Office Hours 02 – Y Combinator, Value Metrics, Updated Transcript Editor & Human Transcription

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In This Discussion:

1. We reflect on our experience interviewing with the legendary Michael Siebel and the team at Y Combinator. 

2. What the value metrics we care about most at Speak Ai are.

3. We talk about some of the questions that our users and customers ask us most!

3. We share some awesome updates to the transcript editor and the ability to clean up transcripts through Speak with real people for professional research and content. 

4. We shared some insights from our Quarter 4 2020 Update including what we’ve learned about releasing updates every quarter and trying to improve every time. 

5. A small hint on a ridiculously exciting feature that is coming soon! We will share more next week 😂

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The Speak Ai team is doing routine virtual get-togethers that anyone can join! We share updates, have lively discussions, answer questions, and figure out how to solve exciting and complex problems together.

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Embeddable Audio and Video Recorder Page

Problems With Automated Transcription

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0:00:00 – Speaker – 1
And I think you know part of that is that we’re working really hard to make. This better onboarding experience right now and part of it was part of the first part. We looked at a mental thanks for joining the lower part of the first part of that was like how can we on board someone and then actually get them to for example right? The first text note and then I think we even talked about. Can we give them some props so that that text note actually reveals something in the default categories, but then the next step is maybe to get them to create their own first custom category.

I know you don’t like that term or a way to. Make that magical sort of trigger kind of happened now. Like there there nice background. So I I personally you know as we get deeper into analyzing audio and video, you start to learn a lot more. Like I I I found two the other day that I hadn’t thought of before.

One of them was communication so it was like every time someone says I’m going to email you or I’m going to slack, you or I’m going to text you, that’s really. Do something about it and check your push.

0:00:59 – Speaker – 2
Trello is which would enable us to actually do something about it. Make the speech executive was a I love that. And then the other one. This was silly. One was colors.

0:01:09 – Speaker – 1
I just like colors like that’s a simple category that actually has meaning, especially if you’re a designer or something like that and then becomes very personalized again based on it. And I think that was just one last note. Was that wonderful advisor that we had sent to some message after we set up that quarterly update and sort of. I think a lot of things that sort of triggered in his mind. And he said that he had been getting these long videos from the executive team to basically say, you know. Watch these videos and he’s like I could watch videos all day.

And most of this actually isn’t useful. I’m a high value employee and I could waste my entire day watching these videos. Can you help me find only the three things that actually matter to me so I can get those points and then it’s like what are those things he’s a customer success manager? Is every time someone mentions customer success, is every time someone mentions his name specifically? What are those things that would help him eliminate 85% of watch time to only get the crucial information?

Yep. Cancel hello hello.

0:02:13 – Speaker – 2
We jump deep into this right away. Yes, just yeah, that’s what I was wondering.

0:02:17 – Speaker – 1
I thought you said then jump in the middle of something little introduction by just to redo the introduction. Hello everyone, office hours two we will be posting this on YouTube after and then also directly in the Speak app. So I’ve sent to Tim like the goal of this is how can we make this is valuable for people as possible who watch it in the future and hopefully as we were saying like this is going to be the most recent video in the Speak app in the sample Media library. So you know these are up to date. Things that they’re actually getting that we want to make sure that we’re providing value for it, right? Yeah, correct, correct. So speaking so I guess just one of the things that we have, we actually had a little bit more genocide.

Lauren Lawrence double book. So he’s not going to be joining us, so it looks like it’s us 3 today. But like one of the things that we had because we know that we could talk about a lot of things. But it’s like, what are the things that people, users, customers or prospective customers are asking us the most like? How can we actually help share that information?

Just to kick this off, one thing, yeah, our double jumping is like what I see the pattern right now because we set up a couple of system on the admin side so we can

0:03:27 – Speaker – 5
understand what’s going on on the platform, right? Tyler and what we see the pattern on this PKI at this moment is like people is like this. Embeddable recorders like just skyrocketing people are creating. We see a triggers almost every single day. Someone, someone created a new recorder or someone fetch the new recordings out of out of that.

And Tyler, you did a great job on that marketing campaign is like the embeddable record is like the first page. If anyone search on the Google search. So that’s I think so. The trigger points, and the patterns we see on this PKI from last couple of days. The couple of people also started using the Zapier integration, so who don’t know this app integration.

You can integrate the the text or notes on you. Confess your emails. Tara can talk more about that. How he’s using Zapier integration at this moment? And this week we also fixed a couple of things so you can fetch the YouTube video in other third party videos directly onto the speak with this sort of integrations. So that’s two or three patterns.

What I see is number 1 record are #2, Zapier, integrations and #3 the text nodes. And maybe that’s how you could you share?

0:04:38 – Speaker – 1
Like what do you think? It’s amazing that were first of all seeing this adoption, but what do you think or users? Why do they find this valuable? And why are they setting these things up?

0:04:51 – Speaker – 5
That is a very good question, and the first thought I had in my mind is, like, you know, it’s like it’s the first thing is like you when you see the first article on the Google search for Sling, you just right, you just click and see like how how? How does that work right? And the number 2 is like they can see the analytics. It’s completely free right now via HP care we don’t charge anything for the recorder, so that is also in terms of the benefit for the customer, right? They’re getting the testimonials and stuff, but one thing what we restricted right now is like the number.

The duration of The Recording, so we restricted with only two minutes, right? So if we if we increase that to 5 minutes 10 minutes, whatever that is, or maybe one hour, do we see any changes into the patterns?

0:05:35 – Speaker – 1
So that’s that’s one part for that. Beautiful and I tell my maybe you’ve got some thoughts there, but I just think to add is like. You know it comes back to something that we’ve talked about for a long time, which is helping people with different inputs to get media into the system. And like, really streamlining that workflow like in the past to collect videos that intuitively and easily is hard. And now this recording like we actually took what you know, what is a very complex functionality and I’m very happy that our actual users figured this out without that much documentation and stuff. And they have actually collected a lot of recordings and it seems very simply and intuitively, and that part is very exciting for us.

I think as a whole. Yeah, I just can’t talk more about the user side,

0:06:19 – Speaker – 5
but we see from a couple of users like we have speak here. We have almost 5280 recordings for just from the one user so that something is like we see that paddings like what’s going on. And yeah even like that page we have to work on that. But it’s like you know still it’s very straightforward’s like oh hey guys you can just record an you can fetch you just share this link is that is simple as that for them right? So yeah sometimes it’s like.

0:06:47 – Speaker – 1
How we make things complex and they see how things are like so easy to use so I’ll just pull up quickly just to walk, walk through this and sharing the right screen machine recorder. Yes beautiful. Just to create quickly like how easy it is like office hour. You know office hours test two test 2 you can choose to auto analyze and this to me is been something really fascinating itself is like. Odd that people are finding value without even getting the analysis.

Like obviously we want to push the analysis and start to see that, but at the core level, the actual capture and then the hosting of the video is inherently valuable as well too. And now save no recordings yet. Share recording and then you’ve got the ability to embed that directly. Actually in an application, yeah, go ahead. Can you talk more about what is the different for the iframe and discussed in branded page what they see as a different?

Yes, so the I frame here is an actual embed that you can print on a site. Or anywhere you can put this in an application an really I’m trying to think of if I have an example of how I could show this really quickly, but allows you to take this little snippet of code and if you have for example a WordPress site or any web page, put it directly on that page and then if you send that link out you can keep all your own style and branding and everything and people can go into a recording directly from there. So really powerful sort of solution in there to keep your own branding and everything and just put it into the places you want and then the custom branding is the custom branded page is actually a dedicated. Page so if you don’t have your own website, but you still want to collect recordings, you can actually do that. This won’t let me do it because I’m already tapped into video recording, but would allow you. I don’t think it’s going to.

Actually, I should say that I don’t think it’s gonna let me do it yet. Well, let me just see a stressor page for a second if you allow. Yeah, I think just because we’re tapped, I’m already. I’m already recording on Zoom. If you’re not recording on zoom this will.

This will automatically work and you can either choose to record audio or video, and I don’t actually know the breakdown of audio and video that people are collecting, but even that alone is a really interesting thing. If we go back, I think we should have one with our recording. It’s like test recorder. You can even see you know that email that came in the duration of that and then the date and then you can actually check the recording as well too. And if you do the analysis, you’re actually going to see all the insights there, which is just a beautiful sort of functionality and.

Talking with something was very complex in the past and making it pretty intuitive, so just something we’re really excited about and excited to be ranking on Google for. And actually seeing being used as well. Yeah, that that’s very that’s very crucial.

0:09:15 – Speaker – 5
It’s like the one equation you said. The one part at one point you say is like, what is that breakdown between the audio and video?

0:09:22 – Speaker – 1
That’s very interesting to have those statistics on paper, so anything that you’re thinking that are. You know questions that other people are asking us directly or things that are. Maybe you know, people don’t necessarily know that are in the application or power of the application or things that we just haven’t communicated well that we think anyone who check out this video should actually know. Question minute here. Well I would say that that. We’re not finding communicating well as I have just said.

I’m going to repeat myself here, but the way that we give people the ability to to. Sensitize their own. Categories in the in are named Entity Recognition system. It’s. It it? It’s there, we, we do I confirm formulated right now, but so The thing is that we would like it to be crowdsourced, where not that you’re creating your you can can always create your custom category of course.

But ability to. Provide examples and well what we have right now. 10 to 15 different categories. From arts to brands to to even names of people it just. It doesn’t.

It’s not always what is like, it’s it’s a big investment to make to just to think through a category and actually compose it. And that investment doesn’t really pay off until you create and you it’s it’s a. It’s a long term investment where. Where reward of finding something that is very peculiar that is adherent to particular as we call it category. His. No, I think it’s good point and I think it’s interesting part we talked about.

You know we were talking about yesterday. What was the what is like that? I forget the exact word. You said that so. But like the value of the value metric that we’re looking for.

So like. You know we talked about in the beginning. We speak. We only had audio and video and so it was like how much audio and video minutes are in the system because that means that you’re investing in it and and everything there. And then the second part became OK.

Now we’ve got text, so we can’t necessarily use that as as the metric. So one of those things that we were looking at was like the amount of words that are actually within the system. Because it’s like the transcription and then the actual text that you’ve written in. But then we have this sort of situation where we run into the embeddable audio and video recorder where it not everyones analyzing right away. So now we’ve got another gap, so now it’s like is the metric as as much media files as possible, whether it’s audio, video and text, because then we know that there’s like as you’re talking about and there’s an investment made in the system, and it’s a sign that there’s being value built.

And then there’s always also knowledge being built in there too. And then I think you’re saying a really valuable point here is like. We get very excited about named Entity entity recognition and extracting all this information, but not everyone gets excited about that, especially the technical part. But if we can reduce the friction of getting the insights back. That’s what will excite people if they don’t have to think about it.

But then all of a sudden something really valuable comes. That’s where speak actually grows in delivering value to our users. So I think we’re having. This is an important discussion and appreciate the insight to. Yeah, this is like the point.

0:13:05 – Speaker – 5
He said he’s like the long term investment, right? And what I see in terms of the business? It’s like the win win situation for the Speak and the customers to the users too. So it’s like, for example, a couple of companies in last few weeks. Created their categories and you know, analyze those media and also Tyler spent his own time to create the categories for them.

So what they see as a value in like once they once in any product like once a user see the value, the pricing usually doesn’t matter is like we at you know it speaker also pay for a couple of applications which is like you know sort of expensive in terms of the pricing. But what is the more important user is like the value metrics and that changed quite a lot in like every month I would say. Because we add a new solutions, new features and. And yeah we have to revaluate those things and that was very straightforward last year. It’s like because we just had like the audio and video and like you just have to track the minutes.

0:14:01 – Speaker – 2
That’s it. But it’s getting more complex complexity,

0:14:06 – Speaker – 1
yeah, but I understood well one thing about those there’s. Right, yeah, go ahead.

0:14:14 – Speaker – 3
One thing about those valuation metrics is that counting how many videos for how many audio, how many words even is not as indicative of how much value we generated with the system. We’re not a a library to upload and download videos, not YouTube, but where we’re instead of trying to. What we’re delivering value through the insights? Well, no, that actually. Insights are just a medium.

The breakthroughs that we that we increase chances of getting this is what really is valuable and this is how do you like?

0:14:48 – Speaker – 1
Measure that it’s a good question and through interactions should be quite see that tuition.

0:14:54 – Speaker – 5
If you change equation that just changed the whole perspective. If you if you start considering the the value as a breakthrough, that will change the game. If you consider the value as the insights. So if you phrase that question differently.

0:15:10 – Speaker – 3
That will change a lot. So what would be the question game question? What was the better question? So now like the one I just want to add this one part that we talk about sometimes as we talk about data being the ground level like in talking about like abstraction is we. You know you upload the information data and analytics and then insights and breakthroughs so you know what you’re asking there Tim is like. How do we if our metric was as many insights that we generated?

You know, great, that’s wonderful. We’ve produced thousands of insights based on all the uploads, but how many of those were useless and how many of those are valuable? And how can we actually even measure that? That’s the challenge that I’m seeing here as well. To like, there’s not this interaction part,

0:16:02 – Speaker – 5
but is there development? Do you consider the number of insight is as as a value metrics? So let me just give you a few example. So who’s gonna watch this video? So for example, for this app here in Zapier they do the different types of integrations and their value metrics is number of steps. So the bottom line is like grow with your customer, right? That’s a that’s a close bottom line for any product, any company who are running into the market.

So if you don’t grow with your customer, you are dead in a year or two, year, 10 years, right? So let’s go back to the example. So what’s happier? Does is like they have the plan and the pricing and the value based on the steps. So when you see the more value you are more than happy to pay for that right?

Because you want to grab more integrations to presents. One more example risk here, right? They have the the value metrics as a number of videos. Like if you satisfy videos and if you like no this is working. I can see more analytics.

I want to share more right? So their value metrics is number of videos and they will it just gonna grow with their customer. So is that if we consider come back to the point is like is that the insights as the value metrics? If it is then we have to think in that direction. If it is not as like I don’t know if that’s the right question.

We ask in terms of which inside are valuable and which are not.

0:17:17 – Speaker – 3
If that is the value metrics, well we can valuable valuable insights are the only ones that.

0:17:22 – Speaker – 1
Actually provoke you for a thought for something that Sparks a new idea that’s valuable and practical or creates action like what you’re talking about Tim. Like if you say you actually push that. Just as an example to a Trello card, that means we produce something in unstructured data that was so valuable that an action was taken and pushed. But there’s people probably, and I’m now I’m guilty because I’m talking for myself, but I’m seeing actions or needs in my own dashboard and I’m taking that action without any indicator. There’s no way for. Us to get that feedback that that was valuable, except that I tell that’s all.

Or I tell Tim. And unless we have that level of interaction with our users were not going to know that either. There’s a gap here and maybe this is precisely the to close the gap.

0:18:07 – Speaker – 3
It’s about creating a new media, so for example, as soon as you got that new idea and you have shared that with that, so we were supposed to make it as easy as possible with to create a node. Well, we do have that button, but to create a little 1010 seconds clip to just say hey well, this is what it means to me. If if two to ease the ability to create a new media and create, here is the keyboard creation of any kind of thing is that the Trello card or is it a note? Or is it recording that came out of the dashboard and evaluating that? Quite technically it’s just seeing how many clicks or how many directions were made with.

The targeted card targeted any size or the intent,

0:18:51 – Speaker – 1
intent list items or their award in Word cloud. Question what do you guys value more? Or is it the same a creation directly in the system for an import exactly? That’s what I’m just going to ask that questions like what is more important that internal triggers or external triggers?

0:19:09 – Speaker – 5
And in my view that’s like the board. Things are important. It’s like we don’t have to see either its internal or external. We have to see the bottom layer is like either they upload or they create is like the the source can be thousands of actions right? Or you might going for a walk you you listen something. Because it’s like, oh, I want I want to do something.

I want to record and I want to share, right? Or that can be any breakthroughs. You are writing something on, speak notes or you maybe see something on the dashboard is like,

0:19:38 – Speaker – 3
oh, that is interesting. So it’s like there are thousand resources are more than that. This is precisely the segmentation that we will see. If you want to share a, for example. If you want to share in a thought about walking talk, your recording is thought thanks to Justin in the recording. That and sharing that as a sharing that with everybody through a post in WordPress or otherwise. It’s this is just one of the values that are Jack of all the trades offers now.

The other values. Of course, the generation of ideas in the dashboard and it’s it’s own thing, so tracking all of that is important, but we just have to have to segment what the value are we offering. Is it the transcription? You know additional transcription and getting 100% transcripts, or is it something like sharing and this is also so all of them are important.

0:20:25 – Speaker – 1
It’s in. It’s hard like maybe that some of the work that needs to happen, which is the segmentation ’cause again this person. You know these wonderful people who are uploading all these embeddable recorders very different value metric than there have, like their value metric is I successfully captured that recording from my, you know, the testimonial or student or whoever it is who are actually making those recordings. As long as that successful and they got no complaints from the end user of that embeddable recorder. We’ve delivered immense value for them, so like that’s just something to think about. And then I ask that question, not really knowing the answer, but like for me creating a note internally in speak is extremely valuable, but then also when I automatically import.

An email through Slack that is extremely valuable, like and I know we have now more users. We have another user who has connected his email with Outlook or his speak with outlook and is automatically pulling in emails to analyze. I’m guessing that that is probably as valuable for him is when he creates notes because now it’s automatic analysis and he’s getting insights without even having to do anything. So yeah, just thought that’s that’s interesting.

0:21:33 – Speaker – 1
OK, OK, that was fine. I didn’t know that was going to be part of discussion. I know you know. Will try to keep this in time here ’cause I know we’ve all got lots of stuff to do. Is there anything that you wanted you to have priorities that you want to make sure that we do touch on in these next couple of minutes?

0:21:50 – Speaker – 3
OK go ahead vessel. Yeah the the quarter four report to just who might not get or whoever might be the new users or who might see watch this video

0:21:58 – Speaker – 5
later on so it’s like can you talk a little bit about the quarter four report like you know what you have published and what its PKI has done in terms of the business side technical side investment side. So what’s going on there?

0:22:12 – Speaker – 1
Yes, give me one second, I’m going to pull this up quickly on the on the screen so we can make sure that like there’s a little bit of a. A visual reference to this as well too. I’m going to make sure I never like to share on my normal browser ’cause people see the amount of Chrome extensions I have, so I always have to go into Incognito. But one second here I should have this popping up. Looks like weekend. You can hear me everything.

I’m sharing the right screen again. I always get nervous about this. Yes, good quarter for updates. So these know this was interesting. We had a little bit of a delay on this one, this time for a couple of reasons, but it’s still got a note before the end of the month and sent this out.

We send this out through our wonderful email system, active campaign and then share it as a web page. At least the preview and then people can actually check out the entire report. We do put a lot of work into this. This is a ton of fun every month and we know that there actually are a lot of people. Who do enjoy reading this?

So a little new update on the cover and then really, you know trying to get better every single time. So just one note. We didn’t have much of a celebration about this, but January night speak was two years old.

0:23:20 – Speaker – 2
Yeah exactly yeah, that’s a big accomplishment today. You know most companies you know what most,

0:23:25 – Speaker – 1
but it’s a 90% failure rate. I believe in the first 2 years of a business so we’ve made it through. You know, a large milestone already and that makes me very happy to be here with you guys.

0:23:35 – Speaker – 5
That is not a part of the talk, but like OK so any any thoughts where we going for the celebration?

0:23:41 – Speaker – 2
Are we going to outside the country? Yeah, yeah. Migration is like speaking are doing anything outside the country. We deserve something I feel like, yeah, let’s let’s we. Well let’s let’s let’s figure that out.

0:23:55 – Speaker – 1
’cause I think you know this has been a lot of work and you know you know that’s where you and I have been banging this out for two years. And Timothy. I mean, it’s been even. You’ve been here for quite awhile now and then, yeah, and we’ve all worked very hard on this. Not just you know, hours during the week, but I know we all think about this outside of work. We think about it on the weekends we this is this is not just work for us.

We care deeply about this is as passionate stuff. So I thank you all for them sharing that same passion with me. And anyone who does watch this, you know, two years ago, if I knew that the cyst I told vastly, they like what I envisioned from the start and to actually have a system. I know we still have gripes with it, and we still get frustrated sometimes, but it is so easy all close, exactly like it is close to this original vision. And when you create a note and all the sudden insight pops up and I see organize, here’s the team members that I just put in the note in there right there.

Like I, it makes my heart like it makes me want emotional sometimes because it’s like it is extremely beautiful and so thank you for all your work. Everyone here you know who has helped us along this journey. It really. It really does mean a lot and I think as a part of the quarterly update, just this re share the screen is that it’s like a thank you. Like thank you for supporting us and like you know,

0:25:07 – Speaker – 2
we’re still here. We’re still doing this. We’re working hard and you won’t spend too much time on this.

0:25:12 – Speaker – 1
But I think there’s been some really interesting parts that if you, if anyone is actually interested in sharing reports, is watching this more from their own perspective as a company,

0:25:21 – Speaker – 2
is that we’ve learned a lot.

0:25:22 – Speaker – 1
This is only, I believe, issue #3. But because of the feedback that we’ve gotten, we’ve actually learned a lot. So one of the things is like do a little summary of the company right at the start. Even if the messaging is actually changing. Even if anything is shifting that helps people just get a reminder of like what you’re doing.

And if you are making any changes, it just has a little bit of that impact. And then I thought one of the amazing recommendations we got from a wonderful man named Ricardo Wagner from Microsoft is said put testimonials at the top like don’t keep talking about yourself. Talk about people who are actually using the platform. And paying for the platform and what they think of it. And so to have some really awesome testimonials that was really exciting and it just helps people also format the you know what this actually is and then a couple

0:26:07 – Speaker – 2
won’t spend too much time.

0:26:08 – Speaker – 1
Well I’ll share this page out under the actual video, but like we saw an awesome increase in revenue so that’s always wonderful. As a business. You know that’s always a great thing to see. I know a lot of that coming through software, and of course some other stuff coming through analytics implementations and stuff, but it shows you know that there’s an adoption and trust with us and we’re going to continue to grow that. And then I think all of us were excited over 40 countries that have actually signed up for speak, and that’s a really exciting part that that that we see here.

Like I didn’t know that,

0:26:38 – Speaker – 2
and that’s a lot of people from a lot of places.

0:26:40 – Speaker – 1
Hello to everyone from different countries whose tuning in this or who’s actually seeing a couple things that you know just feature basis there. But then also, you know talked about this interview that we had with Y Combinator, which was an amazing moment. Pretty chilling story of like a year. Exactly year later getting the interview going through that process, preparing it for hearing these horror stories of like these interviews are the worst 10 minutes of your life that you’re going to ever have an then that I’ll never

0:27:05 – Speaker – 2
forget doing the interview and seeing one minute and I’m like, oh, we’re one minute into the interview and it was like, no, there’s one minute left in the Internet. So you know, like amazing moment that I’ll never forget, and you know, even though we didn’t, you know they didn’t ask us to come. We got some incredible feedback.

0:27:23 – Speaker – 1
The interview actually went well and I think it was an amazing learning learning while I’m actually not sure if there’s anything you want to add there,

0:27:31 – Speaker – 5
it was a great learning lessons and like I just want to touch upon what you said is like, you know, speaking and go through the OK as every year and we also did on the on the 22nd October 2019 and on that day we wrote on on on the whiteboards like we will apply for the Y component. See if we can. Correct the the interview for that so you know and at the same exact after next one year on the same October 22nd 2020, we received an email from the YC for the interview invitation. So that’s either the commitment that sees the discipline that says the. You know, it’s like how much we speak.

0:28:07 – Speaker – 1
Everyone is working hard to provide the solution and the solve the problem for the users so that that means a lot. Ticket also comes down to that, and I know Timothy you have a lot of love for this too, but just like the power of writing and like manifestation as well too is like putting something down and then like seeing that come to life and doing that intentional work. And I know as we’ve done OK are sometimes it feels like a lot, but every single quarter we’ve gotten better and more precise and deliver and prioritize what we’re doing better and that that makes me very excited just to see moments like that where it’s like sometimes you’re like is this even working and then it’s like.

0:28:45 – Speaker – 2
You have something like that, so I won’t spend too much more time on that. Check out that page, I’ll send it out,

0:28:50 – Speaker – 1
but just like thank you, everyone who’s allowed us to, you know, even get this far with, you know with everything that we’re doing, you know we put a lot of work into software and it’s hard to hard to do sometimes. But we were here still will send a link out. There’s a doc send link to with the entire report if you want to check that out, but thank you very much everyone. OK, got a couple more minutes left here. I have a couple of things that we maybe won’t get through all of this here.

Let’s let’s try to keep this 12:45 so we’ll keep it 45 minutes today at the latest and what I’m looking at that list that we talked about. So there was a little bit on there was UI and UX with Tim and I talked about a little bit, but I don’t know if you want to talk anymore. There was, that’s all you’ve done. Some pricing research. I’m not sure if you want to share any insights on that, but very fascinating stuff.

And really, there’s only one other part about Helper Reporter out, which I’m interested in, but might not be as valuable. The only other thing that we didn’t touch on that so was this transcript editor were asking quickly about. Yeah, so maybe that’s what you want to talk about this, and I’ll actually share the screen so you can. So we just to show that update in the transcription editor and see how that actually works. ’cause this is, this has been a question and frustration that we that we’ve actually had.

0:30:06 – Speaker – 2
So let’s start with the frustration here.

0:30:09 – Speaker – 5
So like if you go to the transcript and we have more than 550 users now and the first question, sometimes we get is like can we edit the transcript on speaker? I do you guys provide that you know functionality and we were so smart we we give a feature is like hey guys just double click you know it’s like just double click and you can edit the transcript and that an an we end up with like that was the dumbest you know decisions we ever made it’s like. You know we’re living in 2021. We are giving like double click an update. The transcript? That’s what. So simple, right? It’s like no. You have to make things damn simple.

Put the buttons, put the labels so they can understand how does how the system works right? It’s like yes, sometimes you have to be a smart, but sometimes you have to be a. I don’t know. It’s like yeah, so we put a button called edit transcript on top of the transcription and Tyler just click that. If it is a longer video it might take. A couple of seconds. But here Timothy is like done.

Amazing job, you can see on the left hand side under the video player where you can go over and you know play, pause, forward, backward and there’s one more thing I would love to cover here. Who’s gonna watch the transcript later? Part is like the loop. So the loop concept is like if you are editing any sentence it’s gonna just keep playing into that loop so you can look on and off so you can make sure that whatever you’re transcribing is perfect and let’s jump onto the Tyler on the speaker part. So what you see is like spoken by two, so that’s a system. Identify the speaker ID and you can assign, let’s say the Tyler Brighton Becauses like speaker and if you enter it will ask you to change all the names from 2 to Tyler an if you say yes, you can see all the number two will change to the Taylor Brighton.

0:32:02 – Speaker – 2
Do we have anymore? Sure let’s try #3 or #1.

0:32:05 – Speaker – 1
We can see lots of #3 this might be someone else but just to just to just because.

0:32:11 – Speaker – 2
Beautiful, perfect and you can see total 369 speaker change from 3 to Tyler Brighton so it’s sort of a long transcription almost one hour long video and a couple

0:32:22 – Speaker – 5
of things over here to say there’s like if you go to the find and replace, that’s the easiest thing. If you are trying to replace any specific name. Any company details. Alexa search Tyler. And just search to find yeah and you will see total eight matches and we’re still working on that where you can go and drag and drop and you know you can see all the various exactly talaris mentioned, so we’re still trying to improve every single day the transcription.

But we always think about what is the first thing we can give as a value to our users. So this is the part. And if you want to add the transcription we have beautiful plus and plus button so you can add if you want to breakdown the transcription into the small. Start time, end time. If you want to merge let’s say OK, Justin if you want to merge with the sentences, that’s also you can do by deleting that card and the last thing I want to cover is like you can see that black play button tire is like if you guys click that it’s going to play into the loop just in how I’m doing and how you again this like that part.

So yeah I think so.

0:33:28 – Speaker – 2
Tim if you want to add anything. Yeah Timothy Timothy was the huge force behind this so Tim if you have any thoughts that you want to add. Like thank you so much for building.

0:33:38 – Speaker – 1
This is a beautiful, beautiful system. It really is incredible. Well,

0:33:42 – Speaker – 3
I’m glad it does. Is that we do have customers for this and that it’s actually useful. The only thing I was. More than more than excited about is to actually. Scale it up an hour. Human transcription service is something that.

Enabling you to do just that is to just outsource it. If if there is nothing to, if there is. If there’s nothing to be embarrassed by in your media, I tested that on one of my personal home videos. Now that wasn’t it, but it was embarrassing before the person who gave feedback later.

0:34:27 – Speaker – 2
Anyway, if you have no problem with sharing your videos,

0:34:31 – Speaker – 3
you can easily transcribe that and providing additional fields like speaker names would enable. Would enable a remote work for us to a human person to actually know what is your name and so the transport will will perfectly well will indicate that an Glossary is something that I did find 2. You know many things that, between many things that we say between accents and. And I mean not only accents, but really. The styles of speech are different. Ann and I found Tyler and Tyler.

You speak like a true Canadian and it’s. So I just wanted to ask you that.

0:35:20 – Speaker – 5
So how for the users this Glossary part can help and how the speaker name so how they can add they can add into the random order or like you know how? How does that work?

0:35:31 – Speaker – 1
Can you talk more about in that direction? Sure, well the order part is important because after all names may sometimes be feminine and muscle in meaning that you don’t really know who’s speaking fast and in the

0:35:47 – Speaker – 3
media as it goes. So the order is important. You may as well start with somebody who’s if you do not really know, start with somebody who. Hosts the interview or whatever the type of media it is. It’s better to start with a name for people who with the with the name of the person who spoke first with. Now with grocery cart. Brand names are often, especially if it’s not a really well known company may be missed out very easily, so it’s worth saying that’s PKI is spelled speak AI and not anyone anywhere any other different way.

And actually, that’s all we. I I but. If you know if you know that you’re utilizing some custom wording or keywords that you’re utilizing in, I know I know a couple of families who are actually who have like 3 languages. They just speak through German, French and English and all together and half and half Norwegian in Seoul just mixed up and they talk an actually interested if we’d be able to. We have desires to support many other languages and be more inclusive to our customers.

But it’s it’s in the road map, right? Additional instructions is something that of course you can. You can mention that not to not to transcribe anything that somebody just. Shouted in the background or or just the other person. If you don’t really love that person.

0:37:29 – Speaker – 2
Um? No, that didn’t came out very well. I’d like to visit, is it mandatory to input this very diff like someone want to transcribe the media?

0:37:39 – Speaker – 3
Or like it’s like just the optional at speakers like is it mandatory fields when you confirm and pay for that? None of these things are required unless only the speaker name, because at least one person was talking or even if it is not a person. And if it’s was a Siri or Alexa,

0:37:58 – Speaker – 1
please put it there. And I mean and then I mean just to add that what we’re actually trying to do, and I think I can stop sharing that there is like. You know we’re trying to improve the accuracy of the transcript for the final for the final outcome that you get back. So trying to make it as professional as possible and there are real people on the end of this, so you’re actually helping people have a much more enjoyable, easy, intuitive process to get that final accurate transcript, and not only the transcript, but once you get the transcript back, you know you can re analyze it and everything becomes more accurate, so it’s really good for you know, publishing professional content that’s accurate, but it’s also for you know, cleaning data sets for analysis or real research, and that’s you know what we believe is. You know, very exciting, and I think just to add, is like we’ve done it. We’ve. This is a pretty complex process, but we have done our absolute best to make it as intuitive as possible.

It automatically calculates the rate, how long the media is. That’s what generates the pricing. Then we know how long it’s going to actually take. The human transcriber, and we built everything around that, and so this process that used to be very difficult, and maybe that you would only get a very simplistic for example Word document back now you get the power of speaking this amazing engine with also accurate transcriptions all. In this very intuitive way, so it’s a huge addition to our system.

I’m very excited about, and you know, maybe we’ll cut this clip and share this out specifically, ’cause this is just one more part under the transcript,

0:39:23 – Speaker – 5
right? Is like the question you might ask, is like, why should I transcribed? Why should I request for the human transcription already paid for this automatic transcription and the couple of things you might want it to go through that flow is number one is like you want to. What tire size like you need more clean data set. You need more clean. The insights from the transcription right there might be sometimes because of your accent that the company name the person name might reflect a little bit off, so that might help you to get more insight.

The second point you might need the human transcription because if you want to share on the WordPress or if you want to generate a report if you are putting in your research. If you’re putting in your units like the company UI, UX research or any any stuff you are doing so that helps you a lot to get more accurate transcription with the speaker identification. And a tired bodies like a few Publix on the let’s say the word press you can put below the whole transcription so any few if we will cover the WordPress part we already covered into the first. Group by. You can put the whole transcription below your media, so that helps you a lot with the pure insides.

So these are the couple of reasons why you might be interested to try that solution. So yeah, if you want to add anything,

0:40:35 – Speaker – 2
no no, I think that’s kind of my thing,

0:40:37 – Speaker – 1
but will do once everything maybe in the next office hours will do a screen share of the setting up that WordPress integration ’cause that is beautiful and powerful and doesn’t make just speak the input system. It makes it the output system for publishing and content. And like you said the embeddable player and then the transcript has a ton of benefits for users who are trying to grow or. Make make a medium or interactive or just accessible and. So that’s all wonderful. We’re at 12:45, so we did a good job here.

Is there anything I have lots of things I want to talk about it, just I think this is. I think we now this is much better than our last one.

0:41:12 – Speaker – 2
I think we’re getting better at this already.

0:41:14 – Speaker – 1
Tim rattles or anything else that you just want to wrap up and say for office hours #2. Timothy, we need to do more air.

0:41:24 – Speaker – 2
But next year, what is AR for anyone who doesn’t?

0:41:30 – Speaker – 3
So commended reality. We’re thinking about the space, you know there is. There is much to say about our abilities as humans to process information spatially. Instead of, you know, reading it off of screen or and visually indeed. But visual processing of information we already sort of looked into this, but data visualization and did our best to show the insights that really under dashboard in a very perceptible way. But at the same time there is very little of this sort of procession off of that an.

To really improve that radically, not just to enhance it slightly. Is to jump into another medium into space an, and if if you know we do have a platform in that owns a quest to which, which is quite a quite a game, yeah, and we would on the technical side, we’d love to. Actually, go ahead and play around with that, because arranging notes in space or even replaying some of the notes with environmental impact played upon you. It’s just something that is in our dreams in varying ideas or feedback. It will be great to hear from anybody who owns owns any of our mix mixed reality, extended reality or augmented virtual reality headsets out there developers would.

Shout out, shout out to us.

0:42:58 – Speaker – 5
That’s a very good trigger point to one of our next office server is like Speak AIA our product and that’s that’s one of the reasons. Like you know, I first invested into the AI’s like yes, that’s the direction we want to go. It just like that at that time. And like, yeah, we’re going to have the our product. I don’t want to commit any timeline, but probably soon that’s what I wanted to say. A lot of thoughts or team of you already covered quite a bit on that, and that might be we will cover into the in the future office hours about this PKI here product.

0:43:31 – Speaker – 1
I’ll just add, you know my view on this is, you know I want this as soon as possible. I love this stuff and like there’s just what Timothy talk about is like this spatial part and I felt it with this half life game we’ve been playing is it’s not. You’re just viewing your feeling, you know, and like we talk about that ultimate goal of speak. Which is breakthroughs. I think that’s how we get so much closer to unlocking breakthroughs as you feel.

The impact of it, and so that gives me goosebumps. And there it makes me so excited. And thank you for bringing that up. Tim. Wonderful, wonderful thing, that’s all.

One last tease here. You showed me something yesterday. I’m very excited about that. He’s just a surprise for our users and they might be.

0:44:16 – Speaker – 5
Yeah, so do you want me to talk about in there? Do you hate to wait one more week?

0:44:22 – Speaker – 2
I’ll wait, we can wait what we’re leaving them hanging. OK alright we’re not going to talk about it today. There’s something coming that is very,

0:44:31 – Speaker – 1
very exciting. So anyone who watch is this will talk about this in the next office hours.

0:44:38 – Speaker – 2
I can’t wait. I’ll shut up before I reveal anything too much, but it is wonderful.

0:44:45 – Speaker – 5
Three, we’re not going to charge anything for that, and it’s so useful for you. I just I just add a little bit more details about that. It’s completely free. Number 1 #2 it’s a one right click and you can fetch anything onto the speak. And that’s what I only can say will see into the next office servers.

What is that? Ask the next office hour video and and don’t miss that.

0:45:11 – Speaker – 2
OK, don’t ruin it. I see you’re opening your mouth. Do you even know this company even though I don’t know? I have no idea, but but I can guess here.

0:45:19 – Speaker – 3
My guess is that it’s. I’m not going to reveal anything here, but this is something that may enable users like me an you to incorporate, incorporate, speak into their workflow. Without changing it too much and experience the impact of speak. Through everything that you’re doing already,

0:45:45 – Speaker – 2
yeah, that’s a very good idea. No more OK, OK, we’re done. This is a wonderful office hours, so I’m going to shut off this recording.

0:45:54 – Speaker – 1
But thank you to anyone who’s watching this tuning in this, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Thank you very much for all the support. Thank you everyone. 



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