I Maxed Every Statistic in Minecraft

Interested in I Maxed Every Statistic in Minecraft? Check out the video and automated transcript from the Speak Ai team for I Maxed Every Statistic in Minecraft!

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I Maxed Every Statistic in Minecraft YouTube Video

I Maxed Every Statistic in Minecraft YouTube Video Description

I *statistically* became the best player by maxing every stat from that one tab [Lifesteal S5:E1]

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A Minecraft video made by Spoke or SpokeIsHere on other platforms! Enjoy!

I Maxed Every Statistic in Minecraft Automated Transcript By Speak

How fast can you jump 1000 times? Well, not that long, but what about eating 1000 cakes, winning 1000 raids and killing 1000 players on the hardest server in Minecraft.We’ll worry about those later because I’m trying to max every stat in this tab and to make things simple, I’ve built a pillar for every single one here so I can switch jumping, walking and sprinting to complete it since I basically did those without even trying. However, now I need to ring 1000 bells. No, which was painful. Except I think it’s only getting worse since the next stat is fish caught. Not only does it take forever to catch a fish? But these players suck. So I think I’ll move on and focus. The more individual ones like stat six. Literally, all I have to do is spend it with a bucket. But this was way better than the seven stat barrels open. I just have to open and close it over and over. But watching the screen flash so often doesn’t make my eyes feel so great. Run away. Boom. 2000. I’m taking a screenshot for Twitter. Dude. I was writing my tweets. Sadly, barrels aren’t the last thing I’ll have to spam open. Thanks to dispensers. Droppers, Hoppers Ender Chest and the subscribe button not too far off from 900 but only you can complete that stat. But despite the pain, nothing will come close to the 12th stat. Oh, my God. Games quit at first. This seemed pretty simple until connection throttled.

Oh, well, this is gonna be the worst one if you know how to get around this. Please comment below because I’m resorting to this one, Mississippi two, Mississippi through Mississippi four, Mississippi one, Mississippi two Mississippi three, Miss today. After 20 minutes, I’m already at 64 logouts. All right.

I do not want to do the same. You take a break. So I’ll move on to stat 13 anvil interactions at first I thought I’d have to combine something over and over, but opening it also counts as an interaction. Of course, this does bring back the eye pain problem. However, I could just close my eyes. Stats 14 and 15 followed a similar Strat except for stats 16 next up. How the fuck do I interact with a campfire? Just put stuff on it. So let’s kill a cow to experiment. Oh my God. It doesn’t even come back. So is that it? OK? Campfire is gonna be hell. So I’ll try to spam light it. It’s like what? It’s only through interaction so far. I need silk touch. That’s what I need. That’s what I need. I need silk touch. Now, the only problem is that our only silk touch is on this iron pig ax. So I’ll return to the stat later for now. I’ll finish the rest of the interact stats. Starting with stat. 17 cartography tables, stat 18 crafting tables set 19 stat, 2020 2020 24 25 stone cutter interaction. But so far I’ve only completed the lame stats because soon I’ll have to do the strangest and most difficult task to max out Minecraft beginning with a trip to the nether. God damn. I’m a lucky duckies that 26 beacon interactions wouldn’t be too hard apart from the withers since I don’t have the best track record with them. So I’ll ask Planet to come to make sure things don’t get out of hand like last time.

But while I wait for him to log on, I’ll attempt the more time consuming task on the list like animals, bread. And I’m not lying when I say it’s on par with the time played stat because not only do I need a functional farm but also enough animals to actually make any progress. And right now we need more of them dead. So I’ll move on to stat 28 jukebox interactions. I’m assuming I’ll need a music disc for this to work, but getting a creeper to die to a skeleton isn’t that easy? Well, luckily, and they’re not lying but surely spamming it this much won’t cause any problems. All right. So I’ve glitched it out and now it is just constantly playing, but it’s too funny not to be abused. So I left a convincing excuse for stealing the disk and brought it over to my team’s base on every day, every night. This is terrible. Eventually I finished it and now it’s time for stats 29 and 30 note blocks. Which, yes, I do have to play and tune it both 1000 times. But did you know that the new update? You can place a mob head above it to play? It sounds yesterday planet was a FK on my creative server. So I did this. However, after finishing planets finally on to hell, where are you, bro? I’m in, where are you? How to do it? You do it on like the roof, right?

How do I get on the roof on the roof? Like you do it on the plane? Where the fuck do I go? I also have a water bottle on me. All right. Come on. Come on, ready. Ok. Pop me up, pop me up, pop me up. Ok. Ok. All right. I need it dropped. I hope so. Where, where is it? Where did it go? Shut up. And with the beacon crafted, I’m now ready to open a trapped in normal chest 1000 times. Plant 1000 flowers in a pot and open a shelter box. 1000 times before finishing stat 26. And with the theme of going back to old stats, I gave a go at stat 27 again. But breeding isn’t for me, man. Luckily dropping items is hold

on a sec.

I’m about to do something crazy.



toilet was actually in my

chat today. It was quite exciting. Next is Villager interactions which are less crazy. However, you haven’t seen crazy yet. What we’re gonna cover this sound fast. You may be very confused about what stat this is for and well, it’s for stats 37 at 38 requiring 1000 raids to be started and completed. But for each time, I would have to travel to an outpost of teen bad omen. Run back to a village and finish seven rounds just to repeat that 1000 times. So that’s why I’m building a raid farm. This farm allows you to complete every round in one go and glitches the game to give you bad Omen again. So it’s practically af kable. However, this is in a creative world and I’ll need this many resources to build it on life steel. So after quickly finishing stat, 39 targets hit, I began grinding, bro. What happens if you’re, what if you’re actually getting? Oh no, I’ve gone down 2.5 hard. You have to get 1000 kills somehow, right? So I’m building vol trucks as design which requires the farm to be perfectly 70 blocks away from any land next, I need to pill her up and leave a marker here for some reason. Now that I’m up here, I need to place lava there to, I guess, kill the Raiders. Oh, I’m gonna lava cast it later. That makes sense. Except I’ll probably need a slab that isn’t wood. Oh my God.

So, after removing the la and grabbing new slabs, I’m back and ready to finish this thing. However, these farms required crazy precision to work because now that the chamber is done, I need to perfectly position myself at these cords and place a boat except my boats are on my shelter. Fuck up. You kidding me. Despite the small setback, I finished the killing room and employed a Villager to complete the farm. But before I test, take note of where I position this Villager because as I said earlier, raid farms require perfect precision and you will see far later into this video why?

This was my worst mistake anyways, it’s time to test, but it doesn’t work because I placed the Villager on the north side side of the west. Except now, wait. Oh my. I need a chest up here. This is hurting. I’m getting hit. What I this is, this is Apple. What the Hold on. Let me check my statistics. Shit. I don’t get this. It’s just raids uh triggered. That’s it. So all the work I put into building this farm was useless. I’m starting to realize the possibility of maxing every stat isn’t too high now, however, despite my frustration, I’ll move on and take a different approach for stats. 40 41 and 42 die. Not only will I have to die. 1000 armor pieces, but also 1000 banners and 1000 shakers. The amount of dial need is absurd. But learning from my previous mistakes, I decided to pay a professional red stoner handsomely to build this. It’s a, it’s the flour flour except obtaining the dye was the easy part because actually grinding the stats. Oh God. Oh God. First, I have to dye the piece then clean it with this cauldron so that I can dye it again just to run out of water. And I have to repeat this over 3000 times at this point, I’m running into stats that would take days and even weeks to complete. So I need a new plan. All right, this looks fire.

So looking at the stats, I have left, I’ll write a sign for each one that I must complete. However, I just noticed that a few stats may take even years to max. This includes the distance stats and the time stats. These are special because instead of displaying 1000 hours or 1000 m, it changes to days and kilometers for the distance stats. This means instead of traveling 1000 blocks, I would have to go 1 million blocks instead of taking a month for the time stats, it would take more than a decade to complete all of the time stats. So excluding those off the list, this is what we have left.

That’s 9000 pieces of things you have to do. You know. Hey, this dude give me the toilet.

Luckily there are a lot of passive stats that I can grind while working on other tasks. Like whenever it’s night, I can work on the time slept stat. Next, I can work on stat, 46 cakes eaten. Now, the rest P four A cake is stupidly annoying. However, if you employ a Villager as a farmer, they have a chance to sell you a cake. This chance isn’t very high, but I’ll check back when their trades refresh. Do do list. Are you kidding me, man? Are you kidding me? Why do you

do, do, do list? It’s never gonna happen. It’s all a bunch of do do.

I’m breeding the villagers ferociously items enchanted. Actually, though now for this stat, I’ll need an enchanting table in a grid stone. My original fear for this stat was the amount of XP I would need. Well, luckily I already have a farm that produces a crazy amount of XP.

However, I, I luckily I have LA at the base but definitely not enough for 1000 inch. Yes. Yes, I got the cake trade ash. That’s what I’m talking about. Now, I can start making a cake stash. However, I discovered that you don’t need to eat the cake for its account, but instead just a slice. So if each cake has seven slices, I’ll only need around 100 50 cakes. It’s going to take time for the villagers to restock. So I’ll keep working on the enchanting stand. In the meantime, after repeating this process over and over, plus a mining trip, I have all of the cakes I need. Now, I just have to eat them. Originally, I was stocking up on rotten flesh since there is a chance it could give you the effect hunger. However, there is a better source with the addition of James Smith and these trap doors, I was able to easily finish eating all of the cake after four grueling hours. But it’s time for an even longer task of enchanting despite how long this is taking. I am getting quite a bit of emeralds from this and I decided to enchant something that I will need for later. Also, while editing this, I just realized I completed stat 48 mobs killed and exceeded it by over 8000.

So finally at 3 46 in the morning, wait, hold on, hold on a second. Ignore that in the top left. Is it true? 1000 and

four, you’re never gonna finish. All right. Well, you know

that fishing rod I enchanted. Well, it’s time to use it. However, since fishing normally sucks, I’m gonna make an auto fish farm. I tell you what, I think. I’m just gonna check back in so you guys can see the time. It’s four in the morning right now. So I guess I’ll check back in, in like eight hours just whenever I wake up. I don’t know. Hopefully I don’t die. Holy shit. I still, I even managed to catch over 800 fish without dying once. Well, that celebration was short lived and they also took all of my stuff. Luckily, my teammates built a stash deep in the base with all of our lodes despite the inconvenient setbacks and spending almost all of my emeralds to get my gear back. None of that could stop me from achieving my goal. Let’s go. I’m never fishing again, bro. What the hell the end was finally in sight? I remember Stat 16. Yeah, I finally have silk touch on my ax so I could finally complete campfire interaction. Yes, I did get jumped straight after that, but at least this time I didn’t just have a fishing rod on me. So I easily scared the Attackers off. However, maybe I should have chased them because of stat 49 players killed. Currently, I have one which is from the start of the server, but I’m way more worried about stat 50 death. Typically, all I would have to do is set my spawn next to a ledge and repeatedly jump off.

But on life, steel deaths are much more punishing, causing you to lose a permanent heart. And I couldn’t afford to lose all of my hearts and get banned except sure you can steal permanent hearts by killing other players. But even then there are only 25 members giving me a theoretical max of 250 hearts to die with. However, I’ve had a plan from the very beginning, you know, you have to get 1000 kills somehow. Right. What’s the best Strat like I can set this up? So it’s like you, you would spawn in this corner right here. I just would punch you off. Um I just have to ensure that I keep dropping planet hearts because if we accidentally banned him, as I said, it would suck a lot. Right. Pretty good. The first try worked pretty well, but there was a lot of downtime between withdrawing the hearts and planning equipping them. However, this downtime led to our first accident. You got all of them, right? No, they’re down there. Oh my God. Stop with the


dude. You lost the heart. So I’m using this Strat instead, which shouldn’t involve any stalag stealing hearts. But we discovered that if I’m at the max amount of hearts and kill him, it drops the heart automatically. However, automating a process like this is dangerous, it’s gone. Gone.

I’m on one heart. I’m on one heart. I’m on one heart. Oh, and that was the last time the hearts glitched until what I got banned even worse. The heart didn’t glitch. But instead Planet was playing subway surfers and forgot to equip them. Luckily there is a way to unbandage. But holy moly. I’m not kidding. When I say I can’t afford this on the servers. Eli I’m not going to the end. I’m

not going to the end.

Yes. I’ve now lost three permanent hearts from this stat. But we haven’t even started on the 50th. However, despite doing this for over two hours and somehow getting my sword deleted, I had finally done it but one day and while I 1000 times, let me just say that this challenge is far from over and I actually completely forgot about the damage stats. So yeah, expect this to become a series because this is only episode one of life steal season five. And you can click here for the next episode if it’s out or you can start at the very beginning of life. Steal anyways. Goodbye.

I Maxed Every Statistic in Minecraft was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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