Living With The WORLD’S STRONGEST FAMILY For 24 Hours!

Interested in Living With The WORLD'S STRONGEST FAMILY For 24 Hours!? Check out the video and automated transcript from the Speak Ai team for Living With The WORLD'S STRONGEST FAMILY For 24 Hours!!

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Living With The WORLD’S STRONGEST FAMILY For 24 Hours! YouTube Video

Living With The WORLD’S STRONGEST FAMILY For 24 Hours! YouTube Video Description

This was one of the HARDEST challenges I’ve ever had to do!!
500k likes and I’ll let the strongest 10 year old CONTROL my life!!

Special thanks to the Bowen family πŸ™‚ DOWNLOAD THE Bowen family’s app for workout tips:

Follow the Gang!!
Amp World – ​ @AmpWorld.
Ben Azelart – @BenAzelart
Lexi Rivera – @AlexaRivera
Drew- @beilfusss
Jeremy Hutchins: @JeremyHutchins
Andrew Davila – @andrewdavila6696
Liv: @livswearingen
Dom Brack – @DominicBrack
Pierson: @pierson
Sydney Smiles: @TheSydneySmiles.

hang out with me on social media:
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Living With The WORLD’S STRONGEST FAMILY For 24 Hours! Automated Transcript By Speak

Today, I’m gonna attempt to spend 24 hours with the world’s strongest family. This is the Bowen family, Jordan, Jess Brodie, who’s 10 and Slade who’s 14.They work out as a family three times a day, over 240 hours a

week. There is no way you’re gonna survive 24 hours with this family.

Oh, yeah. Well, if I do, then you have to survive 24 hours with the world’s cheapest family deal. All right. So I packed my things picked up through and it was time to prove my sister. So we just got here to the house. This is

probably one of the biggest houses I’ve ever seen in my life.

Big House for a big family.

Right. It’s more like a hotel. I’m not prepared. I don’t

think so either.


guys come on in. I mean, the day’s gonna be great.

This is your guys’s house. What do you think? The

House of games? Big house, big people. Let’s go

over the house rules. So number one. No junk food. Number 2 45 minutes max screen time. That’s it.

Yeah, that’s it. My screen time’s actually like seven hours a day

today. Rule

number three, never skip like day, never skip

like day. Number four, no out until homework is finished. Ok,

about your homework. I graduated, graduated.

Better. Have your reports ready. Yes,

sir. Yes, sir. And lastly no

excuses in this house. So if we make it the full 24 hours and follow all these rules and we’re part of the

family. Well, here’s the deal. We only really have the availability for one of you. So we’ll see what happens. It’s a challenge. We

don’t have snacks in this house. We have snacks. Yeah.

Welcome to the Games Corner.

Oh my God. Wait, where’s like the fruits? Not in this house right here. Why are there treadmills in the living room? We don’t sit on the couch then. What do you do? You got to be on the treadmill when you watch TV. If you want to watch a movie, you got to run on the treadmill while doing it.

It’s an action movie.

What? This is a


table. What the heck is this

thing? Well, some things are learned better through experience. You want to try it elbow

right there with an arm

wrestling. I, yeah, I was like, oh, come on, Drew, come on, come on, come on, Drew away. But you don’t even, I I she’s

strong. It’s the first day of school for the kids. So I should be doing

their homework. This store says minimum 20 plus push ups to enter this room. Wait, actually

enter the room. That’s for me.

Welcome to the honey badger.

No, I, I did it to get in here.

Oh, yeah, Drew,

I won’t be that annoying older brother. I’m gonna be the cool older brother. Trust


No. All

right. He’s had enough. I don’t know if I like her potential new big

brothers. Hey, what’s your name? Slade. Nice to meet you. I’m Branch. How

old are you, bro? He looks older than I

am. You guys have a home gym? How many times do you work out a day? Usually it’s a way of life every

day, all day. What is this thing is that the thing to do? The split? That is the,

did you guys want to give this like a try

or is it hard? No,

you’ll be a


How is he doing that? Oh, yeah. Just keep, just keep going. Oh my


you said it was


It’s been like literally 30 minutes out of the 24 hours. And I don’t think that we’re doing a good job. Well, the kids just

finished school so it’s time to take them to martial arts. Do you guys want to join? Oh, we’re going

to do the martial arts too. You’re going to do great. All right. She’s being sarcastic. Drew. I know. I’m surprised that you guys actually drive places. I thought you guys would have to like, run there.

There’s always the opportunity of running back.

So they gave us outfits looking pretty good here. Why you need your bet?

We’re gonna start nice and light. We’ll just do a little bit of fun. Something crazy. Right. You’re gonna take

steps. You’re gonna go down to your knees. Yes. And then like you’re

crawling, this is the most awkward walk ever.

So, if somebody gets trapped on top of me and I’m trying to get them off, all we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna shrimp up to the side. Create our base. Come back up. Can’t

remember. What do we do?

Oh my God. I

just didn’t, you’re not gonna shrimp.

You literally getting beat up by a 10.

This is the first workout

of the day and we’re going pretty

hard. We just weren’t easy because we don’t want to beat up a tender. That’s what I’m

saying. Ok, she’s 10 years old. I don’t, I can’t beat her up like

that. You

say, listen, we want

peace over there. Yeah,

we’re whiteouts. You don’t want to mess with us. I

don’t wanna hurt. You don’t worry about it.


huh? Yeah. Come. Oh my God. She’s

greeting me.

How was it? Well, you know, I kind of gave you that one. You wanna try yet. No. After getting completely beat up by a 10 year old, it was time to make our way back to the house for lunch. But before that, they were kind enough to show us the rooms that we would be staying in tonight. Oh, wow.

This is nice. This is

nice. Remember to leave your door open when you sleep tonight? Why?

You know why?

I feel like I’m in military boot camp.

It’s been about four hours so far. I’m exhausted

and they’re talking about another workout later. Like we like

three times. I’m just starving. They’re cooking lunch right now. So I’m excited to

eat. I brought something that’s gonna help us out. Wait, wait, what is that? So, we’re trying to get ripped, right. Why follow all their stupid rules when we can just wear this. Is that a muscle suit? They’re not gonna know. We’re gonna look shredded, more shredded than pricking the dad.

All right, we have some lunch here. I am literally starving. What’s for lunch? Oh, Drew. Drew. Lunch

is ready.

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about


we are now that I think about it. I actually don’t need a protein shake. I actually ordered lunch. I think it’s like over lunch. I think it’s here and you got, no, no, I’m gonna go get my delivery. I’ll be right back. Thank you so much.


what I got. Oh, we didn’t

need not let it go. What, what? Go read the rules.

Junk food guys. Come on. I, I can’t have a slice of pizza. Really? No. Come on. You know, you want it. Yeah.

Oh my God. Oh

my God.

The gun as we were approaching hour five. It was time to get back in the gym. This time, a full body workout. This is gonna be our first day. We

got all day to talk. Rule number one’s leg day. It’s time to go when you were playing with toys. I was playing with tires. What?

Wait, what the,

that’s right. Is that fun for you?

Yeah. Oh, yeah.

How heavy is this tire? It’s got to be at least Β£200. You lifted Β£200. Yeah. No big deal. How much she weigh? 73?

Four times her weight. It’s just

a pull up and all you’re gonna do is just, yeah, just top.

They make it look so

easy. Yeah.

Ok. See the form was

good. Ok, that’s


You can imagine there’s a bear chasing you or somebody got to get on top of the dog.

There’s a bear bear. If you don’t get up there, you’re gonna die. Maybe come in your

brunch. The mere help help the bear. Me. She is scary. This the bear coming is a get it. Oh, I have. Let’s go. I thought I was your favorite.

Thank you.

Do I get a

hug guys? No. Should we start stretching right now? Too

late, Paul in? Wait, what’s going on?

The squad

team is ready? I’m


What you doing?

What do you mean? What are we doing?

Where is your Kettlebell? You didn’t tell us to do anything yet,


know, you didn’t warm up. You didn’t stretch and you didn’t get a kettle bell.

We messed up.


is it almost nap time? Is that like,

do you guys have nap time? Because

like, no, they

never sleep. Grab your partner. You’re gonna hold their heels, they’re gonna sit up, touch their toes back. Wait,

what’s happening now? Oh, my gosh.

Oh, it’s what’s in your second round? You expect Drew and I to do that, we have a high standard for me.

You’re in the family. It’s here. Yep. Yep.

Bye some more. Yeah, I think I need a break.

No break. I’m


already too. Excuse

me? Did you just say the word? I thought

you, you, I’m your older brother. All right, you gotta start respecting us. You

can respect me because I’ve been in this family longer than you have. OK. I’m

scared because we’re literally sleeping in the same house as her. That’s scary

when you sleep tonight. Oh, you’re my favorite that

I thought I was

your favorite sibling. No whip. I’m your favorite sibling though, right? All day. After an exhausting workout, we then headed back to their house for dinner. Think about what we’ve done for them so far. We worked out for two hours. Then we went to martial arts. Yeah. Another workout.

We got our beaten by a 10 year old. Yeah, for two hours we drank 50 g

of protein. No, dude, that protein came back

up. You still have like a full 14 hours to go. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it a full 24 hours. You have to, I’m exhausted.

But then if we do, your sister has to spend 24 hours with the cheapest family,

that’s why we have to do this

to do. What are you guys doing?

What’s happening?

It wasn’t long until dinner was ready and tonight’s dish, the biggest steak I’ve ever seen. The biggest steak I’ve ever seen before. Oh, yeah. Really good. Yeah, mine’s like, mine’s like perfect. So, uh, what’s after dinner? Relaxing time? I like the sound. That’s

usually at home after dinner. I just go to bed. What are

you guys doing?

Why? Why on the Dread Mill? I’m gonna sit on the couch while we do. Come on now you guys have your treadmill. What’s

the couch for that

to be part of this family?

So this is what we have to do the entire time. We’re watching TV. That’s

like a while. I mean, I watch for hours.

Honestly, the TV, isn’t worth it at this point. I’d rather just go to bed. Do you guys

sleep on a treadmill

too? You know what? I think my TV time is over. I mean, it’s getting late. I think I’m gonna head to bed soon. Actually, tonight guys, we’ll see you in

the morning. Don’t even worry about setting an alarm.

We got, we got, you, got you. Ok? I didn’t expect to be running on a treadmill at 11 pm at night. Am I the only

one that like just finds that,

bro, I am exhausted. I don’t feel,

you feel like a zombie. My legs hurt

so bad. Let’s go to bed and we’ll wake up in the morning. We have to do this. Drew. We’re gonna complete this challenge. All right, Drew. Good night.

All right guys. It’s 4 a.m. It’s time to wake the boys up. That’s it.

They slept long enough. Let’s

go, please.

There’s no way they wake up like that.

Here we go, sir. We’re on the brink of the sun rising.

No, the sun rises in two hours. Yeah, let’s go. It’s 4 a.m. Please let me sleep. You guys wake up every morning at 4 a.m. and come here and work

out any other way to make progress. You, you gotta put in the effort to bring it up,


I want to go home. Look at this. You’ve got

so they’re not letting you stop. Is

the whistle really necessary for you.

Is all that commentary necessary for you. What time is it?

So what is that? We’re gonna eat it? How much do you eat of that? Half

a day? I’m gonna

throw a bunch. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh

uh Since we got a whole family here, we’re going two dozen eggs, eggs.

Thank you. Does anyone else’s body feel like it’s shutting down? If

we’re gonna be perfectly honest.

I think we’re on like 19 or 20. No, thanks. Ok, so the family just told us to get in our bathing suit and come outside guys ready. We’re gonna be doing

ice baths.

Oh, it’s

6 30 in the morning.

Everybody wakes up like this. So you guys do ice baths every morning? How long do we have to sit in an ice bath?

Don’t think go, don’t go

21 go. Go. Go. Wow. I know there’s kids around but fuck it. How much you guys are doing so

good. I cannot feel my

talk. I guess my toes afterward.

I was not

doing that. So right now it’s 9 30 in the morning. We literally completed the full 24 hours. This was really fun.


wait before we head out. If this video gets 400,000 likes. Let let Brodie strongest 10 year old girl in the world control your life for 24 hours. Whoa,

whoa whoa whoa

whoa whoa Only if this video gets 500,000 likes.

500,000 likes and your life is going to be. No.

Oh, like the video.

Bye guys. Go, run, run,

run, run, run. Let’s go.

Let’s go.

Living With The WORLD’S STRONGEST FAMILY For 24 Hours! was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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