What Is The Feature?

Speak enables users to track brand mentions in spoken in audio and displayed on the screen in the video. Brand extraction from text will also be coming.

Why Did We Build This Feature?

It is important to understand when brands are being mentioned. Brands have a lot of meaning. You can find when people are mentioning your own brand or competitors. With Speak, we continue to add better ways to analyze the insights that are coming out of audio and video. You can use Speak to track the frequency, density, and sentiments of your and other brands by simply recording, uploading, or writing.

Who Is This Feature For?

How Do I Start Using This Feature?

In order to start easily extracting brands from audio and video, and soon text, all you need to do is sign up for Speak. You will get access to an easy dashboard where you can upload audio and video. After analysis, the video and audio will be returned with the transcription, insights, and analytics in an interactive player that you can quickly navigate through and comprehend.

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