Disney Channel Stars Who Ruined Their Careers..

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Disney Channel Stars Who Ruined Their Careers.. YouTube Video

Disney Channel Stars Who Ruined Their Careers.. YouTube Video Description

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Disney Channel Stars Who Ruined Their Careers.. Automated Transcript By Speak

This video is sponsored by Surf shark VPN. Most of us Disney fans have fond memories around Disney Channel stars who made our childhood just a little bit brighter. Unfortunately, while these stars seemed on a definite path to greatness, not all of them managed to keep that spark.

So in today’s video, we take a deep dive into Disney Channel stars who somehow ruined their careers with some even trying to salvage things and get back on the right track. Welcome to Disney Channel stars who ruined their careers. Hey guys, welcome back to another video. My name is Tu Tu Tu. And when I see these people ruined their careers. I’m basically saying they took a really hard hit saying someone’s career was ruined even though they’re making more than the average citizen is very tricky because it’s almost debatable. And I am not gonna include actors. I talked about in this video. Also today we’re focusing on a real life morbid topic. This is interesting because I literally said I wasn’t going to do these, which is why we switched over to fictional Morbid. But I’m always gonna be honest with you guys, the fictional Morbid videos aren’t doing too good on this channel. They’re just not, it’s been kind of scary looking for a home with. What niche does the tough channel belong to? I don’t know either. But what I do know is that I’ll try my best to make a morbid no matter what. But I came up with the idea of every time that I talk about a morbid topic, we get a sponsor to back up the video. So I wanna give a big thanks to Shark VPN. We’ll talk more about them later in the video. This video has a 99% chance of getting to monetize. It might be monetized the first two days.

And then right after, I don’t know why I don’t want to be the guy that complains about monetization. So I’m not gonna be, I’m still gonna upload it and also my album dropped on August 18th. So you could go stream it if you want and you can go watch the album movie. It’s here on this channel with that being said, let’s get started with the video. Mitchell Musso kicking us off is Mitchell Tate Musso, a 32 year old actor, also a musician, hailing from Garland Texas before losing his edge. Arguably Musso had a solid career at Disney. He was particularly famous for his role as Oliver Ken in Disney sitcom, Hannah Montana.

That role also propelled him into a leading role in Pair of Kings where he played King Brady. Also in 2010, he became host to a hidden camera reality show, prank stars. Now these are only highlights to Mitchell Mussel’s accomplishments because there’s a lot to go over. He got into acting at the young age of eight. And even before his Hollywood debut in 2004 on the show’s second hand Lions, he had been cast in other films like M I Curse and the Key Man. Also in the time between his role in Hannah Montana and Pair of Kings, he featured in several films in different capacities including voice acting. For example, he was the voice of Kurt Bobby Hill’s friend in some episodes of King of the Hill. He was also the voice of Jeremy Johnson in F and F. He voiced Ang in an unaired version of Avatar, the last Airbender and also DJ in Monster House Mussa was also featured as Raymond Figg in life is rough. So clearly he had a lot going on and still that wasn’t all. He had a music career running parallel to his acting. In 2009. He released his debut album under Walt Disney Records. He even got to create original tracks and perform remix of existing songs for Disney films. He sang a remix version of Lean On Me for the film Snow Buddies. And then alongside Tiffany Thornton, he recorded the song Let it Go that was used in the film hashing Pete not the frozen let it go.

Also, in 2009, Muso opened for Metro Station, you know, the classic pop rock band that gave us the hit single, Shake It. Shake. Shake. Shake. Shake, Shake It again. These are just some of his musicals highlights, his accomplishments as a musician are just as impressive as his acting ones. Now, what did Musso do to tarnish such an impressive resume? Well, it’s alleged that it’s all thanks to a 2011 D I as reported by people, the popular online publication on the early Sunday morning, 3:43 a.m. on October 16th, 2011, Musso was arrested under the suspicion of driving under the influence with the police confirming that his blood alcohol level was well over. Muso had driven through an intersection and failed to do what an officer instructed him to do at the time. Musso was 20 years old, which was the legal drinking age of 21. He went to jail but was released on a $5000 bail. He eventually accepted a plea deal and got 36 months of probation with no jail time. In an interview with E online, he said in becoming an adult, I’ve learned firsthand that stepping up and taking responsibility is the best way to move forward. I am especially thankful to my family and fans for their unwavering support and encouragement.

I’m glad to now put this in the past. This was after the plea deal according to TMZ. While Disney and Musso have been in the talks to move the actor from kids shows to young adult projects. The Du I arrest led to the move being made immediately. So of Disney waiting for another season of Pair of Kings before making the decision, they quickly replaced him with a character played by Adam Hicks at the time, Muso was also hosting the prank star show which had aired four episodes by the time of his arrest learning of the DU I issue and fearing any bad publicity, Disney immediately canceled the show making it one of the shortest running shows on Disney Channel with only six episodes ever being produced.

Two episodes that had already been filmed and were being planned to air were also pulled from the programming schedule. Muso acting career took a big hit after the DU I incident and his music career flatlined, but it did pick up a bit in 2022. He did however manage to salvage the situation given he did voice acting for Finney and FB and Michael Murphy’s law. It’s even alleged that Musso saving Grace was that Disney had quietly kept him on their payroll even after being in his show in acting slots after the Du I. The Mitchell Musso case is a really interesting one because he didn’t like do anything to anyone else. It’s just you got to be on edge when you’re working for Disney. You know, this was a horrible look for Disney and they obviously just wanted nothing to do with him afterwards. But I did see somewhere. The reason I thought about this whole video, I it was because he came up on my for you page. I believe it was him or maybe it was a fan page, but it was just, I think the captain was something along the lines of life. So this is what he’s doing now and he was just making music. Nothing crazy but seems like a pretty normal dude. It just really sucks that he was drunk driving when he was 20.

And you know, who knows where his career would have been if he didn’t do that. That one night when he was only 20 years old. Like that’s crazy. A decision you make at 20. Boom. Now he’s 32. So damn. Yeah. Whatever. I hope you learned from his mistakes. Let’s head on to the next one. Hey, guys, I just want to take a quick break to talk about today’s sponsor Surf Shark VPN. Surf Shark VPN keeps your online identity safe by encrypting all the information that goes from your device to the internet. This keeps your personal data protected from big companies and cyber criminals. Let me show you some reasons why you should get Surf Shark VPN. Let’s talk about changing your location. Now, why would you ever want to change your location? Well, let’s say you go on vacation, you can easily change your vi location back to your home country so that you don’t have to miss out on any home comforts. Surf has more than 3000, 200 servers in 100 countries. You ever wanted to get some blocked websites that are blocked in your area? Well, just VPN out of there also. This is a no brainer but you secure your online data. A VPN encrypts your online data and helps to secure your personal information when you use a public wifi, which if you’re using public wi if I like for example, at a Starbucks, that’s like raw dogging. Starbucks, bro. Don’t do that. Don’t get a VPN, get surf shark, VPN.

I ain’t gonna lie. I got some good news for y’all. You guys can use code tuv that’s capital to for an extra three months free and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. So there’s really no risk. You don’t like it, get a refund. If you guys want to find my link, it is down in the description and yeah, let’s head back to the topic. Jake T. Austin, Jay T. Austin definitely took du I to a whole other level coming from New York City and proudly embracing his Puerto Rican heritage. Jake’s acting career goes back as early as 2002 when he was appearing in commercials. He was eight at the time. He made his first credited acting appearance a year later in 2003 a role in kid 16 98 a comic sketch in the late show with David Letterman. And he kept growing from there in 2005. For instance, he landed a major role where he voiced Diego Dora’s cousin in Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer. He voiced that character even on the spinoff Go Diego Go. He then did voice roles in the Amy and everyone’s hero before his first live action role in The Perfect Game. However, his debut at Disney was under the role of Chris and Johnny Capa before he got casted as Max Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place. The role of Match Russo made him particularly famous and cemented his career at Disney writing on that fame. He landed other roles between 2011 and 2014 including voicing Fernando in Rio and Rio too.

He also got a guests appearance in Drop Dead Diva and a role as Rob Fisher in LA. I’d say that’s pretty impressive. Well, there’s actually more in 2013, Jake landed his next major role after Max Russo. He was cast as Jesus Foster in the famous teen drama, The Fosters who was at this 0.2 seasons into the show that his career would take a hit, should we say a self inflicted hit and he’s still trying to come back from it? So what happened, Jake got into two duy incidents and they were pretty insane. First on October 8th 2013, he was arrested after being pulled over for driving at night without headlights. Apparently, police officers had smelled booze when they approached his vehicle and Jake had performed poorly and the sobriety says that they administered on site a little over a month later on November 19th, 2013, he got into a more serious DU I incident. This time, it’s alleged that under the influence of alcohol while driving a 2010 Audi with New York plates, Jake ran into three other cars in the early hours of the morning. The clip of the accident as shared by TMZ went viral.

Let me ask you something. You say that? Now, you know it’s Jake, how do you know know it’s Jake?

Well, when we were finishing filling out like the paperwork, um one of my friends’ cars was one of the cars that was hit. So, um, you know, the officers pulled the registration, they had to open his car because he locked his car and fled the scene with his friend. So they unlocked his car and dug through his car and found his registration and that’s how we knew because they put his registration, his address and his name on the police report for the insurance.

Ok, so, so what you know is that Jake owned the car? But how do you know now you’ve seen

but no, when we, that’s when we put it together, we were like, oh, that’s who that is because like there was a bunch of people standing outside after, but only myself and one other neighbor actually saw him and he’s like, that guy looks familiar, but I wasn’t really thinking of like, placing him with anybody because it wasn’t like the first,

the police. So once the police told you that Jake is the owner of the car, did you then go and look like Google him or something and find an image of him? And that,

that triggered it and it was like, of course, that’s him. Yeah, that’s exactly

who that was. He had been with a friend in the car and in a bizarre twist immediately after the crash, he left the scene. Witnesses reported seeing him throw a bottle of vodka out the window and fleeing from the scene in an Uber, his lawyer then called the cops and told him that all the victims would be fully compensated and there was no need to prosecute, oh, and he didn’t get charged for fleeing the scene because he apparently left to seek medical treatment at the er, due to an injury to his mouth.

Now, rumor is that Jake was dropped from another season, season three of the Fosters due to this trouble with the law. He later made a comment that might corroborate this version saying that taking a break from acting helped him from getting out of hand. This is just speculation though. And the reason I’m saying the whole issues with the law leading him to being dropped from the Fosters. Could be speculation is because there’s an alternate explanation. Movie Web, for instance, writes that Jake left the show because he wanted a bigger part.

This character he was playing was going to get smaller parts after the second season. So he decided to take the chance and play new characters either way he was replaced with Noah Sano for season three. Also, regardless of the version of events around him leaving the show, his career did take a huge hit. That’s undeniable. The DU I incident has followed his reputation ever since. And a lot of people think that he didn’t end up being as great as he could have been. For instance, he got voice acting roles in 2017, including the emoji movie and has some upcoming projects as of 2023 such as Black Friday Pledge, Trip Paw Patrol, The Mighty Movie and Daf State, which aren’t that bad. But you’re gonna be compared to that biggest show you were on, which for him was wizards of Waverly place. And let’s be honest if you compare any of them to Selena Gomez, she’s light years ahead of all of them. So of course, that’s gonna have a lot of people compare more often than they should, but still this dude had talent and I don’t know how to say it without sounding rude, I guess, but it would have been great to see him further in his career by now. Adam Hicks so far we’ve talked about DUIs and if Disney stars getting duis surprises you, then you’re about to be shocked too with what Adam Hicks did.

Our next star is Adam Hicks, whose full name is Adam Paul and Nielsen Hicks Hicks was born in Las Vegas, Nevada in November 1992 and is a well known multi talented individual who has dabbled in acting, rapping, singing and songwriting. Well, it’s unclear at what age he began acting. It’s undeniable that he’s good at his craft. He’s known for being cast in the boy next door as Jason Zimmer, Pair of Kings as a replacement to Mitchell Muso. How To Eat Fried Worms as Titus and Coley role as Luther Waffles on Zeka Luther also Shadow Lemonade Mouth, one of the best underrated Disney movies of all time. However, among all these Zing on Zea Luther made a significantly positive impact on his reputation and he arguably grew popular under that show which had him for 77 episodes. Six other notable acting projects include his role as Wen Gifford and Lemonade Mouth. His music career was also pretty solid as he wrote, recorded and got featured in remixes of songs that were used in Disney’s productions. For instance, he wrote Determinate Breakthrough and living on a high wire and all three of those songs were used in London. Determinate. Determinate.

Yeah, that soundtrack was crazy too. I’m not even listening to that after this. Of course, these are just some highlights of his music career. Now, one thing I found interesting is that Hicks career had been solid up until he took up the role of King Boz in pair of kings where he replaced Mitchell Musso. And just to refresh your memory, our first Disney star on this list to ruin their career was Mitchell Musso. He got into trouble with the law and somehow ended up losing his part in pair of kings. So what are the chances that the dude they got to replace the dude that ruined his career? This dude that was going to replace him, ruined his career too. What happened? Although to be clear, his run ins with the law started in 2018 and between 2013 when he last featured in a pair of Kings in 2018, he had been in other acting roles. Some of the shows he featured in include Shifting Gears, freakish, Little Savages. C si Windsor and Texas Rising. Anyway, as being reported by variety on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 hicks was arrested on a suspicion of a string of armed robberies. Yeah, you heard that right? Not one but multiple armed robberies.

The Burbank Police Department hicks had been accused of robbing several people on the streets of the San Fernando Valley area. Apparently Hicks who was 25 at the time and his girlfriend, Danny Tim Burro, who was 23 would go up to people walking in the area, stick a gun in their face and demand cash and other valuables. Two of the victims were elderly women in their seventies. Swat team was sent to his house in the 1800 block of North Niagara Street later that day at 2 p.m. they arrested him on his premises. They found a gun and stolen property. This incident was of course shocking to a lot of people but some felt it was within hicks’ capacity to do so after TMZ revealed that he had two prior arrests on his record for first firing a gun and shooting himself in the leg and second for battery. The two prior arrests had however been dismissed for lack of sufficient evidence regarding the robberies. It just makes it interesting that he did them all within minutes of each other and makes you wonder if he was just bored one day and decided to rob some people regardless after the arrest.

It was held on a $550,000 bail while his girlfriend was also held on a $350,000 bail. Hicks’s hearing had initially been set for March 23rd 2019, but it got delayed after a judge appointed a doctor to help determine his mental state following a claim by hicks’ lawyer that the star wasn’t fit for trial. Later, he did appear in court and pled not guilty to three felony counts of attempted second degree robbery and two felony counts of second hand degree robbery. Three years after the incident on June 18th, 2021 Hicks was finally sentenced to five years for one count of robbery.

His girlfriend received her sentence back in 2019 where she got three years of formal probation. In March 2022. Hicks was released on parole after he got credited for the 1460 days that he spent in jail while awaiting sentencing. Now, another interesting part of hicks’ story is that he gave an interview after his jail term and it got a lot of people sympathizing with him. In the interview, he opens up about struggling with anxiety and panic attacks which were worsened by the pressure of being a child actor. He also talks about self medicating with alcohol, marijuana and Xanax from a young age even worse. He had family troubles with his mom suffering from multiple sclerosis and the dad refusing to work at 18. He was basically in debt and trying to transition from a child actor into adult roles. He also struggled with mental health issues like delusional episodes that were worsened by his mother’s death going forward. He seems to be only interested in focusing on his music. He said singles out periodically since October 28th, 2022. With many of them being about his mental health and time in jail.

The truth

is I was arrested but right after I was found incompetent to stand trial, which means I was not in my right state of mind during all this or after my arrest, I was flagged by multiple psychiatrists as incompetent stand trial, which means I could not stand trial because of my mental state.

So the judge sent me to a hospital where they put me on medication and it helped me immensely. Then once I regained my competency, I was sent back to L A county jail where I had to start the process over again and ultimately take a

deal. We can only hope his career goes up from here. This is another person I’ve actually seen on tiktok and on Instagram reels and he just talks about his mistakes. You know, he seems like a very good dude now. But yeah, he seems very mature. He went through a lot. It seems like he learned. But once again, you know, I guess when you get a bad image, especially when you’re related to Disney, somehow they just like flat line your career. If you’re watching this, bro, just keep up with your music and definitely just learn from your mistakes. That’s all I can really say. Stony Westmoreland. We started with DUIs went to robbery. Now you might wonder what could top that we lean in because our next Disney star ruined his career in a way that you may never come back from. I’m talking about Stony Westmoreland, a well known American actor and producer, born in Kingsport, Tennessee in 1970. Now, before we talk about his scandal and downfall, just like our previous stars, he had a solid career going on spanning from 1996 to 2018. For example, he featured in prominent films like Godzilla 1998 as a tunnel guard. He was also in Golden Boy as a producer and World Trade Center as Patty mcgee also made appearances in popular TV shows like scandal breaking, bad, better Call Saul and NCIS among others.

In his most recent and quite significant role, he was cast on the show Andy Mack on Disney channel as Henry Ham Mack, a grandfather. It was during this role that things would take a very dark turn. In December 2018, Westmoreland was arrested for a pretty serious crime enticing a minor into he was accused of soliciting from a 13 year old teenage boy via the grinder app. After he knowingly communicated with an undercover officer on the app. The profile had been set up by police detectives and operated near the area where Disney sitcom Andy Mack was being filmed. According to TMZ, the arrest took place on Friday, December 14th 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was taken into custody by Salt Lake City Police Department and the FBI Child exploitation task force who also found two novelty toys in his hotel room. He also admitted to sending explicit photos and that the person he was speaking to told him that he was 13 years old. His actions fell into two felony counts categories and testing a minor by interest or text and dealing in materials harmful to a minor A K a exploitation of a minor.

He had apparently asked the teen to engage in acts with him and send him explicit photos leading to his arrest on December 14th, Westmoreland had taken a ride sharing service to meet the boy, take him back to his hotel room. Given the serious nature of the incident, Disney immediately fired him within hours of his arrest. The station issued a statement saying given the nature of the charges and our responsibility for the welfare of employed minors. We have released him from his recurring role and he will not be returning to work on the series which production on his third season next week. So he was basically let go in the middle of filming for season three of Andy Mack. This swift action by the station seems reasonable when you consider that Westmoreland had been working alongside co stars aged between 14 and 17 and the target audience of the show was really young kids. Now, in his defense, according to his lawyer, Westmoreland was evaluated by a doctor who said he, Westmoreland did not actually believe he was communicating with a 13 year old. He thought the exchange was a role play with another adult online. Still, this doesn’t make things any better because would you role play with someone who’s pretending to be a minor. No, the initial charges, six felony counts attracted a sentence of 10 years.

But he entered a plea deal that brought the charge down to two years in prison for using interstate facilities to transmit information about a minor as part of the deal. He must cooperate with DNA collection and also register as a sex offender for 25 years. Once he’s out of federal prison. In addition, he’ll be required to avail all his computer devices to random searches and inspections and to notify authorities of all the accounts he uses for the electronic communications or storage, including things like email and social media.

These supervised release terms will be in effect for 10 years after his release and will also mean he cannot interact with people aged 18 years and below without the supervision of another adult. Now given that Disney already cut ties with Westmoreland and the fact that his charges were of a very serious nature, there is a very, very minimal chance he’s going to be picked up by any other station. Yeah, I think it’s pretty much safe to say that this dude’s career is completely dead. Bella Thorne, full name Annabella Avery Thorn. Born in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Bella is probably the youngest in terms of career kickoff amongst the Disney stars on our list. Today, she was born on October 8th, 1997 and began her acting career in 2003 with an uncredited role in the 2003 film called Stuck On You. She must have been around six at the time, just like our other stars. She has a pretty impressive portfolio. Notably, she’s had roles in Dirty Sex Money, my own worst enemy. And of course, she played CC Jones and shake it up. Now, this last role and shake it up is what she’s really known for and was a significant step in her career. She also won awards along the way, including Young Artist Award and the prestigious Imogen Award or is it pronounced, imagine whatever following the Disney role in the 2010 to 2013 period, she went on to be cast in other popular films including Blended Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Road Trip, the babysitter series, the Duff Infamous and the series Famous in Love.

These roles spanned between 2014 and 2020. Also, she ventured into music and her single Watch me from 2011 made it to the US Billboard Hot 100 coming at number 86 on the charts overall. She’s pretty well accomplished. So how did she ruin her career? Well, the biggest consensus might be that she curved an image that is so distant from her Disney self. She’s transitioned into a controversial and sexualized brand, which is as far as someone can be from the Disney image. And she knows that for instance, while at Disney, she had the appearance of perfect, she later admitted in an interview that this is part of the pressure that she didn’t appreciate while filming the show. Shake it up. She said, quote, there are definitely a lot of pressures in Disney’s eye to be so perfect. And I think that’s where Disney in a sense goes wrong because they make their kids seem perfect. That image is very difficult. It’s also never been me. So what is the real Bella Thorne? According to Bella being real about poetry, sexuality has struggles with abuse and other areas of her life was a better way to connect with her fans. Again, this is pretty much the opposite of what Disney would allow near their brand. Moving on her controversial stance didn’t stop there. This is because later on also while filming for free Horns famous in Love, she was called the Diva who was uncontrollable and crazy. Now those are pretty strong words coming from a studio.

Anyway, the bigger hits were image however was when she leaked to nude photos of herself to get ahead of a hacker who was threatening her in June 2019, Bella in a stance to quote, take the power back posted on Twitter messages from an anonymous person revealing topless selfies of herself in the process.

She said yesterday, as you all know, my shit was hacked in the last 24 hours. I have been threatened with my own nudes. I feel gross. I feel watched, I feel someone has taken something from me that only I wanted one special person to see. She added, I’m putting this out because it’s my decision. Now you don’t get to take yet another thing from me. This is a moved from her and her fans praise her for it. However, the internet being the same old dark place, those nude photos have followed her reputation ever since and to make it worse, Bella has continued to find herself in tricky conversations. For instance, in 2019, she directed a film, her and him for pep. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with directing an X rated film, it’s pretty insane to do so as a debut instead, directing shows regarding the experience directing the film, Bella said filming actual sex was quite a fun environment. Then just a year later in 2020 she joined only and riled up a significant portion of her fan base. But why were they mad? Well, she came in and gentrified the whole thing in an interview with Rolling Stone one content creator on the platform that it wasn’t so good that a former Disney Channel star with many sources of income would come in and dilute revenue for regular sex workers.

Now, I wouldn’t say Billa Thorne’s career is over, but I’m sure a bunch of angry parents would like to say that and I guess the only fans competitors, but a lot of the people on this list, they suffer from being compared to people not the dude that was texting the minor but the other people they are still fairly young.

So I think they’re just always with that pressure Disney. Disney Disney, you need to be a good boy, you need to be a good girl. So when they start being a normal human being, they just start getting compared, I mean, especially Bella Thorne being compared to Zenia. Probably he gets that all the time in her D MS and the comments Zenia wouldn’t do this, you know, like it has to be horrible. So I do sympathize with Bella Thorne. I sympathize with a lot of the people on this list. Not everyone though, but uh I guess we’ll only see with time where her career will lead her in a few years. All right. That was it for this video. If you guys liked it, make sure to leave a like if you guys aren’t new to the channel, make sure to subscribe. I felt really nice making this video. It felt like an old school tub video and this felt nice, man. If you guys haven’t watched the Power Puff Girls video, make sure to go watch that. It didn’t perform too good, but it’s one of my favorite videos. So make sure to go watch that. I stream on kick, I have an album out now and I have a Patreon where you can pay $5 to get everything early. That’s really it for the self promo. Shout out surf shark and I’ll see you guys next time I upload.

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