Meet My Ex Boyfriend

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Meet My Ex Boyfriend YouTube Video

Meet My Ex Boyfriend YouTube Video Description


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Meet My Ex Boyfriend Automated Transcript By Speak

Hey guys, it’s Mitar and I’m here with Randall, my ex-boyfriend. I’m here with Jake Weber. Can you confirm with Jake Weber? I’m Jake Weber and I’m Tay.

I recently changed my name to Subway legally because Subway promised that if someone changed their name to Subway legally, they would have free subs the rest of their life and, and they haven’t reached out to you. They never reach out. Sorry. So now I’m thinking about changing my name to Randall. Ok.

And I’m, I support you. Thanks. I support every decision you make. And that’s why we’re here to make this video because just because we broke up does not mean we’re not

friends and we’re gonna do what friends do, we’re gonna go get coffee. Is

that what friends do? Basically?

What we’re saying is we’re the exact same relationship, but we don’t smooch.

Right. Jake and Tara is still Jake and Tara. Right. Yeah, we’ve been streaming and no one’s noticed there was more allegations, there was more allegations of us breaking up when we were together than when we were actually broken up. For real. For real. So what I’m trying to say what we’re trying to say is that our content isn’t changing.

I’m doing good. I just be just a second, please. I think that since we’re like broken up, like we deserve like a little treat, you know, we’ve been going through the pain. So we need to have


have you seen this thing? You all like the Starbucks workers are like, you’re drinking a milkshake. It’s a milkshake in the morning. You’re drinking your morning milkshake

and like I want

so they got the caramel, the chocolate java and the milk or cookie. Uh the caramel. Can I get extra? Yeah. Yeah. Uh Could I get two um two tolls. Both of these are tallest one is a caramel ribbon. Crunch frappuccino. It it says, oh sorry, sorry my bad, my bad. The caramel frappuccino blended beverage. The tall extra caramel and then the other one is the same thing with not extra caramel. Yeah, tall and both of them. Yeah. However, yeah. Thank you. Thank you.

We got ours. Mine has extra caramel and you get

like very much

so tell too. I know I love extra caramel. Oh,

it doesn’t even look like mine has caramel.

I like when the when the thick gooey gooeyness goes in my mouth.

Sassy baca I feel insecure about mine. I’m sorry. Do

you want, do you want with mine? No taste? Mm You have to try mine because it has the gooey. You’re gonna feel like a gooey. Go in your mouth

Oh my God. Oh my God. That’s actually like, and Zane, you, you literally get chunks. It’s like eating out a bee’s nest for like the past month of streams. We weren’t together the whole time. Yeah.

And everything has been just fine. Obviously, obviously. Not just

fine. Well, you have to like, you know, there’s a lot of couples that say they’re going to be friends and you’re not seeing them hang

out. Yeah. but we’ve been hanging out and everything’s been ok. It was a pretty mutual decision. Not that anyone cares about that. Not that we owe anyone any explanation. I mean,

like being doing the video is just so dorky in general. I know we didn’t want to do it. We gave you guys our whole life online anyway. So, you know, you deserve it. This

is kind of embarrassing.

Yeah. Hello World. We broke

up. Why did they sound like squid

word was 18. I was 20 and we got together like before we really even experienced who we are as a single person in general, as an individual, just adulthood. We have never looked at ourselves as Jake and Tara. But Jake space Tara like we’re both like individuals and we take pride in like being our own person and we just like, you know, maybe if we like found each other at like, you know, maybe like 26 or something, it doesn’t feel like the fifties where you, like marry your high school sweetheart

works. Unfortunately, we’re

just trying to, like, live and experience our individual selves and then maybe one day we’ll find each other.

Who knows? Yeah. My favorite thing to say here is no one’s dead. Neither of us died. We’re still very much in each other’s lives. The proof is in the pudding. Right. I mean, we’ve been in each other’s rooms. You’ve come to my birthday. We’ve been hanging out, nothing’s changing. We just kind of wanted to do this video and Jake’s video on his channel to kind of prove that like everything’s fine. Obviously, we’re going through shit, but like we’re still gonna be making content for you guys and it’s gonna be just as good. I usually get no whip, but this time I wanted whip, I deserve it. We deserve

it. Well, you didn’t like it before though. I just didn’t like it.

I do like whip. It’s just a lot sometimes.

What do you mean? It’s just like it’s just a little, a little bonus. Fun. Why are you drinking mine? I’m

sorry. It was just like a glob and it was just bothering me. I want to drink. You become friends with the guy suddenly it’s his

glob glob. I agree. I think like the proof is in the pudding in the sense that like we’ve been hanging out at parties, hanging out just as the person going, doing streams, just each other. No one knows no more friends and people like, make these videos or they’ll, like, reassure people like we’re gonna stay friends just like, make them feel better and that’s fine. It’s like, but that’s not us. But we’re actually like doing that, you know, like you’ll actually see us hanging out. You know, we’re not just trying to make you guys feel better because I know that we build our relationship online. Yeah.

And you guys deserve to know and you guys deserve to know. We don’t want people to be sad because again, neither of us are dead. We’re very much. Hello.


let us be the sad one. Y’all kidding. We also don’t want anyone to pick sides.

Nothing will change,

nothing will change. We’re still very much Jake and Tara but just Jake.

It sounds like you guys saw us make out all the time in the first place. That’s true.

What if we were fake this whole time? We weren’t, we weren’t. I always joke that our contract is up. Our contract’s up. Jake.

It is now. It is

now. Yeah. Yeah. But you know what? Who knows? Maybe our contract will be resigned one

day. Yeah. Yeah. We’re gonna get signed to Interscope. What’s that? Isn’t that a lot of record label? I don’t know. We don’t want people to make conspiracy theories.

There is no conspiracy theory here. No one did anything wrong. No one is now not friends. No one we haven’t been like fake dating this whole

time. Like I know like there’s gonna be like fans that watch us that are gonna make, make shit up and like even our friends are going to make shit up. Yeah, because you guys are miserable bitches and that’s really sad. I’m just kidding. In the social media world there’s gonna be people that watch us that have

so much to say. Yeah,

because people feed off negativity, they eat it up. But

this isn’t a negative video. This is a positive video. This is just a change. This isn’t sad. I mean it’s sad. I get it. You’re about to be sad. We’re about to be sad but not for too long because there’s nothing to be sad about. We are very

much. They say that true love doesn’t exist. They’ll say Jake and Tara was our last hope.

Shit just got really depressing. Jake. Sorry. It wouldn’t be a Jake entire video if I didn’t yell at you at least once. Here’s my delia with this. People are gonna say love is dead. Love is not real. I very much Jake. I very much love and care for Jake still and he very much love and cares for me still, right? So love is not fake. Yeah, we still very much love each other. Just

whatever love is

Jake. They’re gonna take that seriously. Can you say you’re not being serious? I’m not

being serious. Thank

you. Can you say you still love and care about me? Because what the

fuck, dude. I still love and care about Tara. And also she is really special, special. We’ve been through moments like where people have tried to turn us against each other online and in our relationship and like we always had her back there where Trump bonded literally, if someone tries to come up to me, you know, after, you know, we’re broken up and says, 00 yeah.

Well, I never like this about her. I’m, I’ll slap him in the face. I don’t know. I, we had a very healthy relationship and, you know, it just kind of hit a wall, just theories. They’re gonna be like, oh,

and Jake, they hated each other the whole time. And

no, we just kind of like, hit a wall like where, like, there’s just like nothing new going on, you know, it’s like if we were older we’d have like a kid by now we get married. Yeah. But it’s just like, you know, we just started it too young and it’s like, you know, and I think

we both wish we started dating at like now instead

of, but if like, we truly love each other, then we’ll, we’ll come back together if we truly love each other. You know, if you love something, then you gotta let it go. And I never knew what that meant. But it’s like, you know, if I truly love Tara, like, I want her to really just go and experience just a life. Be Tari yummy. Not Jake and Tara living your life to the grave as Jake and Tara, like, be Tar yummy.

And another thing I, you know what, I don’t want to see, you know what, I’m not looking forward to.

Yes. Yes. Sad edits are really fun. They are not fun. I like, I like any kind of edits are fun. I like all

edits except for sad ones because this isn’t sad. I’m trying to say to you guys that this isn’t sad. It’s a little sad, sad. It’s sad. Ok. But it’s like a, it’s like a good thing. Yeah.

Well, it’s not like we’re not like sitting here and trying to make you feel sad. No, we don’t want you sad. Like, we don’t want to be sad. We don’t want anyone sad. I mean, everything is still the same, you know, again,

Jake and I never had any problems in our relationship. I don’t want people thinking that I don’t, people commenting anything mean on his

like little bickering but everyone,

everyone that we fight on

camera, dude. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We’ve never had like a more like, we’ve never had a fight. That’s why this is so hard. The most we’ve ever done is bicker. Like literally like you’ve probably seen like the most. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Like literally the line of how much we bicker on camera. We’re not trying to keep secrets from you guys. We literally just like hit a wall, I’m gonna be like me for a bit, you know, like, because like, I, you know, I’ll be dead one day. I want to learn how to go and be Jake Weber before I die. Because, you know, I, I don’t think I’ve been just Jake Weber that long in my life. Maybe until, since I was like, maybe like 14, I understand. But that’s not even like, you know, I wanna be an adult me, you know, not like a little kid that poops behind the couch. Then Reggie decides to tell everyone

that is crazy that he decided to Jake pooped behind the couch when he was younger and his father told him on the

internet, I was, I was literally a baby. I

was, you don’t know because maybe adult Jake ever wants to poop behind couches too. You would never know that I was like also against filming a video. But we wanted to tell you

guys just writing in text just feels like I don’t know every single way just feels so dorky even text because it’s like I’m bringing out the notebook. This is what’s up guys, you know, like I, I just like, I know, I just, it’s so cheesy no matter, no matter what we do I want. Yeah. It just feels so dorky like I know like, hey guys, we did it. We’re broken up now. Yeah. It’s so so stupid. We’ve been dreading this day. Yeah, because like I’d, I’d like to think we’re like, really chilled. We’re like, literally people when we’re like, oh my God, this is so cringe, you know, I don’t want to turn on the camera. This is so cringe, but it’s whatever. Like, I mean, like, whatever we wanted to tell you guys, our life’s on the camera so we got to do it. We chose this life. I mean, well,

what the crap, my opinion on this whole thing is that I think content will be the same and hopefully you guys would have never noticed if we never made this video.

That’s what I’d like it to feel like like nothing has changed and like we’ll still have each other’s back.

That’s pretty much it. I think it’s just like nothing’s changed. Jake is still my number one and y’all beef with them, y’all beef with me and I can’t even eat beef because I’m vegetarian. So you sorry, I got really emotional right there. The whole point of this video is

that we wanted to get frappuccinos. That’s the only reason we made it. I’m glad that we’re gonna have a lot of people that are gonna be on our side and we’re gonna have a lot of friends that are gonna be on the side and the other, majority of the people that aren’t gonna wanna be on our side or like friends that are gonna want to talk about us.

Um You could flip off, flip off crap, crap

off. All right. Well, yeah, please be nice to us because we’re nice to each other. There’s nothing because

we’re so

small. Stop it. Jake, please. Your front is open.

No, it’s not. Oh,

God. I always think it’s what a word funk, guys. This isn’t the last time Jay is gonna be on my channel. So don’t be sad. He’ll be back. I promise. Um, maybe in the next few weeks, maybe we’ll do like an ex-boyfriend thing. My ex-boyfriend does this. I don’t know we’ll see. I

just don’t know who’s gonna get custody.

I think we’re talking about with Sugar and I was like, Sugar’s my dog. This. Do you want, do you want me to take him? This is kind of freaky. Can you just take it back? All right. Say your goodbyes.

Bye everyone. Jake and Tara. Jake space. Tara signing off time to time. Bye guys. Should we hug? It? Looks so like I don’t have no tattoos on this side here. Do it here. Put

it on this side. Go ahead.

You, you’re sweaty. I have no tattoos on this side either. I am not sweaty. You saying that? Because I just put deodorant? No, I’m sorry. Stink fest. Do

you do that actually? Pretty good for

I’m sorry. Do you, do you not do that? Like you put, do you put anti Perin on? Yeah, because you like armpit cancer like no. Yeah, it’s a little wet but I’m healthy. Ok. All right. Ok, you can say,


bye guys.

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