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Fanshawe Corporate Training

Fanshawe Corporate Training

Corporate Training Solutions (CTS) specializes in industry-focused training solutions that equip employees with the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to succeed in their day-to-day work, to advance in their careers and to build organizational capacity.

Deep Search

Deep Search

We’re excited to announce “Deep Search” is now live within our platform!

It’s a liberating feeling to knowing that I can retrieve anything I’ve uploaded and care about in seconds. With this new ability, I’ve been learned a lot about myself and what I am talking and writing about. More and more, I’m realizing our system is enhancing cognition, memory, and the value of information.

Lots to think about and evolve here! Thanks as always for the support :hearts:#AI #Cognition #Memory #KnowledgeWorker

Absolutist Words

Absolutist Words

Mohammed Al-Mosaiwi and Tom Johnstone from the Department of Psychology at the University of Reading conducted a big data text analysis of 64 different online mental health forums, examining over 6,400 members.

Absolutist Words

“Absolutist words”—which convey absolute magnitudes or probabilities, such as “always”, “nothing” or “completely”—were found to be better markers for mental health forums than either pronouns or negative emotion words. The elevated use of absolutist words is a marker specific to anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. Absolutist thinking is considered a cognitive distortion by most cognitive therapies for anxiety and depression.

We’re continuing to identify and classify words that have important meaning so people can get access to early/real-time signals. That way, people can take action before their state of mind worsens. We also need to consider the signs of dangerous manic/psychotic states where people have inflated self-esteem, grandiosity and other signals. We believe if done correctly, that our system can become a powerful tool for therapy, research, self-analysis and self-healing.

The Benefits of Journaling

The Benefits of Journaling

  1. Keep your thoughts organized
  2. Record ideas on the go
  3. Reduce stress
  4. Help you self reflect
  5. Improve your memory
  6. Inspire creativity
  7. Boost your mood
  8. Improve writing skills
  9. Enhance communication with yourself and others
  10. Improves immune function
  11. Strengthen emotional functions
  12. Increase productivity
  13. Generate content for social media and website
  14. Improves emotional intelligence
  15. Strengthens self-discipline
  16. Sparks creativity
  17. Builds self-confidence
  18. Manage depression
  19. Helps you prioritize
  20. Helps you reflect
  21. Enables you to create instead of consuming
  22. Manifest goals and dreams
  23. Heal injuries faster
  24. Increase problem-solving skills
  25. Recover from traumatic experiences
  26. Integrate psychedelic experiences
  27. Strengthen self-discipline
  28. Brainstorm ideas more effectively
  29. Improve school performance
  30. Get better sleep
  31. Boost your cognition
  32. Release destructive thoughts
  33. Convert negative energy into positive
  34. Boost your IQ
  35. Clear your mind
  36. Analyze your performance
  37. Improves blood pressure levels
  38. Reduces anxiety
  39. Resolve disagreements with others
What do you want to know about your notes without having to open them?

What do you want to know about your notes without having to open them?

If you had a list of notes, what would you want to know about the notes without having to open them up and read them?

There is so much we can do with AI to improve our understanding of our notes, journals, media and more! Here are a few examples we’ve brainstormed and are building into our platform:

– The overall sentiment of the note
– Most popular or unique keywords and topics
– People/number of people mentioned
– Places/number of places mentioned
– Brands/number of brands mentioned
– Time spent creating note
– The location where the note was created
– New words that have never been seen before
– The weather when the note was created

Some awesome updates to share on this soon. We are also adding real-time analysis to text (audio and video will come too 😊) so as you write you will immediately get contextual insights that can help guide you.

Much love as always ♥

Speak V2.6000

Speak V2.6000

Today we launched Speak V2.6! This is a huge update for us that we’ve been working on for quite some time.

Here are a few things I’d love to highlight:

Text Game Strong

The text module is now live! Text analysis will be coming soon along with some incredible contextual technology to help you write and create. The text module is part of the main Speak platform which means you can access it for free! What type of analytics would you like to see in your text? We’d love to hear what you think!

Convert to Text

Instantly turn your transcription into text directly within our software for further editing, analysis, and sharing.

This a vision we’ve had for a long time. We’ve always aimed to go beyond transcription to help users deal with multiple mediums within one intuitive platform. We believe this feature and the new text editor are huge pieces in that puzzle.

Wordcloud & Frequency

We have separated the word clouds out into keywords, topics, brands, and labels. Above I shared the results from the last month in my personal account. I had some amazing days documenting audio notes and then analyzing them after in preparation to get these insights. For me, the system has become a powerful tool for deep work. We can’t wait to hear some of the insights you get from your own notes!

Additionally, you can now hover over the word cloud items to see exactly how many times they were mentioned or appeared. This opens up so many possibilities for displaying the data in different valuable forms.

As we’ve added the ability to visualize our data we’ve had some super interesting insights. The question becomes: how can we make this information even more valuable? If you had a month of recorded notes and conversations, what would you want to know? Our team has been brainstorming and getting some amazing ideas from people. Here are a few of them:

  •  Words you started saying or stopped saying
  • Your most positive and negative words/phrases/sentences
  • The brands/people/locations you mentioned
  • Words/people/places connected with positive or negative sentiment
  • Commonly used words with synonyms to improve vocabulary
  • Your most positive and negative days/weeks/times of day
  • A list of the questions you asked
  • Your average speaking pace
  • How many words you spoke and wrote
  • How many minutes of audio and video you captured and analyzed
  • A comparison with the previous month/month of the previous year
  • Highlights based on customized trigger words/phrases

There are so many possibilities! If you have any thoughts on this, we’d absolutely love to hear.


If you are in an audio or video note all you have to do is hit “Action” and “Summary” and you will get a summary of the audio or video. We believe this is an awesome way to get a quick snapshot of your audio and video content. Text summarization will be coming soon!

Sentiment Analysis

Upload video or audio and instantly filter through the transcript by the most positive or negative sentences. This has been an absolute joy to use. We have some models doing audio/visual analysis but they are still a bit rudimentary. This video specifically shows the text analysis from the transcription! As the audio and visuals models improve we’ll add them in this interface which will be really exciting. You will also see this populate in the dashboard soon so you can see the most positive and negative moments across all notes in different time periods!

We have also added an intuitive chart to help you navigate through!


We’ve added a little feedback mechanism to train our system in several areas! If you find the sentiment analysis and summary accurate let us know! We’ll be adding ways to provide feedback throughout the entire application and just want to keep making the platform better for you.

Website update

This is not part of the official launch but we put some work into updating our website this week! To be frank, it was extremely slow. It also had a lot of content that wasn’t necessarily organized in the best way. We hope with the work we’ve done you find the website a quicker and more enjoyable experience.

Thank you as always for following our journey! If you’re interested in using the platform sign up today here! ♥