in terms of. I mean, what I would like the real goal is to actually be able to. Deep dive into.

Go sort of off for lack of a better term off the rails a bit and sort of talk about things that I really, really want to talk about. The problem with that is that getting to that point and doing it the right way is kind of. You know, it’s like you have these things in the back of your head, but like to you don’t want to put it out and until you know exactly how you’re going to put out, there’s gotta be sort of a rhyme or reason to that and sort of analysis paralysis with me. In terms of that. When I like how to like what ’cause, I mean, I could literally talk for five weeks straight and.

You know there’s got to be some sort of rhyme or reason to it, right? So and the big problem with it right now is that the space is very saturated, like the space that I’m involved with, and I’ll go back to when I first started. I was looked down upon within my office about what I was doing, like what’s he doing? What is that? Now they’re all doing it.

They’re all doing it right, and that’s why I’m happy. I continued on with because I got those four years of. Growth behind me that I I don’t need to start from right, but the space itself, the personal finance space online in terms of influencers and whatnot is so saturated like everyone had a New Year’s resolution to be a financial influencer. Unbelievable, the one big difference about it though, is that I’m actually a licensed advisor, which most of them are not so. That’s where it helps. But yeah, I definitely want to get into that area.

And that’s where speak is actually. Something that’s very important to get involved with, because when I get into that zone. I want to be sort of a polished complete. Area as opposed to just you know me. Writing A blog post on the fly kind of thing.

Tyler Bryden – 0:32:08
And when you get into that zone, do you think it’s still going to be about financial planning? Or are you thinking something a bit different than?

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:32:17
See that stop right because. I can yeah. Yeah, if you put a tape recorder in my house and heard me talk at business, which is so the big issue with it is that we’re also when the problem is is the space that we’re in the world that we’re in right now? Words can be so misconstrued in such a way. So like you, I try to stay on topic as much as possible and put Nuggets of provocative iti out there as opposed to like you know when you when you when you jump into an area that is can be seen as extremely provocative. And you’re not, say, a Joe Rogan.

You know then you you kind of you can kind of get cancelled real quick, right? So not a lot of room for personality I guess then well it’s it’s top right? I mean my personality and come out in several ways even when talking about finance like Debbie boyfriend thing like in you know I had like the comments on the bottom when I first released that like that post. Got like 500 views within like an hour when I first released them like and then women were having conversations with each other in the comments and then they added someone hey at. Tim or whatever.

This sounds like it sounds like you or Bob and it’s like oh right,

Tyler Bryden – 0:33:33
so that’s also inside of your power though, too. Right away. You’ve differentiated. It’s like where do I go for raw, unfiltered financial information and advice and thoughts? Hey Joe, the budget boss is going to tell it like it is. You know what I mean.

So I think it’s been a powerful Brandon differentiator for you. I think it, and I think the big thing about it.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:33:52
I was really worried about that too, and I talked to, you know, I have a friend you’ve met Shawna who I work alongside and. You know she recently joined the company, so our goal one day is to you know, form like Transformers and Optimist Prime and make it happen. But the big thing about it is that she’s worried about voice, right? And I was worried about voice, but then overtime I started realizing like. You know people are going to segregate themselves if they see something and they don’t like it.

As long as you’re not that and that’s a worry about being too provocative where they can jump in and just latch onto something. And try and shut it. But if you’re not, if they don’t like it, then they they weren’t going to be a client anyway. So the way I look at is like. When it hits, it hits hard.

When it doesn’t hit, I don’t know, so I don’t really care right? So and when it’s it’s it’s. It’s a good differentiating factor between me and everyone else who does what I do everyone else. And that’s literally everyone else. And that’s the that’s the cool thing about it in my opinion.

And as you know, the career grows in the education continues along and whatnot. It’s it’s definitely a huge differentiating factor.

Tyler Bryden – 0:35:07
I feel that’s all. Tim, any questions before and then I lost any questions from you too. And then Joe, if you have any questions we drilled you with questions this whole time so you know if there’s anything that you want to know on your side. But yeah. Bachelor Tim anything for Joe that you want to know.

Timothy Fosteman – 0:35:24
Yeah, thank you. Actually would love to circle back to like 20 minutes ago to the part where you’re writing blog posts. I was really excited to hear. And by the way, um, I’m sorry. I gotta introduce myself,

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:35:35
but it’s it’s nice to meet you, by the way. So I mean, most faces I’ve seen probably in two weeks. I I’ve seen one person in the past two weeks so it’s nice to see faces.

Timothy Fosteman – 0:35:47
OK, good for you. Um, I’m a junior here and junior engineering working on making speak possible and technically. Although Vassal is is is our absolute bulldozer to ship the code and and everything. But he does. He does the most job. I’m just talking now, OK?

I just wanted to ask you actually a couple of things, but most most interested in you are writing blog posts and it seems like you we really can’t. Adept actually looked into couple of them. It’s you know I I command you in that very much, but I wanted to ask you how and so. One of the ways that at least I would do my blog posts on a technical article, so would. I would take a book.

And now we take a chapter and I would sort of summarize it, but then expand in every in each section. What do I think about it and bring all the perspectives that I already had before?

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:36:45
How did you do that? OK, yeah, so the hardest. The hardest part is always picking the topic right, like you pick the topic and I mean what the problem is is you have to pick a topic that can be expanded upon. You can pick something that OK I can write a paragraph and whatever, right? That’s not. That’s that’s a insta post.

That’s not a blog post, so picking the topic. But then what I do is I try and break it down into chunks and so. A catchy, catchy. Title or a catchy topic and then catchy points within it, right? So I can OK signs you’re dating a debit or whatnot, right? And there’s maybe 5 to 7 points from what I remember that article ’cause I wrote it so long ago that are truly financial or financial related parts.

Then there’s a couple that are just winging it. Like I mentioned, one time was video games, right? No offense. If any of you play video games. So read read the post.

Don’t hate me, sorry. Uh, but um, I can I break it down into sort of digestible parts. So for instance, if the topic is tax free savings accounts and why they’re important, I’ll pick five reasons why they’re important. Now I can write a paragraph or two paragraphs on one of those points pretty much free flow, right? And why that one points import?

So as long as I have like I’ll have a notepad and I’ll write those 10 points or five points to breakdown the article, I can expand. On those pretty easily pretty easily, and a lot of that’s coming from now, like and that’s why my earlier posts were a bit smaller than reason being is because I didn’t have the on the ground in the field experience to really expand upon good things I’ve seen, but even more important, bad things I’ve seen and mistakes people have made with things. And now I can like. I have five years of experience in the industry where I might don’t do that. Don’t do that, but if you do that, this is what happens and.

I can really. I mean, I’ve always been able to do that to sort of write free flow, as long as I I’ve built the structure. So I build the structure 1st and oftentimes it will take longer for me to come up with the structure then it is to write the whole article so I could take like an hour to come up with the 10 points. And then I could take another hour just to write 2000 words, which is it’s odd when you think about it, but like you want those. Headers to be supremely relevant, because the problem is with a man, and I mean we’re all like this.

I know Tyler’s like this is when you’re going through something and something is just kind of like man, you’re out, you’re out like you leave, right? So those points gotta be you know they gotta be on point and they gotta be supremely relevant. And that that’s how I sort of structure it in for me. Oftentimes, like it will take an hour to come up with this structure. An hour to free flow, write it, and then an hour to create.

The design to share it. And then so, for instance, the post I wrote on Wednesday was how to find the right financial advisor. And in that I’ve shared it for three days straight. You know, it took me a few hours to write there or whatever and an, but creating the you know the graphics on on camera and what not to do that and to create the headers and the script to share it probably took just as much as to write it. To be totally honest. Yeah, so that’s sort of how I go about it.

I don’t know any more efficient way to be totally honest. If there was, I would definitely adopt that. One way would be to oh wait, Tyler smirking. Oh yeah OK there’s a yeah so that’s why I’m not too in our minds yeah yeah so that’s why you know speak is so fascinating to me right? But old habits die hard to be totally honest and it’s talk to when you get into the groove of how you create content to think outside of that.

Yeah, so that’s something that I’m. Yeah again, that’s why I’m here,

Tyler Bryden – 0:40:54
you know. Beautiful question and also just to me shows why Joe has been successful with this content. Like think of how much thought and structure actually went into that.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:41:02
So when I read articles like I’ll browse through articles as I’m doing that to, you know I’ll see ones on similar topics and then OK, I’m like I can. I kind of agree with that. Let me mention that. You know an an like in the one thing about content, it’s all been done. Right, so all I can do is write something that’s already been done, but put my flavor on it.

That’s all I can really do, right? I always felt it was a little bit.

Timothy Fosteman – 0:41:27
It’s it’s a little demoralizing. It’s not depressing to realize that everything has been already created and it’s we just would speak. We hope that we we sort of automate the way of creation and finally you know creation is not always so. We just hope that we sort of increase the portion. The ratio of this for the duplicated content versus something that your flavor as you said, it’s something that something that makes that comes out of your expertise and you know it’s X versus the one person who can tell you how you cannot. See that you are one.

Yeah, but pipelines. It would love to expand on that, so tell her how. Or rather that’s actually would love to direct this to you. If we can riff off of that. What is?

Can we do this concrete this pipeline? Of video creation content. So tell. Register his explained one of the pipelines such as recording video and and publish it on YouTube. Getting the transcript and then publishing the transcript to an RSS feed.

And that seems like an interesting pipeline, but I’m sure that we have a better solution for that.

Vatsal Shah – 0:42:37
Not me, that’s all. If you talk in terms of the technical sense of pipeline, there are like many ways, so one what we are doing right now. Just a few might be interesting with the speak, so it’s like for example we did this recording and you can publish to there. Let’s say to the YouTube and from the YouTube app called Zapier and Zapier is linked with the Speak. So it’s like Zapier automatically pull your YouTube video and um to the speak and speak will does the whole job about transcription inside extraction and everything. And we also have how you can publish to your WordPress.

Website, I believe you have the WordPress website right? So it’s like you just have to link once and it is automatically going to start posting on your WordPress website. So it’s like how we can minimize the time creation content and reduce that pipeline basically so the RSS feed is not there on the speak sodium fee on your equation. That is like the different story about how we can integrate the RSS feed and published to the Spotify or Instagram. LinkedIn love everything. So yeah,

Tyler Bryden – 0:43:38
I’m gonna jump in here for one second ’cause I’ve got some thoughts about this is. You know what Joe talked about is also you know, really breaking out these headlines, right? No one when you look at a massive block of text, it becomes very intimidating. So we, for example that speak already are doing topic extraction, so we know in this section of a transcript we’re actually talking about this topic. So how can that become? For example, an H2 Joe like you print manually in there and that becomes bold.

It breaks it into a segment and then makes it more readable. So that’s like one part that I’m really have always, you know, tried to figure out. Two other things here. Joe talked about. Oh, I found this other content that was interesting and he linked to it.

What have we been talking about? How can we actually automatically hyperlink things so Joe, that the idea here is we don’t want you to manually have to link things anymore when it video comes in to speak, it will be pushed to your website and then anything that you mentioned in the transcript will be linked. So if there are references to it, people can click on that link so you don’t have to spend anytime or manually actually on the link and then my last part is say you’ve got the topic there. Now we’ve generated the heading for you with the paragraph. Can we actually automatically insert an image that’s relevant to that as well, too? So now you’ve spoken.

Uploaded, it’s transcribed heading for Nice Organization and even relevant inserted images so your time from creating A blog post you said sort of three hours right now. And how can we reduce that to 10 minutes? You know, 20 minutes, one hour? Yeah, exactly exactly. And if you speak you know you and I will.

After this conversation, I’m estimating around 8 to 10,000 words. Think of how much it’s all the stuff that you talk about. All the stuff that we’re all passionate about and all the sudden now that’s sitting on your page and getting indexed by search engines. The the the search engine rankings benefits are phenomenal from there, so that’s the other part like you’re already seeing massive impact from 2000 words. But imagine you can just speak shoot out 8000, but it still structured like a beautiful blog post and it’s already linked and headings are there and everything as well too.

So that’s so when does the microchip get put in my brain like how does what we doing Tim can talk more about that? Soon as you want it exactly, yeah, I don’t know what you guys do over there,

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:45:59
but that sounds pretty impressive. To be like. I I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on there. I just don’t know. Like, OK, I don’t know how that sausage is made. The goal, I guess, is fabulicious.

Tyler Bryden – 0:46:11
The goal for you is to be able to, you know, I think has always been why it’s called Speak ISI Kenjo use that beautiful mouth that he was born with and just just speak and use that personality and stuff and then turn that into like an incredible asset. It’s actually, you know, really valuable, and then I think just that last part that you’ve talked about is like these Nuggets. I think that’s also what we’re really trying to focus on. Is like, say you’ve got that hour. What were the parts that were true gold like magic?

That will be, you know, very impactful and then how can you turn that into a quick video snippet or a quote that then you can flip out so you now have that dripping out of content over seven days and that process gets easier as well too. So you don’t have to worry about the re purposing kind of thing. Well, what’s wild about it too,

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:46:55
is that I’ll be, you know. Alright, I’m in the Home Office now. I’m never I’m never going back to the office so just put it that way. But I love it here, um. I got the business news network on the TV right there. I got try screens. Tyler will be happy with me.

You’ll be proud. So I got the 32 inch monitor. I got the 25 and then I got the laptop. I’m pretty much but the problem is is as the day goes on, something will come into my head and I’m like you know you can write it down or whatever but it’s not. It’s not gonna be the same tomorrow when I Oh yeah, talk about do something with this, that idea or that. A event that just happened or you know something just happens where it’s like.

OK, I need to speak on this speak on this right? So in that situation it by OK if I can hop on and be like OK well yeah so I’m talking about this this this and yeah that you don’t get those moments back. Is the issue exactly beautiful? Especially when you’re when you’re is either. As much of a genius as I am or as insane as I am.

Those moments come frequent, right? So it’s like I’ll lean towards the genius out of it. Hopefully but yeah, like and that’s the that’s the goal with it. So if you if you have those ideas that come in your head to get that out and I can’t sit there and type it out, I can’t. It’s just not happening.

Tyler Bryden – 0:48:19
And just to add the just the one part of So what you have context. I believed him and that’s all the pipeline that you use for recording right now is actually oh oh BS right? Open broadcast software. Are you using? What system are you using for the default recording? Like you’re doing the live stream with the graphics and everything.

Me yeah yeah yeah. Oh OK.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:48:38
I’m sorry I thought you were talking to him.

Tyler Bryden – 0:48:40
Yeah, expletive expletive so expert is very much like, oh BS. Like we’ve been using that. So like where you can record yourself the screen at the same time and then for example X split can be connected to YouTube so you could live stream or it upload. I believe it can even upload it right after your Facebook.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:48:56
I don’t think it has IG compatibility,

Tyler Bryden – 0:48:58
but it does have Facebook and it does have YouTube I believe as well too many platforms to be honest to make it compatible for all. But if you could. Headed into YouTube on auto upload or you finish a life like you hit that instant thought. I need to share this recording exploit that pushes to YouTube then that fulfills the other pipeline that we’ve talked about and you have automated a lot of that actual work, so that’s you know the part that I’m thinking about is that there’s this default recording mechanism as you’re talking about when you have that thought of where you’re actually doing the recording, and that starts the process of everything else.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:49:30
I mean, if you’re on. I mean, the one thing that Corona is really or covid has shown us is that. Every. Minute of every day someone’s going on live talking about something and it’s just seems that you know in the space that I’m in, there’s a lot of people doing that, and even in any space you get alerts all the time. Like this first persons life. So ultimately the problem is with it is you never know who’s on the other side of it, but the good thing about speakers, it doesn’t matter. At that point, it doesn’t matter ’cause it’s already transcribing and indexing and becoming a reusable piece of content that was live, which in turn Re shared in the future will drive more people to get alerts when Joe is live or whatnot, right? Talking about something like that and and you can’t get there and less.

Tyler Bryden – 0:50:21
You have that piece of content that you said like every hour that you spend is valuable and you’re already plug it pushing that that you know that as much as you can do so. Like if you’re making an hour and you’re actually going to dedicated to creating content, how can you make that an actual investment? Like how can that become more of a return on investment instead of just the thing that ends up blowing in the wind that people doesn’t see or doesn’t help you business, you know, grow the business down the line as well too, so that’s the other part that I’m thinking about that. So do you have any question? I know we’re almost at 8 minutes left here.

This has been a wonderful discussion. So much appreciate you joining us and I hope this wasn’t. If you don’t, yeah, I hope you feel good after this and not like you just got, you know, interrogated here like. Yes, I thought I was gonna be listening to you guys but no come on why don’t I do this?

Vatsal Shah – 0:51:06
Do you have an equation for us about anything?

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:51:09
Well, my my big question with, you know because I haven’t, I haven’t. Spend what like the longest year slash week or day like Groundhog Day, 365 days in a row. I haven’t really, you know, spoken with Tyler. I’ve been busy. Last year was my busiest year ever right.

2020 My business actually expanded during this period of time, which I’m quite happy about. A lot of peoples declined because the traditional way of doing business is out the window. You’re not meeting people in person, so how you gonna do business? So it’s been a crazy year, so I haven’t been I I see everything that speak does, but. My question for what’s happened in the past year or less a year and a half as speakers expanded?

What has your typical or client become like what? Who are the people that are gravitate Ng to this platform to use it to help grow their business and and how are they an? I know Tyler. One of the things that he’s, you know. OC D about his tracking, right? He’s he’s the tracking kinglike.

OK, How did this this went into a dead end? This went into something good. We’re following this test test track track boom boom that’s Tyler, so how have you seen that? People have adapted into this platform where their success points and what are they using it to do? Kind of thing ’cause I know what I do and how we can help me.

But then not everyone does what I do.

Tyler Bryden – 0:52:44
Right, so there’s a lot of other people in different areas that this can definitely help. I could sell my answering me OK, OK, Cool Lord, do you want to answer the first question? Anyways, yeah it’s mostly as far as I can see, just as far as like paying customers anyways. It’s mostly like information technology specialists, marketers, media people who can really ormos Avios with this type of technology that we’re working with. I find we have to spend less time explaining it to them, and they’re just kind of taking it to fish like water. Like I would say, you know there’s a couple of things that are interest.

Yeah, so we’ve talked about people who are using and adopting and signing up for the platform versus the ones who are actively using it versus the ones who are actually paying for it. And you know, I think for you know the easiest, best, not the easiest, but the best adoption we’ve seen is something you know not not always, like a solo entrepreneur, but like an organization that there they have media assets or their constantly creating it and they are trying to make them more valuable. Every organization gets what they all want to rank. Higher on search engine so they don’t have to pay for Google ads. We did some Google ads test and remember how expensive those clicks were.

Facebook ads. Those don’t necessary. You know like that was, so that’s easy. One that we actually see here and then the other one. That’s really fascinating. Joe is more of like this research perspective, which is something that you would do too, especially when you’re meeting in person where.

You’re going and sitting down in a meeting and you’re asking the client the perspective customer like what do they need and your? You know the idea. There was speak especially before Pandemic was drops, dropped the phone on the table, record it, and then after that you now have all the information you need to then come back with a really personalized proposal. You heard what their pain points were or what they actually needed. And really trying to surface through an hour long conversation or with you 2 1/2 hour conversation and get you know the actual information that matters there so you can in the end. What does that help you with?

It helps you satisfy your customer for customer success, so that you generate more revenue and hopefully that they actually grow as well too. So it was like synthesizing all that information out of it. That sort em you have anything more to add. Help your new password so close buddy. I look see that’s all.

We didn’t win, the kid didn’t work. Honestly, we missed everything it’s over.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:55:08
I’ll give information is gone forever now.

Vatsal Shah – 0:55:12
Your bullet was gold. I just wanted to add that like if you want to talk a little bit about like the use case and the customer we see in that segment what you

Tyler Bryden – 0:55:21
touch upon, which might help adjust for a little bit. You’ve really set me up with some context here. I don’t know. It’s give me a little more context there, like the things that I’m trying to just about the use cases in the customer BCE where where they wanted to do with this media library and our current couple of customer. If you want to touch upon yes I would say two brothers and two. You know two things that we’re looking at is like there’s people with individual media assets that then that are again trying to make more valuable.

So at that default level we’ve touched on is like share on page with embeddable player with transcript below. The embed is really fascinating, but the interesting part as you said is the tracking. That I always loved and been an advocate of is if you interact with the embeddable player, you’re now understanding what moments in the transcript people are clicking on, or what insight specifically. And so if you have enough people going to your site all of a sudden you start to see, hey, you know you know women 35 to 44 they are interested in these topics or these. You know, these brands are these people versus men.

18 to 25 are interested in this, so there’s the growth from that transcript perspective and search engine rankings and what we also see as people spend more time on that page. But then there’s also this very nuanced analytics that we’ve been able to deliver. By building the player the way it is, and if you do get enough traffic and audience, you can start to get some very interesting insights on who likes what and that helps your content strategy part. I just wanted to add one more note that something you said was really interesting is like you’ve got ranging of content from like. The deadbeat boyfriend 1-2 how to find a financial advisor, right? Those are very different.

Content pieces very different. Like you know, along that stage of, for example, buyers journey or someone is going to become the you know, the prospect of Joe or the customer. It’s like someone starts with how to you know how to build. My think, my boyfriend’s deadbeat that’s where they start. But then they go down in that final.

You know more closing you know when it comes to customers, how to find the right financial advisor. So it’s also like how you know how much you could talk about. You know how much you love? How can you prioritize what content that you’re actually producing on that day, and making sure that it is valuable? And worthwhile, so something else that we’re trying to understand is like the commercial intent or how impactful is this search term or how impactful is this content going to be from taking for someone to don’t know to actual customer.

And I want to show 1 quick thing first of all going to give you a little plug here. See a nice picture from the olden days. Can you see the right screen in my sharing Joe? Yeah, that’s mean there’s Joe so little bit on the site there. One thing that I just wanted to offer.

I’ve been wanting to talk on the number coming up for time here, but this is something else that’s really interesting. Joe is like you’ve already got this content. And I’m obsessed with this right now. Is this called helper Reporter? So it’s helpful or Horo and what it does is all day these these people.

These journalists ask for request on experts in different areas to then submit a little sound bite or a little, you know, quote or a little message, for example of like we need an expert. I need to refer to them in the space. And so now what happens is they ask who you are, they ask for the link back to your site. Why you’re an expert. And then all the sudden they just ask you the question.

So I’m not sure if any of these ones stick out to you, but there’s a business and finance category, so this is this is the secondary part of where speak sort of comes into play as well too, as they do 3 emails a day, they are loaded up with all these queries that could be relevant to you or could not be relevant to you. So how could? How could we hook into this email that comes three times a day? You decide the topics and the keywords and phrases that are relevant to you, and then we help serve the actual relevant queries up to you on a platter so you can knock these out of the park like 1 by 1 and just get the ones that are actually meaningful and impactful kind of thing. So again, it’s like how can we synthesize all this information to show what’s actually relevant?

That’s a powerful system that speak is actually capable of, and so just another sort of secondary but very beneficial aspect. And for you you’ve got the content already. Now it’s like how can I build even more credibility? More links back to the site. Roll the audience skyrocket. This even more and something like this could be a really powerful mechanism in that, so I’ll share a little bit more with this.

After that, I’m very excited about the potential there, and that’s just like sifting through all that information to actually find what matters. Yeah and yeah and that’s the other side of it is just again,

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 0:59:42
it’s the time to flow through. But I mean, you know one of the things I’m down on myself or is my lack of activity on Quora right? So that to me was. It’s, you know I don’t like to formulate. Simple like you know. Two sentence answers to some of these questions, right? So in that situation, it would be very easy for me to speak for five minutes and answer a question an it’s linking to an article that I wrote ’cause I wrote the answers that would give on a platform like 4 would be good like point by point answers.

It wouldn’t be a long page, but it would probably be probably two to three paragraphs that really hit home. But then with a link to an article, and because I have so much content. I’m almost written article on anything right in terms of personal finance, so I could link back to an article like Die and then answer question like that.

Tyler Bryden – 1:00:37
So and that’s sort of what you just mentioned there with her oh is definitely interesting. Yeah yeah, I love Corey to all end on this for myself anyways, but just like it’s that nightcore question you could take you so long to type. Type out that answer. And is that a proper investment of your time and so for myself I have that vision of OK. I’m actually want to record a video to this question ’cause it’s easier for me to get. Record the video, push it to a WordPress page, link my site back with a couple points from that and it becomes much more stream of consciousness and easy.

It doesn’t feel like as much friction to create a valuable response as necessarily doing that. That structured writing that could take more time.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 1:01:13
Well, what I find is well, as I you know, I try to convey my personality in my writing, but as much as I can do that, it’s still not the same. You know what I mean? It’s still not the same like I feel I can do that better than most people through my writing, and it’s almost like you can. Hear me speak through my writing, but the issue with it is that. It’s when I’m in front of clients and when I’m in front of people speaking on subjects that I know a lot about or I’m passionate about or both, it’s night and day so I can convey something to you in 10 minutes that will really hit home with speaking to you as opposed to take 3 hours to write something, and it may or may not hit home with you.

It will probably get further than a typical blog post, but. Who’s to say? I know for a fact,

Tyler Bryden – 1:02:02
though speaking about it would definitely help out a lot more. My side here. This has been a wonderful hour. I know, you know, I will try to show we’ve actually been appropriate here with you and I in a room and we’ve kept it self contained within a time. My only last part, that was that is I found this very fascinating. Is like you touched on earlier it.

There’s a very different times where sometimes you want to write and sometimes you just want to speak in those very different mindsets, very different moods, very different ways of creation. And like, how can you supplement both of those options and make that the final output is valuable as possible. So that’s something we really care about and are trying to trying to. Figure out that Saltim more any last thoughts? Any last comments?

Come August, thank you very much for your time. It’s been awesome. Thanks for having me. Hope they come back again.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 1:02:53
Guys I have nowhere to go. There’s nowhere to go, right, so you know, yeah, if I’m not if I’m not working and you got you got you got minutes for me that’s for sure.

Vatsal Shah – 1:03:09
And we also have like on the different topics we cover from the wide range, so it’s like next time we’ll have some different topics. So today we cover about the content creation. How do you work and like how do you manage? So it’s like next time how the speak features help to drive that part. Just like yeah, no for sure.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 1:03:28
I mean, we’re also recapping ’cause it’s been awhile, right? So you know? Yeah, not a lot happened in last year, but not much. It’s the kind of thing where it’s hard to. Yeah, you have to take those first 15 and get the introductions in and then say, hey, you’re still alive. What happened?

Tyler Bryden – 1:03:45
That kind of thing, so we’re good. Very good to meet you and it’s been a great hour very insightful content here too.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 1:03:55
And thanks nice to meet you.

Tyler Bryden – 1:03:57
Too thin and nice to see your floating orb of a being there. And Tim, I really appreciate your question about asking Joe how to write, how he writes in that process. I think that was, you know, for me, one of the most amazing moments to hear how someone has created so much content in high quality content over this time. So I really appreciate that.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 1:04:17
And I think you know what The funny thing is to Tyler. And well, I’ll end. Sort of my speaking on and on. I really enjoy it. You know, like I really enjoy it and you know it’s not it’s. It’s like a burden, but it’s not, you know, like works a burden at times, but that that. Part of the job is not for me, so to optimize that is definitely OK.

Tyler Bryden – 1:04:36
Joe, great to see you my friend. Thanks so much for joining. Will connect off this. I know we got some things to chat about and I’ll send a couple of followups on some things that I’m thinking about, but thank you again man. We really appreciate the time and you know what guys keep it up. Great job. Love it.

Thank you. Cheers guys office hours. 3 that was you’re not recording anymore. I am recording now. I’m still recording.

I’m wrapping this up for anyone who’s fallen. You can stay. You can go. I’m just wrapping up anyone. Watch is this now in the future just given a little sign off but I just you know this was a different one that we’ve had.

We’ve had Justin join us in the past and it was just a ton of fun to have Joe here who we’ve seen grow over years and I’ve worked with. And you know, just so much good insights, shared anything else from you guys before we actually shut off the recording. Shut this down. Good, OK, thank you everyone, really appreciate you. Joining bye bye.

Take care take care guys.

Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis – 1:05:29
Have a great day.

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