The Short Pitch:

Speak is a content creation and analysis platform that enables people and teams to market, research, and communicate better through extracting deep insights from audio, video and text.

The Long Pitch:

From an SEO/SEM/Marketing perspective:

People can type 50 words per minute but most people speak around 130 words per minute. Right now, our clients to pay us to write blog posts. These blog posts are often time-consuming, expensive, and can result in shallow content because we are not experts in their industry.

We believe our customers are the true source of knowledge. Our client's prospects and customers want to listen/watch/read them and not us. So moving forward, instead of writing blog posts/creating content, we are actually providing our platform to enable our customers to easily record and create the content themselves.

We use our automated system to transcribe that recording, clean it up with remote humans to 99% accuracy and then either paste the transcription as a blog post or share the audio/video directly with the transcription included on the site using our embeddable player. We automatically extract the topics, keywords, people, brands, and objects in the recording which work as categories and tags for SEO.

LEDC Case Study

Here is a sample transcription of ours that costs peanuts to create compared to a traditional blog post on London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC).  We believe it is more compelling too:  


Super exciting is that we are also working on features that automatically insert headings, links and even images for SEO based on the content within the recordings.

Embeddable Player

With the embeddable player, instead of just tracking watch times, we are actually measuring the clicks on keywords/topics/brands/labels/people/sentiments and parts of the transcription for a layer of data we've never been able to access before. This can be passed through Google Tag Manager/Analytics.

There is still a bit more work to do technically and style-wise but the embeddable player will be indexed by search engines and will automatically generate meta schema for SEO.


We come from agency life and believe this may be an awesome opportunity to efficiently and affordably create, analyze and share content that improves SEO and marketing as a whole.

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