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Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase your productivity, reduce repetitive strain, and help keep you focused. While editing transcripts on Speak, we have created shortcuts

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Speak automatically identifies emotions in your audio and video content. In the insights on your player, you will see a process bar with the title

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Payment Settings

In Payment Settings, you can manage your payment options. Select your profile area dropdown in the top right. Select “Payment Settings”. In Speak, you have

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Delete Media File

If you no longer want to keep an audio or video file within your Speak app, it is really easy to delete! In order to

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Logging into the Speak app will bring you to the Dashboard automatically, alternatively, you can find the Dashboard page in the left menu above the

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Iframe Embed

Iframe: In the video or audio pages,  select the piece of content you would like to share. Select the “Share” tab, underneath the video player

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Export Select the audio or video content you want to share. Click on the export tab underneath the video or audio player next to the

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Edit Transcript

If there is an inaccuracy in the transcription, you can easily change the sentence to match what was said. Step 1: While in the transcript

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Speak compare instances of positive and negative sentiments within audio and video content.

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When you analyze video using Speak, it will use our artificial intelligence software to detect and remember faces. Faces will appear at the top of

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Speak automatically identifies mentioned brands in your audio and video content. Upon analyzing, you can view the brand and learn more about it. With branding

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You can find the “topics” section under the insights tab. The “Topics” insights use the artificial intelligence software and tries to extract general themes talked

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