Finding YOUR Custom Moons in Mario Odyssey

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Finding YOUR Custom Moons in Mario Odyssey YouTube Video

Finding YOUR Custom Moons in Mario Odyssey YouTube Video Description

Today we’re playing Super Mario Odyssey but I had my viewers hide Custom moons anywhere they wanted within Mario Odyssey. Some of the ideas you came up with were crazy so I hope you enjoy the video!

Edited by
Dev work by @AmethystSZS
Special thanks to Biakko for helping with the stream!

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Finding YOUR Custom Moons in Mario Odyssey Automated Transcript By Speak

I asked my subscribers to hide moons anywhere they wanted it in Super Mario Odyssey and give me a hint to figure out where it is. This could lead me to an existing moon or a completely custom one hidden in a location I have never seen before.This was a ton of

fun. So if you want a

chance to be in the next one, make sure you subscribe and enjoy the video. I think we are ready to get started with the very first moon right here. It is

a Z with a Woa meme and it’s pointing to their neck. I’m gonna guess this is a ruin kingdom though. I don’t think Charar is technically a dragon but whatever

man. Ok. It should hypothetically be up here. So is there a moon like back here? I have something like crown pound for it. Oh, I feel, I feel a rumble. Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I feel something. Oh no, I’m dying.

It’s definitely back there. I just need to hit it. Ok? I got it this

time. Surely I feel it. I feel it. I feel it. This is so

mean, you made the hit so obvious, but you put it in the worst spot in the game. You’re so mean. I can feel the rumble. It’s like strongest right around here there. Wait, this is only the first moon too. Maybe I

just missed it and it’s like in an easier spot and it’s not up here. Right. I don’t feel like a rumble up there.

Whoa, what, what was that? I didn’t even know you could do that. Well, I might have found a new out of bounds clip. Right. It might be

like on the Dragon wing.

There it is. There it is there. Yes. Silver Vader. Oh, my gosh. I hate you. That was so neat. I got it. Ok. Next

hint, huh? All right. Well, this one is definitely Metro Kingdom. I think. I know where one of the left turn signs is. I think it’s over here. Oh, wait, here it is. Here’s the tree and here’s the

fire extinguisher. What

does it want me to do though?

Does it want me to, like, take a left turn and grab, pound on something or? There it is. There’s a mood Russ since we got

it another one down. All right. This is just

a pit of fire. I know there’s pits of fire in Wooded

Kingdom. So it might be one of those. I mean,

it’s gotta be, I don’t know where else you can

light fire. All right. Let’s see. Let’s get the fire, bro. And if it’s the correct moon it won’t be a hollow moon. That’s how we’ll know. I think we’re right. Yeah. There it is. Someone’s hint art. Let’s go on to the next one here. Ok. Well, we’re going back to Metro Kingdom. All right.

So where, so, so there’s a lot of these, I already see like two of them. Of course, there’s already three of them. Ok. Um, we gotta use our context clues here. Ok. It’s

not that one. It’s not gonna be that one. It’s definitely by, wait. Is it this one? No, I, I thought

for a second it was,

it’s got to be by a building with windows like this. I don’t think it’s this one either because it’s not in front of the building. No. Oh, maybe.

No. Is

there like another building with those windows? Oh, yeah, that one looks kind of like it. Come on. No, it’s not just in case. No, I didn’t

think you guys would be so mean with these. There’s so many, I’m tempted to just start trying all of them. Like I, I saw this hint and I thought it was

gonna be easy but there’s so many. They’re

everywhere. Which one is it? I just,

there’s so many. All right, let’s just try the ones down here because it might be one of these. I might have just said it like it is in it when it was. No. Wait, what is it? Like

it was bugged. I got baited Quds, hint art. I had it like, immediately but it wasn’t working. Right. Whatever.

On to the next one. Let’s see what we got. Ok. So this is a big one. This is a mouthful. Ok. My treasure is hidden somewhere in the city. Follow my instructions and you’ll find it swiftly. Sit with the yellow bird who really loves to talk. All right, I can do that spot alone tree up high, then climb it like a stalk. All right. Where’s the tree? Ok. All right. I see it from your perch. Two purple coin sandwich. The moon in the sky. Oh, ok.

Climb to the roof. It sitss

on far away and up high the roof it sits on. Does it just want me to go up here? Oh, wait. No, I think it wants the roof. The moon sits on so it wants us to go all the way up once you’ve

made it to the top, take the empty seat. So up here there should be an empty chair. Yeah. Then turn your

camera in the direction of your feet. Line up the orange pole to block two water towers out.

Ok. I’m doing it just barely pulling yourself there and stand on the one that’s further south. All right. All right. We gotta go all the way. This is so involved. There’s so much effort being put into this. All right, the one that’s further south. Look for the orange triplets by

a bump in a road? Oh, is that it from the middle one? Take your prize? Which you’re certainly owed. Is it like,

did I do it wrong? Oh, no. Is this not it? Is it, is it here, here? I’m going back to the

water tower. Is there something else that there’s three of it says by a bump in the road? Where’s a bump in the road? Wait,

there’s a, it says bump,

I only see two orange things though. Does it mean the crates are one or it

maybe, I don’t know. We got the there it is. Electric Fury’s hin. That’s a good one. Very involved. A lot more than I was expecting. Apparently there’s three there. Normally, I don’t know why

there’s only two for me. Uh That was really cool though. All right, the next one. Ok. We got a little illustration here if I were to guess. Wait,

I mean, I’m already in the right kingdom. Why am I walking to the Odyssey? It’s got to be underground

in the like area here is what I’m thinking. Let’s go in and see. Wait. Is it the wrong pipe? Did I embarrass myself? Yeah, I did embarrass myself. Ok. But

it does

look like we’re right. SMG Autos Hint Art. We got it. Ok. This is definitely a custom

one. I feel like this has to be Cascade Kingdom because looking at this picture to me, this looks

like a bird’s eye view of like some of the breakable blocks in that kingdom. Does this look? Right? Not quite because like, it would be right here. It might be one up by the dinosaur. No, it doesn’t look like any of these. It could be these. This looks promising. 00, that

looks right. That looks right.

Hey. Hail Queen Le’s hint. Nice. All right. Next one.

What is this? It’s a squid and two spoons. What does that even mean? I mean, it’s gotta

be seaside, right? Are there any squid related moons here? I mean, it’s got to be related to these

guys, right?

It’s obviously volleyball. I don’t know about that. What, what can you do with the gush? I mean,

I might as well check

the gush sub area

here. I don’t think that’s it,

but I don’t know where else to go. I’m just not sure somebody made a

custom 200 volleyball move. No, nobody would do that. Nobody would do that. I don’t even know if that’d be possible.

No. As a hint.

Is this a custom moon or a

like replacement moon? This is ok. So it’s not a custom moon.

Am I in the right kingdom? That’s my other

hint. This is not

the right kingdom. So it’s not in seaside

where then if it’s not a custom

moon, that means it could be the refight. Maybe that’s, there’s two spoons because it’s the second squid fight. Do I really want to do the entire boss fight just to be wrong. Yeah, I do, I do wanna do it. I have to ii, I can’t let this stay

in the back of my head. There’s a chance. I mean, there’s no spoons in this moon but I just, I just have to try out, like, maybe there’s a spoon on the glass. Ok. Um, ok. Well, we were wrong but I mean, I had to. All right, we’re going to, we’re going to Lunching Kingdom because of the spoon. So

if there’s a moon between two spoons, but

there’s no squid in Lunching Kingdom. Right? Where is two spoons in the Kingdom? That’s a fork. That’s a fork. That’s a fork. Are there even spoons? Are

they only forks? I could have

sworn there were spoon guys. Are there not,

they’re all forks. I thought you had like different utensils. Have I have, I just been making this up? All right. All right. I need another hint.

Let me narrow it down to kingdom.

It’s in moon. Oh, there’s the Bigs Squid. But what do the spoons mean?

Wait, I

think I get it now. I think, I know, I know what the spoons are. It’s gotta be the sub area. It’s gotta be. Yeah, the spoons, the spoons. We found them. They’re real. I get it. Now. It’s on top. The two spoons by the Squid

spoons are real. There are spoons

in Mario Odyssey. Thank you

for the hint. Part pixel plunger. Ok. Ok. Ok. On to the next one. This

one looks a little bit easier. I think I can figure this one out. It’s a

map. It is a map, a map of the location I recognize in Mushroom Kingdom. All right. Right. There’s the three snails.

That is what we’re

looking for. It’s got a, it’s right there. Yes, we got it. Hi. All right. That was a good one. Let’s see. All right. I think I know where this is. It’s, it’s not volleyball 100. Stop. It. It’s gotta be up here because this is, this is like exactly what they drew. Yeah, there’s the piranha plant. Oh, wait. So it’s, I don’t think it, I don’t, actually, I don’t think it’s the meat. I think it’s right here. No. Wait, maybe it, wait, wait,

wait, wait, I take that back. I take that back. I think it’s the meat. Ok. Yeah, I got faded. Um, Sam’s Hint Heart. Thank you. We got

it though. Let’s do another. Uh, I don’t know what

I’m looking at. All. Right. What if it was volleyball 100? Because Kirby is a, a ball. There’s two sides and you got the reverts for the, you can go back and forth. No, it’s, it’s

not that it’s not that, but what is it then? So, there’s the

glowy guys

in Snow Kingdom. That’s the only thing

I can relate to

Kirby. Yeah, they do suck before blowing. So, there’s a sub area here. You need

to get two blocks into a certain spot to

reach a moon and I think the two blocks are in that shape.

Oh, and I get it now. It’s a Kirby and a nudo reverse because he’s blowing. Not sucking. Kirby sucks. But these guys blow. Oh, yeah. There it is. I didn’t even realize it was red and

green. Ok. Kirby doesn’t suck. I’m

sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I didn’t mean it like that Rob Tube. Thank you for the hint art. It’s appreciated.

All right on to the next art. Ok. So my immediate thought is Bowser’s Kingdom because of the

red. Like that just looks like a carpet

in Bowser’s Kingdom to me. But I have no idea where this would be in that kingdom. Oh, so there are like yellow circles here. Is it like somewhere weird? Like, no, I don’t think it’s right here. I don’t think this is the right spot. Uh Let’s check up here. Showdown Arena. 00, ok.

This is definitely the right spot and I’m thinking it’s

on one of these. Um wait, is it the

rock? It is. What do you know? Let’s go, Sams. Once

again. I like that one. What do we got next? All right. This one’s a little abstract.

My first thought is like Cat

Kingdom in Top

Hat Tower because the

colors like line up for that. But I don’t actually know if that would be it. So we’re just gonna have to check there. Ok. Let’s see. This does

look right. Is

it right here in the middle? Let’s go. October’s he, I’m lucky

I had a good idea of where that one was because that one could have been tough. Ok,

here it is. Uh, where,

wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, there’s moon shards in this picture. I think that gives

it away. It’s the last, the moon shards because those are all on like little stumps which are circular. It’s

obviously volleyball. 100. No, it’s

not. So it’s probably ground pounding on top of that tree up. There would be my guess because there’s a moon shard like right next to it. Nice. We got it, PTOs Hint Art. Next. Hint Art. It is a chain chomp one. So chain chomp definitely means Cascade Kingdom. I think there’s a few like spots this could be in. It might just be the moon you get for the final challenge in here. It’s not this OK. And it, I don’t, I don’t think it’s like a grand Wait. Is it? Oh,

there it is. Tiny dragon tunes. Hint art. Wait, this is not the right one. I got the wrong hint. What mood did I just get? Whose mood is that? What hints? Art? What did I do? It looks like we accidentally got this hint art. Well, um we got the wrong one but thank you. Thank you for your beautiful drawing. I appreciate it. I’m sorry, we got it at the wrong time. All right, we gotta go back to figuring this out because apparently this is supposed to be a base game moon. So it’s not in this sub area.

What moons can I get with? The chain chomp? Are there chain chomps in another kingdom. What am I missing? Wait, is it just the

first moon? Is it our first power moon that lines up? Like I, I can see it now the uh if,

if we zoom out here, oh my

God, it was just our first power moon. I can’t believe it. I guess we got it.

So this next one is hidden in a question block, I guess. Where could that be though? Because my first thought was this is in mushroom kingdom in the um Yoshi sub area. But I don’t know if that’s it. I mean, I’m gonna go and check because like it, it might have an orange pillar in there. No, it’s not orange and there’s also not a question block up there. OK. It’s not in here. Where can I find an orange pillar? Maybe luncheon like these walls and like the pillars and stuff kind of look like it. Part of me is wondering like is there an invisible block on top of one of these pillars that I don’t know about? That would be really mean. Uh I guess I, I have to check, I don’t think there is, but I guess it’s worth trying, you know. No, it doesn’t look like it is. Are there any other pillars in this kingdom? I mean, I think there’s a visible box right here but I doubt it’s like in any of these or on it, it could be in here.

But I, I don’t think it

is. I feel like there would be more details in the

drawing if it was. Maybe that’s just me being too optimistic of my like community that they would be nice to me. I, my brain’s still like stuck on like maybe there’s an invisible

walk somewhere but I don’t think there is. I think I’m just like coping, I guess. All right, we’re going to a new kingdom. Yeah. Not cascade. It could be sand but I don’t think it is. Wait, is it wooded? I’m going wooded. I’m going wooded. There’s the moving up and down blocks in this kingdom and there are 100% question blocks above them. This

is the block in

particular. I was thinking of that might be the moon. Wait, is this, wait, is it right? Is this it?

See, wait. Did I find the wrong hint again? Because that wasn’t on the question block. It was the right one. Ok. Good. I was so worried for a moment. We got it though. I’m ok. I’m glad I’m

glad. Right. Moon the next one we got high.

Hi. The red and

yellow makes me think Bowser’s Kingdom again. I have no idea what high means though. Oh, well, maybe we’ll find out in the kingdom. Yeah. The carpets are red and yellow. Does this look like it says high? No, wait, wait,

wait. It’s in Moon Kingdom. I’ve got this all wrong. There’s another red and yellow carpet in the church. It makes sense. Does it really look like it says high up there?

I mean, yeah, it kind of does.

All right. Well, we found it Jason’s hint. Thank

you, Jason. What do we have next? All right, we got another treasure map. I would assume this is Seaside Kingdom. Our biggest hint here is the green patch of land because there’s not as much like green in Seaside Kingdom. At least that’s my thought process. Right. Unfortunately, we can’t really see green on the map though. Maybe like this part kind of looks like the part on the map. Is it like way out here? I think I feel something. Yeah. There it is Zor. Hi. Thank you. Another good one. What do we got next?

It’s just uh that’s an interesting one. Ok. I think I know exactly where it is though. So there’s

this one post game sub area in Lunching Kingdom that has this layout and I think where they’re pointing is right at the entrance. Uh Hopefully this isn’t a hard job. No, it’s not. We’re good and there’s the moon post. We got it. Ok. Well, this is a, a funny one.

It’s just a screenshot of how they need to charge their phone. I think it’s pretty easy to guess that this is the moon in Wooded Kingdom that’s called like Time for a Charge or something like that. I

don’t, I don’t remember the exact name of it, but it’s probably that exact moon.

Ok. So if I’m correct it’ll

be this moon. Yeah, there it is. Eva Soft ballers. Hint. We got it. Ok. Next we have this one. I don’t wait, who, who, who, who

I had no idea what I was looking at first, but now it’s

starting to make sense. This is Metro

Kingdom and those are the grassy parts of

the roofs. Like you have that big triangle building

in Metro as well

as like the Slots building that’s separated from the other, like two tall buildings. So I think this might be like in a crate on the slots building or something like that. Oh, yeah,

there’s a, oh, it’s even glowing. I’m surprised I didn’t notice this earlier when we were looking for the, uh, water tower one because I was like, right here. I, I didn’t even see it. All right. We got it. Cactus Brothers

hint are nice. I’m gonna be honest. I don’t know what I’m looking at.

Um, I recognize this person’s face but I don’t know who they are. Oh, it’s Chris Pratt. Of course. Why is he a samurai? Is it taking notes? In the folding screen in Bowser’s king tub. I guess that explains why there’s a folded recipe in the back and why he’s a samurai. This art is so stupid. I appreciate it though. I don’t, I don’t mean that in a bad way. Right. We

gotta put on the outfit. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And that’s why he’s in the samurai because you put on the samurai costume. I’m so stupid. I didn’t even make that connection until I put on the costume. All right. So this should be the moon right here. Hey, there it is. Yeah. Random Grants. Hint. A nice we got it. Can’t believe I had no idea what I was even looking at. At first. Next one, we’ve got four circles, a square and X. I’m assuming the X is where the moon is. Well, where the four circles, my first thought is lunch and kingdom because like the, the pepto I’m gonna check around here first. Yeah, it could be, it could be behind these four. Yeah, I think it is because they’re in the square. So it’s got, yeah. Yeah. There

we go. A soca Taos

intern. We got it. That was a good one. I like that one. What do we have next? This one’s interesting looking. So we’ve got a peach A IBO under a red moon. So red is Bowser’s Kingdom but then there’s a yellow moon or maybe it’s green. Ok. I think I understand what this moon is. Asking. So we have peach right here, which is a red moon and then right here, this is normally a sand kingdom moon because it’s a separate hint tat moon. So in the middle should be their moon. What do you

know, Nick? He sorry. That was a clever one. That one’s really clever. What have we

got next? King K roll with a head of a rhino on the road. What does

that mean? What does that, what does that even mean? I mean, my, my first thought is go to Metro because there’s a road. But what does that mean in

Metro? I’m just gonna have to, to look around in the kingdom and see like what would the rhino be representing at all? I mean, is it like down there? No? What does I am stumped? Wait, I feel a a rumble.

Oh street and he’s


What do you know? I, I found it by accident but you know, it works out. I’ll take it, I’ll take it.

All right. I think this is the last one too. So I don’t entirely know what I’m looking at. There’s definitely flowers. It might be lost kingdom. I feel

like that’s a purple coin. But those flowers make me think

of flowers from lost kingdom. I don’t know if

there’s blue flowers in lost kingdom. I just

feel like there are. But what do the purple coins look like here? Because I don’t entirely remember. Yeah, it looks like that is wrong. Its flowers aren’t even blue. It’s got to be a purple coin

then. Right. It could be seaside

because seaside is, I think shells. But I don’t think that’s a shell. Yeah, they don’t quite look. Right. Is it Sand Kingdom? The Sand Sand Kingdom has like inverted pyramid coins, right. Um, yeah, these don’t look right either. Maybe I’m overthinking it. Maybe I should just be thinking about the flowers, blue flowers, maybe the symbol is found like on a tapestry here. This is like a long shot now that I’m looking at it too.

Like if you look at the hint

tart, there’s a yellow diamond right here and there’s like blue flowers on the wall too. I could be right that it’s something on the wall in town. We just got to find, find a purple diamond. If it exists, there’s a yellow diamond. Maybe I can find like the rumble too. If I’m lucky. Did I miss it? I wouldn’t have missed it right

here. Right here. There’s three blue flowers and a yellow diamond, which is the most obnoxious thing. This might not be it. It’s probably just a

coincidence. It’s like the purple coins up here, but those still don’t match, match the picture even though there are

three blue flowers here. I think this is purely a coincidence, which is insane.

Where are three other blue flowers if there’s like any more? All right, I’m I’m ready for a hint is Sand Kingdom, the right kingdom. This is not the right kingdom, man. It really was just a coincidence. Oh, what

is it? All right.

One more hint. What Kingdom is it in? Lost? OK. So loss was initially correct. Where would it be in Lost? I was looking for like blue flowers, blue flowers. It’s funny like knowing it’s in lost kingdom hasn’t really felt like the most help. I don’t think the flowers in the cave are blue and there’s more than three of them. Wait, is it in here? Wait,

is that it, it was just in the cave the whole time? Oh, the flowers do have blue on them. Oh my gosh. Wait, the border. It was there for a reason. The gray outline was the key. I thought they just took a picture of something they drew. I didn’t realize it was a part of the hit but it was, oh my gosh. Of course, it was. It makes so much sense now that I’ve gotten it. Oh, that’s so

funny. I can’t believe that. Uh That was a good one though. I like that one. Subscribe if you want to be in the next one and let me know in the comments if you want to

see us on viewers create

even crazier custom moons. Thanks again.

Finding YOUR Custom Moons in Mario Odyssey was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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