Making Our NFL Debut! Madden 24 Superstar Mode

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Making Our NFL Debut! Madden 24 Superstar Mode YouTube Video

Making Our NFL Debut! Madden 24 Superstar Mode YouTube Video Description

Matt Meagher, the Buccaneers Rookie, looks to dominate the league in his NFL Debut. He’s a low overall and a 2nd round pick, but he has a lot to prove in Superstar Mode. Let’s go OFF and hopefully bag some sideline baddies like the NFL Jordan Poole.

Making Our NFL Debut! Madden 24 Superstar Mode Automated Transcript By Speak

Mad at 24 superstar mode. If you missed the first episode, let me catch you up to speed. I elected to be a hall of fame running back 5 ft 11 Β£207. This allowed me to be pretty dense but still have a base speed and agility of 89.And I was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first round pick 19. And so far the skills I’ve upgraded are Juke and break tackle. But after playing a few games, I’m realizing that at least in my opinion, stiff arms are really strong. I’ve successfully broken many tackles with stiff arms and my stiff arm rating is 69. So with my next eight skill points, I want to get up the stiff arm elite bronze. And after that, that’ll put me at an 84 overall stiff arm rating and I’ll decide everything else after that. We played our first ever preseason game and had a receiving touchdown, which is funny when you think I basically have a Christian mccaffrey build. In fact, I have virtually the exact Christian mccaffrey build with George Kittle hair. Today is our first regular season NFL game week one against the Minnesota Vikings. The only thing I wanna do the week before we do that is get some gear, dude. This is so sick. I’m sorry for not knowing how sick this would be. I thought this is gonna be shit, dude. This is literally two K. There’s animations I can choose my celebration animations. I can equip what’s my name for a touchdown? That’s kind of corny. I have to purchase these.

A spike would be lit actually. Oh my God, this is literally two K babe. I gotta throw the gritty on. I need my white ass number three. Running back to do the gritty man. I’m gonna rock the Oakley Prism. I think Oakley Prism goes hard. Mouth guards are bitch mate. I’m gonna throw up the crosses like I’m Michael Thomas, dude, the shut F seven goes so hard. That’s the dopest. I have to rock the Shut F seven. We need an iconic look, bro. I’m playing the Sims over here. What’s the iconic look for Matt Maher? Do I go red arm tape? Like I’m Alvin Ca That’s not iconic though, you know, then I’m just Alvin Kamara, dude, I’m going arm tape team color. So I just got the red band, dude. That goes hard. That actually goes hard. I’m, I’m wrapping that dude. I do the Gronk cage for just fucking forearms, shivering the piss out of people. I’m doing it. I’m rocking it. I’m rocking the arm brace, bro. When you see that red arm come at you with the brace, you know, you’re just getting stiff armed at the hell. You’re going straight to Tarar, buddy. One E the Sims creation is over home games, away games. I can’t believe how good of a job he did with this fucking sick brand. Focus. I could do a call out to get 100 cred or it could be a dancing machine. Post a video to social media on yourself doing. That’s hilarious.

I would literally rather call somebody on field drills. Oh, here we go. Oklahoma is plus five. Trucking rushing attack is carrying backfield. Survival is acceleration. We want this one. We want backfield survival. I don’t know this mini game though. This will give me plus five acceleration for the next game. That’s huge. If I can get gold, evade the defense for as long as possible to earn points, collecting hot spots will grant bonus points or replenish your stamina. This is pretty cool. Get a little stamina there. Oh What happens if I hit those though? Holy shit. He just got, he’s getting worked. I need that stamina though. I love this mini game. Yo, it pushed him towards me. Shit, man. Shit. All right. I gotta get that super fast food stuck in the middle. I didn’t realize that as soon as I was tackle was over. I kind of thought I’d get like, you know, another attempt or something. Yeah, I need you right there, man. There’s gotta be like some super cheesy strategy you can do for this. I just don’t know it yet. I’m tempted to not take this. See, because when I take that it activates that next defender. See, but that he’s stuck so that defender is stuck right now on those tires so long as I stall out via here, but once I move too far away, he’ll get off it. Ok? He got off those blocks. Uh oh Look how fast he is, bro.

It’s so fast. That’s a better strategy though. Just collecting as fast as humanly possible. Good. I’m starting to learn where they spawn too. Then it’s 500 over here and then it’s stamm it down the middle and then I keep going this direction I think. Yes. Back down this way for 500. I got to get big boy stuck in the middle or fast guy stuck in the middle. Yes. Right there. Get clapped. Then I got to go get this 500. Can we do it? Oh, I gotta get, oh, he missed. Holy shit. That’s the first time he’s even on the ground. That’s huge. Oh, I got 2500. I got silver. I can call it. Oh, that spin was nasty. Let’s go, boys. Ok. I got silver. I don’t think I’m gonna get gold with my current attributes but hey, to get plus three acceleration, that’s awesome. Free time. We can do too slow to get plus two speed for the next game. Don’t mind if I do bonus workout will give me, let’s go straight back to the next two games and then stem therapy will give me speed and max stand. So we have a lot of speed boosts. I’m gonna be fast for this game, player info season missions. It was kind of like franchise in that regard, rushing yards on the season. Yeah, let’s go rushing yards. I’m going to say 1100 rushing yards on the season. The problem is I don’t really know how many reps I’m going to get.

The good thing about Tampa Bay is they’re starting, like I can easily beat out their starting running back. It’s not like I got drafted by the Titans and I’m competing with Derek. He, this is a very good team to land on. I have three acceleration strength and carry. That’s actually not right plus three speed. I don’t know if that’s a visual bug or if the game actually isn’t adding my speed, but I’m not too worried about that right now. Let’s just go get a dub. It looks like I’m starting, I don’t know if they let you do that no matter who you get drafted to. But like if I got drafted by the Titans, would I really be the starting running back. You know, one thing I do want to check is the depth chart. Like I want to see this team. So Bakers are quartered, right, and look at that. So my stats are boosted most likely. That’s just a visual bug. I do have 91 speed in this game. 85 strength, 92 acceleration. The rest ain’t too bad. 89 change of direction is actually really, really good. All right. Let’s get it. And I get to call all the plays. I wonder if I’m able to switch my team’s playbook. That’s a good question because what if there’s like a run play? I really like, but it’s just not in Buccaneer’s playbook. Oh, great blocks here. Damn.

If I had followed that a little better, I might have had a touchdown first ever run in a regular season NFL game goes for six yards. Not bad at all. All right. Let’s try this one too. As fun as it is to go with this camera angle. It is a little difficult to see where the blocks are setting up. I’m gonna try this camera angle right now. No, I don’t want to bring this left side. Let’s stay right side here. I might have to just cut this up. Oh, yeah, right there. Maybe not. Maybe I did have the edge. Not a great drive right there. I need to play this smarter. I need to actually call pass plays. Like when I should be calling a pass play, I shouldn’t just be spamming runs because I want to run the ball but first in 10 I can run the ball. Let’s get to the edge, use our speed and there’s that stiff arm though. It’s not the only skill move you can use there. That’ll do anything. Four for nine. Let’s pass if he wants to hit me on the leak out. That works for me. Oh, I’m there. I’m neat. I’m wide open. Great work. Third in inches. We’re going no huddle stretch. We’re going to bring this week side and I just need a good block out of Mike Evans actually. No, we got to follow Tristan. We, let’s just pick up the first damn another flat drive. That’s not me, man. Let’s attack the middle. See how this goes.

Head back, dive right here, going back to this camera Vikings are blowing the shit up. Damn try inside zone. I haven’t tried inside zone yet. It’s usually really solid run place. Good blocks. Get to the second level. Follow him. All right. It’s just finding the run place that works. Let’s try that. No, not the same inside zone. Let’s pass you. Beautiful work. Baker. Baker throws a laser at the end of the first quarter, offset inside zone. I like how this looks here. Nice work. Great pancake. We will take those yards. We’ll just go Verts. I got nobody on Baker. Oh, good truck way to get through him. All right, we’re going right back to inside zone. I’m a little scared of Daniel Hunter, but we double teamed him. Good work. Not too much there. It’s gonna be a tight balance of actually winning games and getting myself stats though because as a running back you only, you only ever have so much control. I can’t force Baker to throw it to anybody other than really calling for the ball myself right now. We’re averaging 4.2 yards per carry. That’s not bad. It’s not bad in our debut, but I’d like to bump those numbers up. Let’s stick to the stretch right now. It was nice. Work on the last 10, I got to follow my hat, fullback soul. I got caught up in a bit of a dog pile there that had a lot of potential though. Let’s go with the counter. See how this sets up. Oh, yes. Look at those blocks. Get a juke. Damn, that Jukes not doing it for me right now.

Just gonna go inside zone. Keep this simple third and two. Great push. Great block fullback is throwing excellent blocks right now. Go inside zone again. Same shit. Other side 1st and 10. Great. Oh, Mrs Clark, a fullback ran out into no man’s land. Can’t be having that. Oh, feed me Baker. Feed me Baker. What I ran out there, held my guy didn’t turn around. Oh, that would have been a touchdown. Damn, I just sold, that was an opportunity for my first touchdown man and I sold it RPL alert bubble. I wonder if Baker makes this read. Damn, he does. It’s actually pretty dope. We got big yards on that, send this at the middle. See how the blocking goes. This isn’t exactly clock efficient, but, oh, wait a minute, maybe it is just Harrison Smith the beat. Not the guy I want to see in the open field. That’s the 74 overall, but a big wheels. That’s huge. Right. Let’s score some points here, boys. It’s looking real good right now, right? Same thing, right side sort of got the edge. Hey, that’s a good joke right there. No, huddle is going to work here. We’re fine. We’re fine. We’re fine. Maybe we’re not, we’re going to have to take a field goal out of this now. Damn, I fucked that for the team. I fuck that for the team. Take our time out, kick our field goal, coach, you can set a drive goal every time and this drive goal is for seven receiving yards. Let’s see who covers me out here in the flat. Oh, that’s easy, Baker. All right.

I caught that one and I’m telling you, man, the stiff arm is P let’s try a slip screen. I have yet to try the slip screen. Obviously, Baker knows he needs to throw this to me, but let’s see how well this is covered. Oh, let’s go, Baker. Great blocks. Oh, I’d like we got the second level a little better there, but that came in big. We’ve already got our drive goal. This is looking good right now. I got to keep getting involved in the passing game though. I don’t got to spam runs over and over. Ok. Ok. Rush is eclipsing 100 yards in the debut. The angle Rod is always open. Let’s see how this does here. I think Harrison Smith is going to have to man me up. Oh, here we go. Yes. Oh, that’s on me. That’s on me. I got to get there. I’m going to favor that play because that is nice. We’re actually going to go inside zone here. We’re going to spook the defense. It’s third and eight. This really could go first down. We just got to see these blocks. Oh no, nobody picked up that Blitzer. Maybe we didn’t have the numbers for it. I don’t know, Vikings are going to score. This game is not looking good right now. We got to get down to that end zone somehow. No way I can torch my man. Right. Baker. Baker, can I basically play? Wait, we just scored my God. Shit. I guess I made a good play call then. Oh, give me the two point conversion coach, let me punch this in. I’m gonna fly over the top.

I’m gonna dive in like, oh let’s go two point conversion, 20 rushes 100 yards, averaging exactly five yards. A carry. Not bad. Not bad at all, man. Vikings return with a score Baker. You have to just feed me, bro. Oh my God. He actually did. Yo. If I get fast enough, bro, I could just start torturing people on the edge. 2nd and 10 little base hand off. Oh I had my blocks up the middle. I read that like an idiot still picked up a little bit of positive yards. But we’re gonna lose this game. If I don’t get my head out of my ass here, we’re gonna max protect. I’m gonna send God went out. I’m gonna go over the middle here. Oh, here we go. Baker, Baker. Baker. Oh I was in max protect. So I was blocking too. Forgot when I max protected. I didn’t give myself a route. Damn Vikings score again. I think we’re going to lose this season opener here. This is going to take some getting used to. I’m not very good at this right now, but I’m excited to get good at it. Slips screen looks ok, but the inside zone looks actually even better, great blocking Trista. Worse a spin to the edge. Oh I just needed to juke not spin. It was, it was the right idea, but it was executed poorly. Feed me Baker. What is that? I regret being on Tampa Bay so much right now. I know I don’t have a choice but Baker. Where the fuck are you doing that?

I think I’m giving myself too hard at the time. Matt Maher in his debut. As a rookie rushers for 120 yards broke only one tackle had 34 yards after contact and a long run of 30 I significantly outplayed Kareem hunt on the Vikings and I had six receptions for 35 yards, but I never got in the end zone. That is a bummer. You know what I gotta say though, I’m so happy with how E A did this. I didn’t have to go through a bazillion annoying as cut scenes. I’m right into the action and also I’m a starter already. Like, I don’t have to sit here and get like two snaps a game. I really like this progression. I think it’s really, really good looks like I got a lot of experience from that. I’m gonna level up my stiff arm. I want the most disgusting stiff arm. It’s such a good way to break tackles in the open field. So we’re gonna take stiff arm up to 75. I can reset my abilities and skills. I’m gonna, oh, you can fully reset for no penalty. That’s amazing. So I’ve got six skill points now. I use them all on stiff everything I got on stiff arm. We’re now up to 81 and then soon we’ll have stiff arm bronze. I can actually equip a bronze ability right now. I just don’t think I have, I have human joystick.

I don’t even know how I got that quickly. Ship, momentum, change direction, turn the corner without sacrificing speed. Bad ass. I did not know I had that. All right. So I got human joystick and I got a beefy 81 stiff arm. Let’s go. All right. Week one was tough, but I’m gonna go right into week two right now. Taking a look at the whole NFL. I am second in the NFL in yards, which is nice. But that’s honestly just from spamming, David Montgomery did 104 on 12. I almost doubled that and Jonathan Taylor who leads with 150 did it on 18. Leonard got as many carries as me though and got 100. So I don’t feel bad about that, but most of these guys got a touchdown and I don’t, Josh Jacobs has got three so we got some work to do, no doubt. But you know, I am still a 75 overall, so happy with what we got done there. We got Bears week this week, I’m ready to make a big improvement. And each of these episodes guys, I think I’m gonna play two games. Let me know what you think about that. Keep it simple on field drills. I could get trucking. I gotta get acceleration again and I can simulate the drill. What happens if I simulate the drill? I have no idea what that just did. I guess I’m gonna find out too slow. I get plus two speed for the next game. Don’t mind.

If I do, I’m gonna do leg impression, man. I just want speed, extra recovery. I’ll just go strength a massage, a sports massage. Who am I? Man? Plus five strength plus three speed and plus two carrying in this game of the 0 to 1 teams. Yeah. You know, the Vikings are a good team too, so I’m not too jaded that we lost our season opener. I definitely would like to make the playoffs though, so I need to start calling better plays 100%. I have to start doing that like when it’s 3rd and 11 and I’m running inside zone just to pick up rushing yards. Like I’m screwing my team over my season goal of 1100 rushing yards though. That would be so easy. Bears score on their opening drive. We’re going to do the exact same thing. I am determined to score on this drive. We got a stretch left here, great blocking. Oh, I just had a little more. I could pick it up with inside zone here. I just said I wasn’t going to do this but I could pick this up because that defense is not ready for this. Let’s go. Let’s go. I know I said I wouldn’t do that, but that was actually a good opportunity for it. I’m also going to favor this play. Ow One Trap. Owen Trap is a great run play. So if you guys are doing superstar mode as a running back stash that play right there, single back one trap. You know what? I’m actually going to run it again.

I know that the A I adjusts to you running the same plays pretty well though. And they did adjust really well right there. I didn’t expect them to adjust that. Well, I’m noticing the computer is not letting me span plays. I definitely have to switch it up. We’re going to open this drive with a slip screen. Oh, this could be really good. I just got to catch the damn ball. Let it set up, let it set up. Oh, it’s actually super open but Baker got sacked too fast. That play got nuked. We’ll go with shotgun inside zone. Hopefully give us a little space to actually work with the ball here. 2nd and 11. 0, yeah, lots of space, infinite fucking space. Let’s go. Nice ball Baker. Go Baker. We got to score some points here at the end of the half. Baker. Just find me, buddy. Find me Baker. Oh, fine Godman too. Going back to inside zone. How are they blowing that up? We had all the blockers in the world. Feed me Baker. Baker feeds. Hey, a little Juke got lit up. Let’s call it time out. It’s starting to, it’s a very big play. I think we do pick this up with the stretch. We got to get our first NF touchdown right here. Oh, yeah, this looks good. All greens we got great blockers on that edge. Good, good boy. Let’s go. Our first NFL touchdown. Hey, a little salsa great work boys broke two tackles on that drive. We end it with a touchdown. Got some really good XP for that too. That was amazing that our game day goal in the books start in the third quarter with the ball.

Awesome. Let’s go play action and Baker is throwing lasers man. All right, same formation, but we’ll actually run this one. Father blocks. Get the edge. Oh, set that edge. Oh my goodness. I know that set the edge is a defensive term, but I don’t care. We got the joke. 11 rushes, 73 yards, one touchdown. I’m gonna try this. Ok? Block him. Great block. Good stiff arm. I’m telling you, man, stiff arm is 13 rushes, 90 yards, one touchdown. Let’s get another one in the books here. We’re gonna send this right at the middle and I’m just going to follow my blocks this time. No greed, no greed. Just make this a more manageable touchdown. That’s all, dude. I think I do from the five. I think I do from the five and I ended up taking that all the way in. Oh my God, that was nasty. Alright. Let’s snap pad a little bit though. It’s not ma ma it’s stat pa ma going for the slip screen. This one’s butt naked. Give me a pancake. Yep. Look at those blocks, man. And the stiff arm every time I’m gonna have it, no stats upgraded other than 99 stiff arm and I’m gonna chuck motherfuckers. All right, we’ll go back to inside zone. Got them good there. These blocks look like they’ll be immaculate. That’s how you follow your blockers. 01 more. I have to slow down if I slow down and I let Jensen pancake him. I have a chance at the touchdown. I’m going to give myself a little route here.

I’ll probably switch this to an angle. Just take it right over the middle money. Now, we’re catching the hang of the boys. Coach wants to go for this, you fucking dog coach. I’m gonna go inside zone again. We got this, we got this great blocks. It might be more the joke. No. Why did I say? I duke that snap this Baker. We got it. Go on, go on. Don’t even go wide. Go over fucking the rookie puts his body on the line the third salsa of the day. I’m already sick of it. Oh, dude, if only they let me add tattoos, man, bro. If I can put, I can put the big dragon on there. Oh, that’d be so sick. End of the third quarter, massive touchdown. That is three touchdowns going off today. The Bears are making this easy on us debut with the Vikings was nothing but here against the Bears. Uh oh has a hall of fame back, right? There switching to stiff arm and just calling better plays, man. Great pancakes, Tristan. We, it’s a pancake machine. Let’s go. Baker. Oh, feed me Baker. Oh my God. Oh my God. The motion for four touchdowns today, dude, this game compared to week one is insane. I am maybe not just offensive, Ricky your boys. Maybe I’ll just go for MVP. You know, I’ve got a shot at MVP too because it’s not like Baker is getting a lot of these stats since he’s just handing it off. It would be one thing if I was a wide receiver to win MVP.

As a wide receiver would be so hard, he’d have to do so many jet sweeps. Let’s just go right at him on the right side one more over the top. Good Blokes. Oh my God, we’re in, dude. What happened? How did we become God? Four rushing touchdowns, one receiving touchdown. It is a blowout in week two. That was an absolutely absurd game. 100% going to get player of the week. Should get a ton of experience for that. Look at this game, man. Number one, Baker actually played great 135 passer rating.

He had a touchdown to me. Of course, 26 for 174 6.6 yards for carry, four touchdowns. Justin Fields not beating the running back allegations, man, you’re not beating them seven for 82 reception and a touchdown too. That is so funny. Got one skill point from that game. I need two to get stiff arm. Elite human joystick was really, really nice. It kind of sucks that I’d have to replace that with stiff arm aite, but I guess I could get the stiff arm silver tier. My agility is up to 90 though, which is nice. And at level 10 we get a speed upgrade, 35 to 13 career game for us. Let’s see what happens as we go to the next week. I wonder if I get any extra experience or awards for getting player of week. I have to imagine I get player of the week. So I do get NFC offense player of the week with that incredible stat line. But interestingly enough, it doesn’t seem that I got anything additional for it. I kind of figured there’d be a milestone or an award. Maybe it was and I just missed it. Putting in the work coach Walsh wants to talk to me, I’ll talk to you coach. Maybe this is related to my last game or maybe this is automatically triggered on week three. I’m not sure. Let me know what your guys’ experience was.

There you go. And yeah, one more, one more. You got it. Yeah, all you uh there you go. The work.

There’s the man I was looking for the work out kid. How we doing cap it is just cap, right.

Yeah, you got it right. All good here. Coached up

good stuff. Kid. You’ve been building a lot of trust in a short amount of time. Keep it up.

Well, on that note, possible, get some extras in this

week. Of course. What are you trying to get better at?

Oh, shit. Counter running or inside zone running inside zone inside so good this year that counter strong I’ve been running is a good run play, but inside zone is a very consistent play. So if that helps my like team block on inside zone, that’d be amazing. Run the inside zone concept and get a touchdown on. Oh, on the drive, I thought it was saying get a touchdown right here and I’ll be like, damn, that shit ain’t that easy. Oh Maybe it is. Oh my God, am I in? I’m diving like an absolute psychopath blocks. Great blocking you guys that, that block, same shit different day. Let’s go good block by the fullback. Good cut back. I’m a demon. I’m a demon right now, but we need it right here then because this is then technically four down.

Be good. We good. We good. Hey, I got a gold on that. Three for three gold earned. What did that do for me though? Because you had to tell me what that did for me. I assume I’ll get some pop up here. That tells me that’d be really bizarre if that did absolutely nothing for me. I kind of don’t think that’s the case. Oh Wait a minute, I’m getting ahead of myself. This is supposed to be a different video shit, ok? I’m gonna end it off here, boys. If you’re still loving it, I appreciate you guys so much. I’ll see you in the third episode. Peace.

Making Our NFL Debut! Madden 24 Superstar Mode was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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