Fortnite but we SWAP PLACES!

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Fortnite but we SWAP PLACES! YouTube Video

Fortnite but we SWAP PLACES! YouTube Video Description

Today PWR is going to be randomly switching setups in a game of Fortnite!
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Fortnite but we SWAP PLACES! Automated Transcript By Speak

Fortnite but every time the buzzer rings we switch setups.

Oh my word, we’re swapping out, we swapping out. Oh my God, how do I feel? I’m all locked in here. I don’t. Whoa. Ok. This is an advanced set up. Let’s see who

wins. Like

that is the biggest Pickax I’ve ever seen.

I don’t know. It’s, it’s it’s your pick ax. What are you talking about? It’s gonna be yours soon. That’s gonna be in the Alright. So what they don’t know is I actually got much more surprises than Pickax as well. And also for this video got a typewriter keyboard. They’re gonna love that. I, I played with it in my random keyboard video and I personally think it’s kind of cracked. I thought the keyboard was going to, this might actually be full goat.

I’m gonna chill. I’m gonna go to like see me spring and I’m gonna chill and make sure I have like nice load out for whoever gets to play as me, you know, which is worthy though. Maybe I could put worthy in like I know where to put worthy in the most forgettable place ever. He’s gonna be so annoyed I’ll be trying

to save my character or we’re trying to grief the character for a future person. That’s what I don’t know. I could go edge map, play it safe or I could just heart drop and put myself in a bad situation so that when this swap happens, the person coming at the booth, they have a chance to die. I don’t know if I wanna be evil. I’m gonna go edge map. I’m gonna go to the farms. I have all the powers I choose when they change. So hopefully we scuff a couple of people

in, you know what? I’m gonna go Citadel and then eventually just like leave them on the uh on the throne with nothing. Alright. Off span. What do we wanna do? Like I think I wanna, you know, I want my, I wanna see my account win today cos the thing is there could be two winners, it could be the account that wins and there could be the person that wins. And so I wanna make sure that my account is in the best kind of situation to win. So I’m actually not gonna grief my account for that reason alone.

It’s a nice perfect drop here. What a rumble ruins. Top side. Perfect drop.

Wow. Ok.

What is bro doing? Did, bro? Just like emoting, bro, bro, bro. Like he actually could just survive. Like what

bro. Now the rulers would say that once the player leaves their setup that player is no longer liable if that account dies. So if I leave my setup and Kath walks into a debt account, that’s her problem. She’s dead. She’s been eliminated. She’s too slow. She’s trying to help

out locky here. You know, when the swap happens, I don’t want to put him into a bad position. Look at that little little going on dude like the Eagle fame and coming out.

Why, why my sucks? Don’t include this in the video. Don’t I swear if you include this in the video, I swear, I swear you just only conclude the part where I got some shots. I actually can’t believe I got some action all the way out here. Alright.

I bet you I bet you Overran is gonna say you think you’re the king like 100% when he walks in here, he’s 100% gonna say you think you are the king? I’m actually building out a God load out. Oh CASS getting frags as well. Let’s go. Do you know

what I could do? I could sky base and then when the swap gets cold I jump off the sky base switch switch. Oh my word. We swapping out, we’re swapping out, we’re swapping out.

Ok? Alright.

Oh my word. Yo. Ok. Oh my word, bro. What is Miche set up? What the fuck you think you’re the king of the

king this fighting? I don’t know how you, what am I doing? Like Yo, this setup feels weird, man. I don’t know what I was trying to be doing over here. Oh my God. The key

bins. Where am I, bro? What, bro? Where is Luke? Who

at? Well, like worthy in the middle of nowhere. Where did he put me? Oh my God. What’s keyboard’s li oh See, we’ve got the same edit bins. What, how do you crouch as like, fuck you see. OK. Wait

s bro ahead, scroll wheel this pick up. Oh my dude, why is the desk so low game

actually feels hell. But you got 240 frames going right now,

guys. Yeah, we’re doing some of the time again, some of the time. Oh, I feel so uncomfortable right now. My back is about to destroy itself.

Ok? That’s stare, stare wall stair wall. What’s

reload? How do I reload? Dude? His sensitivity is so long.

Wait, what’s a sprint? B what’s

sprint shift to search things? Are you? OK, dude. Are you feeling the foot? Are you feeling fine? Like here

I, dude, I keep, I keep trying to tactical sprint and it just keeps marking the ground. Got

full mats. Maybe I could do a sky bax for him. Sky bax for, I mean, I got the mats right? Like I might as well I’d be rude not to. This is so scar. It’s actually a very bad time to start the sky base, but game is unfortunately the game

nice. How do I do? Yes. Ok. Mitch and I have some similar key binds, bro. I feel like worthy is gonna be the worst, bro is gonna have like crazy key binds going on. Is that enemy? Hello? Housekeeping? Oh my word right. Pop this big show swap swap swap. Oh my word sloppy is happening.

Alright everybody’s alive I

like we already. Alright we’re gonna give them a little bit more time this time maybe 4.5 minutes, 4.5

minutes. Alright. For a little bro. Set up. Oh, this

is so stressful. OK. And here we are overread. Why are we so high?

Hey. Whoa, holy. Oh my. Wow. This is a different setup from what I’m usually used to do. I so low on, on this camera dude. OK. Whoa

This is a hectic keyboard. This

is nice. What is this audio? What’s this, bro? What is this keyboard? The hell. Why is my audio so low? Who did this?

Right? Ron where they set up now? How do I grow his r as harvesting tool with the flip is going on? It’s shit, dude.

Me and Mitch’s key minds are very similar. It’s almost like we’re brothers. It’s crazy. The is that the is all we need to know? Can I get the ski cap set up, please, please? Please just

getting some maths going. I don’t know if I have a plan of attack here. I think I’m just trying to like

live. I’m scared though because I have to play on Austin set up next and that’s gonna be actually like very scary. Oh my God.

Why is this not reloaded, bro? What is this pick ax like he is using, bro? What is this man?

Wait, left ship, wait, shift is not sprint. Let us

go. Oh, you forgot to kill that. Chances are my set up. Let’s go. Let’s go. I I

don’t know how to sprint though. Caps. Caps. Alright. We got caps. I actually wanna Frag cos I can Frag on Mitch’s account. I can’t Frag on anyone else’s account. Should build everyone’s sky

Aces. Hopefully the swap doesn’t happen too soon. I wanna get a sky base going. I want a sky base is no-one’s

dead yet though. That’s the craziest part. People are gonna start dying soon. Not many people playing

aggressive. Which account is going down first? That’s the question we gotta think about,

bro. Really thought, bro. Really thought, oh

my, what the flip is going on

this cone? So we can. So, so he sees that there’s water ahead he could go to but he doesn’t have enough mats to go back.

Wait, I was about a sky base. What, what dude who is sky pacing? Someone’s involved? Oh I swear if they edit down mid swap or that can grieve someone. I can shoot this person out right now but like not respect the memes.

00 my God. I just spilled water. Oh my God, we don’t talk about it, we don’t talk about it. Oh no. Oh my God, that is not good. Alright.

Well worthy have a wonderful time at the setup because you are now in hell,

I’m hitting the pad and I’m gapping it. I really don’t wanna die here. Oh Loser fruit’s getting. Oh that’s, that’s Austin right now I think. No, it’s Mitch. No it’s over. No it’s Mitch. No, I have no idea.

No, I’m crazy. Oh I’ll lock

it in my account. I just got a new. Is this me? I could limit it myself. IC slide. We could give him an icy slide, man. I’m just straight bragging out here. Wait, we’re

in the top 20 sit situation. Is this time swap got a good

fuck, shit worthy.


Oh my God. No, that’s

really bad.

What is this keyboard? OK. There’s a ball like lock system. Oh my.

I have to like live up to worthy like hype, you know, and be cracked at the

game. Why is over sky basing in zone, bro? Oh, bro, dude.

How has he done, man? How is he? What? I bro, I’m literally using a typewriter. OK. Oh My, this is nice. I could get used to this dude. I, I’m like locked in the door like has locking systems on. Y OK. Oh My word, we gotta get used to the key binds here.

Ames. What dude needs to fix his? See, like one of these is actually like doable, like it’s slower and I’m actually copying his settings. Low key cos then I’ll be cracked in the game. How

do I sprint? What’s this? Sprint bone? This is up sick.

I could get used to this. I

think we could get a killer. I, I think we could actually frag out. What’s

this pri bone? I’m so smart. I’m so smart. I 18 players

live. This is gonna be interesting. What if I shoot down my own sky bases that I created? Oh, wait, probably not in it started there. It’s probably not even in anymore.

Wow, it’s loud in here. Ok, dude, the headset is so loud. Med

kit. Oh bro. Who, who, bro, who was on the set up, bro? Who was on

this set up, man? We gotta fix worthy face cam like look at this. I’m like, I’m like a little more like, hey guys, hey,

what’s this? Oh I shouldn’t have shot. It’s not, I also don’t know how to build stairs.

Ok. How do I sprint? How does one sprint on Lu’s account? Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to swap, swap. Swap. Well,

uh oh my God, it wasn’t me.

Yo, guys


here. Oh my no.

Alright. What go dude didn’t even build though. What kind of is that

you back? Oh

bro. Over you are trolling. These are not your key vines, bro. Oh, it’s V oh Wow, Cath, we need to work

on this. I dude, my wrist is in a puddle of water right now. What is

going on? We need to talk about these key minds. They are just this diffie, this is diffie. Those are the rainbows around my face. Cameras. Why,

why does this, why does it lucky have a typewriter as a keyboard? I’m playing on a typewriter. What is this?

I should, I should have let it with me, dad. I should have just left the situation but you know, that’s not fair. Mm.

I saw someone over here. What? I see him. Oh, no. Oh, no.

Oh no. It’s over, it’s over. Listen to me. I don’t wanna die like you set up. I don’t wanna do it. How you build force? Oh my word floor.

That’s good. I think that’s good. Engagement over here. Bent.

00, get down.

What the hell?

Get down. Ok. How do I pick up? Swap, swap, swap? All my work?

I’m back on my set up.

No, you are not back on your set up, back on your set up. He was so happy. I’m

back home. Baby. Who spilled it, bro? How did someone spill a water bottle? Good to be back. Oh, why did I hear? Like he’s screaming. He is bat. Who spilled the water, bro? Ok.

Oh my God, man. Oh my God. The


How do I, how do I build, bro?

This is so shameless. So we’re about to be in a top nine situation. Oh, dude, my home’s set up. It feels good. I’m happy to be here. Someone get a

towel. Like someone’s just spilled water all over my desk. I’m so dead. Yeah, you do. Yep. Six. Ok. We’re all in our correct setups now. I believe so. But I think somebody died because somebody set ups out my

word. This is actually gonna be down to just power players. No, four other people left aside from power players, but I, I still can’t find anybody. Locky was in the heat of the battle, bro. I, I actually flagged out Locke’s account. I, they got 15 seconds and they’re about to switch. Sounds like some people are gonna be in an interesting set up.

That was,

it’s time to swap, swap right now. Swap all my wait, I’m flying, bro. What happened to my sky? Be? What happened to my

sky? Be


Who got

rid of my sky? Be?

Wait, who keeps turning the audio down?

Oh, no, wait, that’s, that’s me. I think that’s lucky on my account. Oh, no, I gotta remember the key bones. Oh yeah. Sweet

sister Francis. No, no. How

do I build ramps? Why is beyond

ram? Why he goes on? Come on, let’s go.

I give me a be way zone. Took me out, dude.

What? You have a little shot? Top five, top 50 my God. Oh no. Is that, who is that the overs strand?

I can’t

your mind.

No, swap, swap, swap, swap, swap, swap, swap,


you win.

Who did it? No, no, it

wasn’t that, that

you gotta win it out. Like you can’t joke.

I’m the typewriter, the typewriter. You only get two of them.

Yeah. No, it’s done.

You get the water, the water that’s spilled there,

there’s a,

it’ll be fine but it’s a mouse. No one picked up a ground. The only one picked up. No,

it’s, it’s not very good. It’s, she got shot here. It’s not very bad.

Oh, no. So what is this? What?

Oh, no way.

Oh, jeez. We take, we take four. I hit him like 100 as well before the, I would have on your own. I would have killed him. Yeah. And I died to him because

jeez. Alright. Well, is the winner, but my account won. So

you’re a winner in somewhere, bro. I, I come in like I said, this water has a typewriter as a keyboard. I just like what a me I was like in the with bees in the box. Like I don’t know what’s going on.

Fortnite but we SWAP PLACES! was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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