How To Extract Brands From Audio, Video and Text Data With Named-Entity Recognition

Learn how to extract brands from audio, video and text data with named-entity recognition using our intuitive software platform at Speak Ai.

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How to extract brands from audio, video and text language data using named-entity recognition

Step 1: Sign-Up For Speak

It is easy to sign up for Speak. Visit the Speak register page, create a free account, verify your email and login into the platform.

If you want to learn more about named-entity recognition before you start, please feel encouraged to check out our dedicated guide on natural language processing.

You can also view a quick video walkthrough of Speak to see how brands are extracted from audio, video and text data you upload into the platform. 

Step 2: Upload Your Audio, Video & Text File(s) 

It is very easy to upload and create your audio, video and text files with Speak for automatic extraction of brands. 

Uploading Files

Whether it is audio, video or text, you can start the upload by selecting “New Upload” from the Quick Actions in the Speak dashboard or using the “Create” button in the top right.

We accept a range of audio, video and text file types including:

Accepted Audio File Types

– MP3

– M4A




– M4P

Accepted Video File Types

– MP4

– M4V





Accepted Text Files

– Word Docs

– PDFs

– TXT Files

Publicly Available URL

You can also upload media to Speak through a publicly available URL.

As long as the file type extension is available at the end of the URL you will have no problem importing your recording for automatic transcription and analysis.

YouTube URL

Speak is compatible with YouTube videos. All you have to do is copy the URL of the YouTube video (for example,

Speak will automatically find the file, calculate the length, and import the video. 

Please make sure you use the full link and not the shortened YouTube snippet. Additionally, make sure you remove the channel name from the URL.

Speak Integrations

As mentioned, Speak also contains a range of integrations for ZoomZapier, Vimeo and more that will help you automatically transcribe your media. 

This library of integrations continues to grow! Have a request? Feel encouraged to send us a message. 

Creating Files

With Speak, you also have the ability to create files directly in the software. 

To create audio or video, select “Live Record”. To create text, select “New Text”. 

Both of these options will enable you to create in Speak and then start the automatic analysis process.

Capturing Files

You also have the option to capture files using Speak’s embeddable recorder system.

To see how you can capture audio, video and text files using Speak for automatic named-entity recognition, please check out our dedicated guide here

Step 3: Calculate and pay

Once you have your files ready and load them into Speak, it will automatically calculate the total cost (you get 30 minutes free in the trial for audio and video – take advantage of it!). Currently, text right now is free to analyze and extract brands from. 

You can pay by subscribing to a personalized plan using our real-time calculator with included minutes.

You can also add a balance or pay for uploads without a plan using your credit card.

Step 4: Let Speak to analyze your file(s)

Our automated transcription software will prepare your transcript in as little as a few minutes. Generally, Speak takes about half audio or video length to produce the transcript and insights. Text analysis should be much quicker. 

If you upload audio or video, you will get an email notification that your transcript and analysis are complete. That email will contain a link back to the file so you can access the interactive media player with the transcript, analysis, and export formats ready for you. This is where we will find the brands that have been automatically extracted from your language data! 

Step 5: View your extracted brands

With the analysis back, you will see all the brands that Speak has identified in your audio, video and text data.

To view these brands, select the “Insights” from the analysis module with Speak beside your audio, video or text file. 

Once the “Insights” tab is open, you can scroll down and see how many brands were extracted, what percentage of the entities extracted from the entire file is a brand, the individual brand mentions and how many times they were mentioned.

If it is an audio and video file, you can click on that entity and it will jump to the exact moment in the recording.

If it is a text file, Speak will navigate you to where the brand is mentioned in the text data. 

Step 6: Customize Your Extracted Brands

Speak uses machine learning to predict what parts of your text and transcripts are brands based on where it is in the sentence if that brand is part of our data set, how it is referred to and if it is capitalized or not.

While we continue to improve the accuracy of Speak, the system’s predictions are not always right, or the brand in your data may not be part of our data set. 

To support you, we’ve built several ways to help you customize what brands are extracted from your audio, video and text data.

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Why should I extract brands from audio, video and text?

Make your recordings more accessible and turn them into an ongoing learning resource

Accessibility is key to a modern business and transcribing interview calls are a great way to create data sets for knowledge sharing and data analysis.

You can use this transcribed data to train staff, review meeting performance and create internal information banks to improve knowledge dissemination within your organization. 

Create a central insights repository with important topics from all your meetings

With the growing number of interviews, webinars and presentations we now find ourselves dealing with, data management becomes a tedious chore. 

By using Speak to transcribe and analyze your interviews, you can easily create a constantly updating insights library that identifies important topics, keywords and patterns that emerge over time. 

Speak also gives you a simple way to securely manage all your important interviews and other media files in one place. 

Easily review and repurpose your interviews for use in sales, marketing and customer support

Every interview holds a large number of important topics and discussions that might have a use outside just the virtual boardroom. 

Instead of trying to rely on your memory or traditional minute taking, use Speak to automatically take minutes and provide you with instant insight into important topics covered in your conversations. 

If relevant, these conversations can be turned into video segments for your company socials, blog posts for your website or even provide more clear direction for your customer support or sales team when they interact with your target audience.

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Rachel Cachero
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