Fortnite but Courage controls NickEh30’s game!

Interested in Fortnite but Courage controls NickEh30’s game!? Check out the video and automated transcript from the Speak Ai team for Fortnite but Courage controls NickEh30’s game!!

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Fortnite but Courage controls NickEh30’s game! YouTube Video

Fortnite but Courage controls NickEh30’s game! YouTube Video Description

Fortnite but @CouRageJD gives me a new challenge every 60 seconds! (Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3)
🪙 Support-A-Creator code: NickEh30 (Epic Partner)
🎮 Streamed live on Twitch ➔


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Fortnite but Courage controls NickEh30’s game! Automated Transcript By Speak

Hey, everyone. It is Nick 8 30 here. We currently just started to match a fortnight battle real. We have somebody, his name is K and he’s gonna be controlling my game right now.

Play with your glasses off. It starts right now.

No. OK. Let me just get really close to my monitor real quick. I can’t see my inventory like I see purple, I see green but my hot scale is 70. I’m not even joking. I everything is glory. I have to literally like get up in there to

kill the city. You better survive that Nick, you better find a way to live. Is that a flapjack? Right?

Well, how about my inventory? Are you serious? I’m not even joking. OK. That’s a combat SMG. That’s

a, I didn’t know it was that bad

dude. I’m like legally blind

here. Yeah. Yeah. There’s someone down there I’m helping

you, dude. You know what? I deal with challenges every single day like trying not to swear on stream. So you think, oh my God, I can’t see. Is that mine? Is that metal? Where is he? He’s going out the pub? No, no, no, no, no, no. Am I out of maps? Oh, my

God. Uh You have seven builds. He’s he, is he? There you go. You can put your glasses back on. I control your movements for the next minute. Do not pick up that drum shotgun. I want you to walk to the reboot band to your left and go loot that little area.

What about the person grinding up? Can I, can I kill him?

You can build them. Uh,


clean. You can go down there. But guess what? For the next 60 seconds? You have to impersonate me. Go.

Hi, my name’s KJ D. I’m on a fitness journey. Look at me guys, I’m gonna vote all over Twitter. Give me likes and you know what? You know what? Oh my goodness. Hey, how’s it going? Well, you’re also a very good World cup commentator. Drop all your guns,

drop all your guns and you can pick any of these

guns. I’ll drop guns, shield. I have weapons up there actually from the previous guy. So I’ll take that out.

You know what? Fine. All right, you got your weapons back. You’re lucky. New Challenge day five thick Fortnite skins. Uh

I mean, I, oh my

goodness, you

dude, you know, I’m a professional gamer. We’ve been through this popping heels. Yo, chat. Help me out, help me out here. Come on, you know, more puny. Your favorite for skin ever. Um Ninja and he’s an Ivy that. What was that? Oh, he’s got the cannon glass there. You have to

say right now, why Transformers are better movies than Star Wars movies?

Well, I’m not even a crazy Star Wars fan anyway. I mean, Michael Bay need, I say more explosions, explosions and more explosions. Oh and also they have explosions.

You capture this point. You have to do a traversal moat and do it in real life. You’re a wedding. Hey, hey, wait right now for the next 30 seconds. I need you to say why CPK is a better teammate than ninja. He’s

family friendly and he never swears especially he dad the least never swears on a switch stream also has very beautiful hair. He’s thick and Fortnite. Uh Oh no. Oh no. Why do I go against all the

sweats? 35

35 bills. Oh my God,

you have been farming. You’ve been too busy. Uh Yeah,

I’ve been looking good doing it though. Eoo, you know, so uh what’s the challenge

now? Live while you fight this guy sing a song? I’m not like you’ve been down the same road. I’ve never seen Nick. A th so scared. Also. Guess what, Nick? What? I’ll tell you later.

Every video, bro. I’m going to the wild lands right now. I should be good here. I’m running right

now. Name the top five, Fortnite seasons. Fortnite

chapter chapter one season. Oh, wait a second chapter one season three. That was the first season. You’re the king Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.

You got so many

Chapter one season three because that was the first season where they introduced an end event at the end of that season, they had asteroids falling. So it was the first time we finally got an event for chapter two season two, I think because that was the first season. We got a few eyes like a shark and

multiply your sensitivity by 10 right now.

No, bro. You know, I play on 2000 DP

I 10.

Holy crap, dude, I’m gonna be on 100% dude. Look at my keyboard. I’m not even moving my mouth, dude. This is how you can see. I’m shaking. Holy

crap. This guy looks like me,

but I love my character like up and

down. It looks so funny and spectated because you just went from looking like so smooth to now like,

you know, I’m gonna die, right? And

you can set your sensitivity right now if you tell everyone to subscribe to me on you. No, I’m

good. I’ll just play like this the rest of the game.

That was my big plan. That was how I was gonna hit 4 million sub crank nineties right now. I wanna see you’re in a tree. OK? That is not nineties. What are you? You’re a

one bit. You do not realize how hard this is. You

never get to the top of this right here. Spray a full clip of your A R in the air?

You trying to get me killed? Can I change my? Can I change

my? You can take your sens back. Go ahead. Look at the pyramid. Look at how fast he puts the bear. Nick only 16 left. You only have six eliminations. Is this beatable?

Is this beatable? Oh, I’m gonna make it a living nightmare for you. OK. Oh, that is so weird. Now, feel they can bring on such low sense. OK. I’m gonna get my health back real quick. We’re right here.

How do you already know that there’s mushrooms up here? What?

I’m a professional athlete. I did a drop spot video on this spot. So II I should know it. I should, I gotta rotate early now because no mobility. Have you seen these vaults of our courage?

No, I’ve never seen these vaults,

dude. What an I he doesn’t even know I’m trying to distract him. So he does give me another challenge.

That’s really cool. If it opens, don’t take any loop on. You can’t touch anything that’s in there. You can’t touch anything that’s in there. You can look at it, you can’t touch anything that’s in there. No, no, no, no. Get away from that. Get away from that right now there actually, you know what? Drop your SMG? You made a whole video that you only had one you’re not like in that idiot

comment. You know, that’s as big of a cursor. That I’ve ever said live on stream. I encourage an idiot, live on stream. That’s pretty

bad, man. No mobility in Fortnite has turned you into a demon. You could find a raptor right now

as if that’s a challenge here. Let me look in here real quick. Uh No, no raptor in here. Crap. Um Is it in the box? No shoes?

You have to go get a kill while rotting on a raptor and you have to make raptor sounds.

Ok. Ok. Ok. Oh, hey, what’s his name? His name is Bill Bob Junior the second or Ricky Bobby. You choose top five.

Uh I’m hoping that this is the challenge that kills you. All right. Here he goes. Wait, was that a rap? Well,

I’m priming myself up. You just wait till I find somebody. We go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Yeah. All right. Here we go. This is the pre primal uh chicken raptor. You know, chickens were dinosaurs at one point, right? What did he

just bark like a chicken? That’s his rap. Like, wait, this will get shot at, right?

They’re low. Oh, no. Give me another challenge. You won’t

drop all your wooden. Oh

my gosh. No. Oh, no,

they’re all still. I’m

not even in Zon. They’re you stupid raptor? Get out of here, bro. Breaking all

your walls

fazing through. I’m gonna focus by everybody. Oh, crap. Because you know I’m about to die right now. You know how to die. Does Mats would help me? Those Mats would help me? All right now I’m gonna be sued in courage and I’m gonna be giving him all the challenges. Courage. The next weapon you see is the only weapon you can

use some good, please. What is that? Ok. We’re dropping

everything. Oh, I didn’t even say you need to drop it. Nick.

I’m going all out for this. I don’t even need to loot anymore. Let’s go. Hey,

how much ammo do

you have? I have 17

bullets. Nick, hold down left, click. You’re not allowed to let him go of it for the next one minute or until you run out of ammo.


There’s courage. I know you’ve been uh on that fitness journey and you’ve got a beautiful smile. Don’t stop smiling for 60 seconds. This

is awesome. I love smiling so

much. You’re never getting an icon to courage

just wrong.

I’ve never playing Fortnite with you ever again

after this. What the heck is wrong with this guy, man.

Commentate your own game play like you’re at the Fortnite World Cup. Ladies and

gentlemen, welcome back to the Fortnite World Cup finals. Now the fights he’s moving in, he sees shots on his screen, the crowd begins to go wild. He knows there’s one thing for sure. He’s a far better player than Nick,

you know. No, no, no, no. Wait nn

N ask him to

impersonate you courage to impersonate me. Just exhausted. I’m literally gonna end the going to bed, right? He’s going to bed with me. No one. What we’re gonna try is if we can suck down, wait, wait, wait, wait, no child. No, I’m reporting to Epic Games courage. Like I said, you’re never getting an icon skin ever again now and I’m gonna make sure of that. You know, I’m the ranked game commentator trailer guy. So I have connections at Epic. I’ll do what I gotta

do. I’m really not trying to be, I’m not trying to be seriously for

the next minute, impersonate cipher PK. Did you guys

know that Epic Games once accidentally added something for just a few hours. These are 14 different ways. Epic Games can mess up

educational commentary

while you kill this guy. So what I’m gonna do guys is go ahead and get the height right here. I’m gonna build it up into a box one by one and then I’m gonna sit here and just hope that I live until we hit the eight minute mark on this video on zero ping right now. So it’s gonna hold this wall forever and then I’m gonna edit it on out. Push this player, use the Dr shotgun, throw the box back up, get the kill wall back in and then I’m gonna go ahead and hit my Cypress truck because it’s the only thing I have going for me in life,

dude. I about a little personal, you know what as punishment list. All your favorite family friendly for ice streamers right now for the next minute.

Ok. Number one typical gamer number two is Noah w plays uh number three is going to be um uh loser fruit. Number four is going to be uh uh Ninja back in 2019. Number five is gonna be uh Ninja back in 2018. Number six is gonna be me back in 2019. Number seven is gonna be back in uh 2018. Number nine is gonna be me. Number 10 is gonna be Nick A 30.

Wait, you mean like number 10 as in, I’m your favorite like 10 being the highest rated. No, no,

no, no,

no, that’s OK. Next challenge moving on one bullet shot in game one second of flossing I

RL you know what, you know what this is how unafraid I am right now. Watch this

23455 seconds of flossing 6789,

nine seconds for you. I’m a pretty old.

You’re done, you’re done. You’re done. Fight

fight the morning. Then it just

courage. Take me back to chapter one. Say aiming down sites the whole time. One minute straight. Take me back to the OG days, right? Look at this guy just for no reason. Yes, yes, yes, yes he is. Oh my God. OK. You can do whatever. Now the the the challenge is to survive if

you’re getting me killed, Nick? Is this hard enough challenge? I forgot how to build.

Oh my gosh, I’m worried. Oh, nice builds. You got the tariff. There’s a rift. Do you see the, is

what I’m going for?

You still got it. 203. You like that? Hey, you know what I


That’s only on our facetime calls at 3 a.m. in the morning. Do not do this on stream, bro. I’m not doing this with you. That’s the reason why I’m doing things at the chair because courage gets me to do that on facetime calls all the time and I’m just, I’m so you should that, I forget sometimes that we’re streaming and I’m not doing a facetime call with them. You know what? Can’t eliminate anyone? You must survive for a minute straight.

Supposed to be

next challenge. Pick up the boomerang. You have to get a kill with it in under 60 seconds. What the hell could you not say hack on my family friendly stream, bro. Like can you keep a family friend? I’m

sorry, Nick. I’m sorry for cursing. You are, you are such a why I say anything? I, I didn’t say anything. It’s not gonna

go. 00 Here it is. 60. Oh OK. That’s gonna be hard to kill. Next challenge, remove your headphones while you’re in this fight.

What the heck was that?

You’re actually talking family brother here. Now, I’ll finally get through to him. Oh my gosh, you are so committed on that. No, it’s over

and killed Nick.

Wait, does that mean you have six kills? Six

points? I can’t hear anything like that,

Nick. Do I ever? You’re so dirty courage.

Mhm. That is the best stream ever. OK. I need one more elimination. Hold on, dude.

The tank is back. I saw that next challenge sit on top of the tank and pretend you’re driving it for 30 seconds and make sound effects and everything else.

Mm oh

Why are you so good at this? What do you do in your spare time?

Impersonate car alarms?

OK. You’re good with this challenge. Next challenge actually be a smart player for once in rotating in zone early. What

the heck, bro, dude, that’s so toxic. What I get my to get me out of here, go, go, go and rotating this. That’s what you sound like, bro.

Get on that dirt bike. Yes. Honk your heart courage, nonstop.

Oh my gosh. I forgot cars. What

did you just pick up at that cash? Uh Slurps? Oh You wouldn’t mind dropping the Slurps from me, would you?

I’ve never liked you. I’ve never like, you know, my whole life like you

drop the DMRD MRI. I keep talking, keep talking about. Do you like me or do you hate me? I’m curious, I just wanna know uh drop your SMG. Anything else. Uh Did you want to say? Did you, did you have anything else on your mind?

You know what? I don’t like Canadians that much. That’s my last thing. Ok.

Drop the MK seven. So you were saying about the Canadian thing? So, could you elaborate on that or were you, you feel good?

I love Canadians. I love, I love, I love every single, go

pick up the server again. Go pick up the surf. You’re, no, no, seriously. No, I’m just kidding. Go, keep going, keep going. Come on.

Look now, I need to, I’m picking up the Wasps even though they’re horrible. I have no weapons. I can pick this up in this. Ok. All right. Top 10, top 10. Wait, I see. Oh my gosh,

dude, that’s a, I, that’s negative two points to a kill them, negative two points to, to kill them. You gonna do. So you need one to tie two to win for this next challenge. I want you to hold down left click for one minute straight.

Oh, my goodness. OK. You’re

not allowed, not shooting. Yes, you’re not allowed. Not shooting. And we’re in the endgame scenario. Stupid.

This is a dead set zone. So every single person left to get this. They must think of an A I or something. It’s the only lot plug,

bro. You need kills. Oh,

you’re making me do.

OK? Rotating zone. You’re good. You’re good. You’re good. Oh,

my goodness. You’re like, yeah, you need kills. I was having to spray my gun down. You know, I’m

not really liking this attitude. Kurt for the next one minute. Just be positive for once in your life.

You know what? I’m not stressed at all. Right. I’m actually so grateful for, for, for, for, for where I’m at in this game at the moment. I love my weaponry. I love someone. I love, I love every single thing about

this right now. The Streamers included like N A 30

and then I can just do this. Oh And then I can just do this. Oh How did I just miss, I just missed it. A super sweat. This guy to the super sweat. You know what if I eliminate this player top, I think I’m gonna win the challenge. You’re like, oh no, no, no, please. Oh You gotta say that. I, I love that. So that was my one chance. If I missed that he just builds and it’s over courage.

Yes. For the next challenge I want you to win the game. This is all you baby. Show me what you got. I put you through hecking back now. It’s your turn to shine. I have to get

in. I have to get OK. I like this courage. Here we go. Wait,

you lost, you won. But you lost what

you lost or did we tie? Wait,

did we tie? We need to do a tiebreaker. I think we have to do a tiebreaker. All right. A team to settle this. We’re gonna be doing a tiebreaker. The first of three eliminations wins. Right. When courage initiates a see. Come on, here we go. Courage. Let’s go first. Here we go. Good luck a lot. You get some good already. I need the, the meeting. Whether I farm or whether I go for kills. What are you doing right now? I’m,

I’m not even wait

a second. Courage. Yeah. Not grenades. Hey, Kurds. That’s one kill baby. That’s 10, no, no, no, no. Are you wait, I can wait. Oh, never mind. Yes. That’s gonna be wrapped in the video. A team. You a video on his channel. Make sure to go check that out, please. And thank you. Keep on being awesome a team and we will see you all in the next one.

Yeah. Going out.

Fortnite but Courage controls NickEh30’s game! was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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