I Built a DIAMOND FACTORY in Minecraft Hardcore

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I Built a DIAMOND FACTORY in Minecraft Hardcore YouTube Video

I Built a DIAMOND FACTORY in Minecraft Hardcore YouTube Video Description

Building a Diamond Factory in Hardcore Minecraft

• watch from EPISODE #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDYifz45dhU&list=PLqyCqmSEa8cTmHfheGsE70w9uzcas3BFH

• watch my LAST EPISODE: https://youtu.be/sJ8Fu_Yz884
(I Built the SNIFFER in Minecraft Hardcore #41)


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This MINECRAFT HARDCORE SERIES is inspired by Wadzee, MumboJumbo, Grian, and sandiction! Instead of being the Hermitcraft SMP, this series is similar to a MINECRAFT CHALLENGE video because it is HARDCORE MINECRAFT! This is similar to my 100 DAYS in MINECRAFT HARDCORE but better! 🙂

I Built a DIAMOND FACTORY in Minecraft Hardcore


#minecraft #hardcore #but

I Built a DIAMOND FACTORY in Minecraft Hardcore Automated Transcript By Speak

If I showed you everything in my hardcore world, you would probably think. Wow, this guy is rich. Well, let me prove you wrong. This is my diamond chest. Yes, I only have two diamonds. This is real and very embarrassing.So I’m gonna solve this problem with the only solution that makes sense in Minecraft. You really thought it was the gold mining. No, we’re doing this the cookie way and we’re gonna build a diamond factory with automatic mining machines, diamond waterfalls, a diamond hall and much, much more.

The first thing we need to do is find a place to build this diamond factory and it obviously needs to be in the factory district and I feel like the best place to build it is beside my gold factory. So let’s annihilate this mountain and now let’s quickly fix up the ground. There we go. That took me 2.5 hours. Just imagine a giant diamond factory right here built inside of this mountain. There’s also gonna be a super cool entrance going inside of this mountain through a cave that will lead to the automatic miners. So I’m super excited for that. Let’s go ahead and grab some wool and let’s start mapping out a frame for the factory. He of like this. I tried to give it a little different of a shape. Um Don’t look at the rocket. It’s not supposed to look like that. But next up, let’s start working on collecting some materials. Holy voice crack. Let’s grab a bunch of bricks. I’m probably gonna need a lot more. So let’s grab some emeralds and start trading for some more bricks. All right, this should be enough for now. I also need a bunch of stone. Oh my God, I have a lot and let’s s melt all of this into some smooth stone. Let’s try a new design for this factory and while I wait for this to smell, let’s go collect some Ando. All right, let’s turn all this Anna into polished annoy and with all these materials, I should be ready to start building the diamond factory.

Let’s first start at the bottom and build a foundation with the ANDO site. Look at these guys just chasing around like they’re fans. Yeah, you can’t get an autograph, bro. You can’t get an autograph. Yep. That’s right. That is right. If they were a part of the cookie army, they’ll get an autograph. Here comes another one. Come on, man. Those are, those are fake fans that OK, so I’m like halfway done building the foundation and I’m just realizing that it’s looking a lot like my old factories. Um So I’m really gonna have to change something up. For some reason, my brain is just hardwired to build something like that. So I started drawing and designing a brand new factory design on paint. This looks amazing. So in these back corners of the factory, I’m thinking on building a giant like smoke stack that kind of goes above the ceiling on the front of the factory. If that makes sense, then I can have like giant smoke clouds just like booming over the factory and polluting the Minecraft world. That, that’s my dream becoming so rich that you just destroy the earth and cause climate change. I am obviously kidding by the way, but, but let’s do it. So let’s build these towers super high up, kind of like this. Anyways, let’s start working on this doorway here, let’s remove this and build the arc. Here we go.

And now let’s start building up all of the walls for the diamond factory. All right, I built on most of the walls for the factory and I really like this new design that I got. It’s got some nice brick pillars. I tried mixing in some smooth stone with the polish and it just looks, looks like royal, you know. Well, let’s continue working on the exterior of the factory because I still have a lot to build. Once it’s complete. It’s gonna look amazing with the diamond mine and all the cool gadgets I’m gonna build inside of the factory. All right. The last thing I need to do to finish this factory is add all of the windows and build a roof on top. So let’s do that. Bam, bam, bam. Yeah. Bang Bong, bing pong, all the windows are in. That was a funny transition. The last thing we need to do is build the rooftop and instead of building it out of an a site like these other factories, let’s use a different block. We’ll have blocks stone, please, bro. Ok. I got here. Slabs. Nope. All right. Looks like we’re using all of this. Let’s turn it into some slabs and let’s build it. There we go. Um Yeah, this is looking pretty good. But um let’s enter through here and good. Ok. II I need to get rid of all this. Oh my God. Oh my God. Honestly, the creepers helped me out by uh destroying all this grass because I didn’t replace all of this with a bunch of wood anyways, kind of like this.

I built up the floor, the walls and I built that thing. So it looks more integrated with this big mountain right here. Now, imagine like a giant mine right here with a diamond on top and please stop a big diamond on top that says diamond mine and it leads into this giant cavern where the automatic miners will be. So let’s work on that now. So let’s find the middle right here. Um right there and let’s build a nice little entrance into this cave. Let’s build a pillar of wood up here. Let’s strip it all down. Let’s also grab some stone brick walls and my fences and let’s add some of that right here like this and also make it look more like a mind sort of thing. My ba, ba, ba ba, let’s now come up here and build a cross section with some logs like this. Bring it all the way across to connect to the other pillar over here. Strip them down. Yes, sir. And let’s just add a bunch of slobs and stairs to make it look even better. Ok. I think that looks pretty good to start. Now let’s fly home. Grab some quartz blocks. Um Nice, bro. I really don’t want to mind quartz. I’m so lazy. Oh my God.

What I just got, I just got trapped. Oh my God. I might die. How do I get out? I’m stuck. I’m stuck. I’m stuck. What? Thank God I had a totem. All right. But now with all of these courts, let’s start building the sign. It’s gonna say diamond mine right here and later I’m gonna cover the entire background with diamond blocks. Now let’s start blowing up a giant tunnel leading underground deep enough to where the diamonds are. Ok. Ok. Nice, nice. Oh my God. Oh, yes, I think this will do. It’s a giant tunnel all the way down to negative 69 or something. I’m pretty sure this is the best place to mine for diamonds just because it avoids all the lava pool thingies. Now, we gotta build a giant staircase from the top all the way to the bottom. Let’s just do this and this. Ok. Now let’s keep bringing the staircase down like this. Let’s fill up the staircase. And so far I really like how this looks. It’s a super steep like grand staircase and it just narrows out all the way at this bottom here so we can fit through this little gap. So right here, let’s fill up this water with some glass. So it looks like an aquarium and let’s continue building the stairs all the way down. Yeah, building those stairs was not painful at all. Oh, my God, bro. Stop, please. You’re so annoying, bro, please. Oh my, I’m so done with minecraft Mob.

I’m about to start a Minecraft series on Peaceful Mode. I’m gonna need a lot more space to build all these diamond miners though. So let’s come down here. Oh my God. I’m going fast and let’s clear out some room kind of like this. And we already found our first diamonds. Let’s go. Oh, there’s more up here. Yeah, we, oh my God, there’s more up there as well. Oh my God. We don’t even need a diamond miner anymore. We got diamonds right here. Let’s go just from this little hole right here. I already five times the diamonds I own. Now, imagine what it’s going to look like after all of these diamond miners are built. All right. Let’s first start by placing three pieces of ancient debris like this. This is already pretty expensive. Let’s then place a shroom light and then an observer right here. Let’s grab my sticky piston and put one here. Let’s grab a piston and slap it here. I honestly have no idea what I’m doing. I’m literally just following a tutorial on youtube and let’s place a bunch of more random blocks all around until it looks like something that I cannot understand. And that’s when you know, you built it. Right. All right. Now, let’s build another one of these TNT machines right beside it. Oh my God. All right, we’re done. OK. Now, I need to build the most craziest contraption to connect these two. I’m gonna need more room. So let’s very carefully.

Mine a little bit into here and blow up some T and T because uh I’m too lazy to grab my flint steel. So let’s pray it doesn’t blow up my own machine. OK. Nice. Let’s blow up some more and make some more room. There we go. And now let’s collect both of these diamond machines. I think I did it. Um I literally have no idea what’s going on. This is by far the messiest red stone contraption I’ve ever built and let’s turn it on. I need to put a block of red stone right here, I think. Um, ok, that didn’t look right. Let’s give it a try. Anyways, I need to. Right. Click this. No blocking, no, activate everything shooting out. T and T, so let’s give it a try. Oh my God. Ok. That’s not good. That’s not good. That’s not good. All right. That went, uh, pretty good. I don’t know what happened. I’m guessing there wasn’t enough space over here near the ancient debris to push forward. So everything just got clogged up like in my intestines after like Taco Bell. So let’s rebuild all of this and try again. Ok, I redid everything and hopefully it works this time. It was activate it again by doing this breaking that and then right. Clicking the no block, please work. Ok. It’s on the edge and it works. Now, all I gotta do is just stand here right. Click this one block and it mines giant tunnels for me eventually leading the diamonds. Hopefully, I pray.

Let’s build a ton more of these machines and, and I built 13 of these fully working TNT machine, diamond finder stuff. All I need to do is right. Click this note block and pray, please. Ok. Ok. I, I think all of them actually sho out. I don’t know about the ones down all the way down here, but, oh my God, I think it did because I saw the gravel fall. Oh my God. There’s no way I built all of these correctly first try. Oh my God. I’m actually a wizard. Call me, call me Dr Oz wizard born. I don’t know who that is, but let’s go. Yes, we got our automatic miners. Now, let’s see if we found anything yet. Let’s, let’s run down and see. Oh my God. There are our diamonds here. Let’s go. Anything else? Oh, yeah. Give me that. There’s some up here as well. This is the best thing ever. Oh my God. This is a big fat vein. Oh my God. It’s still going. Oh yeah, we already have 42 diamonds. This is amazing. Well, let’s keep using these automatic money machines for the next 20 minutes to see how many diamonds we can get. Why. Wow. Yeah. Instead of 20 minutes I actually spent over an hour using these machines. But this is how many diamonds I got. And after only all of these diamonds and having it just sit in my inventory, it’s kind of making me feel poor because I only had two before, but we’re not done just yet.

We still need to work on our factory and make it feel like an actual diamond factory, which means building a bunch of cool features like diamond waterfalls, diamond conveyor belts, a diamond hall and plenty more just to make this space feel rich and cool. Let’s first start working on the diamond waterfall and I think it’ll look amazing if it was behind this diamond mine sign. So diamonds are just slowly falling down from here, which means we’re gonna need a ton of honey blocks. Let’s all of this. And I also have this farm over here which doesn’t produce me honey combs, which I need. It makes me uh honey bottles. And I’m pretty sure if I replaced all of these glass bottles with shears instead of getting me honey bottles, it should get me honey combs. Oh my God. I’m so stupid. I just realized in the middle of a fki, I need honey bottles to make honey blocks. I have actually the smallest brain in the universe of brains. Well, let’s just connect this hopper back up and remove these shears and go back to getting honey bottles one eternity later. OK? I a kid for a very long time and got a bunch of honey blocks. Hopefully it will be enough. But now we can start building the waterfall. So let’s mine out this wall and replace it with a bunch of honey blocks. All right. So I put this wall of honey right behind this mountain. So it kind of looks a little integrated. Let’s give it a test.

When you throw random items on this honey block, it should stick and fall super slowly down, which will look so awesome. And I wanted to go like behind this stone thing and reappear behind it like over here just so it looks more integrated into the mountain. If that made any sense, I ended up adding the honey block wall just so it looks like a little better. And let’s do the same thing on this side like this. And now we can start working on the item dispenser which will shoot all of the diamonds onto the honey blocks. Ok. So let’s extend this platform behind here just a little bit so there could be some space for water and I’m hoping the items will just catch on to the honey, which it doesn’t look like it will. All right, let’s try some glass panes because it’s like a little smaller slit. Throw some random items down and will they catch on to the honey? It will not. All right. Nice. That is great news. All right, I pushed the wall back about 2 to 3 blocks giving me a little bit more room to work with over here. So now I can just build this right here all the way across.

Let’s remove this and let’s build a new wall right here and cover it up that way. It will hide all of the stuff back there. Honestly, this looks way better than that side. It’s just thicker and looks more normal. Now, let’s put some more honey blocks here. Let’s put some signs on all of these. Now, if I just put water here and throw random items in, it should stick. Yes. There we go. Nice. I feel like Spiderman. But now since it’s working, let’s build all the red stone stuff to make it work with the diamonds. So all of these are self activated. So when I throw a block into the hopper and it lands into the dispenser, it should shoot out like that and fall right onto the honey blocks. I’m hoping they spread out super far with a dropper and just kind of spread out which it sort of is maybe this one would be better because there’s more room. It’s ok. Maybe if I take these droppers and face them this way. So it shoots into the wall and it might disperse all the items a little bit. Let’s give it a try to throw a bunch of items inside. I spit into the wall and um, honestly, it doesn’t change much. It’s not terrible though.

It still spreads out a little bit. Now, what I need to do is build a collection system down here. So all the diamonds that do fall down here will end up going back up a water stream back into the dropper. So like the diamonds are always circulating, ok? I basically completed the water stream thing. So let’s throw a stack of cobblestone right here and give it a test. All right, it’s shooting up into the water and I should eventually see cobblestone fly up into here, which will recycle all of the diamonds I’m using, which I don’t really see. Oh my God. There’s no way how is blocks even getting stuck on this little little atom of particle of block. OK? If I remove this, it should work. And I’m hoping the cobblestone splits into two evenly and it is not, it is just going straight up. OK? After a bunch of thinking, I came up with this crazy contraption. Honestly, there’s probably a way easier way of spitting everywhere to do this and to split items up. But I I did this. I it looks crazy. Please let me know if there’s an easy way to do this in the comments. I haven’t even tested it yet. So let’s give it a try. Let’s drop a stack of diamonds in here. Oh my God. The thing is working. Oh my God. Yes. Yes.

Oh, that was so painful. Look at it. Oh my God, that’s beautiful. Now, I need to do the same exact thing over on this side. Oh, it’s gonna be a pain. But let’s come over here and bam. Yep. It’s a mess now of random hopper ways and red stone and all of that good stuff. But if we come over here and drop our stack of diamonds, all these chests should be splitting off the diamonds separately into all of these droppers. Um Oh, there we go. Ok. And if we come down here, we should see a bunch of diamonds raining down. Let’s go. Both of the sides work. Wait a second. Sorry. Just had to do a quick fix. Yeah, a diamond waterfall is finally complete inside the factory. Now let’s move on to the next thing which will be the diamond conveyor belts. Let’s build it right over here in this corner. So let’s first start building the frame to where the conveyor belts will be. There we go. So over on this side, we will just be a regular diamond just flowing through here and then once it goes into this side, it will be diamond blocks. So it looks like it’s being crafted from left to right from diamonds into diamond blocks. So now let’s we’re working on the red stone part. It should be going left to right. So let’s have the piston going that way. Piston going this way. Ok? Now it just needs to go into a loop like this.

So everything should be going this way and let’s alternate the stairs by doing this and in these little pockets will be where the diamond will go and it would just be pushed around like that. So let’s make a ring of court stairs. Hopefully that works. Um Now we just need to connect it all with some red stone. Let’s turn it on and please work, please. Oh my God, it already works. This is amazing. Ok, I kind of want it a little faster. So let’s just break these last two repeaters and it should go a little bit faster. Oh, yeah. So now imagine one of these pistons is a piece of diamond. So let’s just slap them here and here and it’s gonna sit in the slot and be moved around by the stairs. Now, I just need to figure out a way to get the diamonds inside of these slots. Ok. I think I did it. I just put a drop it here with some water and shoots out a diamond every single time this turns on and eventually it catches on to one of these slots and gets moved around. Look how cool that looks. The problem is we’re gonna be losing a lot of diamonds because they’re just gonna des spawn. I don’t really know how to fix that. So I guess we’re not gonna fix it. Let’s make it look a little better and replace this glass with something else.

I feel like some oak would be a good contrast to pop out. The diamonds cover everything up and let’s put the diamonds back in and close it off and there we have it. I should see diamonds coming. Yes, we get it go. But now we got to work on this side which is gonna be the diamond block conveyor belt. It’s basically gonna be the same thing. But instead of stairs, there’s gonna be diamond blocks. So let’s quickly build this. And the last thing I need to do to finish this is to add the diamond blocks. I don’t really know how many I need. Let’s just start with one separated by some glass panes so you can see them individually moving and let’s just keep spamming it until the entire conveyor belt is full. And there we go. Now let’s take a look. It should go from diamonds from left to right, all the way into diamond blocks. A diamond factory starting to look super cool. The last thing I want to add is a diamond hall over in this corner which is basically just gonna be like you running through this hallway and just diamonds spitting and squirting all over you. So let’s start building out the structure for the hall.

Now let’s build the rest them part where you step on the the pressure plate and the diamonds go pew, pew, pew and yeah. All right. Now let’s just grab my diamonds, turn them all into diamond diamonds. I literally just repeat it myself. I’m losing my mind and let’s just fill up all these dispensers with diamonds and there is my diamond hall. If I run through this just gonna spit stacks and stacks of diamonds at me and this dispenser is already out. This one’s out and yeah, we’re gonna need to farm a few more diamonds here and to give this factory a little bit more detail and decoration. I think it would look nice if we just add a few diamond or to the mountain that’s built into this factory. Yeah, I feel like that fits the vibe pretty well for this diamond factory before I build the diamond right in the front of the factory, I still need to build one thing for the exterior of it, which is the smoke stacks. Because now, since we’re generating thousands and thousands of diamonds with those automatic miners, it’s gonna require a ton of factory stuff to make, turn them into diamonds. So this factory is gonna produce a lot of smoke. So to make these smoke clouds, I’m gonna need a ton of cobwebs and I’m pretty sure you can’t craft them. So let’s steal a bunch from these caves and let’s start building the fat chimney and now for the smoke clouds and let’s give it a nice shape.

Kind of like this, I’m literally stuck. I gotta wait to get down from here. I literally cannot do anything. I don’t have, I don’t want mine. It don’t even have anything. I’m a she but I don’t want to replace it. So I’m just gonna slowly slide down from this web. Nice. This is great. Oh, yeah, that looks pretty good. All we gotta do now is build the same thing on this side just like that and they look pretty cool. I really like the wavy shape that I gave them. But the last thing I need to do is build the diamond that is in front of the factory and there we go, the diamond is in making the diamond factory complete with a ton of super cool features. I am actually really proud of what we built today and I hope you guys are too. Goodbye.

I Built a DIAMOND FACTORY in Minecraft Hardcore was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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