Gender Reveal Fail!

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Gender Reveal Fail! YouTube Video

Gender Reveal Fail! YouTube Video Description

The gender of our baby is… !?!?! Go to our sponsor for 10% off your first month of therapy with BetterHelp and get matched with a therapist who will listen and help.

In April of 2023 we found out we were pregnant with our first baby! After a tough year of breast cancer treatment, we weren’t even sure if it would be possible to conceive naturally so we have been absolutely thrilled to share this news with you. Today we go in for our 20 week scan and learn that our baby is happy and healthy which is honestly all we could ever hope for. The bonus is that we can now reveal their gender too!! But, in true Eamon & Bec fashion things do not go according to plan and we have a bit of a gender reveal fail on our hands 😝

0:00 Eamon knows the gender 😬
5:00 gender predictions from mom & dad
9:37 3,2,1!!!!
13:05 happy, healthy baby
14:37 telling friends the gender
17:51 telling family the gender
24:46 Grandpa Bob ❀️

Watch us find out we’re having a baby
Our Honest Pregnancy Q&A

#genderreveal #pregnancy

Gender Reveal Fail! Automated Transcript By Speak

Oh my God. Hi. We are just leaving the hospital. We had our 20 week scan.How

cute is our little nugget? We do officially have the gender details. They’re in my wallet wrapped up two people in the world know

and I just wanna say

what, you know, you saw something.

I, she was kind of scanning through things and then I saw, I saw it like a gender at the top, you know, and I can’t lie like I, I think I know you

said I wanna can you flick through this? It was

on the other screen. Oh, and she was like doing this thing at the end, a bunch of numbers and stuff and then it said at the top and I don’t know why I, I at least looked at it.

I knew you would ruin this for me.

Is it don’t say the worst gender reveal video ever. I’m sorry, buddy.

I’m just sad. I wanted to find out with

you. I pull me for it. Maybe you don’t. Maybe I don’t, oh

my God.

I can’t believe, you know. So stay tuned guys today. We’ve got a very exciting day planned. We’ve got some family and friends coming up and we’re gonna surprise back with the gender.

Now that I’ve digested that information, I just wanted to talk about the 20 week skin quickly. It was so cute. We saw a baby yawning and we’re almost positive we saw a thumbs up from babe. So I feel like I can’t even talk to Eamon for the next couple of hours because yeah, don’t look at me, don’t look at me. I can’t believe he knows me. It feels like this is the weirdest car ride right now. I’m sorry, baby, it’s not your fault. I didn’t want you to think that I think it’s your fault. You know what’s interesting is probably because usually

people don’t look, people stop looking at the, I couldn’t help myself.

Oh, my gosh. Eamon didn’t tell me the whole time. We were just waiting for the OB, I had no idea he knew. Then the OB even said, what do you guys think it is? Now? I’m going in my head. What did say? Like, how was he, how, ah, like it’s so weird that he knows, ah, this is so, this is life though. It never goes according to the best that I read it wrong because, you know, he has dyslexia. You open up the envelope.

That’s kind of what I was thinking is like, do I know a me? Yeah. Uh, we’re just out for lunch, you know? Well, that’s what, that’s what I saw, I’m just gonna tell you. No. Yeah. No, I saw the word female. Yeah. So that if you saw a female, it could be back on my, my ultrasound. It used to say female for me. So what, so what, what do you think? So? Maybe it’s not a female. So what do we do? We’re gonna, we’re just gonna continue his plan, dude. I’m ruining this whole video. I’m coming home, I’m coming home. So I think maybe I would just read it wrong and I think we’re just going to continue this plan. I’ll be honest with you. Ok? No, I don’t think I know what it is. So you saw, I saw the word female and it could just be you. But Mel is like, yeah, that’s just her. I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ve ruined this video. Continuing is any good.

Yep. But because you ruined today, you don’t get it. Ok? So my sister has been nominated as the person to open the envelope. I’ve put the envelope under her pillow so she’ll check in with you. No peeking. I can’t believe we’ve had it for a couple of hours now and haven’t done anything. Watch this, watch this. Oh, can I start doing that yet? I,

all right. Let’s go play tennis. Yeah, I’m really back to not having any clue. I really think that was you. You are the patient. We’re pretty sure that the female word that I saw on the chart was just got beck as a female.

Yeah. So all ultra sounds have the patient’s name, date of birth. I just got a mosquito bite in the vagina. Oh my God.

Oh, hey. Um, we need Adam to come down to the dock and move the floating map because it’s not the vibe. We’re back to square one. Like honestly, you’ve always been team boy, like from the game

boy. I just as the second I peed on that stick. I said we’re having a boy. I’ve had dreams about a little boy and the name for the baby boy has like come in dreams and songs.

The name is much more clear for both of us, but I’ve always felt more of a girl. Dad just kind of my whole life. So,

so I guess I’m gonna say my official guest is boy and your official guest girl. Oh, that’s crazy. Chewing on a frisbee piece. He’s gonna swallow

plastic. I’m the godfather and I think it’s a boy.

I’m the aunt and the first one that knew about you. And I think you’re a girl. What do you guys think it is?

I’m the grandfather and I think Becca is amazing. I know. I know. I know. And I think Becca is carrying a little girl. I’m the grandma

and I believe that I’m going to

have a new grandson.

So dad.

Yes. Yes. Hi. I’m the aunt and I think it’s a boy. Hi. I’m the uncle and I think it’s a boy, a poor boy. So yeah, you’re just gonna need to dive down and kind of lift the anchor and just kind of swim it that way. That’s

cute. Oh, so we’re

making it all festive. We’re serious though. Dead, dead ass. Just get a close up shot. The boy in the blues. Get in there, son.

And also officially show daddy what you guess

it says, boy, I want a brother. Thanks. No problem.

All right, we’ll see you in a few. I love you. Uh uh camera malfunction. Didn’t you take him on like vlogs before? So you know what he’s supposed to be doing? Was that your whole pitch of why you gotta be a part of this? Just so everyone knows this was my idea and then you jumped on it. I love you. So you can be a part of it. You don’t

love me, got me to wear this. So it’s in. So as I go down,

OK, should we just do this? Because I feel like they’re gonna wait or should we just make them wait for the next like two hours at the time? We don’t know, we don’t know how to get the water. We don’t know how to get the water gun. I’m actually really nervous. Like I don’t know why I’m nervous. They’re just smiley face. So it’s a,

I guess and I fucking knew it. I do. I do. I do. Everyone probably thinks that Becca is always right. But Eamon is more right than beck, I would say in most cases. So Eamon, you got another one, buddy. Do more water. Lenny can’t go down. Come on at this point. Now I’m gonna be more excited if it’s a boy, I feel like because I thought it was a girl. I don’t know.

Well, just bear with me.

Well, we don’t have the other color. So I, my hands open now let’s go. Don’t, I don’t want to look at you. I feel like I’m gonna know by looking at Sarah’s eyes. Ok. Are we going? Why do we have to wait? Why are we closing our eyes? What’s that? You have a dog that a color? Lenny? Don’t ruin this for me. I don’t know why I’m covering my nuts. Watch your nuts, buddy. Yeah. Watch your nuts. Wait, do I open my eyes? I can’t believe I’m having a baby. 22. What up much? Ok. We got it. We got it. We got it. I am. Oh, I get a, so I was right. No, we’re not my pink test on a shoot. I am grabbing a girl. Boy. You gonna have a best friend? Oh my God. Oh, so you guess wrong too, buddy. You guess wrong too. Yeah, we don’t have any girl names picked up. Wow, we’re having a girl. Oh, so good. Such a winner. Such a winner. We’re having a girl. Oh, yeah. Good job guys. You guys killed that getting pitted, bro. Eddie, who’s gonna clean you up? Was this full with them? Yeah. Oh, was it full with you? Is it water

resistant? These things are never actually water like it’s way too deep. I think

Adam don’t buck it up, don’t hit your feet on there

to celebrate this moment. My brother threw Eamon in the water and he’s had a spot in it. Yeah, exactly. Thanks, bro. Appreciate you better


Ok. Keep looking. Then uh we’re looking for a sponsorship from Apple for this video while the boys are searching. I’m literally like I know he’s lost his phone, but I can’t think of anything else other than the shock I’m in like, I’m covered in pink. I just, I never, I can’t believe it. Yeah. How do you get that daddy stamina up there

today is still a great day. Yeah.

Yeah, I know like I don’t even really care like I’ll care tomorrow that you don’t have a phone.

That is everything like this. What happened there? You just felt like one more dive. Yeah, I I’m like until it gets dark. Let me search it. Hell yeah,

dude. Honestly, I was most upset about losing the picture of us in.

Yeah, I was like, would I cloud back up that quickly? All right, we’ll see you Sunday. The whole video.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be having a baby girl, but the truth is that the saying we just are hoping for a happy healthy baby had started to sound cliche until I became a mom because you think it’s an obvious hope. But truthfully all that I could hope for is that this baby we are having has fingers and toes and a functioning heart and a brain. And knowing that baby is doing well with such an anxiety reliever the pregnancy journey, even prenatal can cause a lot of anxiety and worries. And it’s so important that we check in with our own mental health because that helps not only ourselves but our baby too. So if you’re going through a tough time, if you’re on a journey similar to mine or if you just think there is something interfering with your overall happiness, I couldn’t recommend speaking to a professional enough and this is why I am so proud and grateful that better help has sponsored today’s video.

Better help is a platform that makes finding a therapist easier because it is done 100% online. And by filling out just a few questions, you can be matched with a great therapist within just a few days time, clicking our link in the description box, not only helps support our channel, but we will give you 10 percent off your first month with better help. So you can get matched with a therapist. And because therapy can be like dating if that therapist isn’t the right fit for you, you can switch at no additional charge. I found therapy to be an invaluable tool in my life. So if you want to give it a try head to better he LP dot com slash amen. And back today is an exciting day, two of my best friends for like 25 plus years are coming up and we’re doing a gender reveal with them. My girlfriend Trista has two kids so is like almost 3, 2.5, 3. So we’re gonna let her swing this. Pinata. Mon’s off in town getting some pink goodies to fill this up. I am personally still in shock like I was so convinced we were having a boy that like we had the name picked out and we were calling him by that name and it just felt so right.

But now I’m thinking that our little girl must have some really awesome masculine energy which I just love. I feel like that’s very Lee and yeah, anyways feels crazy. We’re excited to share the news with some other friends. I’m getting dinner ready so that uh I can just be present with everyone when they’re here.

Oh, that’s that,

that’s enough. Like just putting all those in there is fun.

Yeah, it’s gonna be obvious. I think he’s a no.

When I saw you picked up that I’m like

he’s a ew yeah. Pinata pinata. Time out of time. Hey, thank you. What’s the move? Move? Move out the shot. Few different options. Uh, we got a bat. This might be a little big considering our swinger is like two years old. Who, how high do you want it? Yeah. All right. High five and props. All right. Let’s do

it. Hi, I’m Kitty and I think you’re a boy. I think it’s gonna be a boy.

What’s going on, Uncle Donald? And I think you’re gonna be a boy. Hi. I am Zia Jazelle and I think you’re gonna be a girl. Hi. I’m a T and I think you’re going to be a girl. Hey, I’m your neighbor, Liam. And I think it’s a boy.

I, I’m your best friend, Sico. I love

it. That’s so good. I, I feel like I’m finding out all over this.

It was so nutty like the fact that I was nervous.

Oh, yeah, you gotta hit that thing. So, what did they do for you with colored water? Nice

thing here. If I hold it still, maybe

rip it,

rip it ziggy. Really hard.

023 also. No, no one. What is it? Is it a girl? Yeah. Yeah. No, you speak of that. My family is on their way and we’re gonna do another gender reveal segment this time. We’re making cupcakes. I can’t believe it’s not butter. A little apple sauce, a banana in this. Why not butter? No, I’m not using a recipe back. I’m determined. I think as long as you get the core ingredients how could you really screw it up. Maple syrup? You might as well. Brown sugar want to rice salt, vanilla. That was a lot. The olive oil flour, handful of oats make them a little healthy. Perfect oven is preheated. This is where it gets fun. The idea is to make the cupcake so that when you bite into it it’s either pink or blue and obviously we’re gonna have more pink than there are blue because it’s a girl. Never done this before. How’s that thickness looking? We’re gonna need more pink than we have blue. Oh my God. This is so blue. Whoa. Ok. Do you think it’ll just like cover itself?

I don’t know. That’s why you have to be really careful. Cool.

There she is. Why am I getting so excited?

Are you excited to

tell the fair? I didn’t follow a recipe, so I don’t know how long they take. Oh. Hm. Ah. Must have been a bad recipe. Why don’t you follow recipes? They’ll taste. Why don’t you follow recipes?

Flat tops? Why? Why do you refuse? I’m gonna hop in the shower. I think.

I think I got this under control.

Just finished a little mommy yoga feeling. Very Zen. I think I’ve transferred the energy over to my baby boy.

Are you comfy?

He’s got this whole patio set up umbrella, beautiful view just for my baby. Stay down

here’s our guest number two. Ok. Should we do it? I don’t know. Are we ok with dessert before dinner? Dessert any time? So you think it’s gonna be a boy? I know. I think it’s a girl. What do you think? You guys both are going, girl? Well, you got the shirt to match Dean. I know my clothes don’t look like it, but I’m a team girl. You were looking for pink shorts. How are you? We think it’s gonna be a boy. Yeah, I think it’s gonna be a boy. Hey, big fella. What do you think

as this family is such a foodie family? We wanted to do a reveal that involves food. Four of these cupcakes are filled with the color that is the gender and three are not. So we’ll each take a bite of the cupcake and then we’ll have to like deduce what it is.

No way. So if I buy it and it’s blue, it’s not necessarily a boy. We have to wait till the end. Four out of the seven will be the color of the baby. Yeah. You want me to get a pen and paper? How cupcakes? But honestly, a little mushy in the way the red

road is. He tried to make them healthy. So it’s like a banana.

I don’t know if they’re fully cooked in the center. She’s like gonna throw it up like this. Oh. Oh. Oh. Hm. All that also about it. Gentle. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I think it’s pink. I think it’s pink. Good boy. Ok. I was gonna eat that. You’re gonna have to break it in half. That’s good. Wow. Sure enough. So, I’m your cousin and my guest is a boy. Oh, I know. I’m gonna cry again and

I know.

Yeah. I’m, I’m thrilled. What do you guys think? Also? Stop it? Go


That is it again? Oh my God. I could, I say, I even look genuinely shocked but who knows? I’m gonna still say boy, you know, honestly I feel like yeah, we bought blue stuff so it has to be a boy blue. What? Why are you looking like that?

Because it’s a

girl. All right lying. I’m not lying. I’m

your favorite Angie Kara and I think you’re a girl. I

am Uncle Nate and I think you’re a girl.


Why do you guys both think it’s girl

because they’re psychic. It’s a girl.

Bye. Hey, I’m your grandpa and I think you are a boy for a baseball. You’re off for a baseball? Do I have to play it? I own the ball, the ball. You get kind of smack. Yeah, I probably should be wear my glasses like that one. You got it. I’m ready. 00 wait, it’s fine. It’s fine. Take two. No. Yeah, I know it doesn’t matter. What do you think? Super cool, super cool, super cool. So it’s Gina

Gender Reveal Fail! was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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