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Why Is Competitor Analysis Crucial?

Hyper-Competitive Environment

All organizations are competing in a hyper-competitive online environment.

Competitor analysis is crucial in helping you understand your competitors' strengths and weaknesses in comparison to your own so that you can find an opportunity in the market.

Paid Advertising Performance Is Weaker

With big changes in the ability to target and retarget prospective customers online, money spent on Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other paid channels are decreasing in effectiveness.

Now, more than ever, organizations need to find ways to understand their competitors, create better messaging, and find ways to differentiate for the profitable customer acquisition. 

The Process


Automatically capture relevant data based on keywords and brands.


Remove any unneccessary details to prepare for strong analysis.


Analyze audio, video and text data to find entities and relationships.


Enrich the data with search engine data for marketing and sales.


Share interactive reports with stakeholders to drive insights and action.

How To Start Competitor Analysis

Step 1: Sign-Up For Speak

It is easy to sign up for Speak. Visit the Speak register page, create a free account, verify your email and login into the platform.

Step 2: Connect With Our Team

Right now, we work directly with customers to combine technology and consulting so that you can best unlock the value of our software to do competitor analysis and find incredible opportunities. You can either:
  1. Contact us through the live chat (on the bottom right)
  2. Book a free consult call with the Speak Ai team using
  3. Send us an email at and we will get back to you quickly!

Get Expert Competitor Analysis

Join 7,000+ companies, researchers and marketers using Speak to do multimedia competitor analysis and growing their business.

Get a 7-day fully-featured trial. 

A Few Ways Teams Are Using Speak To Do Competitor Analysis

Market Research

Use Speak to to unlock people's opinions on products, trends, topics, markets, new stories and more. 

Use the data Speak helps you generate from Amazon Reviews, Twitter, YouTube Videos, Podcasts and more over time to see how your competitor's customer's are changing, what their behaviours are and how they are responding to the changing world.

Brand Monitoring

Whether it's your brand, competitors or organizations that inspire you, Speak competitor analysis can unlock incredible insights.

Use insights from how people speak about the brands compete against and you care about to build new products, improve marketing, respond to potential customers and more.

Customer Service

With so many conversations flowing across different platforms all over the web, it is important to be able to gather, organize, and respond to important queries quickly.

Speak competitor analysis helps you do that by providing the most negative tweets that you can prioritize. Additionally, positive sentiment tweets can be used as quotes, testimonials and references for prospective customers. 

Become one of our happy customers

I don't want to swear but Speak is awesome! I love it. It makes all the data come to life and makes finding information incredibly easy with its powerful search functionality.
Mariette Abrahams
CEO and Founder
Our administrative labor has been reduced to a fraction of what we needed with our old system, plus the transcription quality is a huge step up. That's a very big deal.
Rachel Cachero - Founder of Vetswell
Rachel Cachero
As a person who spends hours per day brainstorming out loud I couldn't make sense of all of my recordings. Speak helped me synthesize hours of audio into useful insights.
Justin Finkelstein
Founding Member
Citi Technology Innovation Center

Get a 7-day fully-featured trial.

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Get Expert Competitor Analysis

Join 7,000+ companies, researchers and marketers using Speak to do multimedia competitor analysis and growing their business.

Get a 7-day fully-featured trial. 

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