Field Trip Health | Funding Announcement

Field Trip Health Funding Announcement

Vivian Gagliano – 0:00:02
We are in a global mental health crisis and the collective impact on people, families, communities and society is significant. The current approach to behavioral and mental health care is failing. A lot of people, and the pandemic is simply amplifying this gap. Governments around the world are beginning to acknowledge the benefits of psychedelics and our permitting their use in a medical context. 

Ronan Levy – 0:00:25
Field Trip was born because we knew it was our calling the re-emergence of psychedelics to treat mental health of millions of people was the opportunity we’ve been waiting for.

Joseph del Moral – 0:00:35
We had just spent the last five years changing attitudes and lives in an adjacent medical space. But we knew that the impact we could have with psychedelics could be that much greater than anything we’ve done before.

Vivian Gagliano – 0:00:47
When you consider the economic, social, and personal costs for the millions of people who suffer with mental health, psychedelics coupled with psychotherapy is the breakthrough we’ve been looking for.

Joseph del Moral – 0:00:56
In order for psychedelics to have the deep impact on our society that we believe they can. We need the infrastructure, the network and the tools to reach each and everyone in need, and that’s what at we’re doing at Field Trip. 

Dr. Ryan Yermus – 0:01:09
Toronto, New York, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston and many more to come in 2021. These are world class centers designed to deliver psychedelic therapies through an integrated approach.

Dr. Nathan Bryson – 0:01:22
with FT-104, we are developing the next generation of novel psychedelic molecules that have therapeutic potential. They will shorten treatment time frames and bring the costs of psychedelic therapies down. Psychedelics represent a significant change to our pharmacological approach to the treatment of mental health. It’s time for a new paradigm.

Monica Mina – 0:01:40
We know that our therapies lead to feelings of connection, empathy and compassion for treatment resistant depression studies have found a response rate of over 70% only 24 hours after one cada mean infusion. The rapid patient response, combined with our established treatment protocols have led to emotional breakthroughs and sustained transformational experiences, and we’re constantly working to support the re emergence of psychedelics. Into the mainstream and within our treatment protocol.

Joseph del Moral – 0:02:10
We’re so excited to announce the closing of field trips, recent financing of over $95 million. Through this raise we’re welcoming world class biotech investors who are long-term partners and understand restaurant tegic vision. With this investment, we will execute on our plans of opening new Field Trip health centers and funding the ongoing development of FT-104.

Ronan Levy – 0:02:26
How do we know we have made a difference? When someone leaves Field Trip and they’re able to say I’m a happier person, but I’m a better parent. That I’m a more compassionate friend that I found hope and that I saw further. I want everyone to know that together we can bring the whole world to life.

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