Technology to help you heal.

We've all been hurt in one way or another. Sometimes the proper care isn't available. That's why we've built technology to help people self-heal. 

Coming Soon: Android & iOS Apps

In addition to our already live web app, you will soon be able to record audio right from your phone. At any moment, you're only a few taps away from unlocking a powerful tool in your healing journey.

Capture Thoughts & Feelings As They Arise

When it feels right, take a few minutes to journal or record audio and videos notes. Identify any important goals, feelings, or anxieties that arise. Work through them with the confidence that you will get valuable insights and be able to reflect back whenever you need to.

Go On A Journey

Don't worry about being offline or losing valuable insights! Capture audio notes locally on your phone at no cost. This is beautiful for when you want to disconnect, roam, enjoy nature and heal like we are supposed to.

Reflect On Your Progress

When you feel ready, listen to, watch or read back your captured session. If you want, tap the analyze button and your audio file will instantly be sent to the web app. We'll generate powerful insights for you that will help you better understand yourself, your state of mind, and how to thrive as you move forward.

Integrate Your Experiences

Capture and process your breakthroughs. Learn about yourself. Share your insights with your loved ones and people supporting you. Improve how you remember, heal and mobilize your self care.

Understand Yourself Over Time

Self-healing is transformative work that changes you immediately and over time. Capture your ongoing work and unlock insights into yourself. Understand what is helping you grow. Remove the the things that aren't. Look back at all your captured sessions and better understand the amazing person you've become.

Capture. Analyze. Heal.

We're building the future of mental health and wellness for you. We'd love to be a part of your journey. 

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