I Let AMP Drive My Brand New Super Car!

Interested in I Let AMP Drive My Brand New Super Car!? Check out the video and automated transcript from the Speak Ai team for I Let AMP Drive My Brand New Super Car!!

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I Let AMP Drive My Brand New Super Car! YouTube Video

I Let AMP Drive My Brand New Super Car! YouTube Video Description

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I Let AMP Drive My Brand New Super Car! Automated Transcript By Speak

Hey, hey, let me get like you like five likes, five likes. Let me get five likes, bro. What you eating? My ***, you eating loud as shit? My ***. What are you eating, bro?

I check for life. Well, guys, this shit earlier and this shit is good as fuck. Oh wait,

it’s Sunday but is it good as fault? No, yo, guess what? I got.

What’s up, man? Yeah, that’s fine. OK. A perfect come on, friends take a spider. Come back.

Just some letters.

Yo, yo, I know it’s been a while. I know it’s been a while, you know, it’s been a, it’s been a while. I forgot the password. I forgot the password to the center, right? But we back again, you know what I’m saying? But look, look, look, I know that you know he has his uh Mercedes lamb, he agent has his, he has every car in the book. I do got his Jeep and got his BMW and stuff and, and Davis has a Tesla, you know, and that’s pretty cool. Iii I really fuck with that style of car that style of driving. Yo, you gotta drive with no hands I wanted to get something that fit me. Chris. Chris, why you don’t get a car? Why you don’t spoil yourself? Why you, why you don’t? You’ve been

working hard, black man, black

man, you’ve been working, bro. I’m not, I’m not a materialistic person like I’m not, bro. I’m not, I’m not a materialistic person. That’s not me, bro. I don’t really care. I just do what I do. You feel me tomorrow? I’m gonna show this to my A MP brothers. I’m seeing if they fucking with the car or not, bro. I’m seeing if I could get a garage spot. I’ll catch y’all later, man. I have to like make the garage bigger. I, I ain’t gonna lie, bro.

Ok? What type of car you got? ***? You got a fucking

master truck. It’s no way. I’m, I’m surprised y’all *** don’t have this through your collection because y’all have a lot, bro. Y’all have a lot of cars. So you think

it’s the best car out of every car that’s in there over the lamp truck over the hellcat over the, the, the plaque this

*** agent got agent, got a agent. Got a fucking what they should they call that shit. A black wing. Do you think you got your shit better than that?

I better see a fucking

cyber truck or a tank in that, that shit, that shit. But you dropped

that shit,

that shit, bro. God did for real, ok? ***, I’m ready ***. I close my eye. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I got you. Oh watch, watch us, watch us. OK. Watch what up? What up? Oh my bad, my bad, my bad my bad.

This is

ready. Yeah. Three




me, stop me, stop me. Yeah this right here it is. Oh yeah.

Yeah. Out

seven. Yeah.

How you, well

how the fuck did you get it here? I drove it. How what do you mean how ***? There’s no way this should start talking. You want to, they got, got a condition, my

***. What the

fuck, ok? I’ll

let her run, right? I’ll just be

honest, you’re gonna really get

bitches in here. I need to get a fucking

detail and shit. Oh

my fucking, oh my fucking God

talking about the

world. So does this, does this car make you happy?

Oh Yeah, that’s what the world, that’s what it’s all about, bro and make you happy and make you happy?

So uh can I get a spot? No, I think you

could like punk down the

block. It is some

bullshit. You down the block.

Hey, I need a garage.


you don’t. Not with this shit. What are you talking about? I don’t want she got airbags. Yo, you fucking are, are you, are you gonna make it like


ob shitty? What the fuck is this, bro? How much


I put 30 down 39 30.

What? 30

$30? This

is the drive. You, you gotta work out while you

get a little bit. Let go.

Uh-huh. Yeah, the radio, radio work sometimes. So I just got, I got, I know y’all probably like uh more like the Lamborghini type. No,

I, I thought you, I have a car, I see you in and it’s weird as fuck but I see you in it. A BMW X six M I’m telling

you. Is that better than this ***?

Anything better than this? You start,

I’m not the fucking she, she kind of hard alter.


hey, you put

your hand down. My man just got a new V can you, can you, you know what I saying? Can you scoop you later? No. All right. No, that’s cool. I mean,

yo, listen,

listen, my man just got a new V bro. You wanna know if you can but I wanna show you the first and you go from there, right? You, you have a good time. Can I show you the car first? He want you to see his car and then make your decision after just come on, let me just show you the call. You right? You looking at my camera. Why are you at my man? You in the car and you get two strawberry


with the like this shit. I got blue. Look


this shit


She said Bluetooth

and it’s red ***.

I love the color red

as I said, oh my way. That’s,

I want


I hate it but you know, you, you feel excited. Wait, what, what, what she said now I try to, what she saying that she, she says this is why she got bad choice of word. Where she from from?

Ok. Ok. Oh yeah. So they, they got weird lingo. They got

different lingo.

Like to add it the color of your car. I’m loving the rent. So, so like one at a time. What would you give it?

Yeah. Damn, because that

Ir 10 is

00 no. Come on,

bro. Come on. I can got the car.

Huh? Come on,


No. Yeah, thanks. I’m not here, Rick

the last screen. Ok? For Cindy. Why did you foul me doing this basketball game? I have a, I have a video to shoot, right? I wanted to show my A MP brothers uh my new car. Uh No, no, no. Listen, listen. Now I wanted to show a Davis because I know Duke Duke has, I don’t know, I don’t know where he at. I didn’t mean to call you, bro. Like I was trying to grab the ball and then your head just like came. I, I actually got injured too. I ain’t gonna lie. Like my middle finger is, bro, you jammed your fucking middle finger into my eye.

Come on, come on, come on

right now. Let me show you my car. ***. I’m agitated now. Come

on now. I don’t think you have a car. I’m angry right now. I’m gonna fight. I got

Yeah. Yeah. Come on, keep walking. Keep walking. You did it right? Boo, boo, boo boo.

I think this is right. What is it? Um Is it Camaro? It’s Camaro, it’s Camaro uh super size uh turbo engine, bro. This is my shit. You want to take a look inside?


it’s like? It just reminds me of like uh

an erect penis. Oh my gosh, you stop fucking moaning, hurt my ***. What if you got a middle finger? Lo into your eye? My ***. That shit wouldn’t be fucking light, would it? You would be over here just like me ***. So shut the fuck up Chris.

You’re vulnerable right now. I could really do something

to you like that.

I hit an injured super



This sound like a mother. I don’t know

what you got going on here

because I got my eye. It’s the new,

the new,

we got the

leather interior, we got the carbon fiber accent transmission, brand new steering wheel. We got the sport, the sport steering wheel. Um oh you spec this out mo mo mo mo part two. How much? 45 It’s like four, it’s like 450 before I I charge 450 before the supercharge. What you got in there? I got it’s gotta be like three super charge. 400 is crazy. Oh And it’s like a driver, center car. No funny. He said I fuck with you like where everything angles towards you? Fuck. We got some go in the cup older too. That’s a star. Oh OK. Ok. Question question question where I got to use this question. Question question. No, it’s the car behind you behind you. It’s four garages spots. Can I get a garage spot? You got to take that land? You see the in there? Take that one. Did you say you talked to the owner of that car? No, no, you gotta do that. You fight, right? Yeah, sometimes sometimes what happened to like this part of the steering wheel. Not like you got like a design on the 1993 version, the other wire fell off because uh took it off the other wire but you usually connect and then it makes the beat sound but now you just yell, you just yell it not working. Oh, there we go. Push air but it


What a man? Oh

How, so how proud I am with a kid, man. I know. You know what I’m saying, bro. I’ve been tell him, yo, Chris, you’re, you’re 27 bro. You should, you should start driving yourself

around, bro. I don’t just do that. Yeah, you didn’t tell me that.





No shit. How many accidents? I just just, it’s not bad I think uh uh this is the name of my, my name of the car is uh, be Betsy looks like a bet. All you gotta do is buff out the paint. Feel me get a new sporty steering wheel. You feel me re upholster all that cloth you got in that bitch. All you gotta do is drop suspension, get a sports suspension on this bitch. Get some cool little 50 inch. Uh, we can cook on the wheels. You just got to experiment on the wheels and then get like maybe potentially like a or some shit for the back. Get it real sporty drop that fix a little bit. I’m not gonna lie, man, this is gonna look like a brand new car that all you gotta do. But hey man, I’m proud of you man, Chris. Thank you. Thank you, man. I don’t know how you found a way to downgrade from the other car you used to have. I mean upgrade my business where the logo go. It came like that Gianni. That’s probably why I couldn’t tell it was a Camaro in 1993.

Look like that. My *** you’re

not, I don’t know about cars. I hate, I hate when don’t know about cars that shit piss me off, that shit, piss me off. You don’t know shit about, you don’t, you don’t know shit about cars. You don’t know shit about

cars. Just want to be a player. The wheels ain’t


Hear that

camp down drive, man. What’s up

this thing? I

she, she won’t get full up for real too, honey. You bro. I’m trying to get some beats.

Fuck. Yeah,

bro. What about

what, why, why, why

make that

excuse me? Um I’ll be honest, I need a job so

we don’t have any managers here right now but I can

take you to the back and we have

someone that can help you. Yes, I see. I tell you more first for the walk the house. My all right now look, this is my fucking and I know that I don’t even know pussy bitch workers. I didn’t think it was for a a I’m impressed with the shit I’ve been seen tonight. I’m gonna be honest, be honest, but I need a fucking fry cook. I need a new fry cook so we gonna fight. You got Yeah. Yeah. Next fight, next bit. Ok? This tattoo it was Yeah. Who else I wanna fight? Well, are you standing behind it? I know he’s ready. You can tell by his hair he’s ready. Look at his hair, look at his head.

I I’m I’m

ready. Uh I know,

I mean yeah,

how about you? First this thing you really want this job, don’t you? He’s back again. She’s back again with a Yeah. What a nice snack, please. Fuck all that. What the fuck. Hey, hey, what the fuck, what are you doing? Get over here this *** got his phone out. Yeah, no phone. No, not anybody. No. Phone. Y’all get the recording. What the hell I was? No. Fuck your phones. Unless you want to fight. Fuck your phones. Are you ready? You here, man? Wow.

Waffle House. Best Breakfast in Atlanta. Open 24 hours. Join today. 4448. Waffle House E A sports. It’s in the game.

Chris is a fucking homie like he always be hitting licks, bro. He always be selling shit. He, he sells the best fucking weed, bro. All to all us, bro. He fucking blesses us up, bro. And, and like he be hitting mad licks, bro. He’s the fire homie and like he’s hella good at skating. You know what I mean? Like I see him on the part like doing these tricks, bro. I swear to God.

You don’t even, you are right now. You look at you, you literally literally,

I’m gonna show you little *** how to really skate.

We could fuck you. Come on ***. 00 my God, my life talking here. No, welcome. You think his skating

shit is easy?

You think his shit is? No, no, it takes a really fucked up person. See what I mean? This shit is not

easy placed in. So, hey, how you doing?

Um You want

me to uh

yeah, you can lock it. Does there traffic.


crazy. How you doing today? Just straight.


Marilyn right here.

Oh shit.

Um Can I use it?

Yeah, it’s

um it’s, yeah,

I’m a man.

Yeah. Yes. When this we


I really didn’t want to that. Just the you,

you crazy

as shit. You don’t like it.

I’m just saying

right now you guys, I took all of these for you. I took all of these. I’m sorry, I just, I just really like pictures and notes. Chris. Chris, I do not want to hurt you. I don’t know that one guy that said L stream. No, you don’t remember. No, I don’t. Do you remember the one? He said L stream. You don’t remember. Yo, please, bro, please in the house. You walk me all this shit. I No crazy. Yeah.

And what if, what if I’m starting some great shit? And I don’t even know. Look at him, look at him. Now, Tyler can really say he is

that ***, bro? And he started the same way that we started in somebody’s basement with some dreams. Think about what he did with our future, bro. He thought about what he was gonna do with his *** and *** from the outside. It was like these *** is crazy. Like they’re weird. You can’t ever take that away from him.

I Let AMP Drive My Brand New Super Car! was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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