NELK BOYS make a gym transformation!

Interested in NELK BOYS make a gym transformation!? Check out the video and automated transcript from the Speak Ai team for NELK BOYS make a gym transformation!!

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NELK BOYS make a gym transformation! YouTube Video

NELK BOYS make a gym transformation! YouTube Video Description








NELK BOYS make a gym transformation! Automated Transcript By Speak

Back to note two, you guys have been seeing what I’ve been doing on my Instagram. They’re trying to go hard on this on a fucking transformation in the gym.I’ve always been like kind of a month serious in the gym and then I fuck off for two weeks and then I go hard for two weeks and then I fuck off for a week. I’ve never gone to that second phase or third phase. I always just kind of like make a little bit of gains and then fuck off and stuff. And that’s just, I think a lot because of our lifestyle. We obviously have happy dad. So we’re drinking, we’re partying, you know, we’re eating bad on the road and stuff like that. But that’s all excuses. There’s obviously a way to do it. We’re gonna do once a week. We’re going to upload a workout video on this two channel just for you guys to see, hopefully inspires you guys. And also the main thing is why it’s because it puts more pressure on me because I’ve fucking said I’m going to do this so many times, I’m sick of pulling sixes. I want to pull eight and up consistently straight up.

So I got my boy, Jeff Gloria, he’s from Canada. I’m gonna bring him on the road when I travel and then I have a dope oc trainer Norman that you’ll meet, we’re gonna hit the all gym today. My pet peeve was guys that wear a, in the gym, like you’re at Equinox and it’s just like the best looking guy in the gym is like wearing like an AO hat and it’s just like, what are you trying to prove, dude? You know what I mean? Like go to the fucking Nike store, buy a dry fit shirt and put it on and go to the gym. I’ve met a lot of fucking

idiots that wear alo

hats. If you see a guy in a alo hat, stay the fuck

away from me. That

chances are he’s a fucking, I, you think I’m gonna wear an alo hat? We gotta go. I mean, I only wear Happy dad hats, right? Kyle Kyle. I have it. I was telling everyone how much I wanted some allo gear too. So this is dope. You got it.

You should so fire, bro. So comfortable.

Thanks. So is this like a private


Yeah, so we only do just training one on one. No one really in the gym decides who training at that hour? Yeah, we keep it all very exclusive. No one really knows where this is. It’s like a bubble store. So it’s like everyone’s like, where the hell is this?

Yeah, this looks like one of those gyms that you just got an absolute sweat in there. Like, maybe

some more shit. But this is you guys right now

it’s like Christmas.

You looked it

up. Yeah, I got you guys. See how long you can last on the spot afterwards.

That’s what’s the

temperature? Like, one’s 45 one’s 55. That’s like a bathtub for me,

bro. We gonna have to train here to really every word that we’re starting off with the run after that back squats. Different type of squats. It’s a leg day. Everyone’s

always telling me to hit legs. So we thought first thing we’ll do legs cap routine.

We’re keeping secret because that’s worth millions of dollars one

day. I’ll release it. Maybe good.

That’s on my mission now. Huh?

Leg there

or what? No, I’m hitting shoulders to warm up. It’s a warm up, bro. Don’t film shit. I’m, I’m doing heavy weight. They have 75 so they’re 75. Just do the max and all jam. I

think that it’s great.

What number is that? Fuck

boys. Maybe back to discuss here.

Is that? There you go. 32, that’s it. Little

handcuffs. E you watch this, right? What number is that?

77? Let’s go. Well, go

put up seventies on incline. 10 reps, three sets broke the internet. Like everyone’s like this kid’s on trend. This kid’s stronger than Kyle like it’s fucking,

it’s crazy. Drop a like in a comment if Stein should jump in on a workout with me, I’m more

heavy lifting. He does his like cardio shit. Like I would never low key, I would never be at a G I’m more of a goals gym. You know, you gotta work with what you got. But yeah, I’m heavy lifting on. So

see if the thing you got a breed under you, right? You can’t control.

Actually. Usually you can’t, if you haven’t pumped in a while and this is a silver pump, you’re fucked right away to the A gym just to get GMS from birds. You

ever heard the, the Polo Ralph Lauren coffee before? You might even like saying that? No, I’m serious.

How good is it? The guy says he doesn’t go to the all gym and then says, have you ever had the Polo

Ralph Lauren coffee? It’s a little but Ralph


dude, what the fuck? This is

fun if we actually started this and posted once a week and we got jacked, people would be so shocked. We just can’t look like idiots that. So we need your boys to keep us accountable. That’s why we’re doing this. If we don’t upload like on a week, it might be a day late sometimes, you know how it is. We don’t hire editors that don’t fuck. So sometimes our editors will be out partying and fucking. So that’s why the videos are sometimes times a day late. We don’t upload on a week. You guys got a bus bm me. Comment on my shit like call me a pussy. This is five years of growness Corona has 13 g of carbs. You’re happy. That is too.

She’s gonna run here at a high speed, eight MPH. Then you can do a heavy slide push, then you’re just gonna do box shows.

So I have to go push that way. Can do a little

bit more. Jesus. I say,


great. Oh fuck

you feel the bar of


let’s go. Can you call me, baby? Yeah, let’s go.

This is a lot. We got 300.

Let’s take a workout today. There you go.

There you go. There you go.

That’s like my aunt 20 bucks.

It’s tough voices sounding like a fucking rabbit. It’s really

tough trying to match Kyle’s energy, you know, he’s really pushing through it. So you’re trying like, because he’s the CEO you never want to warm up

that guy looking like Austin Reeves in grade six. Those box


That’s it. It’s called black. What the fuck is this shit?

Seriously? How many rounds of this shit? Fuck. What the fuck you try to get this guy straight up your mind, bro.

You done more. It’s

really tough. We gotta shred these barrels, boys,

you boys, if you’re watching this join in and I think the more people

we have doing it just get all the boys

shredded today. Someone comments, cos legs are looking big. That’s

how, you know we made it.

But I wanna start wearing a don’t like people


I like baby, I don’t know what to say right now. We’re going back like we turn off fucking bastard.

Come on, baby, baby,

three mile. Let’s

go bad. You fucking white baby. Five

four. Put through to hop up. Good shit. My guys.

What was that? 30

miles an hour go. Let’s go on. She ask for another guy. You can do that. Walk quick, hit him in the chair. He’s like no fucking,

I, I wanted to fire you, dude. What the fuck make you like a bitch

little pump training.

So don’t, don’t bend the legs though.

I refuse to do that in the gym. That’s where I draw

the line. I’m being six

up. Shoot that down.

You might, you might, you might, let’s go straight to,

I’m on a dry. She

was joking before, but I’m actually on a dry

sheet. Now,

I’d say three nights in a row is considered a dry stream in Toronto too. That counts as like nine. It’s tough to

strike out with Toronto. That’s not even in a


I’ve got three in a night. You know that you got three in a day.

Yeah. And one was

get the shot from the

beer though. All right, boys work out complete. Shout out Jeff Gloria Canadian road. Trainer Jeff, whenever I’m back home in Cali, in OC, at the house, I’m like, good on diet. I’m good on working out, you know, because we’re just posted up. But when we’re on the road, it’s not an excuse, it does make it more difficult. Do you know what I’m saying? Like tonight, we gotta go out Saturday, we got to go out and Sunday and like, some of them are like day events too. So obviously that makes it more, not a lot of access to food too. Like, you know, you’re at a bar and like the chicken fingers and pizza and fucking mozzarella sticks come out and you’re fucking hungry or sometimes we’re in a small town and it’s like there’s only a fucking Wendy’s there or something, you know what I mean? So that makes it more difficult, but I just want to get shredded one to prove people wrong two because it feels so good. I think it would inspire a lot of people and I think it would just be good honestly, for business, for myself too, just to like be a better role model.

This is your third, this is like my third official time kind of trying to do this and I always get like like a month or so in or a bit more and then I kind of fall off. So that’s why I think these weekly videos is to really just hold myself accountable. You guys got to fucking help me. I know you guys care about me. So like, comment, fucking DM, like keep me on this shit and you guys should join with me too. If you guys are looking for a time to fucking dial in and get this, let’s uh let’s do it all together, man, dude, there’s never a good time to start, right? Like it’s fucking, let’s just do it, let’s just do it now, man. But yeah, let’s do this. We’re gonna get a little sauna and then let’s head to the cold plunge.

Jesus Christ. Fucking freezing, freezing, bro.

He’s really tight, by the way,

whatever I can get for

free, bro. But he’s

got more money on his boxes than he has every bank account. So, oh you get this in your hands up now. Yeah, I have two


The hands start hurting. Start

going like that

is a hot or no. How are you? That’s how, you know, it’s working though with your hands and

toes going on, right. Yeah. No, no. Yeah. Yeah. There you go.

That’s such a good high. Oh Yeah, it’s awesome.

All right. Now, we gotta somehow get through a

38 and then we wonder why we

don’t get shredded. He was really out, was it? I was just trying to do it doesn’t get done.

NELK BOYS make a gym transformation! was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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