I have an excuse.

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I have an excuse. YouTube Video

I have an excuse. YouTube Video Description


● Instagram! – https://www.instagram.com/ChillyJimenez
● https://www.instagram.com/loganthirtyacre
● https://www.instagram.com/titototters

● Twitter! – https://twitter.com/JimenezChilly
● Business Inquires! – chillybusiness@yahoo.com

I have an excuse. Automated Transcript By Speak

Hey guys, welcome to the vlog. So in the last vlog, I said if it got 7000 likes, I would shave my face and it got over 7000 likes and I’ve been hiding from Tito for two days where you are Logan.

She’s been two days because he wants me to shave my face and I don’t wanna shave it. I can’t, I know you’re in there.

Uh I was looking for a shirt. I see. Uh What do I wanna wear? Yeah,

in the dark. Uh Hey, it’s been a while. Two days, two

days. I just really can’t find the shirt I want. Oh, there it is. The, the the yellow

is time. No, the fans need it. You got the likes. No, please. You gotta do it. I was screwing around. I gotta do it. No, no, no, it’s too late for you. It’s too late. I was just joking. You know, I was just joking. No, no, no, no. See, look now I get to do what you did to me. Fuck her up.

No, no, no, no. You just give me a chance,


All right. All right. Just let me explain. Just let me explain. Ok, Tommy. Ok, so I have a dinner with Tom Brady on September. Why did you say that? Listen. Ok. Let’s go to the couch, let, let, let, let, let, let the fans decide, let the fans decide. Ok, so guys, I know you guys got 7000 likes and technically I said, maybe I said maybe I would shave my face, but I, and I do want to trust me. II, I wanna know what it’s like to not have a mustache and beard anymore, but there’s an actual problem and, and I promise you there’s an actual problem at hand. So four years ago, I know that’s insane. Uh Back in 2020 which I know you guys gonna say that’s three years ago. Back in 2020 I won the all in challenge where if you donate a bunch of money to charity during the pandemic, you got to do some cool stuff. So I donated money to have dinner with Tom Brady and to get his first jersey from the Buccaneers and a whole bunch of stuff. You can Google it. It’s public record, you can see it anyway. So I donated all this money to have dinner with Tom Brady. Back in 2020 like literally in 2020 May of 2020 I, I donated this money and it is now 2023 and I still have not had the dinner yet.

It’s years, it’s been years and years and they, like back in 2020 they said that we couldn’t have the dinner because, uh, the pandemic and the football players weren’t allowed to interact with people outside the team because they could spread it. And in 2021 they, they still said the pandemic. And in 2022 he was going through some problems and he couldn’t do it and then the divorces. I, I listen, I don’t know. No, no,

no. Hold on. You said four years. It’s still only been three. Tom

Brady’s had four birthdays. What does that mean? Let me explain guys, let me tell you how many things have happened since I won the, the, the the but since I donated and won the dinner, since I’ve won the dinner, Tom Brady signed with the Buccaneers. He won a Super Bowl with the Buccaneers. He played three seasons with them. He retired twice. He got divorced once, all those things happened in the last few years. I haven’t had the dinner. Ok. Well, of course, but guys, we officially have a date for the dinner. It’s in September. So in the first week of September. So if you guys could just let me keep my face the way it is or

no, no, no, no, no, no. Hold on because you guys already made him a

promise. II I know, but here’s the thing, I want a picture because I’m taking Lily to the dinner and, and Tito and Chili and II I, a group photo. I wanna look like a man or see Tom Brady came back. I didn’t think a lesbian won the fucking challenge. I didn’t think this little, this, this what? 20


you. No, no guys. Listen, look at this. Look at this. See, I took a picture, I took a picture with Tom Brady and my daughter. See and look at my face. Oh Yeah, I see. I wasn’t shaved. I looked good and, and that was before his last game before he retired. So anyway, um and, and so guys, I don’t want my face, I don’t want my face to look like this. Please. I don’t, I I don’t want my face to look like that. No, please. No, it’s up to them. So guys, if you would just I know I know you guys want me to shave my face and I know you guys got the 7000 likes. But look, I’m gonna be so sad at the dinner if I show up and I know if I shave it now about two weeks, the dinner is about two weeks away. I know I have something going on, right? No, but it won’t grow back. It, it won’t be the same. And, and, and also also I wanna shave my face in front of Lily like I wanna, I wanna shave my face in front of Lily because she all she, she’ll see it. All she’s known is this face. So if I can shave it in front of her, wouldn’t you guys want her reaction? She’s sleeping right now. She’s sleeping right now. Can’t wake a baby, a baby at 1 a.m. I’ll get it tomorrow, right? Well, I want to talk about the movie tomorrow.

The the video I shot the next thing. So guys, I’m gonna let you guys decide if this video gets 20,000 likes. I swear to God, I will go to Tom Brady’s dinner shaved. Yes. But, but if this video, even if this video doesn’t get 20 I will shave it after the Tom Brady dinner and I’ll keep it shaved for like two months. How about that? Right? I’ll keep it shaving for too much. But if you get 20,000 likes, I will still shave it just right now. I won’t be happy. I’ll be very upset like I will actually be upset. I’ll, I’ll try to, I’ll even try to postpone the dinner. I’ll be like, hey, you guys, you guys got to postpone it for basically three years, four years. So I wanna, I wanna postpone it this time because I look ugly and I, I know I look ugly regardless but my facial hair, you know, I look like a man kind of and, and I, and I know Tom Brady doesn’t care how my face looks, but I care how I look in the photo. I because we’re gonna be taking photos, you know, it’s just how it it so guys, what do you want me to do?

Do you want me to shave my face no matter what because guys Monday, the new movies coming out, we’ll talk about that tomorrow, you know that have to be tomorrow’s vlog. You don’t wanna waste tomorrow’s vlog on a face. Shave video. Yes, you

do. Yes you do. I wanna see

it. So guys, what do we do? Do I shave it anyway? Are you guys pissed? Are you guys like don’t do it now? Like right honey, if they’re really

mad, you gotta do

it. Yeah, if you’re really mad, but like there’s so many good things coming up and if you just wait till the first week of September, oh, it’s gone. I I will be clean shape Logan for two months.

Oh, no, I just look. So,

so guys that honestly we were gonna do the vlog yesterday and me shaving it and I said the dinner Tito, the dinner with Tom Brady. We guys come on and the baby was sleeping again. The baby was sleeping again because I’ve been editing. So guys, when we get this blog uploaded, it’s super late at night. So we can’t break the baby now. So guys, if you are mad enough to get 20,000 likes,

please. 20,000, he’ll do it right now. I’ll do it myself.

No, but I, no, I, but I, I don’t want to, I don’t because I would like my photo to look good because you guys, how lame is a once in a lifetime thing and you guys are gonna ruin it. They, no, with my face shaved like, oh I’m having dinner with. I know I’ve met him all the time so I guess it doesn’t matter. But out of the two photos, there’s one photo I’m proud of the one with where I’m not shaved and this might be the last time. Yeah, because he doesn’t play anymore. Who is he? I don’t know Brady. Tom, what the hell is that? The owner

Thomas 5%.

So guys in the comments below, do you still want me to shave my face? Because there were some comments saying they didn’t want me to. But then there’s some people call me a hobo say they say I look homeless. Do I look homeless? Like if I go to dinner like this will Tom Brady be like who let this homeless guy? And he already saw you like that? But you’re gonna be there too like like that.

Ok. They might kick me out.

So guys also for the Tom dinner. Is there any, was there any questions I can ask him that you guys think would be funny to ask? That’s a good question. Yeah. So in the comments, what question should I ask to? Like what would be some funny stuff? Do you think he’s ever seen one of my videos? Probably not. Has he ever seen in one of the videos that he’s in as a character. All right guys, we get this vlog uploaded. I know it’s short. But like, seriously that, that’s why I’m holding it off. But if you bitch at me enough, I promise, I might,

I promise no 20,000 and he will guarantee.

I have an excuse. was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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