I Survived the NETHER on ONE BLOCK Minecraft

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I Survived the NETHER on ONE BLOCK Minecraft YouTube Video

I Survived the NETHER on ONE BLOCK Minecraft YouTube Video Description

I Survived the Nether Dimension on ONE BLOCK in Minecraft Hardcore

• watch behind-the-scenes: https://youtu.be/Z8k5-xJO5iM

• watch from EPISODE #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxmvG3M7ays&list=PLqyCqmSEa8cQEWtve1u6oaYVRvj2GPRmw

• watch my LAST EPISODE: https://youtu.be/gutRCej5sHo
(I Lost Everything on ONE BLOCK in Minecraft Hardcore #4)


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This MINECRAFT HARDCORE ONE BLOCK SERIES is inspired by Wadzee, MumboJumbo, Grian, and sandiction! Instead of being the Hermitcraft SMP, this series is similar to a MINECRAFT CHALLENGE video because it is HARDCORE MINECRAFT on only ONE BLOCK! This is similar to my 100 DAYS in MINECRAFT HARDCORE but better! 🙂

I Survived the NETHER on ONE BLOCK Minecraft


#minecraft #hardcore #but

I Survived the NETHER on ONE BLOCK Minecraft Automated Transcript By Speak

Getting into the nether has gotten pretty easy. This is my friend re rap and it took him a little over one minute to build a working Nether portal in Minecraft.But on one block it took me 100 and 77 days over 4000 blocks mined and a ton of close deaths to get myself. This a simple Nether portal that looks like poo. But I’ll fully decorate it later in the video for now. We can finally head into the nether on one block. I don’t even know what to expect but we’re gonna go anyways, I barely have any armor or tools. Um OK. Looks like it’s a normal nether. I thought it would be a one block. Neath. That would be so cool. And I already have a horse in here, bro. Go, go back, return to the world. All right. He, he’s a part of the nether now, but we spawned inside a butt crack of the nether. Um I don’t see anything special finally making it into the nether is huge for us because that means we have an unlimited source of blocks for the past four episodes. We’ve been living in the air and only surviving off of this one regenerating block. And now we finally have an unlimited source of blocks, which is Nether rack. I probably won’t ever just build with Nether rack. But hey, we got blocked. What’s that? Oh, and there goes my pants. I already lost my help.

And now, now I’m naked with that being said, this episode, I really want to get myself some armor. I want to fully explore the nether and try to collect a bunch of new resources and materials. I want to build a house in the nether, build a custom neath portal room or island, collect some lava so we can make a stone generator and a bunch of little tasks to improve our one block world. The first thing I want to do is explore the nether. But um I might need some more armor. Oh, I already have a helmet and some leggings. All right, I’ll take it. Yeah. Let’s melt up some more gold and use this to craft a chess play and some boots. Hey, there we go. I guess we completed one of the objectives. I still want a full set of iron armor though. Honestly, I think that was one of our objectives for every single episode. But let’s explore the nether. Let’s bridge out here and try not to die. Let’s build a little staircase and let’s see what we can find. I got some coarse or nothing new. There’s also gold ore. And is that only one piece of glow stone up there? Wow. I’m so lucky. Here we go. Oh, man. If I do, oh, there’s also mushrooms. I can start a new mushroom farm. Let’s go. Ok. My first ever cast 100% accuracy. Just don’t look at that thing up there. I, I totally didn’t miss an arrow earlier. Yeah, I found the guest here. Let’s go.

Oh, I found a warped force by him and one Crimson Herb thingy. This guy must feel left out. Might as well collect a bunch of this though. I would never get over. How ugly this sound is. It just sounds like you’re walking in wet shoes. It’s so gross. Wait, what is that? Oh my God. We just found an abandoned another portal. What’s in the crack of this? Ok. We got gold leggings, some flint, a shovel and a fire charge. I found a bastion. Ok. Ok. And the Crimson Forest. I really don’t know how to raid bastions guys. I’m just gonna mind some Blackstone and try to avoid those guys because they do so much damage and I’m gonna raid their. Oh my God. All right. Don’t mind if I do. I’m just gonna look inside your chest. Oh, we found agent debris. What’s in this chest? Um Oh my God. That’s a lot of aging debris. Oh, a block of iron. Yo, my iron armor dream might come true. You can’t touch me. You can’t touch me. Go. Wait, please. If this chest has more ancient debris, I’m gonna cry. Ok. We found a smith, we found an armor trip. Oh my God. I’m literally jumping and hopping in, in, in, in, in, in my chair. Yo, raiding bastions might be the best idea ever. There’s no way I get. Oh my God. I’m actually rich. I don’t even need these gold nuggets. I, I got blocks of gold. Could you guys just please be attracted to the gold while I just sneak past you guys? I’m just gonna keep, ok, there’s a guy there.

I’m gonna just keep digging until I find something and let’s keep going down. I don’t see anything down there. Yeah. Ok. They are so fast. I found a chest. Oh my God. Oh my God. Let’s see what’s in here. Oh my God. Another diamond pick ax. Well, that was insanely successful. We got a bunch of stuff from that. Let’s keep exploring. Let’s try to find another fortress. I found another bastion. Oh my God. So I started looting the second bastion and I got tons of valuable stuff. I came close to dying plenty of times though. Oh my God. Oh

my Jesus. Oh uh 0000,

you can touch me, loser, loser. Pretty low on food and my whole inventory is full. So let’s head back to my one block world and we’re finally, oh my God. Oh, ok. II I need to build a platform here. That was a close one. But that was an insanely successful run. We got a bunch of stuff. I’m all out of food though and I only have three potatoes. Nice. Let’s head over to my potato farm. Slap the button and oh, yeah. Look at, look at all them taters. Oh, it’s, I still need to fix that and oh my God, I got what, why did I get so many potatoes? All we gotta do is just put it in here and it’s done. I totally didn’t have to wait like 20 minutes, not faked at all. And now I can just come here, throw away all of my armor and using the iron that I got rating all those bastions. I can finally craft myself a full set of iron armor. This is an actual dream come true. Finally, after 100 and 83 days, we have iron armor. I can also use the iron to craft a few more buckets and all of this will just help me collect a bunch of lava buckets and we can use all of this to make a stone generator. You say goodbye to this poopy thing. This is like episode one of a sky block like we don’t need this poop stuff. Let’s destroy this, expand the platform. So we have room to upgrade.

Let’s first start by building a little box right here and this will just contain all of the lava and the Uh, I don’t know why I said water is so weird. Um, even though that’s a normal way to say it in, in some place in the world, you know what I’m talking about? Let’s crap. Some red stone stuff. Ok. Let’s get bill in this thing. Having the stone generator is gonna be so helpful because it’s gonna provide me unlimited blocks, allowing me to expand this one block island forever. The very last thing I need to do is add the lava. Let’s put a lava bucket on every single block because I’m just rich like that. Let’s go grab some more. Alright. Wait, what? Oh my God. It’s supposed to go up here. I’m so dumb. I was like did my world just glitch and the lava just disappear there there and there. Ok. And there we go. Wow. Oh, it worked. Oh my God, it’s already working. I ran out of a cobblestone so I had to use. Right. It looks pretty ugly compared to the rest of my entire island. Yeah. So let’s grab a bunch of materials and let’s fix up the look of the stone generator to fit with the rest of the one block island. I feel like this doesn’t look that bad.

I got a nice little walkway up into the stone generator. I added a nice little gap right here where water will be. The only problem I have is I’m scared that this lava will burn all of this. Wood down and then, like, transfer over to my island and then everything is just gonna be on fire. Oh, it’s on fire. It’s on fire. What, why is the lava going to this? What could I just, like, cover up the lava, cover up all of my problems. So I just can’t see them, you know. So it won’t affect me. There we go. All right. It’s been a few minutes and luckily no problems yet. All right, let’s use some stone brick slabs that will look a lot better than this ugly cobb of stone. And there we go. That looks way better. Now, it actually matches the rest of my island. I just need to get rid of this platform. All that there’s left to do is add some water right here on this very edge. And now when I’m mining, all the cobblestone will just fly over towards me and I don’t even have to move. Yeah. So I spent the next 20 minutes just mining stone which is 16 stacks of cobbles stones. This is gonna make expanding my one block island way easier. My diamond pickax however, is hurting. He, he’s literally crying for help. Don’t worry, baby, I won’t hurt you anymore. I will no longer use your mining ability. Yeah. I’m, I’m sorry to pick ax. I want to read some new phases.

We’re currently on phase eight, which is the idol phase. I think it’s just a bunch of courts. I thought beers would be friendly. I didn’t even do anything to you. Yep. Enter, enter my barn. I’m totally not gonna drop you. Losers, losers and losers. Ah, sucks to suck, doesn’t it? Oh, wait, I think they’re not mad at me anymore. Yo. Oh, we’re best buds now. Somehow. Stay in here. I’m gonna make you guys a giant zoo one day. What’s in here? A name tag and some honey bottles. Cool. Cool. And I’m pretty sure we’re getting super close to the end phase which means we get an end portal and we get to defeat the end dragon. 00 I got a cat eating my fish. Wait, you don’t eat tropical fish. You oh my God. I thought he was gonna jump off the edge. I don’t have any fish to tame you with. Oh I got some rock hot right here. Yeah. Drop some neighbors in the comments guys. All right, let’s continue mining. Oh, ok. We got slimes. Um That’s actually not too bad. Please stay. I need your balls. Uh pause if I have a looting sword, I do not. Um Nice. All these lime balls could help me make some sticky pistons. All right. Uh What how did you get over here? Yeah, right back in, get back onto the ledge. Get, get back on, get back on the ground, get back. Ok. I don’t have any blocks. I’ll save you. Go back. Nice. Ok. We saved him. That was a close call. I don’t know why I did that. I probably needed a strider.

Do I even have a strider left, bro? I’m so stupid. Oh, we got a skeleton horse. We need some cool names for these cool mobs. Ok. What is all people sniffing me? Um, do I need some deodorant or something? Do I smell that bad? Ok. What the hell, who, who was that? What a meanie. Wait, is he dangerous? Oh, no, he’s not. Ok. We got a cool horse. I don’t remember what they’re called. A, a haunted horse. You get over there? Wow. I got some nice bees and a stinky chest. Let’s see what’s in it. Um Is bamboo? No, I swear I have bamboo already. Wait, wait, wait, wait, I just realized you can use kelp, turn into dried kelp to turn into smelter thingies. You guys know what it means? But using kelp would be a great source of fuel since I’m running low on coal. So let’s actually use this farm. Let’s break this collect. Oh my God. Did it all fall off the edge? What? That was so unlucky? Um At least I saved a few and let’s replant it right here. OK. But I think that’s enough mining for now. We need to move on to more important things like fixing up this. It’s, it’s really bad. It like I know I’m a bad builder, but I do build a ton of giant projects and just looking at this makes me want to throw up. So we’re gonna completely transform it and build a custom another portal island.

First, I need to smelt a ton of coone and instead of wasting my coal, let’s actually just use some lava buckets because now I have an unlimited source of this. And for our dirt situation, let’s come over here, steal some of this and let’s also steal, do all of this. Here we go. And while we wait for all of this to smelt, let’s do some things around the island. Let’s grab some wheat and let’s actually breed my animals because I really need some leather to make an enchantment table. One day. You guys are useless, but I’ll feed you guys as well. Um I can’t breed you with anyone. You can breed with a torch, I guess. Enjoy. And you chicks, I guess I don’t need to breed you guys because I’m so lucky. I’m gonna get four chickens. Oh, I got two. That’s not bad. Hey, we got, we got a, we got prison break. We got prison break. Yeah. Bucket yo yo, yo, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. I’m gonna, I’m gonna kill you. No. Oh my God. And they oh OK. Since when do foxes attack chickens? That how does that make sense? Come back to your home and make more babies? Also check on my farms. How’s this doing? Oh my God. I got a lot of bamboo and sugar cane. All we need is some leather to make books. Let’s check on our melons. Um, I don’t know why they aren’t working. I’m guessing they can’t grow onto wood.

What if we put a dirt block right here? Let’s also check on our cactus. Um Oh, I don’t have a hopper. Ok. I haven’t collected anything. Some beans. I haven’t harvested. I seriously do some more work around the island and see you later. Loser Harvest the kelp. Oh And it flies everywhere off of the island. That is perfect. Nice, amazing design. That’s like, oh, ok. They do a lot of damn. Oh my God. I would have died. I literally would have died to hit me. Oh Go straight from, straight from straight. Oh my God. I just dodged that bullet. Right. And oh, it seems like our stone is done. Now we’re gonna start building the custom island for another portal. I guess. I don’t really need this farm area anymore. Um Holy cow. This turtle is living life on the edge. But yeah, let’s destroy this and I’m about to do something extremely risky. Are you guys ready? This might not be a good idea. Oh OK. We didn’t die. I was scared of dying for fall damage. The reason why I did this is because I need a block all the way down here so I can work on the bottom tip of the island if you know what I mean? I don’t know why I did all that when I literally have a water bucket in my hand. But you know what? It makes life fun. Oh, I just got a notification on my watch saying I have a high heart rate. I wonder why. Ok.

This is the tip of the bottom of the island. Just wasted a piece of dirt. But it’s basically gonna go up from here. So like it’s gonna start forming a larger and larger tip. That’s what she said. It’s like this, I’m gonna keep expanding it. So eventually this will turn into an island and I want it to look perfect on every single side because I’m gonna build a circular pathway around this custom island. I’m about to run out of dirt though. I’m gonna use all of my dirt on this stupid little island. Ok? I am left with 20 pieces probably a little less because I need to make this look a little more natural because if it, if I don’t, I’m gonna be so upset with myself. Yep. There it goes. All my dirt. I got two pieces left. Ok. Oh, this side is not even done. You know what? Let’s just uh there we go. That’s all my dirt. I have no more dirt left on this entire one block world. I spent it all on this stupid island. Oh man, this isn’t good. And the craziest part is I don’t even have a grass block. I turned all of that dirt into grass. We might just stuck with an island of dirt. Ok. So now I want to build a ring around this island so we can just like walk around it. We’ll have one bridge to connect it at the very front kind of like this. I think that looks pretty good. I just need to fill in the path and make it thicker so I can actually walk on it.

Let’s build a little bridge that connects this to the island. So let’s do that. Bam. Bam. Beautiful. Let’s grab my fastest pick efficiency. Three and destroy this another portal. We can give it a new permanent home. Bam. Yeah. Now imagine this island fully decorated with like a giant dead tree or like a mushroom or something. And I kind of want the tree to be like ingrown with this nether portal. So it’s kind of like a part of it and it kind of just sticks out a bit, you know. So I think the best way to do it is to cover a bit of the portal like this. It looks like it’s being swallowed in. Let’s have a few of the branches kind of come out and stick like this and let’s build some this way and this way and if you keep doing this, it should look OK? Um Honestly, I kind of like that. It’s just like messy and messy. Let’s now build a little trunk at the bottom. So it just looks normal. Oh, yeah. This part’s a little thick. I might need to thin it down a bit. That’s like that. Let’s add a piece of wood here. And I think that looks a lot better now. We just need to strip the tree of all of his clothes like this. Oh, I’m so weird. The shape of it looks pretty good now. But to make it look even better, let’s come over here and grab some fences.

Let’s also grab some lanterns, only have one nice spam. And now let’s place all of these fences around the tree to just make it look a little better. Let’s also add some hanging lanterns from the tree, one back here and one behind the Nether portal like that. And I want to add one more thing to this Nether portal. Let’s um, kind of running out of space here. Maybe let’s come up here, break this and expand the tree just a tad just like right here a little bit more and add some fences to make it look a little bigger and using this little trunk or branch. I can bring it down like this instead of placing a lamp right here, let’s place down a stair and let’s surround it with some trap doors. So it looks like a little uh, swing. So if you ever have the bulge, you can just come over here and swing over the void. That is the tree that looks pretty amazing to be honest. And now on this side, I want to build like a mushroom or something just to add some color and it just gives off that haunted vibe. Luckily, since we went to the nether earlier, we did grab some mushrooms. So let’s, uh, find some dirt.

I think I used all of my dirt, but they grow a nether rack. Oh, there we go. Let’s grab some bone meal and let’s wait. Why, why can I place it? What? Hello? Uh I don’t get it. Does it need to be dark? Ok. I don’t understand. Does it work in the nether? Um Nice. Well, it’s night time now. So that means there’s no light. Can I just place it here? Oh my God. It literally needs to be in complete darkness, bro. So I built a giant box just so I can grow some mushrooms inside of it. Oh, I didn’t make the ceiling high enough. Could I drop it down on one floor, please? Maybe it won’t grow another rock. Maybe it will grow on dirt. Oh, there goes my piece of dirt. Give me. Yes. Is it here? Um Yes, it’s perfect. Now. I need to collect the block version of this because I can’t just mine. It, it would just turn into nothing. What if I can share it? I might be very small. Yeah. It, it doesn’t work. What a surprise. Oh my God sucks. Loser, loser, loser, loser, loser. Yeah. Let’s be smart. And cover the floor of slabs. Since I need the actual blocks of the mushrooms, I need the silk touch enchantment, which means I need to harvest my farm and breed my cows a ton more. So I did that for the next hour. Enough cows make enough leather to build a full enchantment table.

Hopefully all of these cows will get me enough leather. It sounds like the craziest mosh pit in there. Oh my God. What, what they hopping around? Unfortunately though, I don’t have a looting sword on me. I do however have a fire aspect sword. Let’s use all of our iron to craft a an and let’s repair this thing. Damn. Honestly, that probably wasn’t worth it at all. Now, I can kill these cows and get, oh my God. I didn’t think I went to all of them. I can get some cooked steak. I need your leather. It’s for a good cause we need to advance in our one block world and thanks to your sacrifice. Oh, I feel so bad. And after all that, I only got 31 leather that definitely won’t be enough to make it level 30 enchantment table. Let’s grab all of my sugar cane bop, bop bop. Let’s turn it into some paper and craft up some books. 31 which will make me 0 10 bookshelves. That is way more than I thought. OK, we, we’re pretty close. We just need an enchantment table. Let’s put it right here. Oh, not there. Ok. I don’t wanna break that now. Right here. I’ll build a fancy table room later, but let’s see what it is. It’s at 21. Which isn’t that bad? Is it possible to get so touched on the first try, please? Yeah. No, I ain’t that lucky. All right, let’s enchant this pick with a low enchantment thingy so I can replace the enchantment stuff. And let’s try again. Oh my God. I got so touched of the second, the second try. I can finally mine the mushrooms. Let’s go all that.

Just for mushrooms. Oh my God. Ok. Oh my God. That actually scared the ball sack out of me. All right. We got one whole mushroom mind out and let’s get a few more just in case right now that we finally have the mushroom Bloss that we need. We can build the mushroom tower thingy tree thingy thingy thingy thingy. My brain just lagged. It’s basically just me a giant version of the normal mushrooms. So I’m just gonna make it like blocky a little bit. Um, let’s build the stem. I don’t really have a lot of mushroom stems because it’s hard to get, but let’s just bring it up here like that. Um, let’s make it a little curvy. Let’s bring it up a little more. Oh, I ruined it. No. Could I mind it and then replace it? Oh, nice. Ok. Oh, man. Let me thin it up. A bit. Ok. That’s all ruined. Now, I gotta replace all this bo bo, there we go. Last one is more rare than diamond blocks. Right? That should be good. And now we just cover up the rest with a giant mushroom tit. Something I am unfamiliar of. 000. What are you thinking of? I’m saying, I don’t eat mushrooms. What? Get your mind of the gutter guys. What the heck? Oh, I just gaslighting all my viewers is funny. Let’s continue building this thing. Let’s take a look at. Oh, that looks really good.

Um You can probably tell that I literally just copied this design off of the internet because II I was too brain dead to think of something on my own, but I still think I made it, it looked pretty good. Now, the only thing I need to do is add a little bit of touch up. So I need to turn this on to grass somehow. I’ll probably not be in this episode. I’ll build a staircase, some fences, some leaves and yeah, I think adding all of that to the Custom Island will really complete it and give it like the rundown vibe of the nether portal. And there we go. There’s one more thing on this dead tree. I have these torch lamp things. I want to add some hanging ones on the mushroom as well, but it’s gonna be a little different. Let’s just make a few of these lanterns, 1234, we’re broke again. We got one R and, and get left using these. I’m just gonna hang them off of the mushroom to just give it a little different of a vibe just like that. There we go. A custom, another portal island is complete and it’s gonna be a nice centerpiece for the entire one block island. But the next thing I want to do is actually inside the nether and that it is, I want to build a base inside the nether. I can build like a little chess room, a crafting table room, basically a safe house for the neath.

The bad part is my Nether portal is kind of in a bad spot. I can’t really build anything here. I actually am going to build the base in this open spot in the nether, but there’s going to be a little twist against this wall. I’m probably going to just add a big circular window that’s right here and the base will be inside the mountain. So let’s start carving out a little area for it. Let’s start designing this thing. I’m gonna make a little border with some stone brick that just outlined the half circle that I built. So let’s bring it all the way up like this, bam, bam and let’s build it across like this. And I’m hoping the stone brick will just give it like a reinforced look for the nether. Let’s fill in the ceiling Oh, I messed that up. Here we go. All right. Now, let’s remove this and fill it in with some spruce wood like this. And it will just make the inside feel more homey than the neath because the neath is scary. Let’s start replacing all of this neath rock with some spruce wood. Yeah. Sure. This guy just came in for a quick drive by shooting yo, back up, back, up, back up. I was messed up. Holy, there we go. We got the whole thing. Interior done. But I decided to add like a little contrasting wall, which is a oak wall and oak ceiling and then this will be spruce. I don’t know how it looks. It looks OK.

Not my favorite thing but hey, it’s better than the neath. This is poopy. This already feels homey. These guys need to leave though. You guys are stinky. You guys are stinking up my new home guys, him and his son. Oh my God. Yeah, you better run to your dad. All right. I also got myself some crafting tables. I’ll place that um over here. Oh, I didn’t mean to talk to you. Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, son. I’m glad you don’t even witness this. But uh yeah, let’s continue mining this out and adding some chests. Uh He’s like, oh, he wants revenge. I’m sorry. I’m on 3 60. No scope. You, all right. Let’s fill this in and let’s add some chests right here. Oh, I’m on the chests. Ok. Let’s take this out and let’s move it to here. Well, bam and bam. Oh, damn. Got a nice little chest room. I got some furnaces. Let’s slap them down over here and a few torches. Bop, bop, bop, bop. There we go. We got a little home. There’s not much, um, it’s because I don’t really own much on one block, but it’s supposed to act as a safe house from the nether. And you guys might be saying, oh, how is it a safe house? If you could just walk right in? Well, shut up. I’m gonna fill it in with some glass. I don’t know why I gave you guys that voice, but that’s, that’s your guys’s voice now. Hello guys. My name’s Kermit the Frog. I’m so weird. Let’s go back home and get some glass.

I feel like I don’t have a lot of sand. Um, ok. I have 20 pieces and a stack in 63. Let’s melt up some more and I don’t have lava buckets. Ok. All right. Let’s start filling all of this up with some glass to finally make it secure. Oh my God. I just wasted two pieces of glass. Oh, what if I needed those two pieces? Oh, never mind. I’m good. I’m good. All right. We are protected from the elements of the nether now. I just don’t know how to get in or out. Um, I’m just kidding. I thought of that too. I’m just a walking genius. So if I’m on this way through the nether, I’m eventually going to hit my nether portal. I hope. Yeah, we got it. Oh my God. This is perfect too. I just fancy it up a bit by changing the floors and the walls like this. And now I have a private entrance and tunnel right into my secret base. Give me a second. Let me run down here right into my secret base in the Nether where I am secure and safe from all these ugly mobs. You can’t touch me, boy, what’s up? All right. But let’s head back into the over world. And I think we had a pretty successful episode. We didn’t manage to get to the new phase of the one block, but we did however, complete a lot of cool things like build a custom neath portal island that looks amazing.

Built a stone generator that will get me unlimited blocks and travel to Neer and built a secure Nether base. That’s all for this video and see you.

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