Dana White on Sean O’Malley: ‘Who the f*** saw that coming’ | UFC 292 Post Press Conference

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Dana White on Sean O’Malley: ‘Who the f*** saw that coming’ | UFC 292 Post Press Conference YouTube Video

Dana White on Sean O’Malley: ‘Who the f*** saw that coming’ | UFC 292 Post Press Conference YouTube Video Description

Dana White talks about Sean O’Malley win at UFC 292 at the UFC 292 Post Fight Press Conference.

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Dana White on Sean O’Malley: ‘Who the f*** saw that coming’ | UFC 292 Post Press Conference Automated Transcript By Speak

How I get who chair made out of. Uh the attendance was 18,293 complete sellout. The gate was 7.25 million. It’s the highest grossing event in the arena’s history excluding the NBA finals fight of the night. Obviously Hubbard and Kana uh then performers of the night.So no shockers either. Uh Zhang and o’malley, they all won $50,000.

We’ll uh we’ll start with Sean o’malley. I mean, it’s not just a win, but he looked impressive doing it right, the distance control in the first round and then to get al frustrated to land that counter, there’s been some talk of like, oh, he’s had everything handed to him, but after performance like that against one of the best champions in the divisions history, this guy belongs to the top.

Yeah, I mean, listen, you know, Dana White privilege, you don’t become number two in the world without earning it. So and I don’t pick that you people do. So um then he went in there and delivered tonight. There is no such thing as Dana White privilege in this company. You, you know, they can do that type of shit in boxing if you make it to the top here, you know what I mean? Some, I’m not gonna say that some people can’t catch some breaks. Sometimes people are hurt, you know, this and that happens. Certain matchups can’t happen at, at, at one time you got a situation where Mora won’t fight the champion. I mean, there’s lots of different things that can happen but it has nothing to do with us. It’s just the way that timing and everything else plays out. When you get to a title shot, you’ve earned it here.

What did you think of his performance? Who tonight? How good did he look?

How do you even want me to answer that question? He knocked him out in my head. When you think about, uh, when you think about the fight and you think about, um, Sterling, you say to yourself, how does Sean beat this guy? How does Sean stop the takedown? He, you know, he, he’s not gonna be able to stop the tape. Maybe he’ll do it a couple of times but all night. So who couldn’t? But you never know, man styles make fights and things happen and fights that, you know, you sometimes don’t expect and he got caught and he got stopped.

There’s a lot of talk about this guy’s potential as a star for the UFC. I mean, he does crazy numbers already. How much more does a championship add to that star? Power for Sean Manley.

We broke the all time gate record here, Bruce Springsteen just played here and did 5 million. We did over 7 million. Ok? With the, with the big, the Boston Garden, we’re the biggest thing other than the craziest fucking sports town on earth, other than their team that plays here, we’re the biggest thing that’s ever been here. So what does that tell you about a man? This is o’malley. This is also the biggest Banham Weight championship fight ever on pay per view globally. It broke the record, biggest bantamweight championship fight ever. Um I’m sure you saw the crowd at the end o’malley isn’t gonna be a star. He is a star. We’ll move

on from him to again, equally impressive, you know, domination throughout that fight. She was potentially ready to go in that division. What did you make of her performance

this season? Yeah. No, I mean, like you said, it was completely dominant. Um Lamos was tough as hell ate a lot of shots. I mean, and she broke a record tonight for a strike differentials. She actually beat uh Valentina Shevchenko’s record and, uh, I mean, you, you can’t win any more dominantly that than that, other than a finish. Uh, she got out of a pretty scary choke at one point. I mean, she looked, she looked good especially, I mean, Lemos is so tough and, and Lamos hits like a man, you know what I mean? When when she throws punches, they have bad intentions and she caught Whaley a few times with some good shots and she took those too. Wang is a beast. It’s a

dominating win. Right. But for LA, she’s like, she’s so tough that her stock almost rise a bit. Ok. She might not beat the champion but no one’s putting her away any time. Yeah,

I mean, listen, she, she’s tough but, I mean, the, the scores were insane and the strike differential and yeah, she’s a nice kid. I like her, but she was completely outclassed tonight. Last

one for me. Uh, possibly the best tough finale since Boner and Griffin.

Yeah, it was good. Really good. I mean, they, they won the fight of the night. So it’s pretty awesome when you have a card stacked with talent like tonight and the ultimate fighter finale wins fight of the night. That’s pretty impressive.

Obviously, the question that you’ve heard probably 3000 times this year is when do we see the coaches of that season fight? Is there an update on Conor versus Chandler? No.

What did you make of, uh, Ian Gere’s performance? He’s obviously another budding star. He seems to have his plan laid out. He wants four more fights in a title shot. What did you make of his win over Neil Magne? I, I

listen, very, very good win for him because when you think of how tough and durable and crafty of a veteran that Magne is and how hard he is to put away. Um You know, I, I thought he was a couple of leg kicks away from that thing being over and he was not, uh, and, and, and Magne being the stud that he is, he ran out of the octagon the way that he did because I think he didn’t think if he waited longer, he would be able to walk out of there.

Um That’s how tough he is. So, you know, for, for listen, Ian is a very confident, you know, he, he, he, he, he, when he looks back at the tape tonight and watches, you know how a crafty veteran like Magne got to the end of the third round. I think he’ll learn a lot from this fight. And um you know, it’s, it’s almost like the perfect, you know, as you know, as you look at, at opponents, Magne came in on late notice. He didn’t train for Magne, he trained for, for Neil. Um So yeah, he, he, he looked damn good.

What did you make of the build up? Like at the press conference when Ian’s bringing up the things that Neil said about like, you know, like, oh when I whip my kids and Ian’s cutting them off saying like, oh, you don’t deserve to talk after saying that, what did you make of their build up? That kind of came out of

nowhere. I don’t know that shit happens in fights, man, you, you know, you never know what’s gonna happen, what people are gonna say or what’s gonna go on. You never know, you know where their head is leading into these type of fights. And you know, fighting is a crazy fucking business, man. I mean, the, the, the stuff that’s said, it’s like when I come in here after a fight and they’re like, oh my God, he said this, that’s why I’m always like, I don’t give a shit. You know, this is the fight game. People say crazy stuff sometimes and, and uh it, it just is what it is and I, nobody in this room maybe, I don’t know if anybody but pretty much I would think nobody in this room has ever been, you know, in a fight like these guys are in and, and, and what kind of pressure under what you’re thinking?

And it’s just, it’s a different world man. It’s different than playing a football game or a baseball game or anything else in life.

He call obviously called out Wonder Boy wants a five round main event. Wonder Boy has said like I’ll fight the of the world. Is that a fight you would be interested in? Wonder Boy

turned the fight down

to. There you go, you talk to him right away. Like right after

listen, we make fights, man. That’s what we do. Go

going further down. Uh Chito got another big win, Sean o’malley has called his shot. Like how he wants Chito in December. Is that something that you now have to seriously look at too

following up. The last question he asked me, we don’t talk about fights in the fight.

What do you, what do you think Chris Wiman should do after retire?

I love Chris Weidman. I love him. I love his family and then I think he should retire. Uh, we talk to doc D doc D thinks he blew his MC L AC L. We blew one of the CLS and uh you know, guys just coming back from a gruesome injury and, and you know, listen, man, father time is not our friend at all, but definitely if you’re a professional athlete, it’s

so if he comes up to me and says I want one more fight, is that something you say like, hey, maybe let’s talk

about first of all, depending on the damage to the knee, you’re talking another year. So I would, I would say Chris, I love you. Please please retire.

Damn it right here to you, right? Um Given kind of where Ian is right now in his build. Do you think it’s time that the UFC finally goes back to Dublin at some point with him? No, not

yet. One more move. Can we go to Dublin?

Gotcha. And kind of sticking with the locations you had expressed after Whaley’s last fight that uh I believe it was her last fight or maybe it was when uh Yan Zhaan won that you want to go back to China this year. Is that something that we should expect to, to see Whaley in, in the near future? Probably. And then one more for me, uh we talked to Joe Lozon yesterday at A Q and A. This is the first new England card you guys have held where there’s no New Englanders on it. He said that he had hit you guys up a bunch to get on this card, but he was told his services weren’t needed. Um It wasn’t,

the services weren’t needed. The card was full at the time that he was asked and we already had the card full. Gotch

you. So like you’re cool with offering him fights if he wants to fight again.

I would like to retire too. You know what I mean? It gets to the point. It’s like Chris Weidman, we’re talking about Chris Wiman a minute ago, we reached the pinnacle of the sport and did it in spectacular fashion, knocking out one of the greatest of all time, right? And what’s now why, you know what I mean to come back and feel it one more time. We felt it tonight and he blew his knee out and he’s gonna have to go through crazy surgery again and recover from it. It’s just like why you’ve already done it all. You’ve accomplished everything that you could hope to accomplish in the USA and, and in saying that so his shoulders on jolo’s on at one point held like the most, uh fight of the night bonuses or performance bonuses or whatever it was. You know, he’s, he’s been a part of the ultimate play. He’s done, he’s done so much in the sport.

You get to an age where it’s just like, come on, guys

last one for me. Uh the tough finale. Sometimes we see guys that lose the tough finale like that’s it for them. They don’t have another UFC fight but Cody Gibson’s safe to say that he’ll be sticking around. Everybody’s

blowing me up saying give them both a contract. Uh Yeah, he’ll be, he’ll be sticking around

and actually I lied. I have one more. We didn’t hear from you after Corey Sand Hagen’s win recently. I guess I just want to kind of figure out where, what you thought of it and kind of where he fits in, in this picture. Yeah,

listen, he’s a stud. He, he’s been apologizing to me nonstop about his performance. He needed elbow surgery, hurt himself. And I said, kid, every fight can’t be the greatest fight you’ve ever seen your performance before. That was amazing. You stepped up and you took this fight again on short notice. Stop beating yourself up, man. You know what I mean? Every fight you see is going to be the greatest fight you’ve ever seen. And every fight you fight can’t be the greatest fight you’ve ever fought. You won, you’re in a great position, heal up, get your shit together and we’ll get you back in there and you know, you can erase everybody’s memories of, of, of, you know, people thought that was whatever people thought of it. Dan, right

here in the front. A few questions for you. Uh I know you don’t like to make fights, so I’m not gonna ask you about a specific fight but how you did just say that you don’t want Ian to go to Dublin next,

I mean, I do want to go to Dublin just not next. Next Madison Square Garden. He’s got that,

that was the question. I was gonna Irish guy, Madison Square. Is that like a

done deal? You get him there? There was a blue for this shit and we got it. So, uh

you, you just talked about Sean o’malley saying how, you know, pro the crowd was, I don’t remember the last time I saw a crowd be that one sided for a guy who wasn’t their hometown since probably Conor versus Dennis Eva right here. Um We always talk about who could be the next Connor, Ronda Rousey Brock listeners. What about beyond that? Do you see someone on the roster? Possibly Sean Oe after today? They could actually surpass that stardom of like o’connor and Rhonda and all those? Well, it’s not

about surpassing them. It’s about who’s next and how, and you know, when Conor mcgregor, uh you know, exploded onto the scene, he ignited Europe and other parts of the world and now like Sean o’malley coming into Boston uh everywhere I went yesterday and today everywhere. And I’m sure you guys experienced this too hair shirts the whole deal. I mean, everybody was wearing o’malley stuff and you saw the reaction when he won tonight, how the place just erupted and, and when you think about this, I say it every fucking Tuesday, the Contender series is the best show on television. The contender series is incredible. You know, now we have two world champions from the Contender series and multiple, you know, uh up and coming stars coming off that show. Uh And, and if you’ve now me and my crew, the, you know, Hunter, the matchmakers, we, we, we, we’re sitting at the office, it’s fucking 4 57. We jump in the car and we drive over the apex every Tuesday and literally watch the baddest fights that you could possibly see. And most of the media guys that are here do it too.

It, I, I love the contender and the contender is really the, the, the, uh this streamlined to the world championship right now. It’s, it’s awesome. I

think that’s a perfect transition to my next question. Obviously, the contender series is continuing to build stars. Um, probably the biggest star since Sean o’malley, in my opinion, is probably Bo Nickel. I mean, he’s got that, that buzz around him. He said he, you know, he could take some time off any idea when we could see him back in

action 100%. No. But, yeah, you’re, you’re absolutely right. I mean, yeah, Bo Nickel, uh, Macy Barber. I mean, you know, Hill, I mean, so so many people have come off that show. The list goes on and on. Um, Kevin Holland. Um, you know, I think, you know, the, the last, last year it started and then this year from episode one and now the second one, we just did this thing’s trending worldwide. Now we do fights on Tuesday nights. They trend worldwide on social media. So, um yeah, so before these guys ever set foot in the UFC, millions of people have seen them fight on the Contender series. It’s awesome. And Dana my, my last question, you know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you this too. So when I first started the Contender series, right? So we used to take the numbers. We, we would judge guys by the numbers that they pulled. We had, it had all the numbers written down on the wall in there on numbers that they pulled. How many millions of people watched the fight? And o’malley was from day one. Number one.

Uh And my last question, obviously, we just wrapped up the newest season, Ultimate Fighter. The, the finale was absolutely fantastic. But what was your overall thoughts of the entire show in

general. Yeah, it was a good season. I mean, uh since the Spike days when we first blew up and we’re pulling massive numbers and things like that. The, the, the attention and the promotion uh that ESPN has given this season of the ultimate fighter has been incredible. So, um that was good, especially like I said, when you have a finale, when’s the last time an ultimate fighter finale was the fight of the night on a card like this in a city like this. So

what do you think should be next for Jin Sterling going into the fight week? He was talking about potentially going up to 14.

That’s probably what I’ll do. I don’t know. Has he been in here yet? Yeah, but if, if you’re asking me right now, I’ll bet he’s gonna say I’m gonna move up. Ok.

Yeah. Uh You were, if he were to want, say like an immediate rematch or something like that, he was a very successful

champion, not even thinking about that right now. Ok.

And we also had, uh Michael Chandler here, um, as a, as a guest. Um, he was saying that he kind of expects the fight to with Connor to go down in, in December. I wonder if there’s any update on that. Now, the, that the tough season is he just

asked me that too. Uh I, I’d say next year.

Yeah, and we also had Taiana Suarez as, uh as a guess she wants the next shot. Uh Could we be looking at her?

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. No, she looked good. I I don’t know, we’ll we’ll see but yeah, I mean she’s a little bad ass too. Thank you buddy. You’re right. Uh You mentioned, you know, you want one more for I and probably MS G in November but can you kind of confirm that next year? All going? Well, there there will be a return to the, we sure can I guaranteed him. We made a deal. So you mentioned this may be happening next year. Why not December? Is that completely off the table at this stage? Like, you know, is the Asada thing a problem? Oh, you’re talking about Connor? Oh, I thought you were asking me if, if we would go to Ireland first. If it’s off the table, it’s not off the table, but anything’s possible. But I don’t know. I can’t, you’re asking me questions. I don’t have the answers to. Why not December? Who the fuck knows? I don’t know. We’ll see how this thing plays out about one more as well. Your, your two sponsors with Prime Ks I and lo getting back in the ring. Are you going to watch their fights? And what do you think? Who si and Logan Paul? 00, they’re fighting again? They’re like, they’re fighting the same card. Ok. Um Listen, iii I like Logan. I like Logan a lot. Great kid who in this room thinks that’s a great fight. He’s fighting. Raise your hands, please. If him and Dylan Dennis is a great fight. I know he’s fighting nobody.

Not one guy, Dan, a question over here. Uh, kind of a hypothetical, obviously. Uh, Sean is a big draw here. He’s from Montana. There’s a big fan base for him in Montana. Any chance ever in history there might be a card in the Treasure State. Well, I love Montana. Um I, I love that state. Um I never say never, but we’re not thinking about it right now. Dana, over here. Any update on light heavyweight title and Alex and ready to fight? Are they ready to fight? I mean, do you know when maybe I do not? If I did, we would have announced it? Ok, thank you over here. Um I have to ask for the people in, in Ecuador. Uh Do you think Michael Morales will fight again this year? And if so, can you tell us when I have no idea? You know, we’ve, you know, I’ve been here too long when these are the fucking questions you’re asking me now? Uh hey, you know, when this guy’s gonna fight, what about that guy? What do you got? Hey,

how are you doing? So uh I talked to the great, the great John Anick and he thinks this uh the Patriots are not going to go to the Super Bowl. Are you ready to reprimand him? Or what do you think about that? That’s just fucking

rude, John Anick. Are you crazy? Um uh I, I would love to see them go to the Super Bowl again, but I say it all the time over the last 20 years, the Patriots have given us so much joy and happiness, you know what I mean? Um We we can take a little rebuilding time if we need to but um um shame on you John at

uh so uh question for me, obviously, you brought up the Contender series and uh Sugar Sean o’malley coming from that uh system and making his way up to the championship. But there are so many different promotions like bring a combat with the great Lou Nele who I worked for and also uh like FC and uh a bunch of different uh Peter systems like, is there any like talent that you have your eye on or somebody that you’re gonna be inviting to the Contender series that you have, uh you know, high hopes for or anybody?


you know, we’re in the second week, we got eight more weeks left of the contender series. Fair enough, sir. So yes, we, we have tons of talent coming through there and uh I, I don’t think we’ve turned down a fighter. We’ve picked every fighter in the first two episodes. We haven’t even, yeah, we’ve picked every fighter that’s fought on the, on, on the last two episodes. So I listen. Oh, I love Tuesdays. It’s, it’s, it’s my favorite time of the week. I love that show and I’m excited for the next eight weeks. And yeah, there’s tons of talent coming through. You got

an eye for talent. I have to admit that. But nevertheless, um, is there anybody on this card that popped out? Like, uh, I, uh, I and Gary was amazing. And is there anybody that, like, popped, uh, popped out for you on the card that you really, that like really stood out for you that you’re gonna move up or?

But I, I would say the entire undercard looked incredible. I mean, you know, as you got into the main card, there are a lot of fights that people were highly anticipating but you know, when, when you talk about Gibbs and the cat unbelievable fight when you talk about, uh you know, there, there was just so many great fights on the uh Rodriguez.

I mean the undercard was incredible. Thank

you very much, sir. Thank you. Have a quick

one. Any update on if you guys are coming back to Atlantic City this year, I know that was rumored for December. I don’t know. Hope you hope so

right here down the middle. Uh We spoke to Ian Garry earlier in the week and he said that he was surprised that fellow Irishman Paul Hughes, has it been signed at the UFC? Is Paul Hughes on your

radar at all, do you know how many guys are surprised that their guys, they’re friends with, haven’t been signed to the UFC yet. I hear that every day. Um, but, uh, you know, with the contender series going on right now and, uh with the amount of fights that we put on right now, the other thing that’s happened is we, we’ve had, it’s been a while since the injury bug has fucking terrorized us. Uh, Like it has over the last few months. So if he is somebody that is that good and that we’re interested in Sean and Mick will find him and, and bring him in here.

And Conor mcgregor was tweeting after Kurt Hall Ball’s win that he wants to see him rematch Lee Hammon from this season of the ultimate fighter is Lee Hammon potentially going to get a second shot at the UFC. I don’t know, we’ll see. And last one for me, you said, uh this event broke the Bannon Weight title fight Pay Per View record. Do you have a current estimate on that

number? I do, but that, that belongs to ESPN. So I don’t, I don’t give that out anymore. But yeah, it, it, it, it, it crushed the record for, for the Banham Weight Championship. Um Yeah, this, this thing broke tons of records, the gate, uh the pay per view, social media was massive too and now that he won, I I it’s probably gonna be even bigger. Um and I guarantee we’re going to do an economic study on Boston. You know, the economic economic impact that we had on this city had to be massive too, for not a Celtics or a Bruins game or Patriots game. You know what I mean? So, yeah, how

are you to your left now? Given o’malley’s meteoric rise, right? You know, Snoop Dogg at the contender series, there have been a lot of people saying that he was going to be a champion really early on in his career. Was there a moment where you knew that he would be a future champion or you first thought that? Well,

I think people thought that for a long time and then he got a lot of criticism after the Chito Vera fight. Um You can never tell in this sport, man, you never know how I listen to me. Don’t fucking lie to me. How many people thought he was gonna win tonight? Raise your hand, go, go ahead and raise your hand. Don’t, don’t be shy. One guy, two guys. No. Yeah. You how many reporters are in here tonight? Uh Lene, huh? There’s 70 reporters in this room right now. One guy raised his hand that thought Sean o’malley was going to win tonight, right? Who the fuck knows this sport is crazy. I mean, anything can happen on any given night. Um And it happened tonight, you know most of you that follow the sport and are educated the sport said what everybody said, how does he not get taken down and absolutely destroyed on the ground. How does he stop the takedown? Maybe he’ll stop it a few times. But this goes, the longer this thing goes and the more he defends the takedown, he’s gonna be in big trouble. And here we are in this room now talking about how Sean o’malley is the champion. So I, you, I know you don’t ever really, let’s talk about Bo Nickel that he brought up the other day a couple of minutes ago. He was great. Unbelievable. But once you start, once you crack that top five, very few people make it into the top five, right?

It’s a whole another ball game when you’re in the top five. So 69 reporters in here said no one guy raised his hand and said, yes, what the fuck do I know

you talked about wanting to do an economic study and, and this weekend, especially in Boston, it seemed like a lot of green hair and a lot of country hats for that Morgan Wallen concert, right? Um Given the impact that Sean had. Have you seen something like that around a city? That one fighter can have so many people?

You know? Not since the rise of Conor mcgregor. Yeah. Not since the rise of Conor mcgregor and Rhonda too. Rhonda when Rhonda started to really take off, Rhonda had that buzz too. Chuck Ladell.

Given how Well, it did in Boston, would you consider coming back anytime in the near future? I know that COVID really impacted things, but

anytime I get an excuse to come back to Boston, I’m coming, believe me, like, like I say, when we go to all these cities and, and, you know, listen, we’ve been selling out since, you know, since you could put people back in the arena again and there’s so many places that we haven’t been.

Um you know, tonight, you know, we do these events, we have lots of sponsors and other people are here. So people were hitting me up tonight. When are you coming back to Chicago? When are you coming back here? When are you coming back there? So, you know, so many cities that we got to get back to, but I love this city. Um I love the encore. Um I, I love the food in the north end. I mean, it’s just, I love the steak tips out in South Boston. I, I’ll get back here as many times as I possibly can.

Awesome. Thank you.

Thank you guys done with me. So, one more. Yeah, this is from China. Uh currently, you know, we and must fight check over 1.9 billion views in China’s social media. So however, can either, you know, bring the UFC back to China this year? That makes me very happy, sir. I’m, I’m happy to hear that. And uh the answer is Yes. Uh, do you know when I do? Not as soon as possible? So, uh, you see, really, you know, from 2018 when she got into the UFC and now she improved herself very well. Who do you think? Who the next challenge for her? I don’t know. We’re, we’re working on that right now. She’s, she’s up next, she’ll be in here. I think you should ask her who she wants to fight. She’s the queen. She’s the champ. She’s a beast. She could do whatever she wants. So, they talked to her. Cool. They good. All right. She’s up next. Have a good night boys.

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