How I Beat Minecraft in 1 Chunk

Interested in How I Beat Minecraft in 1 Chunk? Check out the video and automated transcript from the Speak Ai team for How I Beat Minecraft in 1 Chunk!

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How I Beat Minecraft in 1 Chunk YouTube Video

How I Beat Minecraft in 1 Chunk YouTube Video Description

one chunk = claustrophobia

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How I Beat Minecraft in 1 Chunk Automated Transcript By Speak

Do you think it’s possible to beat Minecraft in one chunk? And I don’t mean one of those worlds with a filled and end portal. No, I’m asking if you think it’s possible to beat Minecraft in one chunk with no end portal. And most importantly, wait, there’s no wood.I don’t even know if you can beat the game without wood, but I hope it’s not all lost because I have a plan to get some. I’m just gonna need an ender. Thank you, my friend. Ok. I’m skeptical this isn’t gonna work but I, I gotta try it. 00 my God. That worked. Oh my God. Wait, why can’t I break anything? Fun. Fact I learned today breaking blocks outside the world border is a no go. So not only does this chunk not have an end portal? II, I have no clue how I’m gonna get wood. OK? I need to put a pin in this. I’m gonna hop in a test world and try to figure out a solution to this. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I suck at Minecraft. Hold up. That creeper just blew up the blocks outside the border. Wait. So if I get a creeper to blow up one of those trees, it could drop a sapling and then that I could pick that up and then I could

have infinite wood. Oh my God. That might be the

solution. The only way I can get a creeper outside the world border is by using a boat and dispenser, but both need wood. So I loaded a copy of the world with bonus chests which thankfully had enough wood to get what I needed, but it’s not gonna be enough to beat the game. So on the big shopping list is a dispenser which means I got to go get string. Oh, I’m going back in the caves. This is not the safest territory. Oh my God. Don’t get greedy. Don’t get greedy. Get up, get up, get up, get up, get up. How do I have Redstone? Oh, it must have been the witch. 00, I got some string. I got some string. I got two string and definitely enough wood to make some sticks. Ok. This actually might work. 12 bow, acquired a piece of red stone. Handsome cobblestone. Oh my God. Oh, yes. The spenser acquired how to put him here. It’s the sand block that goes on top. I can use this plank to make a button. Ok. Now we need a creeper. Gotta get this creeper up here. Ok. Follow me, follow me, Mr Creeper. Oh God, I’m so nervous. Ok. We practice in the test world. Got just jump, jump. Ok. Yes. Yes. Ok. Here it comes. Here it comes. Moment of truth. That was a bad moment of truth. Yes. Yes. Yes. Ok. We’ve got him. So now I need the bow and I need an arrow curl out and I can take the bow.

I hope this works. Ok. He’s out.

Ok. Did that work? Oh my God. That’s it. That’s it. Where’s

my pearl? Where’s my pearl? There it is. Oh my God. Grab it. Turn around, turn around. Let’s

go, go, go, go.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Oh my God. We have

just done the freaking impossible. This is the first ever tree in

this chunk. Yeah.

I spent the next few hours getting geared up and made myself a little starter base. I actually kind of like it. I’m not a big builder, but I like the way this turned out. It’s a nice little place. But playtime’s over. Ladies and gentlemen, we gotta get to the nether. Ok. Let’s open up the accessibility and get some of the subtitles on. We really need to see some lava pops or else I, I don’t know what to do. Lava pops. Lava pops. Ok. So it’s this way, follow the direction of the lava. I hear, I hear it’s so close. Oh, there it is. There it is. So now I could just be pouring my way into the neath. I’ll be honest. I thought this was gonna be fast. Ok. Courts, there’s some courts around me. Some gold. I need a for, wait a minute. I hopped into a replay recording to confirm my suspicions. And sure enough, there was no fortress anywhere nearby and I’ll admit a bit of an oversight on my part. I mean, we need blazes to beat the game, which can only be found in fortresses. Now, I could escape the border and locate a fortress. But I mean, even if I did manage to do that, I wouldn’t be able to survive the constant damage that I would take, which only gets more aggressive, the further away I am from the border. So not to be over dramatic. But this is quite the predicament.

I’ve found myself in again. Oh my God. I feel like I do this every video but I digress, I’m gonna go back to the drawing board, think this over and I’m gonna find a solution because I’m not giving up yet. Research was about as successful as my abilities to talk to girls. So I joined a call with my friends to get my mind off it, but that’s not what happened. So to boil a two hour call into 20 seconds, his name is Yadon. He has a solution for my exact problem. And I think I’m in love platonically. You see Jaren had a theory that if you leave and rejoin worlds in a specific order, there’s a bug in games code that tricks the world into thinking a one chunk, wide world border is actually millions of blocks bigger, therefore, negating all border damage allowing me to go wherever I want in the world.

So there’s a solution to getting blazes. At least that’s what I hope. But the only way I can do that is by downgrading my world to 1.17 0.1. Ok. It’s prep for transfer. Let’s move the file into a backup and load in. 00 uh ok. Well, anyways back to the nether and yeah, just like I figured no fortress but let’s try this. Escaping the border. Ok. I’m out. Oh my God, it’s working. Look at that sweet, sweet world border, Jared. You’re a genius. I am shouting that

man out, Jared. I love you, buddy. But now I can’t

break or place block. So I gotta be very careful and find a way over to a fortress. Oh, this is so weird. I can’t even just build. I have to like park my way over. Hey. Yeah. Oh, got it. Who didn’t want to fall bad? Can I at least put out the fire? Of course I can’t another dead

end. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh my God. I thought I was gonna die. Whoa,

whoa, bro. I’m not gonna lie. Losing all my items sucked. But what was worse was running into a dead end after dead end. If I’m gonna find a fortress, I’m gonna need Ender Pearls. And lots of them though. I found a duplication, glitch to get loads of pearls, which by the way is a totally legitimate method. And you know, if you have any complaints about this, feel free to subscribe and leave a comment. I I’m not gonna listen, but hey, at least you subscribed and it didn’t take long to find some diamonds. Get re geared and head back to the nether and search for some places. Feeling good, man, nothing’s gonna stop. So I, ok. Well, as I was saying, um, I think it’s time to go with the. Are you kidding me? Ok. Here we go. Take 20, that’s right. I can’t build again. Ok. Big pearl jump. Nailed it and my gut says go that way. Oh, the glitch blocks? Oh my God. These pearls are so useful to navigate terrain. Oh my God. Yeah, that’s a bastion. Ok. Well, not a fortress but edit in the right direction. All of a sudden I cannot eat anymore. Oh, ok. I guess now I am. What is that? Lag? A? Oh my goodness. Wow. It feels really good to see that. How am I getting up? Oh, I got end pearls. We’re fine. Oh my God. My first blaze. I see. Two blazes. Ok. Got 10, got a blaze rod. I got my first blaze and we got to find some more. Ok. Ok.

That’s 34 nice. Ok. That’s 12 blaze rods. That’s plenty. We’re gonna bail. It’s pearl. Just nailed it. Oh my God. That could have been bad. Ok. Now we have to traverse the deltas and I believe that should be home right on the other side. Oh, that was close. 00, I’m out, I’m out,

I’m out. Yes. Go, go, go. I

see the border. I see the border. I’m being chased so hard. Oh, God, I have nothing to defend myself. Well, uh, that’s not totally true. Ok. We’re almost there. Yes, I see it. I see the finish line. Yes. Check it out, boys. 12 freaking Blaze rods. Let’s go. That’s more than enough. Let’s go. And now time to get to the end. That’s gonna be tough. Look, if I’m being completely honest, this has been the part that I’ve been most worried about. I mean, in order to get to the end, you need to find an end portal, which by my estimates is 1000 blocks away from my chunk. Now I won’t even survive the damage out there because I learned during my testing that the 1.17 0.1 glitch that Jaron found. Yeah, it doesn’t even work in the over world. But even if I were to humor the fact that I found a solution to that, how would I even fill in the eyes of ender? I mean, I can’t place them in the portal. So I took a deep dive into any possible strategy I could use to make this possible. I looked into block ID transmutation, glitches that allow me to break and portal frames and bring them back to my chunk. I even hopped on a call with, spoke, the guy known for doing the impossible in Minecraft. And well, not even he had any ideas on how to make this happen. I mean, did I really just come all this way just to fail at the end?

Well, after a long time, I was genuinely starting to believe that however, there was one other person on that phone call with spoke and his name is Cyan. He had an idea to convert my world to the April fools update where you can toss a book and quill into another portal and depending on what you type in the book, it opens a brand new dimension for you to visit. Now, I wasn’t sure how all of this would help. But by Cyan’s words, if you type this phrase in exactly, it will take you to an and portal dimension. Now it’s not the perfect solution. Heck, I don’t even know if this will work, but it’s the only option that I’ve got. Ok, if I’m making a booking. Well, I’m gonna need leather, sugar cane and a feather. I’m also gonna need the squid in, but I, I have tons of that. That’s fine. My first task is to obtain a feather from a chicken and there’s some beyond the border. But yeah, those are gonna be a little difficult to get to wait a minute. Aren’t invincibility frames a thing in Minecraft. Every time you join a game you’re granted a few seconds of complete invincibility. So in theory, if I abuse this feature, just like the construction guys abuse our ears, they, they should be able to survive long enough to pick up that chicken. This is all theory.

I’m gonna need an under pearl and a boat. Hello, my friends. I am uh here to rescue a chicken and we do that by leaving the world border. Ok. Move, move, move. Oh Damage. All right. Leave. And I should be ok. Yes. In the boat. Get in the boat. Oh my God. How do I get him in the boat? Swear to God. This chicken’s gonna be the death of me, bro. Get in the boat. It’s not that hard. Wait a minute. He dropped the neck. I, I got it. I got it. Ok. Save and quit. Oh my God. Is this actually working? Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Go, go up, up, up, up, up, stop save and quit. My heart is pounding right now. I got it. I got it. I got it. I got it. I mean, what’s going on? If I get a chicken? You gotta subscribe. If I get a chicken, you have to subs if I get a chicken you have. If I get a chicken, you, if I get a chicken. You

oh my God,

I’m so happy to see you all that just turned to be a diet Coke. Ok? I was just, oh, you give me an egg. Hey, look at that. Now, thanks to the chicken’s generous contribution. How would you look at that? We have a feather. Now, that’s cool. Next on the list is leather. And if I need leather, that means I gotta find hog ones which are in a crimson forest. Ok. Wait, we’re there, we’re there just kind of angle this carefully. Ok. My beautiful sir. Please give me your leather had. Alrighty. See you coming. That’s so much more intimidating than I thought. Ok, I know 10 leather doesn’t sound like a whole lot but it’ll be fine. We’ll make do. All right. Last on my list is sugar cane to make paper. There’s some outside the border and using what I’ve learned from gathering wood and getting the feather. I can take a creeper. Oh no. Ah ok. I could take a creeper. Get him outside the border and constantly save and quit the game until I make it close enough to. Oh. Oh my God, I got it.

I got it. Go, go,

go, go, go, go, go, go, go, you got this, you got this dia I got I crafted up some books, made a backup and altered the game files ready to take on the end but uh immediately got distracted. Oh my God. What is that look at this changing colors. Oh, that is so bizarre. But we must stay focused. My brothers a about to said redivides. The moment is finally upon us. What, why is my game crashing? Yeah. What’s going on? What happened here? Ok. Whatever. I’ll just try it again. What is going on generating new chunk? The world files ended up getting corrupted. But after a couple brute force loads, I got the game working again and I was finally ready to enter the end. I got everything I really need. I was just left to head in. Wait a minute, what? We’re in the end. I, I can’t believe it. We didn’t even need the eye of enders. That’s ridiculous. Honestly, I thought we were still gonna need them. Just took a beeline right to the ender dragon baby. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s if I’m being honest, I walked into this challenge thinking it would be a really easy video that could get a lot of views. And it feels weird saying that but as a youtuber who needs views to pay rent, I do actually care how my videos perform. But in this moment, I’m not thinking about the views instead just feeling proud, proud of the accomplishment.

I mean, despite each obstacle I faced, I was determined to find a solution and make it to the end. Something Jaren spoke and so many others were genuinely unsure if I could pull off. So whether this video gets 1000 or 1 million views. I’m just proud of the fact that I managed to beat Minecraft in one chunk. Oh, my God. All of that pain, suffering and potential claustrophobia. Oh, it’s finally done and I can get the dragon egg. Oh, my God. That’s right. It’s out of the board.

How I Beat Minecraft in 1 Chunk was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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