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So, Mobials is a software development company and we focus on making home and auto ownership and shopping stress-free. I’m one of the four co-founders, I’m also the CFO, which allows me to see multiple aspects of the company, including a lot of obviously the financial side, but also a lot of the operations. Mobials has been extremely lucky recently, we’ve really experienced substantial growth over the last couple of years, actually, having won that TechCellence Award 2 years in a row for business growth. And so when we think about growth and scaling, we think about it as how you take innovation and you’re able to bring it towards customers and obviously finding product-market fit. When I see events like this, I see it as a way of taking that knowledge and helping move it further down the chain to companies who are not as far along as we are, which allows to support a healthy ecosystem of startup companies that move into scale-ups and then obviously the ultimate goal of sustainable employers within the London ecosystem.

Yeah, London, I’ve been, I was one of the few who have come to London for University and ultimately ended up staying. And what I love about London is that it affords me the opportunity to have a wonderful home, my kids go to a wonderful school, I am never more than about an 18-minute drive from my office back home, and if I were to look at other geographies, obviously, I wouldn’t necessarily have that.  When I also think about the proximity, I do very much enjoy the ability for me to pop on the Via train, I’m downtown Toronto within 2 hours and 15 minutes. Hopefully, one day that will be substantially less than that, maybe an hour and 15 minutes. But, it actually matters only a little bit from the perspective of I get work done on the train. That also allows me close proximity to an airport so I mean, we find ourselves all over North America for work and for business, but being able to be home to be available for my family, but to have a successful business and to get where I need to be are the main reasons why I love London so much.


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