Minecraft But, We Added ITEMS From Different Games…

Interested in Minecraft But, We Added ITEMS From Different Games...? Check out the video and automated transcript from the Speak Ai team for Minecraft But, We Added ITEMS From Different Games...!

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Minecraft But, We Added ITEMS From Different Games… YouTube Video

Minecraft But, We Added ITEMS From Different Games… YouTube Video Description

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Minecraft But, We Added ITEMS From Different Games…

0:00 – Minecraft
3:25 – Fall Guys
6:28 – Minecraft
7:28 – Fortnite
9:28 – Minecraft
10:45 – Geometry Dash
13:05 – Minecraft
13:57 – GTA V
15:17 – Minecraft
16:20 – Horror Game
20:00 – Minecraft
21:02 – CSGO
22:59 – Minecraft

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Minecraft But, We Added ITEMS From Different Games… Automated Transcript By Speak

This is Minecraft, but we added items from different games in this video. We did a regular manhunt where I tried to speed her on Minecraft while Dev tried to hunt me down.But the twist is every 10 minutes, we were forced to pause the game and one V one in a completely different game and whoever wins, the one V one receives a custom item from the game. We won V one in to help us in the manhunt. For example, if you win in the geometry dash duel, you get a rocket ship from geometry dash. If you win the Fortnite duel, you get the opportunity to build it like in Fortnite. And if you win the fall guys duel, you get insane Park war buffs. And there were many more. This video was so much fun because we actually got to test our skills in games other than Minecraft for the first time in a while. So if you guys do enjoy this, make sure to like and subscribe. Now let’s get right into

it. Also, guys, before the video starts, we just want to let you guys know after months of planning, we are finally releasing merch. We’re super happy how it all turned out and we’re really excited to share it with you guys. We have a bunch of awesome designs from hoodies to T shirts to even a brand new ki and Dev plus sheet. If you guys are interested in getting anything from the website, it’ll be the first link in the description. All right, with that being said, now let’s get right into the video.

Oh, ok. What is this?

What is uh I just came from karate karate lessons, you know, trying to get my second

degree black belt that’s just made up. You don’t have a black belt

you said in our last video I had one. Now you’re going back on your word.

Nice. If anything you have a blue belt. Yeah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry actually

can we go away? I mean you’re going so it’s too late now that no, no, no, no, no, no,

no. Let me start the timer by the way, we got 10 minutes until our first game.

Oh yeah, I kind of forgot but you know what? It’s kind of a fair twist for you. So

no. 00 I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead. I’m dead. Oh, that was so bad. What were we saying?

What was I saying? I’m actually impressed with you. You’re doing a fair twist. Unless there’s some like hidden secret in it that’s gonna like,

oh what is this? This

is where you die. What if I get this four blocks? Yeah, I don’t

know what you thought. I made it though. Oh, wait, what? Oh, perfect. Ok. I just realized, bro, I have to like, kind of remember how to speed, run here because I just went, I just came back from vacation if you guys didn’t know which was pretty awesome, by the way. And I also don’t recommend anyone goes to Antarctica on their vacation. Um Just if anyone is planning on it, right, you’re

really going to involve me in your idiotic conversations. Really? Can I just stay out of it for one? What was idiotic about that? Like what? Like obviously you didn’t go to Antarctica like, oh a

village. Let’s go. Oh, I see the village. Oh, relax, relax, please, please, please, please wait. Why? I didn’t even say that

you did? I did not

say please comments you’re not getting on land. I’m blocking you. I am a sea creature. Hey, like you’re just wasting my time. Now. Is this your plan? Is this your master plan two days later, bro. Can you just come over here? Like we’re just wasting

guarding my time and stop guarding? What do you mean? Ok, be, be 1000% honest. What’s the difference between me and the salmon? You can’t

tell the salmon have brains that

I do have an ax. Come here, come here.

Well, fight.

Well, fight. Yes. Get in the, well, screw the Well, I hate you. I hate you.

I meant,

what about your vocabulary?

Only three? Oh, that was so mid, right. Where was that lava pool? Oh, wow. Ok. This is not the best lava pool. Oh, I just got an iron from a

zombie that never happened to you before. No, but that’s

rare. Now, I know the shield was made by zombies parts. I mean, no, not like here. What? Oh, you actual, I’m

pretty proud of myself. Oh my God.

Wait, wait, wait, we have five seconds. I didn’t even see the timer. Oh no. Load up. Fall guys. Ok. We are here. This is, I’m scared, bro. What is your name? What’s wrong

with my name, bro. T Rex Lover. 84. Why is it not Whale Lover or something? Like what is wrong

with T Rex’s all right. So for this challenge, Dev, I guess whoever wins, whoever stays longest, like whoever makes it the furthest wins and then whoever wins the fall guys uh game basically gets park war in my so like, oh

well, I need this. Not

you like double jump, wall jump and like a bunch of other stuff.

Ok. Yeah, this is mine. This is easily mine. Oh my God. Here we go. Here we go. I’ve definitely seen this one on videos. Wait, I’ve never seen this one.

Oh I’m going, I’m going, I’m going. Wait, what’s happening? This is easy. Oh no, I’m dead, I’m dead. Get out of my way on. How are you ahead of me?

I’m out in front with the big dogs. I’m right behind you. I’m right behind you. I’m right behind you. It doesn’t matter. I’m in first. No. Get out of my way. You idiot you, no, this guy just told me this guy is just no way. I’m gonna lose this quickly. I’m literally going to Susan right now. Fucking say to me. All right, I think I should win the park just because. No, no, no, I can still qualify because I watch T rex lover 84 now. No. What? What I got this. I got this. Go, go, go, go, go. No. Yes, yes, yes. No, no. Yo, you’re terrible. What the hell.

OK. Round two. Here we go. Let’s go. Let’s go.

No, no, no, no, no. Yes. I made it over all. This is really bad for me. Oh my God,

I’m actually

far. I might lose already. I might lose already. What? There’s a wall. Oh This is so bad.

I qualified. Oh my God. Let’s go, please, please.

No, I made it. Yes, this is, we’re actually like gamers. Wait. No way.

We’re gonna win. No way. We’re gonna stay in the spotlight to earn points. Oh I see, I see it. I see it. Oh Yes, I’m in it. Wait, this is hard. Oh Wait, this is good. This is good. We’re firing points right here.

Yes, I qualified. Wait. Am I first to get,

how do you qualify?

Where is it? It’s over here, please. Please. Please, please, please, please. On

82%. I’m at 82%. Click the button.

You idiots. Now I’m gonna go, I think there’s two more rounds, bro. This is hard going crazy. I’m going crazy. I’m with all the top dogs right

now. Oh, no, no. Yes. Yes. Come on.

I might lose. I’m not gonna make it hard. I got it. I got resettled back here. Yeah. It’s, I’m losing for sure. What?

Yeah, I lost, I lost it. There’s only one guy in front of you. You still got this. Wait.

No. Oh, how is everyone? So I thought it was over. Wait, we’re both in the final round. I thought it was over. I did not deserve to make it there. It’s the last one standing now.

What is this? Wait, why is this like sketchy? Get away from me. Oh, no. This is kind of crazy. I’m, I’m dead, I’m dead. Oh, no, I’m good. I’m good. I’m good. Come

on. No, I, I

get the, this is actually

I have a double jump. Wait, wait, wait, let me see. Let me make sure the wall jumps good. Oh, this is so good. That means I could double jump to like, remove fall damage and stuff too. Oh my God. There’s a Villager running from a zombie. I’m help him, help him. Don’t worry. I’ll save you, Villager. I get this for the rest of the game then, right? Yep.

Yes. Come my Flint seal. Oh, wow. The portal literally just as I came back with my flint and seal. Ok. I’m out of here. Why is my render distance? Like one? They should make a one block, render distance mod Shut up.

Hey, hey,

friend, please leave me alone. I just found a fortress. Suck it, Dev, I want

to risk this. But if I die, I’m gonna be really mad if I do it. It does work. Oh, that’s awesome. Ok. Oh my God. This movement is like crazy. I’m trying to get used to this, but it’s like bragging.

Keep bragging about it. Oh diamond.

One diamond.

Wow. I’ll make a shovel and hit you

with it. I swear. If I like find you and then the next game starts, I’m gonna be so mad. No. Oh,

wait, we have, we have one minute, we have one minute. I literally just

called, what was gonna happen? Wait, I’m hiding in a wall.

I’m hiding in a wall. I don’t care. Let’s go. Ok. 10 seconds, 10 seconds. Oh, you’re so lucky, bro. All right guys. The second game is Fortnite Dev’s favorite game from back in the day. So I’m probably going to lose this anyway. So for this challenge, we’re basically going to play one duo’s game and whoever gets more kills out of the two of us wins and whoever wins gets the ability to build like you can in Fortnite, build walls, floors and stairs and like it’s pretty crazy. You’ll see, you’ll see, you’ll see. All right, here we go. Land. Um, I don’t know any of the places. I’m not gonna lie to you. Landing here. Creaky

Compound? Oh, we got landing here Compound. I’m going wherever my blue marker is. You’re telling me

you don’t want to go to a place called Creepy Compound. Creaky. No, why not? It’s

fine. I’ll go to Creepy Compound. No.

Creaky. Creaky. All right. I got a gun. I got a gun so

I’m not gonna give you any shields or anything. I’m not helping you. What I heard shooting. Please kill him.

No, we have to fight, we have to work together,

bro. No, we don’t. It’s whoever gets more. No, that doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter. We’re not actually playing a duo

normally so I can sabotage you basically. I

mean, I was already thinking of sabotaging.

What? Oh, those are, those are fish. I thought I saw somebody

right here. Wait, this is kind of sick. Well, there’s fighting up here. Oh, let’s go. Let’s go clean up their kills. Let’s go. Why you talking like we’re on a team. Stay away from my kills. I’m, I’m picking that up. You’re gonna have that, that’s probably a default weapon. I see

you guys.

Yes, I have 90 damage. You just stole my. Yeah. Yeah, I killed him over. Wait, that Canon

is op by the way.

Yes, please. Let’s go. Oh my God. You stop following me.

Oh, I’m so bad. I’m so bad. No one, no one watched this, bro. They’re attacking us, protect me. They’re coming from all angles, coming

from all angles. I guess I’m protecting

you. I’m like in the middle of a freaking field. I know. And I like no wood. Where are you watching from? No, no, no, no, I don’t. OK? You have to revive me. You have to revive it. You have to do. I though. Like if you’re not afraid of losing this challenge, you’ll revive me.

I’m in the middle of a fight. I can’t revive you right

now. Oh This guy’s a build. He’s building. Oh Wait, I’m in the oh no, I’m dead. By the way. The storm, by the way. No,

you beat me. Wait, did you beat me in Fortnite? No way. Damn it, bro. No way. Like of course, I have to verse a sweat who plays the game every day?

OK. Let’s go. I got it. Oh Wait. So if I um this is kind of, I think I

can already see the building. Where, where are you? You was, this was, this was this? Oh Nice. How sick is this?

Oh my God. I could

wait. What just happened to you? I double jumped off a wall into the and just died like an idiot.

I’m not gonna lie. I thought that fight was going to be more intense. Why?

I’m sorry, I’m sorry for interrupting you. Why is there a grass block in this tree

who placed that there? Um That was

me. No, that’s actually a, that’s crazy. Why is this

guy in my face? Yes. Ok, I got six. I got six. Oh, I got seven. All right. Perfect full time. And then I’m out of here. We might only get through a few games

here. I think Booth is speed running there. Has he has to be, you know, why did you have to get like, no offense to this fall guys when it’s kind of miss, I mean, I don’t think I can’t double jump like every second. So it’s kind

of annoying. I don’t think the purpose of it was to fly off cliffs like you used it before. But, um, it was an

accident. I didn’t try to do

it, you know, to each their own, bro. I only managed to get five curls in 10 minutes. We have 30 seconds left until the next game already. Yes. Oh, mine is going by so quick. Let me give this one last endy and then I’m just gonna chill out and of course he doesn’t drop a pearl. All right, I’m hiding in a wall. All right. Load up geometry

dash. Oh, another easy win thing. It is actually wait, let me not get too cocky because I just did that in Fortnite and kind of thinking out massive So let me actually like, lock in right here. What the hell are we doing on geometry?

All right. All right. So this challenge we’re basically going to play the hardest level in the default levels and whoever makes it the furthest or beats it first wins. Deadlock. Ok. Yeah. Yeah. Wait. So let, let’s put on a little timer here, right? How, how long should the time be? 10 minutes? 10 minutes is good. 10 minutes is good. Ok, we’re gonna start uh

I can click you can I’m sorry. No, sorry. No, sorry. I’m sorry to go talk. I gotta walk in. I actually don’t even

speak. Oh my God. Ok, I forgot. Wait, am I talking to distract you? Well,

I already died. So no,

wait, it sounds like you haven’t died in a minute. Where are

you? I did die. I’m

let’s go.

Ok, come on Dev. Lock in actually

wait, I gotta change my character. Pause. Oh no,

you don’t have to change

anything. I do. I do.

No. How much time do

we have left? I’m not looking. I’m in the middle of an attempt. Oh my God, I’m I’m going, I’m going, I’m going, I’m going, did I? No I’m actually flying. Oh I got a coin. Let’s go. No. 54%. Ok, I’m

stolen lead. I 61. 0

yeah, here we go. Oh let’s go. Come on ship part uh the first

10 you scared me looking? No. 70

3%. Ok. As long as you don’t make this 73% 5 minutes in five minutes. I, I win

75. Why did I die there? What? I could have beaten the

level right there. Oh, by the way, I didn’t mention it. But whoever wins, this gets African geometry dash rocket ship in Minecraft to fly. With what?

No, 90% though. 90%. I

almost beat it but there’s no way passing 90%. 93.

What? No, you made

it to 93 90

3%. How much time? How much time?

Uh One minute, one

minute. Oh I got this. There’s no way you can’t do this. Come on, you’re gonna die. You suck. You’re not good at this game. How much time do we have? No way you’re far better die. Yeah. Why are you being so he die? He die. I’m about to turn off the power in our apartment. I swear. Why are you not talking? You gotta tell me when the time’s up. Yes, I beat it. Yes. Oh my God. There’s no way. Oh my God.

Time’s up. By the way, we’re at, we are at the freaking buzzer beater. You

all right. Let’s get back on minecraft. I hate you, bro. This is so annoying. I can’t even see the shit that you got.

OK. It is in my inventory. Let me test this out.

Let me get this like crazy.

It’s literally just the geometry, that shit. Wait. So if I get it. 00, wait, what? This is sketchy. Wait, it just continuously flies forever. It’s over for you. Oh my God. Ok. This thing is kind of sketchy though, so I might have to be careful.

Oh, I see where I need to go. Oh my God. Can I steal that? What’s

what? Steal? What sir? Steal? What sir? I saw your name.

I saw your name. Don’t

hide from me. What are you talking about? Oh my God, fuck you. I’m getting it. I’m getting it.

Why is that so fast? What like what do I do in this situation? Like what do I

do? Oh, wait. Ok. Uh Yeah, the game started. I forgot to uh check the timer. Ok, Dev, the uh next game is racing. Wait, we’re gonna be racing in GT A. Ok. Ok. So Dev, I wanted to pick one racing game, whoever wins this one. So we’re gonna do two laps, whoever wins it will receive a GT, a car in Minecraft. So that’s what I’m saying. I told you there’s another vehicle. What car are we choosing here? Um I don’t know but I’m going all red overflow.

Screw it, Xeno. I’m going with a Xeno. What is your car? Look how it looks.

I faster though.

What the Yeah. No, you can. Yes. Come on, come on, come on, come on

and I just freaking drove off the edge. I can’t even, I can’t even do this. Oh, how do I angle? How do I angle my car? Oh, hey, bro, you didn’t even get that far. I just spun out like I’m so bad, bro. Why are they, what are these tubes for? You can’t hit me. Actually.

Come on. You’re getting hit, you’re getting hit. Oh, you’re close,

so close out. Oh, no. Now you can hit me. Oh, I spun out but this is, this is still good. This is as long as I can stay in front and I’ll let you catch up to me. I should be fine. Oh, is this the start? Yes, I’m on lap two. Ok. We spin out at the same time. Ok. Good. OK, good. All right. And I’m approaching the finish line.

Beat it. I don’t care to win. Just beat it so I can get off the game. Let’s go. Yeah, just give me off

the, let’s go. Ok. The man hunt over the man’s over. All right. Let’s see


a car. You know what I’m gonna say this for the over world. I feel like this isn’t a good another item, you know. Oh, no.

Hey. Oh my God, you’re so I thought you like had some crazy other item. But girl, you’re

so lucky you got me to two hearts.

No, my double jump is a cool I can’t make. Yes. Yes. Oh my God. Yes.

00 my God. I’m gonna just pull up the for

there like

what’s up Yeah,

my, no way. Did that work? Yes. What? Oh my God. Oh, my

God, bro. Did you see that? Oh, where did you go? All right. Ok. That’s enough rules. Ok. Wait, wait, wait, it’s actually perfect timing. All right, Dev, I just load it up. No reason. Oh, it’s a

scary. Oh, no. All

right. We’re here, we’re here, we’re here. Ok. Ok. Ok. So let me explain this. So I guess the way this is going to work is whoever the first one to die basically loses. Um ok, so and then whoever wins this gets a custom item called the Phaser which lets you face through walls like ghosts. And I need that. I need that. I need that. I need that. So that’s kind of. So are you ready? I’m ready. Kind of scared. Ok, let’s pick English I think. Ok, welcome the prehistory. Is that you and your friend? Hey, that’s us. Went on a round the world trip but your flight was delayed and you checked into the nearest hotel for three days. That doesn’t sound bad. All right. Do we start

then? Uh

why did you go in? I

can’t see anything. Same way. I’m scared. What’s this noise? I don’t know. Oh my God, we just

chill out, chill out, chill out, chill out, chill out. Ok, so I think we got like discover things. No,

I’m not playing that like I

we’re gonna, let’s start over here and just go through all the rooms. I guess you go, you go first. Wait, I check the newspaper, uh, murder in the Avenue Hotel. A man and woman were found dead in the room by a hotel cleaner. The victims had rolled their eyes had, who would stay in this hotel? Ok, so there’s a freaking ghost. Ok. All these doors are locked, key card. Oh, ok. Ok. We gotta find a key card then. Ok, you go first. Hey,

did you see that? No. Ok. There’s two of us. There’s two of us. We can, we can win, we can win, we can win. I mean you

go first. I’m not trying to die. What?

Where’s my flow? How do you do that? How do you do that?

Oh There’s blood, blood. OK. Wait, wait, what about this? What about this room? It’s locked.

Get in here. Don’t leave me in

here alone. It’s locked, it’s locked the hell are you doing? Oh there’s a, there’s a key key.

This is in a

bathroom. That’s not a bathroom. What is

this? I’m so scared. I’m so scared of what?

I’m so scared. It haunts me. Oh this is a dead guy. This is a dead guy. What does he have? What does he have a card? I got the that’s for the that’s for the I don’t wanna go

back. I’m not playing, I’m not, can I not play anymore? Like actually can we stop playing please? That was so scary. Oh my God, that was so cheap. What the fuck is that? What was there? What was

there? I’m running, I’m running. I can’t sprint. I can’t sprint. Why are the lights off? Wait, the

elevator, elevator shafts open. What, what the, what happened? Where did you go? Where are you? I don’t know. I’m, I’m in, I’m in the, I’m at the

bottom row. We wasted the key card now. I think we’re supposed to come down here. Just run straight. No fear, no fear, no

fear. I’ve been doing that. No fear.

Come at me. Ghost. Wait, did you hear those footsteps? What the wait was that? That was the power. I turned

it on. I turned it on

but you right, you right, you right. You just missed it. There was a, there was a freaking glowing ice. Oh, ok. There’s an exit sign we can go back up but why did it suck us down then? I don’t know

how nice

run, run, run, run, run,

get out, get out, get out. This is even worse now, but it’s like a maze now. It’s just like we got just like go

away. Ok. Ok. We need to find a code code.

I have no and we can’t even go through that door. They’re all locked the fuck do we

do? Ok? I think we need to figure out a code based on, on the door numbers maybe 6.5 hours later I

told us the code, the

game literally just told us the code because we couldn’t figure it out. Oh, ok. We’re in a new area. Oh,

yeah. Oh my God. I’m scared,

bro. Why though? Like why who’s playing Jesus? Jesus? Oh my God. The thing just fell from the ceiling. Oh, this door opened. What’s in there?

Yeah. Yeah.

Right here. Ok, I got, oh,

I got a, I got a key. Oh my God, bro. We’ve been looking for like 30

minutes. Ok? Red door, red door. Now we gotta find a red door. Something’s happening, something’s happening.

I’m done. I wait, I don’t care. I left the game. I don’t give a shit. I’m done. I’m done. I’m done. I’m done. I’m done. I’m done. You can win that. Wait, so I win

then I don’t care. OK? Finally we’re done with that,

bro. I don’t even care. I don’t anymore. I just don’t

care. Oh I got the phaser. OK. Perfect, bro. I literally have every item because if I right click, then I should be able to just go through here. Right? OK. Wait, this is actually op what the bro, how are you gonna win? All right. Well, anyways, I’m off to the uh end. What the hell,

what hill just spawned on me? What exactly I can get to? Oh

my God. That, that’s, that, that’s what the hell I’m gonna

get to. Oh, here we go. Raid time. Oh

no. OK. I think I’m gonna have to bend in my rocket ship. Damn it this way, or I’m out of here. Really? Really? Who, who,

who, who wasted my time for nothing. No, told him nothing. Great. No way. Just like my luck. I like.

Oh, it turned ok. I think it’s, I think it’s right here. Oh, yes. Here we go. Chill. It looks like we only got a minute left, by the way. I think this is actually the last game we have planned because I only plan like a handful

from the compass turned. Oh,

no, I just wasted a pearl. I’m so dumb. Oh, right. Dev, pause, pause, pause, pause, pause. I hate you. All right. We’re in CS, go playing Arms Race and whoever, if you guys don’t know what that is, it’s basically gun game. You start with one gun and then if you, if you get a kill, you go on to the next one and then there’s a certain amount of guns you have to get through. Exactly ready. We’re ready to go. Well, don’t you want to hear what the custom item is? Oh, wait, tell me, tell me it’s a

mini gun. Ok. I need to get this. I need to get this. Come on. Come on, come on. Ok. I’m starting right here. Let’s see. Let’s see who the, let’s see, the game player. Oh,

I just killed bot Dean. Oh, is that a bot? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I still destroyed him. Where are you? I’m trying to find you. I want to get you to go in the

middle of the map. Oh, I just got a jump scare.

Oh, no.

Oh, my God. 71 too. Like no. How did you manage to still hit me so many times there? Like what?

Oh, let’s go, bro. Bo. Dean is giving me a crazy amount of free kills. See, you

always find a way to like it. How

is this bot? Dean is a very because you’re killing. Yeah, but Bob Dean is a very skilled player.

You cleaned me up

and I got Dean right after. Oh Bo, give me another free kill. Let’s go. No, someone just stole my double pistols, bro. You already hit the pistols. Oh, wait, that’s bad. Wait, you’re like way ahead of everybody.

I know I’m trying to, I was trying not to mention it. Why are you talking?

Come on, Dean. Give me a kill. Thank you. Thanks Dean. Yes. Thank you. I,

your only kills have been on Dean. I just runs in my face.

Thank you. Please, please, please. How

are all my kills? How bad is this pistol? Yeah,

we’re tied. We’re tied. Kill me. Yes. Thank you. But no, no, no. Come on. Just one kill. No, no, no, my God. I need, I need, I’m like one level of weight. No, no, I

Yeah. Oh, let’s

go. I was so close.

Let’s go. Wait till I get the mini gun. This

is so bad. Ok, we’re back. Oh

my God. Mini

gun. Yeah, I, I am gonna try and kill this thing as fast as possible. Wait,

the bullets explode. Uh Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, this is so bad. Wait, can I just continuously hold this down? I can’t wait to use. I actually can’t wait to see what this does to you. I’m actually excited. It’s gonna kill

me. What do you think? What? Hey, dude.

Hey, dude,

how stop lying, everybody.

Um All right. Let me make some food before I go in and then oh Screw

it. Oh No. What

is that? Oh, I gotta go through city and into wait. I can, oh No, I gotta care if I can do damage to the drive for you. I’m

not risking anything. Get

over here. I can’t this, wait, where did you go? Flat? You, I flattened you. Wait, wait, let me get,

you can still shoot it. Wait, I flattened myself. Oh no. Oh no, that is bad. All right.

And here we go. Yo, chi chi chi chi chi chi, come here.

Breaking the blocks. Oh no. Oh no, this is, this is actually, this is actually, this is so good. I’m running. I’m escaping. I’m so

happy right now. 00 my. That’s what the favorite thing does. Well, you can see me, I can see your name. Oh That’s overpowered. This is so fun. This is just so easy

here. That was kind of uh trash.

You come back, you come back. No, I’m gonna die here here.

Where’s my car? Where’s my car? I freaking hate this, bro. Oh.

Oh, yes. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Let’s go. Oh my bro. This mini gun just saved my life.

Minecraft But, We Added ITEMS From Different Games… was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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