Game Theory: Answer The Call (Welcome Home)

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Game Theory: Answer The Call (Welcome Home) YouTube Video

Game Theory: Answer The Call (Welcome Home) YouTube Video Description

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Friends, I am SO excited to be taking another look into Welcome Home! This project was incredible last we took a look through, and after a HUGE update to the website I can’t wait to get in there and dig around and see what we can find! From incredible artwork, intricate website design, and best of all… hidden LORE Welcome Home has the best of ALL worlds! So lets dive in, shall we neighbor?

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Eddie β€œNostalGamer” Robinson and Tom Robinson
Editors: Dan “Cybert” Seibert, Tyler Mascola, JayskiBean, Jerika (NekoOnigiri), KL Allen, Koen Verhagen and Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
Thumbnail Artist: Dan Lerner
#WelcomeHome #WelcomeHomePuppetsShow #WallyDarling #WelcomeHomeLore #WelcomeHomeWally #Theory #GameTheory #Matpat

Game Theory: Answer The Call (Welcome Home) Automated Transcript By Speak

Aye. Let me in.

Hello internet. Welcome to Game Theory. The show that thinks that you are just the most and I am just the most excited because after three long months, we finally have ourselves an update to welcome home the retro website that’s brimming with beautiful artwork and sinister Secret Secrets, the retro website that’s brimming with beautiful artwork and sinister secrets.

When we cover this project back in May, I was blown away by how impressive this was from the fantastic care designs to the deeply unsettling world building clown. The project’s creator has crafted something that’s really special here. A clever story about an old seventies TV, entertainment show starring puppets that was mysteriously taken off the air. Getting to notice the trend with all these online horror projects lately. Nah, it’s probably nothing. The show itself revolved around a cast of quirky puppets, the joyful Julie, the clumsy poppy, the rambunctious sally, the reliable Eddie, the friendly Howie, the grumpy Frank, the street wise barnaby and of course the lead Wally darling. Basically what you get when you throw Mr Rogers, Bob Ross and Elmo into a blender. The show itself as we can learn through the website would basically flow like your typical kids program, Wally would take the audience around the neighborhood and learn different life lessons alongside his friends.

It would eventually disappear from the airwaves with the only remains being gathered up and put back together on this very site by a group known as the Welcome Home Restoration project. But of course, like most things that you find on the internet, not everything is as it first appears in my last video, I went through the website and uncovered its many secrets from messages hiding inside of Wally’s drawings to hidden images that revealed welcome home to be a cult with several images showing Wally in a position of power as the cult’s leader all built to worship some Kaul like entity, the home itself, Wally’s Sentient House in that video, I concluded that Wally was trying to reawaken home, sending the restoration project, all these letters and drawings in the hopes that they would gather people into the fandom for their eventual indoctrination.

And before the update, that’s exactly what it looked like with the restoration project, preparing a welcome home exhibition that was set for the near future. But soon after my theory came out, the website went dark disappeared completely. That was until July when the Welcome home website sprung back to life with a massive update. And I do mean massive. We got more than just some cute new pictures and hidden codes. This time, we’ve got audio files from the show, talk, show interviews, merchandise and oh yeah, giant eyes watching our every move those eyes belong to Wally. Now, he’s watching us more closely than ever. But the jokes on you, Wally, I’ve already dug through every corner of this thing and I know exactly how you plan to gather more followers. I also know that one of your precious flock, one of your puppet friends there is waiting in the wings to betray you. So join us, loyal theorists, join us, join us, join us as we pull back the curtain and reveal the difference between puppet and master. Let’s just start with the big cliffhanger from the previous theory, the upcoming exhibition for Welcome home. This event was a chance to share the history of the show with the world. But from the website’s newsletter, it definitely seemed like something a lot more sinister read as follows quote together, we will get it out, we will get everything out.

You will see as we do neighbor just going to go and leave that invitation on red. Thank you very much as I already mentioned. I suspected that event was meant to gather people together to make them part of Wally’s cult. So imagine my surprise when on the updated website, I saw that there was a brand new page dedicated to that very exhibition and nothing really happened here. I was expecting images of destroyed displays, news articles of a disaster. If a message written on a wall in blood. It’s not too much for a guy to ask. Right. But instead all I saw were vinyl records, an activity worksheet a mock up wally puppet. I was wrong. The most exciting thing on there was the merch merch. That was almost as exciting as our new merch over on theory wear dot com, which includes a color changing t-shirt activated by your body heat. Game theory leggings with sleek green piping in a phone pocket. And of course, the villainous purple jacket if you want items that are really hot, well, then check out the heat map collection because we’re nerds and we decided that thermal imaging patterns would be really awesome to put on our clothes. They’re available right now via the link down in the description or on screen right now. So click them and grab them before they sell out. I promise you you won’t be indoctrinated into a cult if you touch them.

I promise, I promise no, something had to be off on this website. The main thing on the page was a short interview with the mysterious museum curator simply known as the question answer as they said on the exhibition page. Quote. I still have so many questions to answer here in the world of welcome home. You and me both. They Q A, you and me both, which means that it’s time to do what you always do when you’re stuck in need answers in an air G click anything and everything on the screen. And sure enough, my gut and brute force was right. There was actually something hidden here on the page. If you click the word answer from the question answer, quote, I just read, you’re taken to a page with a single image of a notebook on this notebook. We see someone has been trying over and over again to find a password. A password for what? Well to find out all you have to do is click the image revealing a red safe with keys that represent the various characters from the series. Click and again, takes us to a blank guest area that requests a password. According to the notebook, the code is going to be five letters and go figure those worksheets from the exhibition.

Also have five questions with each answer being one of the residents of home lining up with the keys on the safe. Who’s the funniest neighbor has to be the residential jokester Barnaby who shines brighter than any star, Sally Starlin, who’s the biggest chicken or knock off big bird poppy, which neighbor speaks to flowers according to the character profiles. It’s Julie and who’s your best friend?

Well, that one, there has to be our main character, Wally. And if we take the first letter from each answer, BS pjnw type all that in, we’re rewarded with the staff only page. And before I show it to you, let me just say that there is so much going on here. It is going to burst your fiercest brain. The page isn’t like anything we’ve seen before. There’s a bunch of texts but it’s all at strange angles. The title has been copied so many times. It’s almost illegible. There’s even some redacted text thrown in here for good measure. There’s also a new group of photos that don’t seem nearly as upbeat as the main site and there we have it my bloody walls. I can finally rest easy. But really the image that grabbed my eye. Here was this one, an image of art supplies with a couple of no touching signs sticking out of the box. Hey, you don’t tell me what I do or do not do sign. But in all seriousness, look at the note that’s sitting on top of the pilot, late ticks, gloves, put on gloves before handling any art. Call me. If we run out those signs, there aren’t for visitors, they’re for the staff. And it’s important. I mean, you’re not just writing four exclamation points there for no reason. In a later image, we find an email warning staff about a strange substance that’s growing on the artwork. Quote, if a substance begins to grow on anything delivered, please place it back in the box.

It was shipped in and return it to us at your leisure. If you or anyone in your team experiences, nausea, dizziness or fatigue, please don’t be alarmed. Yeah, cause when I touch something that suddenly makes me sick, my first response is clearly going to be this is totally fine. We can actually see the substance on the first image with the glove box. One of the gloves has actually been used and is covered with a paint like goop which matches what we see in the art pieces from the about us page. The artwork is being delivered like this and whatever’s on it is not good for you. It seems connected to this line of secret text from the website’s original fa Q page. Quote. When I unwrapped the first letter, I felt it. I heard it open open, open. I want it out. I’m going to get it out. It’s not just making people sick. It’s literally giving Wally an entry point. It seems that once you touch the paint, he can speak to you, indoctrinate, you brainwash you. In fact, it now appears to be happening to some one on the staff only page. Here’s the quote.

I had a dream when I began working on the Playfellow exhibition. Wally darling was sitting at the foot of my bed with a rotary phone in front of him ringing away. It looked just like the little toy phone we were restoring for the exhibit. It kept ringing. Wally, stared at me like he was waiting for me to pick up the phone just staring, unblinking. The phone ringing and ringing. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t figure out how to move and pick up the phone. He kept reading, I couldn’t pick up the phone. I keep getting phone calls now. Or at least I assume that’s what’s happening. I keep hearing it ringing all day. Sometimes I check my phone and there’s no new messages.

The writer is being driven mad by the same substance, hearing the call, the call of Wally and his cult of home, just like you should be hearing the call, my call of hitting that subscribe button, just click the button to answer the phone in the next five seconds to make that ringing stop.

Please, please make the ringing stop. Thanks. You’re just the most. Let’s figure out what’s going on with this note. The note goes on to talk about how they tore up the workspace to find the ringing and that they poured over every recovery. The Welcome Home restoration project has given me access to including their website, even that they’re speaking about the organization in the third person and they seem to be the one responsible for all the mess that we see backstage of the exhibit. It leads me to believe that this is the person put in charge of the whole thing. The question answer, a professional exhibitor and museum curator who believes in our happy home just as much as we do. I actually saw their name pop up in the old website when I was doing my previous theory, but we didn’t get much detail about them. So I kind of left them alone, but now they seem to be playing a much more important role in the story, especially as it was their quote that led us to the staff page in the first place. The Q A has been the one handling the artifacts. They’ve been getting everything set up and in so doing, they’ve fallen victim to Wally’s trap. What they’ve also done is tell us where we need to look next to keep our quest going.

The question answer keeps referring to a telephone that Wally’s holding one that they can hear, but they dismissed the toy phone in the exhibit. All that was there were the toys for the exhibit and obviously those couldn’t be ringing, but I’m never quite so quick to dismiss any evidence that feels so overtly obvious. The telephone is prominently displayed at the exhibition as official merchandise for the Welcome home show and given there’s now a merchandise page. The website felt like the best place to go next. The merchandise page is full of holiday cards, vinyl records, serials, and coloring books.

But the biggest and most important thing they present to us right at the top of the page is the rotary phone. In fact, you can actually interact with this toy on the website, pressing the buttons, allows you to hear responses from the colorful cast of welcome home just as you’d expect from a similar phone toy except something isn’t quite adding up despite the restoration project, bringing the phone back to its original working condition.

There seem to be some discrepancies between what we see and what the packaging tells us we should be seeing. The box tells us that there should be 16 built in conversations in this thing, but that’s spread across 10 buttons, two of which seem to be missing and with one that’s actively glitching, the remaining seven only have one response and they don’t even remotely match what’s said on the

box. Hello, this is Frank frankly speaking. Hello?

Are you there? Which means that phone they have. It is not the phone that we see on the box. Additionally, the Wally button doesn’t have a play function. The website says his button has a glitch and has been taken off line. But as with most things involving Wally, things aren’t exactly as they seem. If you click on the button anyway, you can definitely hear Wally’s dialogue. But while all the others are responding awkwardly to a prank phone call, Wally’s his. Well, Wally’s is a bit different.

Ha ha ha. I’m only kidding. I know you’re there. Did you like my joke? I think you are going to say yes,

it isn’t an innocent prerecorded conversation for a toy phone. This is targeted and it’s creepy while all the others are responding to a prank call, Wally knows that we’re there and he speaks directly to us, not out the show to us about us. You

have to go to, you have work to do. Remember until you hear me again? Keep your smile, Mary and always know that I love you very much. Goodbye. He’s

planning something, something big and he needs his followers to keep up appearances until the time’s right. This toy allows Wally to speak to his new followers directly. A shepherd to his flock, informing them of the work that’s still to come. And while what he has in store is still unknown, he’s still finding ways of keeping us busy before this update. One of the ways Wally communicated to us was through drawings in a guest book by opening those up in a separate tab. We’d find hidden messages like I can hear you neighbor, it was unsettling to be sure. But now he’s back at it again. Only this. He’s doing it across the entire website. When you visit certain pages, you’ll watch as Wally begins to draw something on the page before your very eyes. Clicking on each of these newly formed drawings, takes you to an audio file. Each one directly from Wally.

We’ve looked into each other’s eyes so many times you’re looking at me. Now, once

you find all the audio files, you can actually start see a pattern. The pages, the files are from all have single word titles. Like soon I and neighbor at first, this might seem random. But if you try to rearrange them. You can form the sentence. I will help you understand, neighbor. I will find a way soon, which is super cool on its own, but it doesn’t even stop there because when you play the audio clips in the same order they create one side of a conversation.

There, you are welcome. You’re the most. You’re so still. What are you doing? What are you waiting for to hear me again? Huh? Huh. I think that means you can hear me. Can you see me? That’s ok. If you can’t, don’t worry, I know you’re there. You know, I’m here too. I will talk to you. Why won’t you answer me, neighbor? Why can’t I hear you? You know me, you do, please open, let me in, let me in

this conversation feels like it’s someone he’s already converted, someone who’s waiting to hear from him again. Who desires to be a part of home? So, who’s he talking to? Well, it matches quite nicely with the note left behind by the question answer on the staff only

page wall. He stared at me like he was waiting for me to pick up the phone.

What are you waiting for to hear me again?

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t figure out how to move and pick up the phone.

You’re so still. What are you

doing? And suddenly it becomes clear why he’s desperate for the question answers. Attention Wally might be able to draw over the website. But to spread to more people, to become more powerful, Wally needs to be able to see, you

know, how many times I know it is to you that I can see

the welcome home restoration project tried to stop Wally and his influence by shutting down the guest book in this latest update. But underneath that news update is another post not dated that says quote, so many guest signatures, so many them are trying to communicate. What are you telling me for? Do you think I can answer? What are you trying to do to me? I’m closing that guest book. I’m not playing this game anymore. The ringing is enough. It’s a reluctant follower. It’s the question answer. These eyes everywhere across the site will allow Wally to see into the real world and will help him interact with people on the other side. And the bad news is it’s working as we see all over the behind the scenes, photos on the staff only page, one of the notes tells us about using a black light on all artwork and for staff to take photos what they find doing. This reveals the drawings of eyes, spirals, telephones, phrases like the phone is ringing all things that we’ve fairly well covered at this point. But how can we be sure that this is what he’s doing and not someone else? Well, on the emails requesting the five letter password that we found earlier, the email response is simply the worksheet. The email is to the question answerer and the person it was sent to is from part of the WRP. But their names redacted.

The question answerer prints out these pages after receiving the emails. But under the black written underneath everything, we find the identity of the sender. Wally. Darling Wally is signing an invisible ink. He’s sending us down rabbit holes, he’s providing letters emails and now passwords to a safe so that the WRP can have more conversations with him. The puppet has become the master. However, while it might be easy to jump on the whole Wally is evil bandwagon. I believe that he may actually be just as much of a puppet as anyone else in this thing. In the last theory, I mentioned that there were two signatures from Wally in the guest book. One that looked normal. You’re looking for me, silly, silly and another that felt a bit more chaotic. You won’t write back. This led me to believe that there may be two versions of Wally wandering around one good and one evil. This update seems to be pointing us in a similar direction in the email that was sent by W HRP that talks about the substance causing nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. We find a note written in invisible ink that says, I’m so sorry, Wally’s apologizing. But isn’t this exactly what he wants to brainwash others to see his does, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Unless there are two versions of Wally. On the original website, there was a secret page that showed Wally hiding in shadows, followed by the text.

I can’t see you. Do you see me in one of the audio clips we found this time? He says it is thanks

to you neighbor that I can see, but it is still, I can’t see

Wally being able to see or not see is one of the big recurring phrases across the website. So how come he suddenly breaks mid conversation and then all of a sudden is struggling to speak and says that he can’t see anything. Maybe it’s not that there are two wallies but rather one Wally with two different sides inside of him. Eyes have always been used to represent wally, but they’ve often been accompanied by spirals. We see them throughout the black light images, but there was also a spiral beneath home on the old websites. Well, if we look at that spiral, now it’s grown, it’s bigger and now there’s an eye inside of that spiral. The so below page now reveals a spiral that when click gives us a recording of home talking in noise, those noises can actually be translated from Morse code to say hello. Spirals are the signature of home eyes are the signature for Wally and now they’re becoming one and the same. They’re mixing with each other. Home is controlling Wally on page six of the guestbook, we see Wally’s written his name. But if you open the image in a new tab, the image is called our name R as in plural ownership. Two beings inhabiting one body, Wally and home, which explains why Wally contradicts himself. Mid sentence.

It’s his good half, his real half fighting back, trapped inside his own body, unable to see, barely able to communicate. But with what time he has, he’s begging us to stay quiet to not fall for Holmes tricks. And he’s not the only one that feels trapped here. Either there appears to be someone else onto Wally’s schemes, someone who’s working from the inside undercover, trying to track down the colts behavior and bring the whole operation down and that my friends is going to have to wait till next time. I know. I’m sorry, this is such a huge update. I haven’t even gotten a chance to talk about the bugs crawling across the site or the weird videos of rotten fruit that you can find. This thing starts getting real weird from this point forward. So make sure you hit that subscribe button. So you don’t miss the follow up theory when it comes out in about a week or two. I would say one last reminder to check out the latest theory ware, which is just the most. And as always in the meantime, remember, it’s just a theory, a game theory. Thanks for watching. And if you want to check out our first video on. Welcome home Rob. Up on that video you see on screen left or if you prefer another Spooky game with a lot of deep lore on the right. You’ll find the beginning of our series on Pet Scop. Creepiest Playstation game you’ll never play.

Game Theory: Answer The Call (Welcome Home) was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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