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2A3 Group, I’ve been in business now for actually 8 years in London. I work with a lot of companies in London to help them source and hire IT talent. A lot of programmers right now. Also, IT positions like project managers and technical support people, but right now, the demand seems to be for programmers.

Well, I’m a sole proprietor right, it’s just me. I do have a couple of virtual recruiters that work with me. But, primarily, my job is to source candidates and vet them, interview them, and then present them to my clients, and just manage the interview process covering their concerns, the candidate’s concerns just so that can bring that to a successful offer and acceptance. Well, for me, I’m always out because, you know, technology is always changing. So, for me to be relevant, and to be able to appear credible to my candidates, I sort of have to know what’s going on in my community as well. So, basically, I like to be involved in all of these events to know what’s going on, what other companies are doing, what I can do to stay relevant. You know what I have tried to expand a few times beyond me. And it’s tough.

My role, I really have to walk a balance because if I take on too many positions. I can’t fill them. So, I can only take on so much work and I have to be very careful of the companies I work with as well. I want to make sure that they’re engaged in the process. So, for me, it really is a balance of the workload. You know what I like how, how really tight it is. I like how everyone comes out to the community events. I like the networking here and to tell you the truth in Toronto, there are so many people like me. Right, so if I go out to a networking meeting it’s like meeting other recruiters, it’s like what for? Here I go out and I meet business owners.

I like the fact that business owners actually come out to the events. James mentioned that he runs Power Up. I ran the predecessor to Power Up which was the London Bridge Network for 5 years. So, we grew that to a pretty good networking event. And it’s really nice people actually come out and socialize as well as share knowledge.


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