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Edited by
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Marissa Ann Patterson


And that wish is to try a fast food restaurant that I have never heard of in my life.You mean

a restaurant that looks like it’s a cover up for laundering

money? There was never

anybody there. I’m talking no cars in the parking lot. Nobody in the drive thru honestly, I don’t even think it’s real. Why is this a conspiracy? I couldn’t even find a commercial for this place. Oh, my gosh. Here it is. Oh my God, there’s a car. The employee, this video just got a lot more interesting. Maybe we’ll save some lives

and it doesn’t even look open except for the menu is lit up. This is so weird. Oh my God. There is somebody in there,

hey, sorry to interrupt the video. But I wanna give a big shout out to our sponsor today, which is team. Ok. Don’t go anywhere. I promise I have the best unboxing ever. I spent hours on the team site and I was looking for anything I could find that was like my vibe and I found a lot of stuff and I’ve been using it ever since I got it. So let me show you Ok. I’m just gonna start with this. I have a lot, this Bling cow Stanley style cup. Like, what are you talking about when I saw this on? I was like, what, who gave them the right to be this tacky and to be this perfect for me. So I’ll get back to the unboxing in a second. But let me explain what Tim is. I’m sure you already know. But Timu is an amazing app and site where you can find so much stuff that’s high quality and very affordable. And they have pretty much every category you could think of beauty clothing toys. And they always have a sale going on up to 90% off. They also have free shipping and free returns for up to 90 days. And with my code or the link description, they’re giving $100 coupons for free. So let me go through some of these items. I have a lot. Oh my God. Ok. I should have organized this. Ok.

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He keeps saying I’m so old but you know what? I think it’s like the perfect sounding

age. Yeah,

for a teacher or a lawyer. No, I’m old and that’s ok. I wasn’t planning on filming this or any of this, but I woke up and Luke. You would he? Yeah, this is so cute. I had to film it. Ok. Look, welcome to

Shane’s birthday party, Extravaganza. These were from one of his videos that you’ve already seen and I kind of just repurposed them. We got the Mario balloons. 35. Of

course. Look at that. That is so funny. Look at his. Look at his.

Normally I try to get Shane like a fancy cake, but we’ve been watching. Is it cake we’ve just been craving, just classic fun Betty cake. So I got the, don’t look, it’s bleeding. It’s a grocery store cake.

I’ve been craving cheese cake because every night when you go to bed, I’ve been watching £1000 Best Friends. And actually, oh my God, I love her so much. Her trigger is when something bad happens in her life and then she goes to the grocery store and she gets a big fun fatty cheesecake and she eats the whole thing to herself. It’s actually really sad. It made me cry. But also like I was like, damn myself. And then I started following all the 1000 best friends on Instagram and I love them bitch about me drunk this season three. It, I’ll

gain it. Ok?

Well, I do want to know what are we gonna do because I’ve been asking Shane, like, do you want to go to Black Hawk? Do you want to go to the casinos? Do you just want to go to a nice dinner? What do you want to do? And you guys have been

telling me I

don’t like birthdays and here’s why I know this is crazy because I’m a youtuber. It seems like I really like attention. I don’t so birthdays make me uncomfy, uncomfy. Um I don’t like the attention and I just want the day to be over, but I love you so much and I’m so grateful to be with you. Now, I do want to and have fun and look at all the stuff you do. So, yeah, we should

do something but I

feel like you should do like a haul of

some of the thing. Ok. Well, how about, do you want me to open up like one thing?

Oh, the gift bag? Well, you know, I think you should do the bag on camera and then whatever you want to show that you, like, you could show after you open it. What does

that mean? Is it like sex stuff? No, you’re being weird. What’s in

here? Well, there’s like

added pressure. You, Shane is such a good gift giver at opening it on camera. It’s like more pressure because

you white my teeth on the bag because they look good. It was

from a thumbnail. So if you

doing OK, you

could do this one.

This is the cutest card I’ve ever seen. Not y’all ever

OK. So pick up your face. I always feel like I have to prefer preference. Uh You, what do you call that preface? Preface? I always feel like I have to breakfast when I gift give because I don’t know if this is gonna be like as epic as your others. But it’s for like Halloween time.

First of all, I always say every year and I mean it don’t give me anything. I know people say that and they don’t mean it. I actually mean it because I’m like, I love giving gifts giving gifts makes me really uncomfortable.

Think of

like Halloween vlogs.

Yeah. Ok. Oh, yeah, I forgot to put honey in the last video and everybody’s like, where’s, honey? Why are you hiding her? What’s going on? And I’m like, she’s

just in another

room, honey.

Oh, wait, no, she’s

over there right there. Oh, so there’s, look, she’s fine. Calm down. There’s no conspiracy here. Oh,

there’s the real girl. No. Don’t

show her the illusion me.

Well, it’s kind of overdone. You know, like I’ve gotten you so much of this franchise in your life.

Never overdone. Oh my God. Scream. Blink c it’s beautiful. You can never overdo. Blink. Cups you. I love this. How did you find this?

Oh God, I’m addicted to water

because he is. I know you’re shocked


And it has the matching top girl, the little


Wow. So

they have matching

little sweats. This is so

cute. Don’t stop fighting. I’m 35. 0 my God. In sparkler candles. Where are we gonna like this bitch up? Figure out, look at their besties.

They do love each

other. I had to

step away. He hands me one and he goes, this one’s a wild card. I don’t know if you like it, you can return it. And I was like, ok, and it said explosive on it and I was like, oh, ok, it’s like bomb or fireworks or return, kill me. And then I started opening it and I was like, bitch, we need to film this. Well, I didn’t even

know this exists. I didn’t know if you wanted me to film this kind of

thing. I mean, listen, it’s a boujee thing. Oh my God. So I’ve been talking about apple watches. I’ve been obsessed with checking my heart rate and I’ve been obsessed with things like that and I saw somebody wearing an apple watch and I was like, wow, I think I kind of want an Apple watch and I never thought I would. Now. I’m embarrassed. Oh my God. I am 35. 0 my God. I’m such a nurse. I feel like they always have apple watch anyways. So I open this up, breath water Hermes. If you watch housewives. This is a thing. That’s a brand really very chic. That’s a something. What Apple made in Hermes. What does that mean?

So the band is Hermes.

That is crazy.



it right now. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. It’s very chic. Wow, this is crazy. Ok. Wait, that is so beautiful. Oh, my God. I don’t think my wrists are ready for


Ok. So more than the Hermes. I really got the Apple watch because of these.

Ok, you are so funny. So the person I saw wearing this apple watch had a clear band and I was like, wow, that it is so cool. Like I just love that and I looked it up that night and it was on Amazon for, you know, like $3 and I was like, oh my God, should I get Apple Watch? Just for that band? So, ok, first of all, I love that you got me an Hermes band, an Hermes Apple Watch. And then he goes and then this just in case that is a $3.01 because wow, that fucking yellow bitch. Wait, ok, here’s the thing though. This is Hermes bit. What a shot do you have? Because wait, how am I gonna choose?

Well, that app

that’s the,

that’s the no, I didn’t but I just, this is your favorite color but I also wanted to give you the

option, ok? I have an idea. This clear crazy one. This is for like every day like you know, like going out and about whatever and then this is for like date nights, fancy like business meetings, you know, I have so many of those. Wow, this is so cool. Oh my


I think you might have to do it off your wrist, ok?

I’ll figure it out but look at how cute that is. Wow, thank you. OK. So I’m being quiet because it’s asleep and I want you to see what it looks like. So the actual watch has an Hermes background and look at the horse is asleep. Do you see that? And then watch uh oh now I don’t feel bad for not using the Hermes Band right away because it’s an actual Hermes Apple watch. That is crazy. Ok, let’s see what my heart rate is. Oh, it’s doing something. It hold your finger on the crown apple watch never checks for heart decks. Ok. Good to know. Good enough. Can you imagine getting a notification? You’re having a heart attack?

Oh, it says my

heart rate. Ok, because I’m excited because I’m, oh, it’s at 104. That’s just because I’m excited. That’s just because I’m excited. Ok, it says I should contact your doctor. You know what? We’re good though. Not on my birthday. What? Not on my birthday. We’re good. Ok, so I’m in Rylands office. We just finished like birthday presents and stuff and we were talking about what we’re gonna do. My plan originally was to do nothing pretend the state didn’t exist and just like take a sleeping pill and just zone out. I’m just kidding. I’m not endorsing that I don’t even have a sleeping pill by sleeping pill. I mean Cheeca, but then he was like, no, let’s go, let’s do something. Come on, let’s get in the car. So I think we’re gonna go to a casino that’s like an hour away, maybe spend the night and gamble and have fun and get some nachos. I don’t know if I’m gonna vlog any of it. I might, I might bring the camera but yeah, it’s just been a really fun birthday and thank you guys for all the nice messages on like Instagram and threads. It’s just been very sweet. I can’t believe how nice you guys are. So thank you. Ok, I’m gonna go. Can’t believe I’m 35 35. I can’t believe I’m alive. All right. We’re about to go to the casino.

Got my apple

watch. You

got his cup though. I think I can win back some of the money I spent on your birthday

present. Um All right. So we’re gonna go gamble and we’re gonna have fun. Ok, let it go. I’ve never felt older. What do you mean a casino in the middle of the mountains? I’m showing my age. Yeah, housekeeping. Thank God I destroyed the Oh, come on

in here.

Welcome to our sweet come. As you can see this bar stunning. We have a cure. We have water. We have a nice sculpture of my hips, very, very life like I had to pose for eight hours for that. I actually really like this one. Look at this couch over here. We have a conference table, a nice view of the mountains and if you lose too much money, don’t worry, they put glass here so you can’t jump out. Oh, but if you did jump out, look at that beautiful lake folks. Now my favorite part. Oh, the butt test. Please don’t break. Please don’t break. Please don’t break. Oh,


Wow. Look at this TV. Wall.

Alright. Let’s go lose some money and eat some food. All right here we go. My favorite machine ever. Ok. So how it works is you click on the little presents and that’s your bet. But some of these presents have money in them. This is not a good sign for us. Where is the waitress? I’m starving. It’s a buffet

man. Here’s where I win all my

money back. You OK, girl. Time to see how these sparkler candles work. I

don’t know if this is legal this in a hotel.

I have no idea and you can

just do one. I think it’s left. Is it not gonna do anything? Oh I see something.

Oh there it goes.

Oh my gosh. Oh it started for a second. 00 I think I guess just every once in a while it does it. Happy birthday. Happy birthday dear sha oh my gosh.

Ok. Oops. Oh this is starting

to happen. Ok it’s happy birthday to you twins.

What the fuck

that counted, right? That was good. I hope

what do you mean you, you did take like a little mini breath in between. I don’t know. 30

five. Thank you for the best birthday ever. Oh, it looks good.

Oh it does look good. You gotta love that grocery store cake. But do you want to just pull the cake on our laps?

Wow, this is feeling like my 12th birthday. Wow, that is good.

Oh my gosh. Ok. While I’m eating. Do you wanna tell everyone about your goals? For the year.

I mean, my main goal is to just raise healthy happy Children, having babies is a huge deal and I want to enjoy it. I want to be present, I want to be excited. I don’t want to like pass on any of my bad traits. And then yeah, I really want to make the movie this year. Things are moving along with that contracts are happening and things are happening, but there’s a big strike right now. So nobody’s making movies right now. But honestly, I’m kind of ok with just chilling right now and just focusing on getting ready to have kids. Oh my God. I told them, I think the tub just turned on by itself is just turning into a haunted video. Oh my God, what just happened?

I can’t get it off

like it’s still


birth. Hey, ok. First of all, sorry for yelling at you. I’m just very excited also. Sorry for my uh face right now. I just did my skin care routine, which is I’m looking like a glazed donut but also a glazed doughnut with a rash. I have a skin disorder. I forgot the name of it. I got diagnosed. I don’t know why I did that. It was real. The the doctor was like yikes. So yes, I have some redness going on. I’ve medicated it. It’s sitting. Um So just ignore it. Maybe that’s how that trend started. Just girls with rosacea. So yes, my birthday was amazing. It was the best day ever. I’m just so grateful for Ryland and for my family and my friends and just everybody that made me feel so special also this shirt which has, and it says, no, not today. This is for my mom, I was obsessed with, er, when I was little and when I say I was obsessed, what I, what I mean is I identified as, like my pronouns were ok. Ok. Is that offensive? I don’t think so. Shout out to pronouns. So yes, they called me because I was fat and depressed. And, um, yeah, that was my life. So today.

Ok, I had a birthday wish and I know it’s technically not my birthday, but Ryland said I could have a wish today and that wish is to try a fast food restaurant that I have never fucking heard of in my life. So the area we live in Colorado, every time we go to the store we pass a place called Twisters. I was convinced for the first few months of living here that it was a movie set and that they were like filming something there because I had never heard of a Twisters before and there was never anybody there. I’m talking no cars in the parking lot, nobody in the drive through, but everything looks really legit. They have like the whole fast food signage, like only Twisters and Twisters special. And I feel like I’ve tried every fast food in the entire world. So I can’t believe I’ve never a heard of Twisters or B tried it. And this is not sponsored by Twisters because honestly, I don’t even think it’s real. I couldn’t even find a commercial for this place. Like I found 1 22nd commercial and it looked fake. Welcome home. Come into Twisters and pull up a chair. Also.

As I was researching, I found out that they actually filmed all of breaking bad there, but I guess they renamed it El Pollo just

like in the award winning TV. Show breaking bad crowds saw Twisters on his letta near Gun Club Road transform into Los.

So it is a movie set. I was right, but it’s actually a restaurant. But how is it? Not out of business? I don’t know. So yeah, I wanna go there and look at the menu and try everything at Twisters. Nobody wants this but guess what? It’s my birthday and my wish is to get diarrhea at Twisters. All right, let’s go to Twisters and ruin my stomach. Happy birthday. Ryland. Are you excited to take me to Twisters? I think Betsy. Yes. Ok. I did not look at the menu online because I wanted to be surprised. But I did talk to somebody in Rylands family who has never been there before and said I didn’t even know that existed and they looked at the menu and they were like, oh, it looks like they have everything.

You mean a restaurant that looks like it’s a cover up for laundering money.

Why is this a conspiracy? This video has just got a lot more interesting. Maybe we’ll save some lives. Oh my God. Happy birthday. Ok. We’re switching to Rylands Blog camera because it’s smaller and less obvious. Not that there’ll be anybody in there probably to yell at us


You’re making me go in. We’re not driving through.

I want to see the vibe. Like is it gonna feel like a mcdonald’s? Is it gonna feel fake? Like I just have so many questions.

The good news is that we’ll probably have a private dining experience.

I feel so bad for Twisters corporate if they see this. Listen, if the food is good, Twisters could become my new Taco Bell Sea to our phone, our phone. Oh my gosh, here it is. Oh my God, there’s a car.

The employee

wait, look at Twisters. Oh my God,

this is so

weird and it doesn’t even look open except for the menu is lit up like that’s the only way to tell that it’s even open.

Wow, this

is so weird. Oh my God. There is somebody

in there a Twister Super fan maybe they can convert us. Where’s

the front door? Because that’s what we should walk into, right? Oh

yeah. Ok. Alright just I’m confused. They have chicken sandwiches and

burritos they’re hiring


Two chilies are made fresh look at, there’s like nobody currently at the cashier stand. Our famous twister burrito. That’s what I’m getting. Are you kidding me?

Nachos and burger? So it’s a Mexican and it’s like mom and pop. What is that? A burrito with curly fries on it? Is this my new favorite place? This

is not one of those videos where we’re trying the entire menu, right? Because I can’t be a part of that

sandwich. OK. We just ordered everything. It was a lot. We ordered a lot but also so nice customer service. A plus loved hers also doesn’t feel like

a fast food restaurant because they were like, do you want us to bring your dessert out after you’re done eating with a

luxurious experience? It was a drug. That’s a good place. I

mean that’s still out to be debated. Ok. I’m

waiting for an order. Why am I? There? Is nobody here and it’s a Saturday like afternoon. Their catchphrase is our eyes are bigger than your stomach. Thank you is crazy. First of all real plates like actual plates, I don’t even know where to start. Ok, so right here we have their twisted like supreme curly fries. It has a bunch of chilies. I because that’s what they’re famous for green chilies and who can forget Twister’s homemade green chili. And this is what she said is like the number one item, we have their mini nachos which are huge and they also have the chilies on it. This is the twister burrito extra

large. There’s

two burritos inside

of that. We have

their be a fried chicken sandwich that looks so fucking good. And over here their famous burger with the green chili on it, which I think is called the Renegade Double in for dessert. Cinnamon sugar, which I don’t know what that means, but that looks like 10 mini burritos. Where do we start? What do we do? Ok. So we’re sitting at the table and one of the employees brought over his phone and his uh sister is on it and say hi. Do you like twisters? What are your thoughts? Um

It’s not my favorite but I will say the Cher are amazing and their dragon fruit lemonade are the best.

Ok. Ok. That’s good. And, and

my brother makes really good. Uh cheesy fries.

Is that what you mean right here? All right. Well, wish us luck but I’m excited to try it and it was nice to meet you. Nice meeting you. Ok. So her confidence in the food wasn’t great and her own brother made it. Ok. So let’s start. Let’s start here. Ok. So I’m gonna take one of these

and then

I mean that looks delicious. You can

like the

good you

mm. Oh, it doesn’t give like the fast food feel, it gives like homemade but in a good way

not really is not sponsored. We thought this was for prostitutes and drugs. Ok. So now, let’s do the nachos. It smells fresh, it’s

melted cheese. What do

you mean? I don’t love that one. Here’s what I’d say. I’d say the fries are better. I’d say the chili with the chips is giving me like Leaner Cent, which isn’t bad. It’s just not what I was expecting. So I’m gonna say no on those, but they’re beautiful.

I mean, are you kidding me? That looks gorgeous.


Oh, I see what you mean. There’s like a weird kick. There’s like a day

still continues to eat it.

Well, I have to make sure, you know,

let’s see what’s on this. Can you see the green? Oh, they’re

in there. I like that. It just come

right down the middle. Like here’s a cake. Yeah. Nice. A luck. Ok, here’s the only problem I don’t like wet burritos. The skin on a wet burrito reminds me of like toilet paper that got stuck in your ass. Sorry to be so descriptive. But you get it. Ok. Flavored 10 out of 10 texture. He used him up. Yeah. But flavor’s good. I told you it was wet.

Oh, give me one margarita and I’ll destroy this entire plate. I would destroy this for

sure. It’s destroying me, for sure. All right. Let’s move on to the burgers and the sandwiches.

Uh Oh,

it looks good. Very good.

Oh my God.

This is a good chicken sandwich. Hands down. Best chicken sandwich I think I’ve ever had at a fast food place. I’m not just saying

that very spicy.

Very good. Chicken’s not weird. Which is like my biggest thing when I get a chicken salad. Wow, it’s delicious. And this is something I’d come back for. Damn. This is a big burger. Look at that thing. This is juicy. It’s not bad, but it’s underwhelming in comparison to the chicken sandwich. No, it is.


not bad. But the text are scaring me. Oh God, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, it was going so

well. The problem is it’s definitely like a textural thing with the hamburger.

Like it’s a little

slimy but chicken sandwich fucking popping off chick-fil-a just fucking choked it up. OK. Finally the dessert. Oh They’re soft.

Oh well, they’re still warm. That’s incredible. All

right, we’ve officially tried almost everything on the menu. I’m gonna say twisters 100% real really good. I would say chicken sandwich fucking bomb right under. That was the curly fries with all the shit on it right under. That was the dessert and then everything else you could skip, which is crazy because it’s, they’re, they’re known for the Twister Burrito and they’re known for their Renegade Burger which two things I did not like. So burrito was fine.

I’d stay away from the burger and

no, but all in all as an experience. 10 out of 10 staff sweet caring came over to the table. Do you guys need anything else? So sweet. Definitely coming back. Should we do a meet up at Twist? Oh my gosh. All right, let’s uh box this up and get the fuck out. Well, it’s the end of the day and what a crazy day. That was like, what a crazy two days. That was hopefully you guys enjoyed whatever the hell that was birthday edition. Yeah, I would say that that goes down in history as one of my favorite birthdays ever. So. 35. Still alive. Ready to thrive. Ready to dive onto that toilet. Kidding Twisters was really good. But oh, it’s hitting, it’s twisting. All right. I had a lot of fun vlogging this. So if you guys want more vlogs like this or us trying new things or just even just vlogging little trips or something, let me know because then I’ll keep doing it. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop. All right, I’m gonna go. Hopefully you guys have fun hanging with me. I have fun. Hang with you. I guess that’s my sign off. Yeah, that feels right. I’ll see you next time. Bye. The job is

doing that again.

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