Jake and Tara: Break Up

Interested in Jake and Tara: Break Up? Check out the video and automated transcript from the Speak Ai team for Jake and Tara: Break Up!

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Jake and Tara: Break Up YouTube Video

Jake and Tara: Break Up YouTube Video Description

Love you guys!
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jakewebber9/
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Tara and I have broken up, and this is why (SPOILER: EVERYTHING IS OK) love you guys more than you know!

Sub to Tara! @Tarayummy


Jake and Tara: Break Up Automated Transcript By Speak

This chicken. Tara is a lot different than the usual ones. It’s because this chicken tara is chicken and Tara have broken up any word from Carl.

I guess. I won’t yell at you in this one.

Yeah. To be fair. We usually only, uh, yelled at each other on camera. It was a way for us to roast each other. We usually actually don’t argue that much. Yeah. Breaking up is sad but we had to do it. It was what was best for both of us and we thought what’s a better way to break up than eat pizza. So, we got a lot of pizza here. Papa Johns. I think that’s the best pizza. I know. Papa, he’s canceled. He’s not a part of it. Shaq is now the Papa. Did you know that, that? Yeah, they made Shaq papa. I feel like everyone grows up and just has that one pizza that their family gets them. Well, your, your parents probably got pizza growing up. Right. Exactly. Exactly. So I always got pizza out growing up too. But I recently tried Papa John’s for the first time, a couple of years ago and I was like, Oh my God. I’ve never had a pizza like this. 00. Why do you like pepper so much? It looks like a deflated wiener. So we got the half pepperoni, half cheese. Oh, bread sticks.

I’m so excited for this one. Jalapeno bites. Careful, careful, careful.

Have you ever had those before? They look? Really? Oh, they look like pizza

rolls. I’m very excited for this one.

So, let’s start from why we aren’t dating anymore. Can I grab my pizza? Yeah, I’m gonna, yeah, you want to share the garlic? There’s only one. This is thin. I got the regular. It’s Papa John’s. It’s how Papa

doesn’t do like that. This is, I

got the original Papa. That is Papa. Do you know Papa? I know what I like about Papa John’s is that it always comes with this garlic sauce. You don’t order it. It always just comes with it and, oh my God, it is like the best it, why, why do we break up? Why do we break up? I know everyone’s wondering that right now. Basically from the beginning, me and Tara always told each other we’re not Jake and Tara, we’re Jake. Tara and Jake and Tara, we’re always gonna be individuals because I think that’s important. You know, I feel like a lot of people really just live their life as a couple, but it’s special to be your own person as well. Now, me and Tara first started dating when she was 18 and I was 20. We’re both pretty young and we really haven’t experienced our adult lives and now I’m 25. She’s 23. We’re together. We’re not getting married, we’re not having a baby. Well, I had a baby. I never knew that I could give birth. But, um, this is peanut. You popped out of you last night, popped out of me last night. So, where do we go from here? We’re in the most important time of our lives.

We’re in our twenties and we hit this

wall. We’ve been dating for so long

and we’re sitting here like, what’s next? We, we got just got to this point where we felt like we were more so just dragging something. I’ll always take pride in like being Jake and always Jake not changing for anyone. And the reason why I fell in love with Tara is because she thought the same thing about herself. She’s Tari yummy. I mean, it’s a God. That’s, that’s a goddamn woman right there. She knows exactly who she is. That’s why I fell in love with her in the first place. I wouldn’t wanna change anything about her ever. How she is is exactly how she was when I first started dating her. I never want that to change. But we’re just at this point where we almost wish we could have met at like 23 26 later in life where we would, at this point be having kids or getting married. It’s not cringe. You’re ok. You just hair whipped my, I got the drain hair special. I know it feels weird but we both agreed that maybe I should just be Jake and Tara should just be Tara. So I promise you there is nothing negative going on at all. I always thought that we were the healthiest relationship ever. We had no problems. We bickered like normal people do. We never had jealousy problems? Everything was so great, so great. It just like we really, we really care about how we live our lives and they always say that if you love something, let it go. And I never knew what that meant.

I get it now. Like if I truly love Tara, I’m not gonna chain her to me. I want her to go and be the amazing woman that she is and, and just be Tara yummy. I want nothing more than that. And I think, you know, if it was truly meant to be, then we’ll find each other later in life. But I don’t mean like find each other. Yeah, but we’re, we’re always gonna be friends and that’s the point of this

video. I don’t know. I get angry.

You could watch every single break up on youtube and they’ll always be like we’re still gonna be friends. Yeah. I haven’t seen a picture of you guys just said

that and that’s not gonna be us. We’ve broken up for, like, three weeks now and we have been nonstop streaming together. We have been going to parties. He’s been at my birthday. Everything’s been normal because we’ve decided to actually stay friends. Like, actually, not just like we’re gonna stay friends. Like, we’re actually friends.

None of our friends know that we’re broken up. Yeah. Well, I don’t like when they, like, it feels weird. I don’t want the world to know. It’s almost weird. Like

I think they’re gonna make it weird because we’re

not making weird throughout our whole relationship. Everyone else made things weird. People thought we

broke up all the time and we’re not

like we can’t just be individuals like we can’t just like, I’m sorry, our personality isn’t only each other basically. Like what we’re trying to say is like you haven’t noticed that we’ve been broken up for three weeks and you would never notice because nothing’s changing.

Nothing’s changing. We’re still gonna be Jake and Tara just friends.

Yeah. And don’t even take our word for it. Just watch, nothing’s changing, baby. Nothing’s changing. And I’m not calling her baby. I’m calling you guys baby.

OK. Oh

OK. Careful. She’s about to blow. She, you want me to top you off? Oh

You farted in my face earlier.

No, my butt was not in your face. You burped in my

face. Well, dude, that I think you just burped too cause I smelled it. I did not. Maybe it was my own burp. Yeah.

I think we’re always gonna be friends because I mean, why did we start dating in the first place?

Cause he got along. Yeah, because we’ve never broken each other’s trust or done anything wrong to hurt each other. And we’re not gonna start now just because we’re not together.

Exactly. Exactly. We’re gonna always respect each other and look at it in there. Get a good dip in there. This

kind of looks like your sensory slide. Oh

my God. I have it. Hm. I like that. I like your seasoning on top. What do you think? When you get to the middle, the dip sticks on way better check it sticks on the bread. What do you think? Hm. Right. Isn’t that crazy? We should break up more often.

This is great food.

I guess you’re right. I still want to go on like dates with you. We could still hang out like friend dates. Like I wanna go to like Applebee’s with you. We can go to

Applebee’s, you know, that’s what I’m trying to tell everyone. That’s what we’re trying to tell everyone that we’re still gonna be hanging out. We’ve been hanging out,

nothing will change because like, I still get bored and I’m like, I, I wanna hang out with Tara. I see a funny Tik Tok. I wanna send it to Tara. So what we’re saying is nothing’s gonna change. We still care about each other. Literally the exact same amount and we don’t want anyone to be sad. We’re not trying to make you guys sad. We’re not like getting eye jobs. You’re like, oh, we’re not crying here because we know that the future will be bright and warm and cuddly. I mean, definitely, um, we’re definitely sad but we can’t help but to, of course, be sad and I know a lot of you guys will be sad. I know it’s inevitable. It’s like a big change. But I promise at the end of the day there’s nothing to be sad about. Like I’m so lucky that I had a girlfriend like Tara and now a friend like Tara.

I know you were talking this whole time but all I’ve been looking at is those jalapeno bites? Ok. Go ahead. I want the ranch uh the ranch. Mm mm. That’s a spicy.

I love spice. It looks like a little pizza roll in that. I just get the ranch and yeah. Ok. Wow.

Look at that so good. Oh, see I knew that would happen if I tried to. I tried to catch it.

I think I like it more in the garlic sauce. That’s spicy. I try to go. Oh, wait, no, I want ranch. Oh no, it’s way better. Oh

Fuck me. I really don’t want people on the internet and in real life making rumors or saying that oh Jake and Tara broke up because of this or this or this because we’re here. Telling the truth. We know people in our real life and online are gonna try and you know, create rumors that aren’t true and be like, oh the reason they broke up is this or Tara did this or Jake did this and this is literally us sitting here and being like that is completely untrue. The reality is, is that we love each other just as much and we’re friends and no one freaking even noticed we broke up. So that just goes to show how much we do care for each other and how much something bad didn’t happen. I almost wish it did. What, what, where something bad happened, it wouldn’t make you just touch jalapenos and now you’re gonna touch my face. Ok? So tell me because is it gone? No,


get the fuzzy. Was he like

no, let me get up, let me get my sensory slug, close your eye. Yeah, I got, I got, I got me and Tara since the beginning of our relationship felt like we’ve always had a witch hunt against us online and real friends, people like almost wanted us to break up. People want us to break up. It’s so weird like leave us the fuck alone like we’re trying to date in peace and now we’d like to be friends of peace. But I already know there’s gonna be friends that are gonna wanna talk shit and people online that are gonna wanna talk shit, leave us alone. So if you have any sense of care towards us, the number one thing that we don’t want is anyone to make conspiracy theories or talk negatively

positively. Maybe someone could say, hey, can’t wait for this new era of Jake and Tara because the era is not over.

Yeah, we’re definitely gonna drop it off this night.

Jake’s still number one on my roster. If like someone crosses him, you cross me. Oh

Check this out. I got this for you.

Oh my God. Why have you been hiding that? Are you

crazy? I wanted to be a president. Oh my God. Thank you. You’re welcome. It’s a peppy mill. You get it. What what you feel like a puppy mill?

Can you put that in the fridge?

You know I’m talking about. Yeah, I it’s, it’s you. I said I said a peppy me.

Very funny. Can I take this home? Yeah, I love pepper pepper

priorities. Sorry. Me and Tara have talked about it and that’s literally our only fear coming out this like we didn’t, it’s like a part of us like didn’t even want to tell the world just because we didn’t want anyone to judge

us. Yeah, we’re scared of the judgment because we know that we we

we know that people have wanted our downfall since the beginning. We’re trauma bonded. Honestly, we are

bonded when people break up if it’s not a shitty breakup, if no one did anything wrong and you guys have the means for it. You can stay friends

and most of the time it’s because something went wrong. Yeah.

But nothing went wrong, nothing went wrong. And if nothing went wrong, it’s like I really hope that people like can take this and be like, wow, maybe I could stay friends with my ex because what a special thing is you were so close to someone for so long and then suddenly you’re just gonna them out of your life and shun them like, yeah,

you start, you start dating because you liked each other in the Yeah. What are

we Amish? Why would we shun each other? They shun they, I thought they turned butter. They shun people who leave the Amish.

Is that what they do? I promise moving forward, me and Tara are still gonna give you all the content that you want with both of us because we love making it like we’re like, I feel like we’re so opposite but the same and that’s just like such funny chemi chemistry online and I genuinely have fun filming with you.

Just fucking

fly on my pepper. Sorry. Driving a lot to go around everything. My huh. Do everything. My teeth because you do get pepper. Thank you. Do I?

No, no, you’re lying. OK? Get a mirror. I didn’t really like the pepper things.

The jalapenos. OK? When no one forces you to eat them, you’re fine. Why do you like them? I don’t know, they tasted good. I didn’t think they did. Well, it’s ok. You’re entitled to your own opinion and no one’s judging you and no one’s judging you for that. That’s your truth. It needs,

it needs more. Ranch is such a weird thing to dip in it. I

also said like, I think

Marinara is like, you know, like a pizza roll. I feel like the whole point of cheese sticks is to dip it in Marinara and turn them back into pizza. There there some ranch.


Ok. Excuse you sorry you don’t to say sorry,

sorry. So gassy you

shouldn’t say sorry for burping. You should say sorry you burped all over both of our pizzas. Sorry pizza. You literally burped on it like an olive garden employees putting cheese on a salad.

My apologies.

It’s funny. Yeah.

Mm I wanna get back to her. Ok.

Sorry, I usually try to control my eating but today I’m just, I’m munching, right? And that’s ok. You know, today is a day for us

is we have to film a fricking breakup video. Yeah, we already broke up and

that means more cheese sticks.

I’m getting bug bites out here,

dude. Those are my friends. I just hope that if me and are enemies who take my side, what the fuck? We didn’t want to make a video. We didn’t want to make a notes app tweet an Instagram post. I wish that like TMZ could just report it. No, like the Kardashians. Oh my God. What if we were that famous one day? I hope this video doesn’t sound just like a cliche breakup video, but we did it. We, we made the video, we did youtuber cringe moment.

We’re not Josh. And you, we’re serious. Who’s Josh? Right. Right.

Right. Right. Shut my merch at six. Are you

really throw on your merch in our breakup video?

Uh This is, this is, this is just my some say it is a river. Bye guys. Bye.

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