I Surprised Haaland With Custom Shoes

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I Surprised Haaland With Custom Shoes YouTube Video

I Surprised Haaland With Custom Shoes YouTube Video Description

I spent 11 days in Asia for this video, and 3 months preparing it, hope u like it.

Twitter https://twitter.com/futcrunch
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/futcrunch/?…
TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@futcrunch

all the gifts were made by the guys from https://www.instagram.com/swithadot/?hl=en

Second Channel (pls sub) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrsuEI3mvU5pN2PEbwW9F9w

I Surprised Haaland With Custom Shoes Automated Transcript By Speak

I just made Helan these custom shoes and I’m gonna try to surprise him with them by the end of the video. But that’s not all. I also made custom gifts for other city superstars like Jack Grealish, Julian Alvarez and Scott Carson.Everyone must be thinking what’s going on here? The only problem with my plan man City is the most popular team in the world right now. This means players are protected by security all the time making it impossible to get near them. I know because I’ve tried multiple times but to fix that, me and my friend David bought the most exclusive access tickets available where we’re gonna be allowed to walk around the pitch. Get close to many of the players and hopefully by the end we meet Ham.

Oh my

God. Day one was all about getting to Japan. So I packed my gifts and headed to the airport when I got these cool cinematic shots until I realized I was late and started running. Now let’s get on the plane with my exclusive access. I got first class seats with Emirates. They were on the second floor of the plane though. Look nice. These seats were literally the best I’ve had in my life. I had a tablet with fancy headphones and a huge screen to play with. I also had every drink I wanted literally and crazy five star meals. This flight has everything, but he’s currently in

Japan right now

and I am literally 24 hours away from getting there. And so we landed in Japan where I quickly made my way out of the airport and into some sexy breakfast with two city legends who are going to train me on the beach today, Julian Scott and Sean Wright Phillips. They didn’t get a chance to film me, but they met two city legends. They’re actually all staying in that hotel. So he right now so close and yet so far, but tomorrow we will get 100% a chance to meet the players. But first it was time to train with the legends. I’m about to play with Manchester City legends and my only goal to impress them.

I think we scored.

So do I go? And then

it didn’t go well for me or David did score this banger in front of Lescott. So we didn’t I them, it was a team effort. They even wished us luck with the rest of the video. On day three, me and David decided to explore Tokyo before we get a chance to meet the players tomorrow, but we didn’t have a clue of

where to go or

how to buy the tickets. We figured it out though. We got to check some Japanese markets with some crazy snacks and sweets. Oh my God, bro. I wanted some

of that.

Oh, sorry. We also got to meet some local subscribers and some cool Japanese buildings. I was really enjoying my day out in Japan when I couldn’t get back without a special item. I’m going to need tomorrow when I get VIP access to the players training. I’m currently outside

Japan Stadium

where Manchester City is about

to train. This is the first time I get close to the Manchester

City squad. Sadly, security here is very strict so I could only bring two gifts with me. So I decided to bring Julian Alvarez and Jack Grill’s gift for Julian. I got air pod max headphones customized with an Argentina logo and a little Spiderman because people like to call him Spiderman for Gri. I got two pairs of customized chin pads. One pair has a photo of him celebrating and the other one is customized on Gucci style because I know he loves Gucci watch my

back. Now it’s time to find our seat to watch the training and see how close we can actually get to the players normally right now, I’ll be excited, but this is the most nervous I’ve ever been. This video has been in the works for the past two months with no warranties of giving any of the gifts away. So I’m sorry if I’m not

as energetic

and to make things harder. I also brought my secret item from yesterday. It’s a man city shirt. I will use to see how many signatures I can get. Ok, we’re getting

closer. Look at how close the players are getting is right in front of us. He’s saying hi. I am literally walking to the beach right now. Oh my God, we’re on the pitch and no,

I the players

are literally right there.

This is the closest I’ve ever

been to a football player. And so the players started noticing us. First, it was La Porte who ignored me in a previous video. He also ignored me this time. Then it was, and then I spotted Julian

and they told me

we go on, we go one, we have one more

we need.

But first I got more autographs from people like Ederson who didn’t like my question. What happened to your hand? Thank you, Calvin Billets,

bro. Every

city player is literally walking behind me right now, bro. You’re a class left like man, it’s crazy. Thank you.

Then I had Estefan Ortega and Scott Carlson who I actually got a gift for Scott is a goalkeeper. So I got him custom gloves with the years. He won the Champions League with Liverpool and City. I got a

gift for you. I got a gift for you. I made you custom gloves. I’ll give them to you and say, oh,

I then go to meet Stones and Bernardo, who you all say? I look alike. Bernardo. Do

you mind one photo?

Just one?


you, bro. Uh You guys are the best. Thank you. They say we look alike. You know, they

tell me all the time.

I had 10 signatures by this point but no signs from Holland. There were more players though like Ruben Diaz

Matteo. Thank you.


Rico Luis, Future Star

right there.

After all the effort of making these chim pads, it was finally time to see if he likes them. I made

you costume chim

pads. Yeah, just for you. You say you say hang it in the I had I had to hang it there for you, man. Do you mind one quick photo there? Thank you very much, man. I

appreciate it, Dr Jack. I also got to meet Walker Bill and even J DB.

Thank you so much

for your brilliant

and then he was high and stern.


you go, bro. I got you again. I made you costume boots.

Do you mind if we take a

photo? You see?


to you, man, boys. We got our shirt signed by all of city, but this is not all I still have to give hele his boots, put cars on his glove. That’s gonna be another day, but I couldn’t bring them

today on day five. I tried to visit he and failed. They walk by. That’s crazy on day six I tried finding Helen outside

Helen is staying in this hotel

and I noticed that in his Instagram stories, he’s going to a park. I reckon he’s that

one down there. So

next clip of me is gonna be there. I’ve been looking for the exact location.

Helen posted his story. A join it. This is the closest I’ve gotten so far. The

grass looks similar and

he will like this.

I think this is the exact spot that’s proper content. Hey, you,

next thing is you

and see if I can

meet Helen here. Maybe that

a delivery guy day seven was my last chance

to meet Hale and deliver the gifts. So I got VIP

tickets for their

match against Yokohama. This is the

plan. Apparently after the game ends, the players have to walk to their boss with the exclusive access that I’ve got, I’m

allowed to be in the hallway. So he walks by

trying to go to the boss. We stop him with the boots and that being said there is no warranty that he’s gonna stop and there is no warranty. He’s gonna be happy because he needs to win the game and there is 60,000 people in the stadium trying to meet Holland too. This is not

gonna be easy. First, I got

dropped at the stadium. Oh, yes. There, I got access to a special entry. I don’t know where we’re going, but this looks like a very VIP area, right after that, it was time to get my bag checked by security. Keep in mind I have all the gifts in here and that they didn’t let me bring them last time. And then just like that we made it through baby. I then got my ticket scanned and given my

credentials. We got

a special pass. This is gonna allow me close to

the players later. But before I meet some players and before I watched the game, I had to stop at the VIP lounge where I got some free food and drinks. Like always

now it’s time to check our seats,

the door slides. That’s crazy. Brought there




Right here. This is our seat, bro. Oh my God. This seat feels like a literal couch.

There is so much leg room. I can even put my legs here. Oh, yes. Mind

watching a football game like

this crazy. I’m not gonna lie. I

actually love

this stadium,

but one thing I love more than stadiums is watching goats. And luckily I got to watch a few goals, including one from Canada.


going down to meet the players. They’re taking us in the elevator to somewhere. I’ve never


once out of the elevators. We found our way to the players through this tunnel that I, I didn’t find scary at all. In fact, I ran past it very bravely. That is literally the player’s boss


Oh my God, bro,


is on the way to the dressing room. Oh my God,

the warm up area, bro. The

genuinely, I’ve never been here ever. It is the most exclusive access to be here to a football pitch


That’s where they live. When in such an exclusive place, this entire world has players like Neymar Rick Charlison



me right now is the media conference room. The players are literally gonna walk out this


Everything has lead up to this. We literally flew all the way to Japan for exclusive access to be able to give this gift to. He will he grab it? That is

the main thing.

And not long after I got there, the team started to come out. What a lie. It, it took like 30 minutes. I wanted to die.

Literally just walked

right next to me.

Then right after Pepe, he was Scott Carson.

I got you

custom gloves one here. 2023 the champion. You just won and this one, the one you won in Istanbul for me. Oh, thank you. We can exchange. Oh, thank you very much. That’s appreciated a lot, dude. Thanks

right after Scott, I saw Bowen and Grealish. I had another pair of sh pads. Four. Remember

the yesterday? Yeah, I know you’re with Gucci right now. Look, you’re even having it there. I made you costume Gucci costume one for you. I

just had this

ideally want some normal ones. No worries,

man. I got too scared. For the photo, I was too scared for the photo.

I did get a photo with other players like a K DB Bernardo Silva Stones.


my God. The amount of

players I don’t even know what to tell them.

I wanna say something but I just freeze.

We have literally seen

every city player


But as the time passed, it seemed like my dream of

surprising Holland was once again going to

be just a dream until I heard this

right there.

I’ve got this gift for you, but you, you go with them first. There we go. So I made you custom shoes with the Norway Norway color for you. Here you go. Yes, for me. Yes, I keep them. Yeah, of course. If they are your size, I got your size. You are a 9.5 UK. Yes, you are. Yes. So that’s that. And I also I know you love pajamas. I always see you wearing pajamas. So in the FIFA even wearing them inside here, I got you Norway pajamas

after literal

months of trying and failing. Not only did I finally get to meet Holland? I also got to earn his


Oh, for

your birthday, my man.

Thank you. Oh my God.

And if you love this video, you’re going to love the next one. So please click here to watch it. This costed me my entire life

savings. Please

click there.

I Surprised Haaland With Custom Shoes was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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