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NEW STRAND ASPECTS ARE A PROBLEM.. (LMAOOO!) Automated Transcript By Speak

Youtube. What’s going on? Welcome back to the channel. My name is today we got three new strand aspects to take a look at on the warlock. We have, we walk on the time we have a banner of war. And lastly, the Hunter has whirling Maelstrom.So I’m gonna take these strand aspects into Crucible, a private match here on the brand new map. And we’re gonna take a look at how they behave against players. Now, for starters, let’s take a look at the warlock, one called Dodge while airborne to enter a weave, gaining damage resistance from combatants and players reactivate your air dodge or cast your rift to exit the weave. So I’m curious, what does the damage resistance look like against players?

I’m gonna pair this with weavers call. That seems kind of like the best way to pair it with. So one thing for sure that I know is that this dodge is actually tied to your malleability. You’ll go ahead and see right now, the bottom left icon is where the male is at every time I dodge this effect. You can see that my cool is going up. We are in mayhem. So we’re gonna just try to span this ability, see what it can do against a player. Now, my buddy here has a 1 40 hand cannon. He has a snap rifle and a thunder Lord. He’s gonna try to shoot some damage at me to see what my character does. Essentially. Now, a couple of things I wanna show you first is that the aspect states, it’s a dodge but it’s not. So if I’m in the air and I go left and dodge, I just stay in the same spot. If I go forward and dodge, I don’t really have any momentum. So unfortunately, this ability does not behave like Acres Dash whatsoever. And I know many players probably wanted that including myself. We want more movement options. So this is really one of those things, you kind of just wanna pop around the corner to be safe.

Now you do have to press dodge again while midair to get rid of that effect right now. That that’s out of the way. Let’s go ahead and see what the dr looks like. Stress hit me with your hand cannon. How much damage are you doing?


Ok. Really? Just shoot your entire clip at me. So Mike Dodge ability doesn’t really go down until you start shooting me. Actually, it does actually generate downwards and then once my last mele charge goes away, I have no option but it goes and I have to wait until I get a Melichar again. So the more Melita you have, I’m guessing the more damage resistance you will experience as well. Let’s grab max stack and see what your sniper eo does next. All right. Snipe me, slip me again.


You have a thunder load, right? Yeah, I do. I pray for you, man. Here I go.

Five, five per

bullet, five per bullet. Did you run out of ammo there or you just stop? Yeah. Yeah. No, that was 25. 0 my God, you run

out of power, Amel before you killed me.

Are you serious? Yeah. Do you have your super?

Yeah, I do. You wanna try it?

I don’t wanna see this. Ok. It’s a two hit but I still tank one. That’s crazy though. I still tank one. The balance part about this obviously is that I can’t shoot my guns or anything in the middle of this effect. I have to escape the weave to be able to shoot my guns again. Although your guns do ready up pretty quickly. Now I showed you the other aspect why I kind of like because you have to pop a rift as well to cancel the weave. So if I do that here, you can see right now I send 10 of them and that really synergize with those threading bels. So it seems kind of scary. People can just kind of pop this ability around the corner, just kind of tanks of sniper shots get a little bit closer. Like, what would you do? Like, I’m, I’m pushing you right now. What do you do, bro? Do? You just probably get away and then when you get away, I just swap back to my primary and you’re dead. You know, it’s kind of crazy. I wanna see what it’s like against other supers as well. Can you switch to like gathering storm? This super is essentially a thunder crash whenever you’re ready. Tell me. All right, I got it. Ok. Well, I tank the initial attack. So if I feel like a super is gonna be attacking me, maybe I can get away. So let’s see a real game play scenario.

Do you have your super? All right, I got it. All right. So on go, I wanna see like a real game play scenario. If I can like panic dodge and like tank your super. So you give me a count on. All right to go. When you say go, you’re gonna pop,

ok? You ready? Yeah. 321 go powers.

So I can just instantly go to Dr mode. Isn’t that crazy? Like it’s if you wanna me, I just panic and get the Dr and tank your super. That’s kind of messed up.

I mean it, it pops really quick.

I wanna see another example because that’s one of the fastest supers right there. The gathering storm is one of the fastest panic pops in the game. If I can time and dodge and like survive that attack, just do it directly on me. So I will jump in the air. So if you want to get hired, so you can actually hit me with it. You can, I will just stand still. Give me a countdown. I I will jump by the way, you have to try to hit me.

Ok. 321 go.

Ok. Wait, I still died. You that time. So maybe you cannot panic, pop. It’s kind of inconsistent. Probably not worth doing it. You want to have the wave walk already activated before the super even hits you. That seems like the way to go. We’ll try one last time. So this time I’m gonna pro the, the we walk and hit, let him hit me directly. Go ahead. Ok. So I can’t tank your super thankfully so completely broken. But when it comes against primary weapons specials and heavy ammo, like this thing can tank all of it. Let’s try to test out. I don’t know, like with a hoard and igneous. All right. Let’s try one with a horn on the floor now. Oh my

God. That’s insane. What it ran out before a, are you kidding me with the horses? Insane. And crucible.

Now let’s do a direct impact

nine per tick

eventually. Oh my God. I asked, dude. No way. Not even a bubble time can survive with a horn or a warlock with. Well,

that’s insane. Wow. All right. So now we’re going to test times four is on this. Go ahead. Ok. You killed me.

2 14. Exactly. Just enough. All right. So

that’d be crazy if I could take that. Yeah, that’s, that’s pretty much it for that strand. But let’s go check out the other one. All right, next up is going to be the hunter. Let’s go ahead and take a look what the aspect to whiling Mastro does. Destroying a tango will weave a violent writhing mass of strand fivers. The strand mass seeks out and damages targets, emitting unraveling projectiles when it defeats them. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what this appears to be inside of end game. So I’m gonna grab myself woven mill, make a tangle on the spot and now I just have to destroy it. So I’m gonna wait for Sras to get near it. I’m curious to see how this behaves. All right.

Yo, that is so sick. It’s literally a baby flies where you can

tangle to it too. OK. That is so sick and it lasts a while, bro. I

took the helmet off so you can do it again,

bro. All right. So I want you to jump in the air. I wanna see how it behaves. It’s not that fast. Oh It’s going

for you. My guy. You. That is so epic. I love it so much.

Oh My God. That makes me wanna play Hunter even more. All right, let’s do this again. I’m gonna take a look at what the damage looks like on this. If you just stand right on it, it appears that if I shoot the tangle, you still take explosion damage as well. And it looks pretty normal for a tangle. Yeah, dude, this thing, it is so sick. I love that. I love it so much. Let’s go ahead and check what happens if I throw it at an enemy rather than shoot it. Oh My God. That is epic

dude. You keep throwing at people,

throw it out of the zone.

It’s going up in the sky box.

All right. What happens if you shoot my own tangle? I does it become yours? We’re about to find out right now. It does become the enemies. That’s crazy. Oh That is sick. So you can throw it, you can shoot it. The enemy can make it their own. That’s awesome. That’s pretty much it. That’s all they can really say about this new Hunter aspect. It seems really good in PV. Is gonna destroy like a bunch of ads that are grouped up together. Um In Crucible, it seems pretty effective considering its speed and the damage that it can put out. I like that you can tangle to it. There’s really not much else to say about it. You just do the uh unraveling projectiles, you know, focus on just defeating a bunch of ads. It’s pretty sick. I like that. It’s probably my favorite one right now? All right. The last character is going to be the berserker. Let’s go ahead and read what banner of war does defeat a target with a me attack finisher or sword to raise a banner of war that pulses with energy periodically healing nearby allies that includes yourself and increasing mee and sword damage targets, defeated by you and nearby allies charge the banner, increasing the speed of it pulses.

All right. So it’s kinda cool. You gotta kill. You can’t see it yourself except for the radius of when your teammates are nearby. Whenever I emote, you can see the little banner over you. Now, even when I get max stack, which is four, I can’t one shot me anybody. One good thing to note is that you don’t need a charge as well to get that ability propped as I’ll show you right now that increased my banner of war and I can go all the way up to times four, the speed of the pulses obviously increases. Now, Gilby here, my editor is going to get weakened and he’s going to show you his HP BAR going up by this banner of war. So one is pretty slow, but I can get myself Max Stax and then we can show Gil’s HP Bar again. All right, we have max speed on this. All right. That’s the max pulse. It goes by pretty fast too, but that’s pretty much it. I mean, it seems pretty solid in PV. I don’t see this being a problem inside a crucible, especially considering the fact that you do have to get a mele kill. Um, again, it can be a basic melech charge. At least when you have the, um, the effect already.

Let’s go ahead and test, uh, if it’s just a normal punch, let me let the cool down go away. Yeah, so even just a normal punch uncharged will give you a banner of war. So that’s pretty nice. Makes it a little bit more forgiving to use inside a PV. It’s gonna increase your melly damage and your sword damage. I can see this pretty effective in some close range, close quarters combat inside a PV. But as for Crucible, nothing really crazy about this one, that’s for sure.

NEW STRAND ASPECTS ARE A PROBLEM.. (LMAOOO!) was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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